3 Tonner 



3 Tonner....


Saoirse is an Eventide 26. She is owned by Leszek.

He is giving her a new lease of life!


I write to let you know how  Saoirse is doing.

Here she is arriving in Oxford shortly after purchase, summer 2008


I brought her to Oxford in early June but since then I haven't got enough time to do some work. 


Over the last two weeks, November 08,  I have pushed work forward and, unfortunately discovered that it will be a very long haul.

One of Saoirse previous owners covered all her deck with fibreglass (not epoxy).   He did a very poor job and now all the ply is rotten.

You will find here a drawing with some sections mark in red. This is all the ply I have to replace.

Good news is that all framework is in very good condition.

Work progresses under  cover!  Might want to move some of those gas bottles away though!
  I will be in touch.

Regards,  Leszek.  



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