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   Then and now  


Neptune's Nereid

Esther and Jim.

This Eventide was built by Jim Smith of Bexley Kent.  Over the years she was seen at many of our events and meetings, mostly sailed by Jim and his brother, sometimes accompanied by Esther.  Esther and Jim were part of the backbone of the old eoa. Many's the meeting I have attended in Jim and Esther's home.  Her scones were delicious!  I have very fond memories of the 1970's and 80's with them.  Jim made a video of the building of Neptune's Nereid, one of the high lights I seem to remember was the dance when the hot tar, was spattering!  I will be in touch with them soon to see if they can get a copy for Iddy, the new owner and restorer.


  Here is the opening frame of the film!  as recorded and dubbed onto DVD last week!

Jim and Ester sent a copy on video to the EOG and simply suggested the new owner send a donation to the EOG too, he did, a very generous one!   Registered members can now buy a copy of the DVD from us, 7.50 all as a donation to the EOG. It is approx 45 minutes long and covers setting up the site and lofting to launch!



Above are a selection from the film. It is a little bit of British history really, how a generation built boats in their back gardens!



Iddy has only had the boat for a short while, I do not know her history in between, but as you can see she has not fared too well of late.

However, our boats are infinitely repairable, as Iddy and friends are going to show you.  We look forward to more pics as the work progresses.

John Williams




The bow bunk now!

Stripping out the old Galley, manys the cuppa John and friends have been served from here!    
  Repairs to Galley in hand   The extent of the rot damage.    
  Repairs in hand   Raised topsides getting new planks    
New cabin sides and coach roof   repairs to port side deck at the aft end.    
The severe extent of the damage can be seen here.  Iddy has cut away to good timber before making good.

  Almost all the raised topsides have been renewed.

  Next year there may be a soft glow from that lamp, the gentle rocking and lapping from the water and the owner reading a page or two from the 'Magic'!      
Iddy says he has only been at the project a couple of months so far and it's all coming along beautifully.  There has been major surgery as you can see, he says, but the ribs and main structure are sound.  The sides were difficult, but not impossible and he has a slight leak to trace and cure.  ( got to do that Iddy, that's where the rot starts!)

He has lowered the front bunks and fitted a nice table in the salon.  Good luck Iddy, keep us posted.



More pics, Jan 2005.

This is the deckhead of the cabin stripped of paint and varnish, compare it with the next picture to the right! Here the deckhead and cabin sides have been re-varnished.  what a difference.    

The port side deck, with bad timber removed.

the port side deck, re-planked! panel of ply removed neatly from the hull side.    
As the  restoration continues, we hope to keep you up to date with progress.  thanks Iddy, you are doing a grand job!


  More pics in from Iddy, shows the progress on the port side and windows.   who's the lady in the pic I wonder?   Close up of new windows.    
August 2005 Latest updates from Jenny Lewis.  I have to really commend the artwork here, Jim and Esther are going to be so pleased to see the care lavished on their old boat.  Well done!    
 Repairs to the transom, rot here is very common, and the only real answer is to cut back well into good timber. It is not uncommon either to have to replace parts of the topsides. it is always fresh water that causes the problems.  The minutest crack can let in water and all rain carries the spores of rot.  A little sunshine to warm it and air to feed it and away it goes.    
The good thing is, our boats are repairable.  Here new ply has been let into the space, faired off, ready for sanding and painting. Note the gleaming reflection in the deckhead and the neat ventilation holes in the lockers.  Ventilation is the way to prevent rot.    
A simple single burner galley?  Tiled surface, and a cosy oil lantern, note the heat shield above it, very important. Dinette area, another nice oil lamp.    
Now this is really a nice touch!  I like the colours and the painting of the boat as well! Galley sink, more tiles and hand painted locker doors.    
The artwork is excellent, nothing like putting your own stamp on the boat! Close up of galley.    
Even the 'heads' has artwork in it!. I am hoping that Iddy and Jenny send in a few words to add to these pics, at the moment the comments are just mine, John    
How about this then!  I think it is a locker door!  Nice brush work, I wonder what sort of flag it is! Another locker, the traditional 'fouled Anchor' badge!    
The ventilation holes are a very good idea.  Lots of white paintwork keeps the interior light and airy, good combination of colour and light.   Now I aught to know the names of these two, Rosy and Jim isn't it?  My grandson could tell me!  Saw plenty of them a year or two back on the canals.  What's the story behind them here I wonder?


The transom and quarter look to be really terminal, but ply and epoxy to the rescue! happy new year !

Well due to bad weather, things are on hold ,but I'm enclosing a few pictures of the boat so far, we've expoxied  over the patches, and transom .  Now we've been painting. Its been primed ,undercoated and had a couple of coats of top coat, do you like the colour?  I noticed quite a few eventides were green. Our next job, re-rigging the mast and putting the stanchions  on the deck. Luckily a friend knows what he's doing.  We will  wait a few months before we finish painting the deck, until the weather improves a bit.  I'm glad you liked the art work in the galley.  Jenny's a dab hand with a paint brush.

Rosie and Jim were a present from our daughter.

regards Iddy

That looks better, you cannot see the join! Like the colours!!    
August 2006.

Hi John

I've been trying for weeks to download these pictures for you.  As you can see ,we've done it.  She's in the water.  we didn't want to miss another summer,
everything went to plan, we took her up the river for a run .we had a lovely day.  The 2 years of hard work has been worth it.......our next job is to re-rig the mast .and make a new cover for the cockpit.

kind regards Iddy


  Neptune's Nereid, about to go back in the water after all that hard work!

Steady as she goes!


   Back in her element.  Looking trim and smart, she is ready for a trip up the river.    
She now waits patiently whilst the mast is finished and refitted.  Years ago she had a very clever mast lowering gear incorporated into her rigging.  the forestay was tensioned with a six part block and tackle and Jim lowered the mast, using a built in 'A' frame, every time he set out from Strood, because of the bridge just down stream of the club!


  This space and a few more, reserved for Iddy and Jenny's sailing pics!


November 2008.

Above are the latest pics from Iddy and Jenny, November 2008.  Sadly they are now forced to sell her.


She is for sale on out For Sale pages at 2,900 ono.

Sad to have to report that Jim, the builder,  died suddenly in May this year, 2011.      
January 2018, sad to report Esther has also passed away.      
March 2019. Lewis their grandson has been in touch trying to track the boat down.  We have passed on what information we have and hope not only will they trace her, last seen i Kent, but maybe take her back into the family.      


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