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'Eventide Owner's Group' Burgee

The colours are Golden Yellow on Black. Due to the limitations of computer colours it is shown here as a sort of dull yellow but the real burgee is Black and bright Golden Yellow.

You could see it as the black of yesterday and the golden of the future, with the bright star of Eventide in the hoist!  We just thought it was bright and different!!


Back in stock!!  Different fabric, Now made in bright yellow synthetic material, the same as is used locally for flags on racing marks on the River Crouch, that stay out all season and survive! Sadly though the price has to increase.



You can either collect from John personally at one of our meets, or by post.

(For sale either to or for, registered owners only)

Cost.  9inch by 18inch burgee or pennant,

Roped and toggled ready to fly from spreader, £12.50

Sleeved, to thread onto a wire and fly at masthead from a proper burgee stick, as per M.G. available soon,  £12.50  (For those not sure how this is done, see bottom of page for pics.)

Post and Packing UK £3.50 

Overseas, please allow £10.00 for post, payable by PayPal,  we lose a bit on that, £0.50p a time, so additional donations welcomed...  See the 'Donate' button on the home page, just mail us as well so we know exactly what you want.   Or cheque.

Cheques payable to EOG please.


Send to:

John Williams, EOG

Bluebell Cottage,

Grange Road,





Our thanks go to all those who troubled to send in ideas, to Esmée, Ann and John, Jo, Steve and John P., thanks to those who spoke re ideas too.  All were taken into consideration.


The initial cost of the flags has been borne by an anonymous donor.  The cost has been rounded up by about £0.75 to allow a small donation to keeping the website going. ( Feel free to donate more if you wish!)  The price quoted for Post and Packing will also donate a few pence to the funds. (Postage being subsidised by a sponsor!) We hope you feel it is worth it.

John Williams,

EOG co-ordinator.


To fit 'Sleeved Burgee' to pole see pics. (forgive me for trying to teach you to suck eggs, but there may be some who might not know how.)

First take an approx 3ft length of 1/2 inch hardwood, (Ramin), dowel and varnish it.


Drill a hole in the top end to take a screw and find a suitable few washers and a thin  length of either S/S  or brass rod.

  Bend the wire so that it will be able to pass through the sleeve on the  hoist of burgee and fit round the pole at bottom of flag, gently bend a tighter loop at the top, to take the screw. Washers are fitted above and below top loop to enable it to pivot, don't do up too tightly.

A picture paints a thousand words!

Make sure flag will fit!

Thread rod up sleeve.

Fit screw and washers to top, drilling prevents dowelling splitting.

Ensure bottom loop a slack fit on pole!


You might have to put a couple of stitches into the flag to close the sleeve off and stop it drooping.  Can be added later if it does droop!


The pole is hoisted on a light burgee halyard, mine is an endless loop so I don't lose the end! Bottom end passing through the back of the cleat if you like.  The pole is very swiftly and simply hitched on with two clove hitches made about 9 inches apart on the bottom of the pole.  ( you know the method, make a pair of loops and cross them then slide pole through, repeat for lower hitch.) 



My flag is hoisted on the  opposite side of the mast to the VHF antenna, which is on a stand off bracket.  The burgee does not foul it.  With practice it becomes easy to hoist the pole, keeping just enough tension on the other part of the halyard to ensure the pole hoists in the upright position and maybe gently flicking it to pass the clutter of wires at the mast head. You do have to watch it as it goes up!

  It is really well visible from a distance, easily seen from deck!


Lowering is a cinch and can be made to look really smart if the burgee stays erect during descent and the clove hitches are 'wiped' off the pole in a single movement at the last moment.  Much more in keeping for me than a Windex!.  J.W.

For those who want a readymade pennant pole, Mike Field is selling his, see above,  from Australia, to members, contact him on



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