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These pages will be updated on an almost daily, certainly on a weekly basis, from all the mail and information coming in to us.


2013.  Discount Marclear antifouling For Sale.

 prices pegged for 4th year!. Feb 2013.

 I have again been  offered a great deal  on Marclear, for High Strength Work Boat Red Antifouling. 

I am to be able to sell it at £60.00  for 2.5 litres, instead of the R.R.P. of £107.00!  This will include a donation of £2.50 to the EOG for every can!  

Thinners for wiping down, cleaning up or thinning 10% if it is really warm, (wish), £5.50  for a litre can.

There is also a primer in 2.5 litre cans, for covering old antifouling that may be flaking, unstable or not copper-based.  £40.00

Also will have to be picked up from me in Essex, or carriage free if you want to order  4 cans, ( over £200 worth)  to be sent to you up country!   (Get together with a mate!)

For more details contact me on 01621 778859 

 This year again I will be accepting payment from credit cards on ordering

via the  SOS PayPal account.

Contact me via this site  enquiries@eventides.org.uk and I will send details.



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Happy New Year.

Fair winds and lee going tides for 2014!

Tuesday 31st December 2013.

Will be making a new page for 2014 shortly and will change the link on the home page to take you there as of tomorrow.

For today welcome to  Warwick Leslie of New Zealand, he has just joined and enquired about the WildDuck drawings.  He has got a set of the old paper drawings for the 3 tonner as well, that he is offering to us, will have to double check to make sure we are not missing a sheet, I know we were once, but not sure if another member filled us in with it.. Will contact you shortly Leslie.

Warren of the GH 'Safrel' has filled in a couple of snippets of information on the GH page, correctly, we hope!,  identifying another GH.

Had an enquiry from  prospective GH owner too.  Does anyone know if the Cascover sheathing fitted to wooden GH's was ever continued up the topsides as standard, and if so from what sail number or date.??  I am not sure that it ever was as standard, as most timber GH's had very smooth glossy topsides and that would be very difficult to achieve with the Cascover under it, loads of filler would be needed to hide the weave....  Do you know different?

Robin Barrett of 'Aurora' the E 24 in Zimbabwe, has been in touch to say he is hoping to set off on another trip, along the coast of Mozambique again and should he write his log up for us?  His earlier log was published in two parts in Newsletter 10.     I have asked that he could and we will print it.  I have now taken to printing logs with the Newsletter pages, replacing the earlier layout, as most of the information that comes in to us is readable on the Stoppress pages or Gallery pages.  I have several logs to add, when I find 5 minutes.

We are trying to get in touch with the owner of 'Blue Waves' a Buchanan Wind Elf.  Bryan was once the owner of 'Sparrow' a 3 tonner.  He was enrolled with us but may have changed his mail provider....  Are you out there Bryan? someone wants to be in touch, Tony Rickards.  I have tried to mail the last e-mail address we had.

Kathy and Roger contacted us last week with a seasons greeting to all and saying that they have not only their 40ft junk rigged boat, but have now purchased a place in Spain again and when all is sorted they will place an advert on the site for members as a holiday let.  (You will remember they bought a rambling rundown farm halfway up a mountain in Spain and turned it back to Walnut and Olive production. )  They have sold their GH that was on the pages..... Doubtless we may see them about next summer, before they head off into the blue yonder again!

Well another year draws to a close and what an eventful year it has been for many of us, let us hope and wish for a good sailing season next year, a warmer one with less of the F6's please!

Good sailing, fair winds and lee going tides







Tuesday 24th December 2013

Christmas Eve.

Last night the wind howled round here, we had Storm force 10  over the local coastal strip  between Southend and Clacton all the way up to Harwich.  So far here the only damage is to my weather vane, the big copper and brass yacht has lost its foresail!  A cursory look round has failed to locate it, so looks as if I have to put the wellies on and walk over the fields! How far can a metal sail fly in a force 10?

A timely reminder came in from Bradwell marina yesterday, (with the advance notice of the fees!!).  During that Storm in October several boats lost reefed genoas, as they were not secured by a tie round the sail and blew themselves to bits, expensive..  but one boat that was ashore not only had the genoa unroll, but it toppled the boat over in it's cradle causing a lot of damage.  (marina will no longer lift boats out for storage with sails on spars!  Hope you had the foresight to remove all sails. 

