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3 Tonner


In January 2011 we had an enrolment from Tasmania and John Slevin.  John had already built many boats most with the same name, 'Carita', one of these was the Eventide Carita, now sailed locally by members of the family.  John felt the urge however to have another go, so ordered a CD of the Senior drawings.  It was not long before we heard from him!  On the left the Eventide!



Hello John and greetings to all

After a frustrating summer and a pretense of autumn it is now too cold to work outside so the sawdust is accumulating again.

The attached photo shows stem, hog and keelson assembled with the main bulkhead being fitted.

All done at the weekend. Another photo to be taken now showing transom attached and fore bulkhead being installed.

So progress again.

My best wishes to all in the group and good sailing (or motoring if so inclined).

John S



June 2011.

Hello John and everyone

Here are the next instalment of the pictorial display.

Photos show transom with knee and aft cockpit frame, stem with framing for an anchor well (not on plans), frame no 1 with base for Sampson post fixed to stem) and a through view with all permanent frames in place together with temporary mould forrard.

I shall fit the aft temporary mould if needed after  trying the gunwales and chines in position.

My next task is to scarph the gunwales and two chines (first fitted today) as I could not buy western red cedar long enough _ it is a foot short - grrrr! Scarphing will take a couple of days so I have to be patient.

I would like warmer weather although the one pot Purbond glue does not mind.

Also attached is a view of Eventide Carita Six back in the water after some years ashore. More to be done on her in due course.

Good sailing and cheers for now

John S




July 2011.

Hi John

The building project is progressing although slower than I would like. Mainly due to our severe winter and the accident I had the other day when I slipped and almost broke my wrist again. Last time 12 weeks with the lower arm and hand in a steel framework while my left hand glued the connecting bones together. Age might have something to do with the slow process, probably because at almost 77 years I still think I can work like a 50 year old!

Anyway the next boat jobs are to finish the foredeck, install mountings for the bowsprit and bevel the chines ready for planking.

The attached photos show how the pieces are coming together.

Luckily the polyurethane one part glue is effective in cold weather - some consolation for my severe allergy to epoxy.

This glue may be called Balconen in your part of the world?

Maybe I can get some keel boat sailing this coming summer.

Good sailing for all of you in the meantime.


John S



October 2011.

Hi John

As the attachment reveals  I have not been hibernating every day of our unpleasant winter.

The photos show bottom planks on and fibre glassed to hog and chines, this being done by my helpful son down from sunny and warm Cairns!!

I have epoxied bulkheads and transom to bottom panels after his departure and the resultant allergic reaction stopped progress for a couple of weeks.

Since then I have fixed one topside panel and am part way through fitting the opposite forward topside piece.

The plans called for the hull to be right way up for planking and this turned out to be a real pain when fitting and fixing the bottom panels upside down. To make it worse when I crawl underneath I find it difficult to get upright again. With 80 years just 3 years away it is to be expected I suppose.

So the slings are being used to partly turn the hull and provide a more   vertical position for each new panel.

This all comes about because I work alone except for some epoxy work.

That's my progress to date with some dinghy sailing soon when the weather warms up.

Enough from me other than to say how I enjoy your regular news on the web site which keeps me in touch with all those others who like to poke around in shallow water.

Cheers for now



  I am astonished at Johns progress and hope I have half as much energy in a few years time!






Hi John

The new page looks interesting and makes me wonder how I found the energy!

I have also browsed your SOS site and have been impressed by the many photos of Seagull races, having owned one of them 40 years ago. My recollections are that it was noisy, smelly and very reliable. The photos make me wish that I could be part of the happy crowd.

Now back to the Senior project.

Despite going to my small cabin cruiser at least once per week I have made some progress at the cost of housekeeping, with appropriate comments from my daughter.

The attachments show the foredeck fitted, cockpit sole fitted, cockpit and cabin framing set out, the bilge keels ready with steel shoes, the ballast keel now waiting to go on and a view underneath showing bilge keel cleats. Also attached is a view of the anchor well with one side of the floor fitted, waiting for the opposite topside panel to go on. two more panels (numbers 10 and 11 out out of 12) are ready, waiting for the keels to be fixed in place as I need top access for screwing and bolting.

I have been scraping off glue runs underneath this morning ready for glass taping of the keel and outside of the bilge keel cleats. Presently I am sending this Email whilst my back recovers. How I wish that I had built the hull upside down!!

