3 Tonner 




3 Tonner.


'Hellebarb' used to be seen sailing the London river, back in the days I worked there, the 1970's and 80's.  She often sailed to events we organised round the Blackwater and Essex Rivers. 
I lost track of her after a while, though I knew the owner, Mr Stanley was reluctantly selling her.  Therefore she disappeared from her mooring at Erith, on the tideway.
Joe bought her in the North East and now has her at Amble in Northumbria.  From first glance she looks to be in fair condition...
Joe however soon unearthed the soft decking areas and has at once set too to remove the bad timber and clean up the deck beams etc.
Internally she is similar to many, there is not an awful lot you can change the interior of these boats...
The pole supports the mast of course.
Joe working on the deck.
The extent of the problem.
Neat stowage, expect to see the cutlery there later!
This shot neatly shows the internal framing...
The repair panels are tried for fit...
And ready to epoxy into place....

Late April "008.

Pics of foredeck show original decking stripped of glass fibre matting which was trapping water underneath, not much rot or soft decking though some delamination of the ply has occurred, these areas have now been sealed with epoxy resin, (costing a fortune from West's) prior to priming with International Primer.

Good close up of mast which has now been sanded and varnished with 3 coats (up to now).
Pics of starboard side decking show replaced decking now primed, starboard side view shows side panels filled with epoxy and primed.



Pics of port side show side panels sanded and epoxied ready for priming.
May update 2008. 

more pics of Hellebarb restoration, mainly showing decking having undergone priming and 2nd coat of International pre cote,


Joe looks to have done a good job of refurbishing these decks.  hope the leaks are a thing of the past.
other pics show cockpit with glass fibre removed, like the decking also covered in glass fibre, this was cracked allowing water to seep in with no place to go except to rot the plywood, minor rot has occured, with all seams needing epoxied.
By the looks of it  the hull will be next for a coat of 'looking at'!
Weather has been against us in the North East these past few weeks so not much done since last time.
Kindest regards

June 2008.

Please find attached some more pics of latest work done on Hellebarb, anti fouled the bottom, painted sides with International 'Bosun's Blue' white topsides final coat.


The progress Joe has made is amazing, at this rate she will soon be sailing again.
We look forward to seeing the sails set!


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