For that matter all the halyards and control lines too, if needed, a light messenger line left in place will make re fitting easy.  Nothing worse for ropes than to leave them out in the elements all winter!   Bad enough the salt and sun on them in the summer, without the addition of green mould! All halyards etc. can go into the washing machine on a 30 degree 'Easycare' wash,  spun at 1000 revs they come out nearly dry and a few days hanging near a radiator dries them thoroughly enough to be safely stored..  they come out as new,  you will be so proud of them come spring!  (Any heavy end fittings can be covered with a sock, tied on!). I have never damaged a washing machine in the 40 years I have been doing this every autumn.

Over the holiday period I hope to get time to sit down and create a few new pages on the site.  We have some logs to ad and there are at least 5 pictures too, 2 of boats we have never seen before, more have come out of the woodwork.

Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


Monday 23rd December 2013.

Today the radio is full of news of yet another fierce gale heading our way, though it is peaceful and calm at the moment. This time with southerly winds of 60 to 80 mph! I do hope you have those boat covers secure and if still afloat, are well moored!  Southerly winds of that strength are unusual at any time...

I spent a little time on the website yesterday re-editing my log, I was amazed how many typos there were.  Add to that my ships mascot had a real gender problem as he was referred to as she in one text and as sleeping on a the kipper bed, fitting I suppose for a cat, and it half looked as if I had meant to say it, but a Freudian slip!  Made us smile when I found it though.

Just shows how difficult it is to proof read your own writing!  So if any sharp eyed reader spots a clanger on these pages, please let the website coordinator, me, know!

No, to those who wondered,  I did not get the Yule fire going, too darn damp and by the looks of the forecast going to get damper. There is 2" of rain forecast here for the next 24 hours.

Looking at the weird weather they have got in the States right now makes me wonder what we will get as a result when it gets here in 2 weeks time.  New York yesterday was 21 degrees! Twice the average temperature and more. Toronto, Canada by comparison,  suffered one of the worst ice storms of recent years with power out all over.  Time to go and check the generator...

Still on the weather front, (no pun intended!) I had a mail from someone on the Artic Survey.  They are now alarmed at the melt of ice there, much more than expected.  Add to that the reports coming in from Greenland about the melted ice under the  cap there, they have found liquid water deep under the snow and ice, a lake the size of Ireland! 

And there are still some who say the weather is not influenced by man and it is all a natural phenomena.  We have seen the weather changes in the last 40 to 50 years, quite radial (thanks to John S for pointing out this 'Whoops!', of course should read 'radical'!) ones.  From the historical data that sort of change is unprecedented.   But what can we do?  I suppose you have to hope that every little helps, so I will be out in spring, or on any day warm enough beforehand, planting a few more trees!  (I have a few left here, grown from seed, in our little tree nursery.). What will you do that may mean our grandchildren still can enjoy 4 proper seasons and less severe weather?

During the time it has taken to type these few words the wind has got up, the trees in the garden and now being buffeted and the first drops of rain are rattling on the windows. Time to batten hatches. 

No chance of a White Christmas here. Just a wet one!



Saturday 21st December 2013.

The winter solstice.

The Winter solstice....

Hello Eventiders and  Solstice Greetings to you all.  Sadly the Yule fire has been thoroughly dampened so will not light,  not without an out of date hand held red... and I'm out of them, but the spirit is there.  From today the days get longer, whoopee!

I have got the last battery from the boat charging and so far 3 out of the 5 have shown they are healthy!  Now on float charge till spring.  1 is de-sulphating still, and though it states a 'maintenance free' battery I did note each cell had a top up cover that unscrewed, just as well as all cells were well down on water! I have just topped it up.  (all the other 4 batteries have no access to the plates, so you cannot top them up).  But they all have little indicators that change colour with the state of the battery!  Even indicating time to replace them ....  clever.  So far so good on them. They look fit for another season..

Though windy and rainy here, (F6 plus) it is not cold, 11 degrees outside.  So I am in the garage sorting a trailer today, not a boat trailer though, it is a dismountable one for my vintage motorbike! Just had a friendly local firm do some welding to modify it and today hope to grind off a few sharp edges and spray it to stop it rusting.

I was checking my trailer yesterday and realise I have to touch up some of the steelwork on that too, wire brush then a dab of Hammerite here and there will keep that rust free for another year.  Well worth the effort!

