3 Tonner 



3 Tonner


Calm Seas, soon to be Lady Anne.  Seen here as she was offered for sale, alongside the railway at Old Leigh.  Mike Wolf has purchased her and is looking to modify and modernise her. One of his wishes was for more headroom...  I have helped him design a raised section on the cabintop, with the companionway hatch on top.  It aught to make it roomier, without making the cabintop look too tall.  we hope so anyway.  time will tell.  this is how the WW gets it's extra headroom.

Her stbd quarter, showing the work to be undertaken.

 A close up of the bow

Nice artwork!

This clearly shows the damage to the rubbing band and the associated ply it has exposed.  All repairable.

Bit of rough paint here shows the ply might not be too clever beneath. the scupper area is a common place for our boats to fail, that's why I did not make a scupper in mine!

Common mistake this, the Anode is round the wrong way!  Who ever heard of mackerel head and Cods tail!  No, fat end to the front.  Easily rectified.  good to see she has protection.  Inboard rudder, see the hints and tips page for how to fit a transom hung one!

One of Mikes problems is this huge engine box.  It hides a 1500 cc BMC diesel!  Far too large!  Too much room lost and does not make the entrance at all easy.  Mike intends removing and selling the big lump and replacing it with a twin 15 to 18hp modern motor.....

As Mike says, 'this is all coming out!' 

Another view of the interior, galley side.  I have seen the drawings Mike has already sorted out, and there is no place for this old cooker in his news plans.

The loo needs  tossing out too!  Steam cleaning or heavy scrubbing will do for a start!

The Saloon. Mike has a way to go from here, but he is planning it thoroughly.  we look forward to the future photos to show us how he is getting along.

In April 2006 I visited Mike on board Lady Anne as he wanted to show me what he had found!

There was in fact little to see as Mike has stripped the interior bare, partly to clear the way for his interior, but partly as he found so much rot in the internal joinery.


  You can see the Forepeak area part sanded back, almost ready for preservative then paint.

The motor, a 4 cylinder Diesel was also due to be removed, to make way for a more compact 20hp unit.  I do not think I have seen a boat with as many skin fittings.  Many were doubled up.  There were quite a few plastic fittings with no sea cocks too.  all to go or be replaced. sink drains, cockpit drains, plural, engine sea cocks plural, gas drain second sink, loo..... 

As you can see he had been nothing if not thorough!  The boat was being cleared right out.

Here Mark is stripping bad paint and preparing to start on the coach roof.  mike is planning to raise the companionway hatch runners and take the hatch further forward to increase the headroom over the area where you normally stand. 



The bulkheads and beams have all to be replaced.  Mike is confident he can have her sailing again inside a year.  The progress so far has been dramatic, but soul destroying, hopefully Mike will see improvements and additions from now on.
Hi John,
Sorry not to have been in touch lately, but have been very busy.
The Lady Anne is now a complete shell. We found so much rot in areas of the cabin top that we took it off completely. So now I have an open Viking rowing boat. All I need are some long oars and four beautiful women to crew and things should be ok.
I am waiting for a mate to let me know when he can get to Leigh to rebuild the cabin and carcus. I may, possibly, be able to get back into the water this season but am in no hurry as I want to make sure that it is done properly.
Having a little problem with camera, but will send some updated pictures shortly.


  May 31st 2007.  Sadly I have to report that Lady Anne is no more.  Mike found more and more rot in her and eventually scrapped her.  This sadly is happening on a regular basis now, so we need more to start building!


Seriously I saw the boat some time back and figured she would be just about OK without too much work, but mike once he had committed himself to a total interior strip, also took the cabintop off.  this opened up more cans of worms.  OK she might have pottered about in local waters for a few years, but she really proved too far gone.  a warning to all, check out any soft bits before they spread.  Keep the dreaded rain out of them!





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