3 Tonner 



3 Tonner.


'The North Star'  The two pics on the left show a M.G. Cockler in a very sad state, being taken from her berth ready to undergo major repairs and refurbishing!  The new owner Phil Besley, has her in West Sussex and is interested to hear from any owners of similar boats. 

Mail him at the following address, leave out the spaces and put the @ symbol in instead of 'at' of course!  'phil at soundmin.co.uk'  (For those worried about 'web crawlers' trolling through and picking up their addresses this is a neat trick!  Most of us have good enough spam killers to prevent problems, but for the nervous, it works!)




June 2006, Phil has sent these pics in and some more into.  He says it is 27'6" long, by my reckoning that is too long for a Cockler, they were 25ft.

the pics of her afloat show her in Tollesbury, Woodrolfe Creek.  The times I must have sailed past her and not noticed!  I still have a mooring there!



I think she is a Barcarole, the right length, and the later ones had no centreboards,  again the Cockler did...  I think....  Phil now has his own page on the restorers section where 'The North Star' can be watched as he restores her!



Here she is in Sussex, waiting for Phil's attention, he tells me his family are boat builders going back generations, plenty of advice to hand then!  He says the boat is hogged, the rig has pulled the top planks up, so all has to be refastened and re enforced...    We look forward to more instalments Phil and he is going to get the tape out again to make sure of the length
  August 2007.

We are sad to have to report that this vessel has been destroyed.

She was up for sale for a while, but no takers and the landowner  wanted use of his ground, so the owner resorted to fire.


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