Had a very nice letter in from Peter Kemsley who is joining us as a friend, just bought a CD of the Eventide drawings so he can refurbish his 1/12th scale model!  He has also sent in a picture or two and a log of the trip he hade in the full sized version! I will be adding this to the Newsletter and logs page soon.

Heard from the church warden at Salcott, the old retired wooden Eventide boom will be a Yule log this Christmas for the wardens son! 

Still trying to find out if there was a drawing for the wheelhouse seen on an Atlantic Clipper.  I have sent out a pdf file of the one designed for the GH!  If anyone wants a copy for their GH, Eventide or similar, drop me a mail.

Enough typing for now, off to grind some steel!  The last present wrapping can wait till this evening....


Wednesday 18th December 2013.

The solstice rapidly approaches and the sun is very low in the sky...  today with the barn doors open it streamed in to light up the boat.  My solstice bonfire is ready to light, but with the gales and rain forecast for the next few days I suspect it will be a bit of a damp squib!  Get out there and check those covers!

Anyway got some more work done on board, the last of the 5, yes 5, 12v batteries lifted off and all on the bench charging, one at a time on the de-sulphater!  At he price of lead acid batteries it is well worth looking after them.  All but the fridge batteries came off fully charged.  (The little green colour showing in the window and 13v.).  I have found one of the fridge batteries one of the oldest ones, had lost electrolyte..  so much for maintenance free.  Needs topping up. Will keep checking that one...

My jockey wheel collapsed last year, the bolts had crushed the box section on the trailer it was attached to, I have, with some difficulty, sawn off one of the securing bolts, as they are in a very awkward position it is not easy, but i have one of those small plastic handles that you can hold a hacksaw blade with, takes a while but does the job!  I plan to refit with very heavy backing plates to prevent it happening again!  Guess there is a lot of load on it...

Had a couple of mails in, Tony still trying to find out about the wheelhouse on the Atlantic Clipper, hopefully we will come up with a drawing.

Had a real comedy mail in from a local church.  Did I want our boom back as they have a new flagpole now and the boom is not being used.!  This was the wooden boom for Everjoy.!  Sadly after many years atop the church, and having been altered for use as a flag pole it is no longer fit for use as a bloom, but a nice thought!  I suggested it may make a good Yule log!

Yes the annual Yuletide greetings are back too!  (good name for a winter launched Eventide?).

A letter in the post box, yes a real paper one!.  We had a thankyou reply from Peter Kemsley of Cheltenham.  He has sent in £5.00 for a CD of the drawings so he can update his 1/12th scale model of the Eventide 24 'Jahmari', one we had not heard of, another to come out of the woodwork.   Peter has not only sent in a few photos of the Eventide, but a log of its building and sail from Germany back to the UK!  We wonder where E440 is now?  Pictures to be added.

I have several more photos to add that have been sent in, plus one or two off EBay.  We note the Eventide 24 under a lean to barn did not sell. Though the E26 has seemingly sold, wonder if the new owner will be in touch.  Seems as if he will have a lot of work to do and may need our help.

Time to pop the mince pies in the oven.

Keep warm,



Tuesday 17th December 2013.

Sorry for the gap in communications, bit busy!

Welcome to Dr. Wilfred Moore of California who is looking to build an Eventide.

To Keith Kelly of Dublin, who I am just sending 2 CD's to. the WW and the Eventide. 

we have had mail from John Hopthrow, re the 2 Eventides selling on the Bay, From Chris White about the repairs to his GH 'Golden Morn', and the excellent job being done by the yard at Walton on Naze, Frank Halls and Son. Pics to be added.

From Kathy and Roger who have sold their GH as a result of the advert on the site, and who apart from their new junk rigged 40ft boat are renovating another old property in Spain, which will have a mention on the pages again when it is ready to let!

Today, new membership enrolment in  from Mathew in Waltham Abbey, the new owner of 'Wagtail', wondered where that Senior was!

Warren Stevenson  GH 'Safrel', has sent in a couple of archive pictures he has found on the net of Eventides etc. from years back, 'Eider Duck' and 'Toa'.

We had a hiccup with our enrolment form last week and a member slipped through the net, so I am sending a free CD of the WW drawings to Wigan for Alvaro, he wants to buy new sails and needs the sizes..  sorry we did not respond to the enrolment Alvaro, we seem to be victims of our own success, too many enrolments for the system! Over 300 in 3 years!  we now know to empty the data file before it grinds to a halt! 

