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 These pages will be featuring boats that are being built or being restored. Each featured boat will have stories, anecdotes and hopefully hints and tips about what worked - and what didn't.

We hope to show lots of photographs of them coming back to life.

Wild Duck Hellebarb Eventide Everjoy Tertia of Leigh Cirra Fram New Riptide Tuphnol Boat?
Clinker 3 Tonner  

Senior Carita


Chippawa Neptunes Neried Tidewater Westwater Coronette
Little Gull


Perim Lyekka Home and Away Lady Anne Steel Riptide
Osprey of Dublin El Barco Celtic Lass Idle Duck The North Star Veterata John Humby
Newsons, GH restorer. GH Golden Morn Eventide 25 build Sue of Solway Lady Gertrude Glasstide Senior Bethem
Saorise Carina Existence Ferro Eventide?! Iona Seawitch 3 Tonner Phoenix
Kylix 29 Lone Gull II

Jubilee Rose

Building of  the Senior 'Dipper'
A Selway -Fisher hull

And the Eventide above? Well this  boat ( 'Francharlie')  was slowly rotting away on the river Blackwater

- beyond redemption? Yes Sadly, but the 'Eventiders' went into action to salvage what we could and passed it to other members.

Update: What became of her?


She performed her last heroic duty 7th November 2003. 

Sadly, 2011, we have another lined up for a Viking funeral, 'Folly' from Tollesbury. 

At least parts from her have gone on  to help other boats be restored.


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Click on the logo above to go to a printable version of the Boat Safety Scheme leaflets.  Great for builders or restorers to get  the information to build properly.  Thanks to Mike Hoban of 'Cirra' for this link.


James sent this link in to Chris Rudge's Eventide page.


Here is a link to a GH restorer the other side of the pond.  Admire the work going into just getting the boat to a secure close workplace, always helps!




Propeller Calculation Tables!

We are often asked about figuring out prop sizes for our boats and though there were tables published in various magazines and books they are not readily to hand.

However Brian Daramain in Malta has found this.



You need to down load this little program, suggest you save it to your desktop, then run it.  It will create a program in your Program folders called  'PropCalc.  I made a shortcut and pasted it onto my desktop for convenience...

Running the little program you simply enter the waterline length, the approx weight of your boat and the engine hp speed reduction ratio etc. It then calculates what size  prop you need and figures out what speed you will attain too.

(With props if you need to  add an inch to the  diameter you have to take  an inch off the pitch and vice versa.)

Very clever.


Had an interesting mail in from a member about yacht surveys, a bit of an eye opener.  Always amazes me how someone you think is quite careful can go out in a boat that I would not launch!  All down to common sense really.  Have a look:-

Thanks for that Chris.





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