Completion of the last 'Lone Gull II'.

'Jubilee Rose'


Welcome to Kevin Gray who joined us in June 2019.

He has bought the bare hull of a Lone Gull II. 

This boat and the mould could have been the one in Kent some time back, then transferred west to Chichester area, a friend of the then owner, who was in the RNLI, was assisting the sale….seems to have got even further west…. if it is the same one??

A chap was trying to sell on behalf of his late father,

Sadly if it were he, he seems to have ‘lost’ the mould in the meantime. A great pity as it means there is unlikely to ever be more built…

Interested to see from the photos that she has been in the water…

I did suggest to the son, many years ago that he launch her, even unfinished, to get round the EU Recreational Craft Directive!

I was on the RYA committee for that and won a 5 year reprieve for home boat builders.   We had to launch then keep the home built boats for 5 years before we were allowed to sell, otherwise the boats had to be EU certificated and that costs £5k plus! 

Most who build their own, as I have done, would never sell!  Think mine may be a Viking Burial!

Seems I was right... it is the same boat!


Now hear from Kevin.

The chap from Chichester (Mr Arthur, I think) died and his son who has a joinery business in Salcombe, tried to carry on with the project, but sadly had to sell. That's where I come in.

The boat looks like it just came out of the mould. There is a Bukh 20 engine on board, but not set up to run. We are just about to fit the deck fill fuel hose which should allow us (with the addition of a little fuel) to fire the engine!

The boat came as a kit of parts with quite a few bits missing and is viewed as a long term project by me as I quite like to get out on the water and away from bilge crawling. She is heavily laid up and has substantial timbers 4x4 internally!

Here is the only picture I have on my phone. Taken aboard the lorry that bought her to Cornwall.

There is some part finished joinery internally and more in my garage and loft!

My wife and I fitted a bob stay fitting on the bow today - stainless steel with 130mm x 12mm bolts! There are davits and a bow sprit to fit which weigh heavier than are comfortable to lift.

I have more photos which I will dig out for you.

If you have any more of the early (Kent) details of Jubilee Rose please pass them on to me.

Kevin Gray



Unused Bukh 20 requiring a lot of love and attention on the verge of starting July 2019. 

Hoping to fire up the engine early next week now that the deck fill pipe is in so fingers crossed. Then its rubbing strakes and cabin sole....



Part of the kit of parts. One item fitted


Kevin is looking for a set of suitable spars and sails, ex GH 28 maybe??

Look forward to more updates shortly!






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