Heck, that is roughly 2 a week!!!  We are popular!

We had a call late last night from Mike Brown in NZ, re the Senior, he was after full size frame patterns..   Sadly never made, one reason was the problem with paper patterns distorting. Better to work from measurements and loft it out.

Viv Wright has mailed with information about the GH 'Lady Milli', he sailed her across the Atlantic many years ago as crew and wonders where she is now...  He included part of a log of the trip I hope to add to the Newsletter pages soon.

Had a special series of mails from Yachting monthly offices during the last week. they asked if we could help an elderly chap out who had made a model of an Eventide he helped build and sail in 1962, for his Squadron Leader in the RAF.  Very pleased to be able to do so and send A4 copies of the sail plans he needed!  Y.M. have volunteered to support us!  Having seen the 'history' they compliment the members of the EOG for their enthusiasm!

Suppose I had better get back to the day job, the Seagull spares are piling up on the desk!



Monday 9th December 2013.


Stoppress from the local paper....

Breaking news Burnham: Marine unit to close

Burnham: Marine unit to close Burnham: Marine unit to close

Essex Police has today announced the closure of Burnham's marine unit.

In a bid to save £36million over the next three financial years, it has been decided that the marine unit based in Station Road will close and a dog unit in Sandon will be restructured.

This means more than £750,000 a year will be saved.

Essex Police Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said: "A number of our marine officers will transfer to Special Branch but, where necessary, continue to provide a response to marine and inland water-search incidents.

"PCSOs currently working at Burnham on the Marine Unit will be redeployed into local Neighbourhood Policing teams, where Essex Police will seek to use their experience to support local communities where practical.

"Essex Police currently has one large vessel (the Essex Police launch Alert IV), three smaller rigid-hulled inflatable boats (ribs) and two jet-skis. The force is evaluating which equipment to retain (to ensure we are both efficient and effective) and will seek to sell anything no longer required.


"Although coastal ‘search and rescue’ remains the primary responsibility of the HM Coastguard, Essex Police retains the ability to support partners where needed. The Police National Air Service also provides the capability to respond to coastal incidents."


Amazing isn't it, 3 days after the nearest thing to a flood disaster we have had since;53, and they are getting rid of the marine unit and all their expertise and possibly their boats, does make you wonder about this country..





Friday 6th December 2013.

Phew, a very close call!!

Apparently at 1100 last night, a full 3 hours before HW in the River Blackwater, tide levels reached the predicted HW mark at 5.4m. 

For 3 more hours the tide continued to rise as the Storm surge pushed up the height of the tide to 7.4 metres, a full 2 metres above the springs height.  Due to advance planning and notice there were no casualties. Many were evacuated, including our webmaster. 

Some houses close to the water were of course flooded. The water came to within an inch or so of the top of defences, but because thankfully, the gale had abated, there was little wave action so only a small amount of water over topped the walls in a few places.

Some areas without walls, West Mersea and Maldon, Maylandsea and Tollesbury had strange objects left in odd places after the tide receded, but that was all!

Hope all your boats were OK, have not heard of any problems in any of the marinas etc, though the level was perilously close to the tops of the mooring posts in some marinas, fortunately no pontoons with boats attached, come adrift.  Was close.

If I find any good pictures of the water at the top of the sea walls near here I will add them!



Thursday 5th December 2013.

Severe flood warnings for Essex coast!!!

1250 update, 2 metre tidal surge expected, on top of a 6 metre tide!!!

Sea defences may be topped!!!

Listen on your local radio.

Just heard that due to the 0200 spring tide and the storm surge that is predicted several of our members will be effected.  Our Webmaster and all his neighbours are being evacuated this evening.  Others have moorings to attend to to ensure the safety of their craft.  the levels are predicted to be within half a metre of the tops of sea defences, and some overtopping is expected as the seas will not have calmed from the gale blowing at the moment.  Wishing anyone effected all the best.  At least the defences are better than they were in 1953, but it only needs one chink in the armour.....

The Steering group have agreed to post a free CD to the Liverpool youth challenge Group that feature in the previous post/.  so one will be winging it's way to them today.

