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3 Tonner...

The Eventide 26 'Osprey' has been in the building for more years than the owner cares to recall.  Denis and his son Tony are on the home straight now.

We have begun to arrange to fit an inboard.

The chap who is arranging that for us is a Mr. Sean Walshe, our local Yanmar Dealer and the Hon.Sec. of the Dublin Bay OGA.  He owns and cruises a Heard 28 himself.

Sean took a few photos of some of the internal/external detail on ‘Osprey of Dublin’ and has kindly allowed me to forward some of them.

I have attached a small selection of the photos Sean took. These ones concentrate on some of the decorative features which Denis carved for her and give a feel for the dedication he has shown to her, in whatever spare time he had, over this multi decade build.

She is only 24' long. It was obviously my child's eye viewpoint, from the time when my Dad Denis first unrolled the plans, that expanded her length in my memory. It was actually the length of the front garden that decided that, as it only leaves two feet of working clearance at bow and transom.

With engine and mast and rigging and upholstery, electrics, navigation aids etc yet to be completed, we have a bit of a way to go yet, but the ball has at last started rolling again.

It is of course, my Dad, Denis Madden, who has put all the work you see into ‘Osprey’ and not I.  My job will be to get good use out of her to recognize the years of work and dedication Denis put in.

For Denis’ part, he’ll be glad to finally see her launched, as he had feared that she was taking on the look of a blanched pachyderm, sitting for so many years in our front garden. 

This must be one of the best carved tables in an Eventide!  We like the fish!

The decorative fish reminds me of some folk art....

Denis has carved detail into all sorts of corners...

This is the top of the 'totem pole' above the table....

Very traditional whale!

A squirrel?  Not sure where that comes in boat folk law, somewhere near the totem pole I suspect!


Now we have to hope the rest of the boat is as well built, and we have no reason to suppose it is not, with the correct ballast, 1660lb and the chain plates in the right place for the rig that Tony is about to sort out.  good luck Tony and Denis, keep us informed.  Launch date????

January 26th 2009.


A progress update on 'Osprey of Dublin'

We have decided on a Yanmar 10HP inboard.

 A weekend at the London Boat show, has sorted choice of galley and electrical fittings.

Sean Walsh, my Yanmar dealer and one-stop-shop man, who has basically taken over all the as yet unfinished aspects of 'Osprey' has provided incalculabe support, advice and expertise. Sean estimates a launch date sometime in May 2009. He is currently also arranging for our 30-year-seasoned-oregon-pine-timber, to be turned into the mast they were intended for.

Osprey was given a foretaste of the feature that 'Classic Boat' plans to run on her when she is launched. They put a few column inches and one photo into their January edition (pages 56/57).

Anyway, it would appear to be all onwards and upwards from here.

I'll drop a line again when I know the actual launch date.









Hello John, 

Here are  pictures of our Ballast Keel being cut from steel at a marine engineering company and  pictures of our ballast keel installation.  It came in three parts. 75mm HR Mild Steel. 561Kgs / 1239lbs total. 

This was a big step for us, as it’s a tight space to operate in.

Glad to have that behind us now.  Still can't say when we'll hit the water yet though.... 

Will send more photos in time. 





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