3 Tonner 



3 Tonner

Riptide building nearing completion! 

Sid Taylor our Riptide rep, see the advisors page, is very close to completing his boat!  He is booked to crane out in May, out of his garden that is!  We hope to be there to record the occasion!

On the left the port bow showing the single chine.

On the right the Perkins 4/108 that Sid has fitted.


Left the port bow, showing the raised topsides she shares with the Eventide.

On the right a shot of the interior, sorry about the cables etc, but she is under construction.


Left, how's that for a hefty bilge keel! 

Right the clever fridge installation, it is one of those 12v ice boxes simply let into a purpose made compartment, with vents for circulating the air.


Left the stbd side of the boat,

Right the loo area, it is huge!


The transom on the left is a large place to write a long name!  Watch this space!

On the right the vent for the water tanks, clever!


Left, look at the size of that rudder.  There is provision to add fairing blocks later if the tiller trembles too much!

Right, part of the saloon with the side lockers yet to be fitted.  Loads of storage space!


Left.  Now this is a really sensible rudder fitting. It enables the prop shaft to be removed without having to dig a hole under the boat to drop the rudder!

Right the forepeak, the large bucket should hold all the chain!


Left, how many can get to sunbathe on this vast expanse of cabin top! 

Right sensible wide and as yet uncluttered sidedecks.  There are stanchions and a track to go on here yet.


Left, the compass post, now are we going to have wheel steering I wonder?

Right the top of the bowsprit, with anchor rollers.  Please excuse the scaffolding, it's holding up the shed!


Left one of the hanging lockers,

Right the bowsprit platform from ahead.  The pulpit is to go on top of this once the shed is down!


Left.  To ensure that Perkins will be fine on launch day, Sid has rigged this test rig up to recycle the water from the exhaust.

Right. a nice touch, a bookshelf to take his copy of the Magic of the Swatchways!

  See pics of This boat, afloat, click here  
  Sadly Sid dies shortly after the boat was finished and only had a limited time to enjoy her.  she was sold after his death and eventually taken by road north.

She is now up in Cumbria and up for sale again. July 2011.



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