Apologies to anyone who has tried to enrol with us in the last few days, we have had so many enrol the database on line filled up, and though they got the message that we had been informed, we were not, so we are indebted to Keith Kelly for taking the trouble to ring.  (There is a note saying to do so if you do not hear from us in a week!).  Peter the webmaster is working on the problem and with any luck normal 2 or 3 enrolments a week will be the norm here again shortly.  I will be a little while catching up with a couple of weeks backlog though.

Time to batten the hatches.



Wednesday 4th December 2013.

Welcome to William Whiteside and the Mersey Youth Challenge Trust!  William and the group have taken possession of an eventide 24, one I know of, and are intending to restore it. I have just looked up their website, www.myct.org.uk and found this article.

Local Sailor Receives prestigious Award from HRH Princess Royal

RYA News Release:

Local sailor Bill Whiteside from Liverpool Sailing Club was presented with one of the RYA’s (Royal Yachting Association) most prestigious awards, an RYA Community Award for Outstanding Contribution, by HRH the Princess Royal, President of the RYA at the organisation’s annual awards ceremony in London on 23 November.

rya-award_0A total of 48 voluntary awards were presented to winners hailing from across the UK from as far afield as Hayling Island and Loch Tummel, Scotland.

Bill has been passing on his passion for watersports to young people in the Liverpool area for over 60 years. He started developing watersports activities in the area in the 1950’s, often with a focus on encouraging local, underprivileged young people to get involved and take part. He established the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust (MYCT), a charity supported by hundreds of volunteers as well as those on job seeking initiatives.

With his wealth of local expertise he helped Liverpool Sailing Club redevelop after a difficult period and the two organisations now work closely together to provide sailing to anyone in the local area. The club and the trust have a joint charity, ‘Youth Afloat’, which caters for all youngsters aged between 13 -19 who have an interest in sailing. Bill is often on the water teaching the youngsters from the club’s RIB.

Bill gives his time and energy because he is passionate about sailing and about getting young people out on the water, and the Award celebrates the positive impact he has on the lives of so many young people.

Bill and the other RYA Award winners enjoyed a celebratory lunch in the presence of HRH the Princess Royal, and were presented with a commemorative medallion and certificate.

Sarah Treseder, RYA Chief Executive says “The RYA is delighted to make this RYA Volunteer Award in recognition of Bill’s enthusiasm, promotion of our sport and many years’ contribution to the North West’s sailing scene. All 48 RYA winners are an inspiration to us all and it is my pleasure to recognise and celebrate their sheer hard work and commitment through these awards.”

Look forward to hearing more about the restoration.  She was called 'Shuay Sing' but will maybe become' Liverbird'.  A suitable name I feel.



Tuesday 2nd December 2014.

The year slipping away fast!  We have had the last Essex get together for the year, will resume January, last Wednesday in the month.

Have had 2 more drawings enquiries, one from a youth group in Liverpool with an Eventide 24 to restore!  Hope to hear more of them.  Another enquiry for the Senior, popular little boat!

One mail in intrigued us. 

I crossed the Atlantic in '78 on a GH 31' 6" called 'Lady Milli'.  I have no idea what she was called before that, but it ended up in Mexico at some point.  Wondering if any reader knows what became of her.

This came from Viv Wright, who has just joined the forum.  He will be asking the same questions there no doubt.  hopefully he is going to send some old pictures of Lady Milli in for the Gallery and i will add a link to him.

Another mail came in with much the same message last week and i was able to tell the lady her old GH was restored, she too is maybe going to find some old pics for the Gallery and I will add a note with a link to her ...

We have heard from John with the Riptide in Scotland, ex 'Ramillies', now 'The Black Pearl'.  Someone's been to the movies!  Hope to get some up to date pictures of her for the gallery shortly.

I have yet to add a few other pics, will find an hour to sit and upload them soon.

I have to go down to the boat and attack my trailer, fortunately inside the barn I am out of most of the cold.  The jockey wheel sort of got wrenched and the bolts have distorted part of the trailer that the holder for the jockey wheel bolts to. got to cut off the old bolts and strengthen it, just going to take a while to cut through the old 1/2 steel bolts, cannot get at them easily.  Will keep me warm!  I intend removing the batteries, one by one too, there are now 5 of them!  darned heavy they are too.  one by one!  I have a de-sulphating charger I put them on and after it has completed a cycle I then leave the battery on a tiny trickle charger, the sort that looks like  a large 13 amp plug with 2 leads and croc clips attached.  keeps the batteries in top condition. If you let a lead acid go flat, it may no recharge. At the cost of these batteries, it is worth the effort removing them.

