Eventide 24. Lady Gertrude


I really need to have a copy of the plans. What address should I send the cash to? I have no cheque book or alternatively I can send you a bacs payment if you send me your bank details.
Regards, Chris.

To get a CD of the plans for the Eventide, including the older drawings as well as the latest, £5.00.

Send cheque (or if you wish a fiver disguised in paper).  Or you could donate £5.50 via the ‘Donate’ button on the home page of the website, www.eventides.org.uk  that would work too.  (The extra £0.50p to cover PayPal charge).



Lady Gertrude safe under cover and ready for some work to be done.  there was an ali plate fitted on the foredeck that the previous owner, Bede was about to remove when he gave up on her, after spending loads of time and effort and not a little expense getting her back up to the state she is now. 

The tow truck!  An Eventide 24 weighs in at less than 2 tons, so even with the weight of the trailer a 2 ton all up weight would be the max, s a large pick up or smallest Land Rover can easily cope.

I thought you might be interested about the 'state of affairs' with Lady G.

I have removed all the aluminium chequer plate to reveal rot in the foredeck, I have removed the ply and foot rails back to the first cross member, (which is rotted in the middle. I have obtained some marine ply for the deck and have glued and screwed an oak 'sister' cross member, The fore hatch also needs a complete rebuild- not a problem as I'm lucky enough to be a Luthier with associated workshop!

Unfortunately however, I have been suffering with a slipped disk with sciatica which has severely limited my time on her, plus touring commitments with my band.

However progress has been made, she is in a perfectly dry environment and I'm ploughing as much time and money in to her as I can muster!


I have just fitted the ply foredeck repair patch -despite me fretting that the pot life of the epoxy with filler added would give us enough time to achieve it!- with great success.
My question is should I 'glass' the deck now? Taking out the Aluminium plate has revealed that butting up to that is some sort of grey medium with very grippy sand in it- I would like to continue that finish over where the chequer plate was, but I don't know what that was?


Looks as though you are doing a proper job on her, good to see!

Some may have bodged it, as the chap who fitted that chequer plate! I had been badgering Bede to remove it, it would have been high on his work list had he not sold her.!

Clean new timber is the perfect way to go!

Modern epoxy glues too, though they do need a minimum temperature to set properly and up till recently it has hardly been warm enough!

If you can find good quality exterior ply with a good outer veneer, and coat it in epoxy it will be as good as some 'marine ply' and a lot cheaper!

The main thing is the boat is kept dry, so when you are up to it you can surge ahead and fix things.

Though the right screws may be silicone bronze you can get away with silicone bronze 'Gripfast' nails, much quicker.  I would be careful about using stainless, as it is not good if it gets wet!  OK on deck should be OK, but there are so many grades of stainless.

Whatever you use I suspect you will fill the screw heads with epoxy filler to seal them, you do not need to be doing this job again in 5 years' time!

What are you going to coat the deck in?

I used 3 coats of epoxy on mine and then glued down panels of non slip, but deck paint works well too, and is cheaper!

Keep the pics coming, but look after that back!





just updating the restoration project...

I have now managed to literally burn off the very thick polyester resin (mixed with sand!) off all the topsides, seems this mix was poured from a bucket, very brittle and applied on top of original deck paint, was never going to work!

So my plan is to 'tank' the deck with epoxied roving mat and also continue up halfway to the new toe rails I have fitted.

Hopeful this will make her all watertight and add to durability, once I have sanded the ply I will give it a good soaking in clear Cuprinol and then go ahead and fair with filler epoxy, waiting for warm weather for the cure,.

If you like I could send some more photographs? I don't know how to do this on the  site!


Chris Legg (custodian/restorer of Lady Gertrude).

Hi Chris,

yes please send pics by e-mail as jog's and I will add them.

Good to hear this plucky little boat is getting the TLC she needs, after all she has circumnavigated the UK!!! Something not many manage, I'm still trying!!




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