3 Tonner 





Restoration:  3 Tonner 'Brie'

December 2013 and we have a new enrolment from Robert Krelle.  Robert is at College, a 2nd year into a boatbuilding course. He has come across Brie, and fallen head over heels for her.   Here she is from the Gallery pic taken many years ago....

As you can see from these first 4 pictures, she is a little worse off than when photographed a few years back and put on the Gallery.   Watertight though, full of it!  hope the freshwater will not have harmed her....

Lots to do!

But still looks every inch a classic!




The EOG have sent Robert a CD of the drawings to help him restore her.  We hope to get updates back that we can add to this page.

We have just heard that she has been successfully transported  to a yard near his college so work can commence!



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