3 Tonner 



3 Tonner.

John Stevens the Database Manager is the owner of 'Seawitch' now.  He took her on in the summer of 2007.  She had been for years in Rye in Sussex but was shifted to Dartmouth, where she was traded for another boat.  John saved her from being destroyed by the yard in Devon and towed her, with the help of Mike Hoban, another member and owner of 'Cirra', and they used  the trailer from 'Fiddler's Green'.

Here she is having safely arrived at Tollesbury.  The journey was not without trauma.  The Land Rover they  hired broke down twice, the last time terminally and they all had to be recovered to the South Mimms services, where they had to wait a week till vehicles and manpower were once more available.  Fiddler's Green's trailer was removed later and returned to John Williams!  'Seawitch' is now on chocks.

John has purchased a neat 10 hp Yanmar inboard, which will be installed next year he hopes.  In the meantime it is the tiresome task of the removal of all the bad timber on deck and the cabin top, sides, and round the topsides.  That will keep john busy for the summer of 2008!
  Sadly October 2010 we learn that she is probably to be broken up.

John stored her at Tollesbury for years, beset by health problems, so nothing was done to her and she deteriorated quickly.  Eventually he offered her to anyone who was willing to restore her and a Mike Smith stepped up to 'save' her.  Sadly we learnt too late that this was a friend of the guy who took on 'Galliard' from the same yard, a nice boat but in very similar condition, rot wise, and sold for about a grand...  that boat appeared for sale again weeks after being removed,  for 18,000.  Needless to say she did not sell, but we were expecting her to be torched and an insurance claim made!   My colleagues in the Essex Police Marine unit were on the alert. 

In the Case of 'SeaWitch' a week after the deal was done the new owner stripped off all the electronics and anything of value and put her on eBay! 

He sold her to a local lad for a few hundred and skipped, not a bad days work!  The mooring company had monies owed of course.  The boat then apparently sold twice more and the Tollesbury saltings co have never been paid nor can trace an owner, so she will be destroyed. 

I have been in contact and hope to salvage some parts to pass on to other boats.



  October 2011. 

I have just been in discussion with Tollesbury Saltings company and they are to saw her up next week.  I have made a bid for the bilge keels, which were about the only good part left after the rogues stripped her.




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