3 Tonner 



3 Tonner



This is Steve Hannan's boat.  She is an Eventide 24 of course.  He purchased her in 2004 I believe.  Here she is as purchased!  A lot of cleaning to do just to see what they have!  They are trying to get their heads round the inboard, it's an 'RCA Dolphin'.  I recall these, they stop when you engage reverse, then automatically restart, ( you hope) with the motor now running the opposite direction!  Weird!  But they worked!

We hope to have regular updates on this boat and her crew in the future.  She is based in Hampshire and will be on Southampton Water..

  Another pic of 'Perim', looking a bit cleaner now!


May 2005, here are two more pics that Steve has sent in, he is cutting back any rotten ply to let in new.  These boats are so repairable, even large timbers can be repaired by the backyard builder or restorer.  The joy later to sail you own ship built or repaired by you is indescribable!


Keep at it Steve,





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