Hope your winterising going to plan.





Thursday 28th November 2013.

A few interesting mails in over the last week, one enrolment, Mark Ramos in Spain, I have just sorted out a CD of the Senior drawings for Mark.  He was having problems with our enrolment page, the security questions, so he rang me, his English is a lot better than my Spanish, but I could see how it would have been difficult, so I mailed him the form and he filled it in and returned it. Mark has bought a copy of the Selway-Fisher Senior Hull construction drawing and is going to build, and has just bought the Senior CD from us to make the rest of the boat. Look forward to seeing the finished boat!

A small group of us are meeting up for lunch tomorrow in Titchmarsh marina Walton on the Naze.  Will be the last gathering before the festive season.

Have had a couple of people comment about the new Maritime conservation areas, especially the Blackwater, Colne, Crouch and roach one.  Rest assured it will not effect our sailing at all, it is aimed at preventing damage to the bottom and especially oyster beds, by large trawlers.  Will prevent  port complexes being built there or underwater cables being laid...

Had an enquiry from the former owner of Golden Hind "GALLINULA" Sail number 108.  She wanted to know if the boat had survived.  I was able to show her the pictures that had been on our For Sale pages, after a total refit.  she has been sold but sadly not sure who too as I do not think I have an enrolment from the new owner.  Hopefully we will.

One of our members met a former colleague of mine a week or so back, at a sailing club do on the Crouch, realised he might know me and indeed I trained him 25 years ago.  The former colleague is about to retire and has seen the log of my trip and wants to do the same trip  himself with the knowledge I taught him at yacht master evening classes.  Plus he then saw the charts I had for sale, and the bike...  we are meeting for lunch Sunday and I am pleased the charts and the bike are going to a good home!

Had another mail from Victor in Croatia, he has managed to strip his steering pedestal on his Atlantic Clipper and made new cover plates etc, good job.  I will be adding more pics and words to his page on the Builders and Restorers pages.

The Steering group have been called upon to sanction some updates to the EOG computer.  I bought a new security program and today it has checked and scrubbed the machine clean and we are working at top speed again.  the webmaster Peter has suggested we upgrade the operating system. Vista is little 'notchy' so we may well do that shortly.

Sad to have to close this one on a sadder note, the 28ft Golden Hind 'Cirra' is no more.  Mike Hoban had been valiantly removing dead and rotten timber for several years, but when the rot was discovered in the main frames as well as the deck and hull planking, he gave her a Viking funeral.  could be there may be some spars and other parts coming up for sale....




Friday 22nd November 2013.

A day marked by the anniversaries of two very different events, can you remember where you were when you heard? I can, A Young Farmers dinner.  The other one I never got into, so I never hid behind the sofa.  Saw one or two episodes  but the cardboard scenery spoilt it..

Today is also the first day of the new Marine Conservation areas, and the Blackwater, Colne, Crouch and Roach have all been given protected status.  We will have to wait till all the ink is dry to find out the full picture, but as far as I can tell it will prevent bottom trawling in the rivers and the development of harbours etc.

Today is also my sister's birthday, widow of our founding webmaster, Barry,  Happy Birthday Chris, know you read our pages!

Had a nice thankyou from the National Maritime museum, for the folio of drawings we sent them.  They have been added to the National Archive!  As a result of a suggestion from John Hopthrow, we will be sending additional copies to other archives.

Had an enquiry from a member for the drawings we have of the Golden Hind.  There are not many, but they may assist a restorer, as in this case.  (Even got Maurice's drawing for a Golden Hind wheelhouse.) Available to members at cost, £5.00 UK and £6.50 overseas.

The Essex crowd are meeting up next week, sadly I have not had any others ask to join us and so the book is closed for the luncheon now.

Still no snow here yet, but has been cold enough, make sure those covers are tight and snow proof!  I took this picture a few days ago, looking up the Blackwater at sunset, terrific sky.  Cold though.



Wednesday 20th November 2013.

Welcome to the chap who bought the Kesteloo John Hopthrow found on the net.  Colin Jones of Fleetwood has her and will be repairing and restoring her come spring, he is at the moment working on another steel boat!  I think 'Altair' will be in good hands.

