3 Tonner 



3 Tonner

A Very unusual Eventide. 

John Parry's Tuphnol E.24!

John Parry has been in touch for some time now telling us of his extraordinary craft.  I mean have you ever heard of any boat built almost completely of Tuphnol? Yes we all know how wonderful it is for blocks and cleats etc, but it must be one of the most exceptional materials to build from.  As the pictures show, it does not rot or decay, while the timber around it has done. 

Right is John's boat, that was called 'Nemo' years ago, recovered from the creek at Halstow Kent after John traced the last owner and gained possession.

Another View of the salvaged boat.  no inboard, note the outboard bracket.  A bit low however and it will be raised to prevent drowning the new motor John has purchased from these pages. Right the interior, as it is cleared out.

The interior really looks a disaster area, but note the structure is sound....

Now John is beginning to put timber back. The now clean interior looks a lot smarter already.

With bulkheads going back in the interior is taking shape.

The cockpit and the forepeak now look almost finished, but there is a way yet...

Berth bases and lockers take shape.

Wow now we are looking good.!

This is what John is looking forward to, an updated Eventide 24 with the early cabin shape and keel configuration.  I wonder if that keel will come off for a check and update on weight?  Maybe if he gets time!  Good luck John, you have a unique boat.

September 2004.

 John has sent me another CD of pictures, a selection are entered here.  They show the quality of the finish he is achieving.  If you want to hear more, you could come along to Danbury, in Essex. John is often there, next one end of October.

As you can see from these pictures he is doing a grand job!  On the down side he has recently found that the sheathing, in GRP, has come away from the outside of the hull.  Undaunted, he has stripped it off, good move.  It has been suggested a sand back and three coats of epoxy rolled on.  That is what I did with a ply boat.  Then a paint system, you could go for a high performance, two part poly system as I did, but a conventional scheme could be used.  Either way we aught to see John joining us next season!  I have no idea what she will be named yet!?? J.W.

  January 2005.  

The picture on the left, taken in January, shows the cabin top, partly completed, awaiting paint and fittings.

On the right the underside of the deck, with all the flaky paint removed and new hatch fitted.

On the left, within the month, deckhead painted and trim added, varnished strips adding to the real timber look!

On the right what a difference.! Are all those screw slots lined up as well?

If you look closely at the pic on the left, you will see they are lined up!  What attention to detail, well done John.

On the right another look at the deckhead.

On the left the rebuilt companionway, locker space where an inboard might have gone.  john has a new Honda outboard!

On the right one of the main cabin berths.

Left the other main berth.  Note the use of varnish and white paintwork, keeps it light and airy, yet traditional.

Right the access to the chain  locker forward.

Left, and right, the light and airy space created up forward. 

  June 2005  

Left, the topsides go green!

Right a view over the stern.

The gunwhale and rubbing strakes, raised topsides white, to break up the sheer.

Masking up for a boot top line

Right the bootop  is on.

Left, the ports are fitted.

Right, the deck hardware goes on.

The stern locker and a close up of the ports, note the screws!

Raised topsides finished.

  July 2005  

July and the covers come off!  what a difference to the first pics on this page!

July 9th and the crane lifts her out of John's back garden.

Useful lorry for shifting an Eventide 24.  check the weights though.  an Eventide 24 can be 2 ton nearly, a 26' Eventide over 3.

On the hard, mast and rigging sorted.

  UPDATE!!!  Launched 9th July 2005

Named 'Dorothy May' by John's mother, of the same name!



John's boat is lifted closer to the water's edge, the name covered for the moment.

On the left it looks as if John is saying a few words, either than or he has just been given the bill for launching!

Right, Mum the bottle and the name!

Left, John's mum looks pleased, So does john.

Right gently lowered over the side, to wait for the tide.

Proudly flying her burgee, Under power for the first time!  John was very instrumental in the design of our little flag, great to see it flying on his boat, afloat at last.!

Right, Proudly displaying her new name, she motors to her mooring!


John purchased a new set of sails from Kemps.  He spoke to  Rob Kemp at the boat show and explained the boat he had and asked him for him for his advice.
Rob recommended the Nemo Furling system off the bowsprit with a high cut Yankee, which was purchased along with the staysail and main, Kemp stowaway and lazyjacks.

Photo of her under sail soon!


Lower Halstow.   On her home mooring!  I hope we will be visiting her there, maybe next year.....

Our thanks go to John Parry for the very complete photo journal of his work for the last 2 years.  It is a great way to show others how it can be done. Gives help and inspiration to others. Well done John.  Hope you have many moons happy cruising with 'Dorothy May'

August 2007. 

Sadly we have heard that John has been forced to part with 'Dorothy May', even more traumatic as he named her after his dear Mum.

Let us hope the new owner gets some fun out of her and maybe he would like to join the Eventide Owners Group. (Knowing who has bought it we doubt it sadly!)  Still Good luck with her Bob!


2011. the boat has never been used as Bob was taken ill, she is up for sale on the Bay for 25.00.  sadly the nice new 10hp Honda  we helped John acquire has been sold and the boat offered without motor, 2.500??  maybe, but haggle!



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