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Golden Hind 31 Sail Number 113. 'Golden Morn'.

'Golden Morn', a beautiful looking GH 31.    She was sold to new owners Chris White in late 2013 and after survey she went into Frank Halls and son's yard at Walton on Naze. Chris has kindly send in pictures of the ongoing work.



 The text on the photo tells the familiar story, water has got into the break in the sheer and the step down from the deck to the cockpit.  how many times have we seen this!??  On 'Fiddler's Green', my Eventide we have tried to reduce this risk by bringing the break in the sheer further aft as the GH,  so the step down from the deck is in line with the main bulkhead.  In addition there is no scupper here until the sheer line drops to deck level  about 15 inches back, and the whole lot glued and coated with epoxy...  time will tell, but 24 years since launch and she is still OK.
 Sad.  this we see so many times when freshwater gets into the timber.
As you dig away it becomes rather  depressing!
All got to go!!
Look terrible doesn't it!
You have to bite the bullet and cut it all out, then plus some, at least 6 inches into good timber and then with ply planking arrange to make butt joints between frames, not on them!!
But now we can see the area clearly it does not look half as bad!
You can see here that there have been no prisoners taken, anything suspect removed and if that means taking out part of the main structure so be it.  New laminated beams glued with epoxy will be stronger that the original!
All the surfaces cleaned up and all good timber
Bet you will never be able to see the join!
Here it looks as if all is ready to start the rebuild!  look forward to more from Chris.


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