David Alcock of Queensland Australia is sending updated pictures of Jo Jo.  Look forward to adding them to the Gallery.

Spent an hour yesterday untangling all the mooring lines halyards and other ropes.  They  have spent the last 3 days or so drying on top of a very large old fashioned radiator, to ensure they are really dry.   The pile of ropes is great fun for the cats though!  Several times whilst pulling lines from the heap I found a cat on the other end!  Now just have to wait for the rain to stop before I take them all out to the garage and box them up, no point letting them get damp again. 

With clear skies and temperatures down to freezing it is time to sort the jobs lists and plan for next season, certainly not weather for working outside.!  I am sorting the cushions from the saloon at the moment, covers going in the next wash.  If they are cleaned and stored now they will be fresh when they are refitted next season.

I have added another item to the Bits for Sale page, a nice Heath Bosun steering compass.  The type that is positioned under the tiller.  I have a similar one.  Very traditional.

Several times I have mentioned that my auto pilot has a name, 'Psyche'.  I named it thus because of the noise it made.  In 1953 there was a radio program called 'life of Bliss', 'Psyche' was the dog in the play...  today I wondered and Googled the program.   At the moment I have episode 3 of 34 playing on my P.C.  A free download from the BBC archive!  My autopilot does indeed sound just like 'Psyche', so my memory was not playing me tricks!  Happy days!




Friday 15th November 2013.

With snow mentioned in the forecast for the next few days and our first frosts, so pleased to be tucked up safe and secure in that barn!

Yesterday went to see the new owner of 'Dougaljo', Reg.  He is promising to fill in the enrolment form.  Doug and Jo were there too and handing over a few parts stored at home.  Doug will be back onboard one last time to take Reg through all the  different tricks to make all work.  The defective 'Cutless' bearing that I sprayed with WD40 the day before, was off and going to the engineers shop to be pressed out.  The shaft was slightly worn, but would be OK for years yet. 

A sad day in a way for Doug and I for one will miss looking around the horizon when I am sailing, he has been a constant sailing companion for many years.  However Doug is pleased that someone has come along to take care of his 'baby'.  He will always have a place on board 'Fiddler's Green'.

At the moment, whilst I am typing this, I can hear the washing machine rumbling away, with another load of sail covers washing.  Already had 2 loads of ropes, mooring lines, halyards etc., plus the spray hood!  That is drying nicely on the washing line.  I am amazed at the number of people who never wash covers or spray hoods.  You see them every year down the marina, with a slight green tint, and a cursory scrub with a yard broom is all they get...    It is not difficult,  most machines have 'Easy care' and 30 degrees on the dials.  I  set my machine to 'higher water levels', so it all gets a good soak.  I spin at 1000 revs and the ropes dry in a few hours.  I then store them on a rack near a radiator for a couple of days, to make 100% sure they are dry.  They then are tidied and coiled and stored in a large plastic storage box in the back of the garage....  Just have to get it all done whilst Darian is out!

We have sent a DVD with all the designs we have on it, to the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall, at the request of the librarian.  I would like to think this is another way of ensuring the designs will never be lost.

We had several mails today from the National Historic Ships collection, and they are offering courses now on the preservation of classic boats.  no idea of cost, but will look into it.

A prestigious local sailing club has written to us offing their premises for a venue.  It is a bit OTT, but maybe??? will investigate!

All for now, off to check the boat.



Sunday 10th November 2013.

Remembrance Sunday.

Wear that poppy with pride!  I hope traffic comes to a halt again tomorrow at 1100hrs on the 11th of the 11th.

I am very pleased to report that yesterday the Waterwitch 'Dougaljo' sold from our pages.  We knew that the first really serious person to look over her would jump at the chance.  Yes she has annoying deck leaks to sort and unbeknown to us a cutlass bearing to replace, but the new owner, Reg, has taken her on willingly.

I will go down and start spraying some WD40 in the aft bearing holder ready to remove the screws and get that off to fit a new bearing and I have also promised to sort another silly problem, the GPS chart plotter failed to work?  Every time it was turned on the trip popped out.  Got to be a simple wiring problem I suspect, so I will take the cabling/wiring kit down and fix it for Doug.  Last time I was out with Doug  it worked fine, it's a Garmin GPS/Plotter, do not believe it has gone wrong....