Meantime my very best wishes to you and your family and may your boating be both safe and enjoyable.

I make no comment on the motorcycle mentioned in the EOG newsletter as I have a 80cc moped which will be ridden again when boatbuilding is finished in a couple of months or so.


John S

Always pleased to get more updates from you John, lots of progress, but look after that back, been there got the Tee shirt!




January 2012.

Hi John

Here are two more photos for the collection, mainly to show that I am not always fishing or asleep. The fish do not bite and sleep is often elusive even with the cat curled up at my feet.

The steel keel is now bolted on and cabin fit out under way.

The Senior is going to take more than the expected twelve months, mainly because I am enjoying the building rather than rushing along. Fancy taking this many years to get a little sense.

I think of you all when the sun shines and the temperature is a pleasant 25C.

Regards and best wishes for the winter fit outs.

John S

5 degrees here in England with frost still on the roofs. Slightly jealous!  This Senior is progressing well!  John


February 2012.

Hi John

The holes in the steel keel are for zinc blocks, needed when the yacht is on a swing mooring each summer.

 Hopefully the keel will be heavy enough as it weighs 180lb (80kg) and if that is not enough I can include some internal lead ballast. (Think you may be inclined to bolt some weight onto that plate for better more upright, performance! John.)

 Maybe I can simply sail dinghy fashion although my days with a trapeze ended over fifty years ago!

 The project is making steady progress with bilge keels now on and most bunk framing done.

 The attached photo shows how I fill in my spare time - the dinghy is to my own design, being balsa core over longitudinal stringers.

 Covering will be fibreglass using vinylester resin.

 The hull is 9ft long and is the 15th dinghy I have built and the 5th, which I have in one place or another. Some people never stop gathering things - I certainly would not have so many boats if the love of my life was still alive.

Good luck to all with fitting out.


John S



March 2012.

I am waiting to check on the Senior's ability to handle a moderate breeze before calculating how much extra steel to weld on the bottom of the keel.  Meantime the job is progressing and the garden gets less attention.

The first picture  shows the anchor well and bowsprit.  There is a buoyancy chamber below the anchor well

The bunk framing is complete with bunk boards made, recycled from the slide on camper I built to go travelling on the mainland. The journeys were depressing without my partner (42 years of married happiness) so the camper has supplied timber, panelling and toilet/galley components.

The next photo show the port side bilge keel on, with the other side not visible.

John Slevin.

John, you are really progressing well, will not be long before this one gets her bottom wet!




March 2012.

This view shows bunk boards almost finished and the standing area inside the cabin getting lined out.

Also the foredeck is on ready for the anchor well and fore buoyancy chamber to be completed.

Cockpit work is also proceeding.

I hope the email pigeon is cooperating.

Cheers and best wishes for the AGM.

John S

The email pigeon has managed to transfer photos without telling me they arrived.

Here is another to keep them company.

The cabin sides will probably be fixed today after I have completed the cabin lockers.


John S

Sorry to take a week or two to get these on the pages John, it's that time of year!




July 2012.

Hi John

Sorry to be so long with more building details due to early winter coming in with wet, windy and cold weather delaying the job.

At least no snow down near sea level yet.

The two attachments tell the story with painting on the way  on warmer days and thwart slats being fitted.

John S


September 2012.

Winter here has been cold, wet and windy, at least the occasional snow did not settle below 400 metres, my home is about 60 metres above sea level looking out over the River Derwent and Storm Bay.

The attached photo shows some more progress and painting has started, together with final touches to rudder and tiller assembly.
I am going across to New Zealand in the morning to collect the sails and hopefully get some sailing in the Bay of islands to cheer me up a little.

Meantime my best regards to you and your good lady and all the EOG members.


Amazing progress John, will not be long before the sea trails! well done!

March 2014 and Carita 9 is ready to take to the sea!  John has sent this one in and will let us know when he is launching!

I have finally achieved the next step with a move outside and onto the trailer. Rigging now complete and ready for a tow to Kettering where antifouling will be done. PHEW!!

Only 18 months later than it could have been.

best wishes to all



Well done John.



April 2014.   John has launched!

However what you cannot see is the leak, so the boat was hurriedly lifted out again, leak between the planking and the garboard, so it now has to be dried out and resealed!

To add injury the boat yard managed to break the bowsprit whilst lifting out!

So back to the shed for refit!

We will watch out for the next launch and the sea trials!

What an anticlimax John, sure you will bounce back!



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