Spent today sorting my boat gear out, it was spread all round the garage!  Now neatly boxed up in huge plastic boxes and stacked and stored for the winter.  I have 2 of these plastic boxes filled with mooring lines, halyards and sheets, all to go through the washing machine.  (Easy care 30!).  When perfectly dry they will be stored away till spring in the same boxes.  I even have a pair of rechargeable dehumidifiers I leave with the ropes and sail covers etc, to ensure nothing gets damp.  After 24 years all the gear is still in excellent order  and only after 22 years did I have to replace spray hood and dodgers, and the mainsail cover after 23 years.  This year, 24 years on, the staysail cover is being replaced!  Pays to wash and valet them.

So far, whilst taking gear off and checking it over, I am only down one mooring line, a 19mm multiplait, that broke on our trip..  Not too bad!

In a day or two I will be able to get my little Morris van into the garage again, where she lives when not in use, during the winter.  With a tube heater to keep the frost out the van and the sailing gear is protected.

Mail today from John Hopthrow, he has spotted a Kesteloo Eventide for sale on the Bay, simply search for 'Kesteloo' that finds it. (use our EBay page of course!).  The Kesteloo boats were built in Steel at Brunisse in the Netherlands, at the Kesteloo yard.  They were 27'3" long, exactly the same length as my 'Fiddler's Green', because at that length  the steel plates lie perfectly on the frames! 

Over a period of many years they made several hundred and at least 100 were imported to the UK back in the mid 1960's.  The accommodation has limited headroom, as do many early wooden built boats, as the extra hull depth had not been incorporated into the drawings then, to allow for the extra ballast and loss of freeboard, so with a decent ballast weight in then they tend to be a little low in the water aft, but have high cockpit coamings to cope!  She up for £1,000 at the moment in north of England.

Also heard from Victor in Croatia again.

He had taken time off from the restoration of his Atlantic clipper, to have a sailing holiday in the Canaries.  He says do not use 'Viva Charter', they were not nice!  Sounds as if the boat was falling apart!  and it was only

Victor has been struggling to strip the steering pedestal and so h=far has had little joy.  The face plate behind the wheel covering the top gear broke off and so far he has not managed to get it apart more, even though bolts came undone lower down, it simply allowed the top part to rotate.  Anyone any experience with the Steering gear on these, what make is it?  Victor has not a clue!

Let's see if we can help him.

Looking at the outside thermometer I note it is falling fast.  Some parts of the  area got their first frosts yesterday night, but here, being only a mile from the sea, we get slightly milder weather.  not tonight,  it has dropped from the daytime high of 9 to 5 degrees and in the last hour has dropped to 4. 5 and is till going down. Pleased the boat is in her secure barn.

Off to throw a log on the fire!




Friday 8th November 2013.

Could not have chosen a better day to haul out,  dry, very light breezes and temperature just into double figures.  I was on board at 1000, puttered to the lift at 1030, out being scrubbed off, there's a story, by 1100, and on the trailer and mast lowered by 1200.  2 hours later we were putting her in the nice secure, dry, winter barn.  Now it can snow!  Got home to find the farmer, whose barn I now rent, outside the cottage, cutting the hedge!  Big  hedges and they are in great shape now.  (We replanted a lot!) Advantages of having a friendly farmer neighbour are many fold.  (Also authorised to shoot rats and rabbits etc. over his land, great stuff.)

When the boat was being pressure washed, the guys at Bradwell once again noted,  no barnacles, no jellies and no weed, just a slippery coat of slime that wipes off with the finger and disappears instantly with the washer. Easy job for them...  some boats they have to use a hoe on!!!   The 'Marclear' antifouling shines out again.  Certainly has proven its worth.  Sometimes I am asked if 'Marclear' works elsewhere than the Blackwater, well this year we have put a thousand miles under the keel and sailed the full length of the east coast to Inverness and the width of Scotland to Troon. 

Nowhere along the route did we get any fouling on the hull, so it works well everywhere we went.  What's more I had heard hinted that it is so effective that bare bits of hull can also be protected and this year we lost a small bit of antifouling on the starboard bow when the lifting stop rubbed it off at launch.  I was going to repaint it enroute, if we dried out on a beach...  The only time I did sit on a beach, Lindisfarne, I managed to put the starboard bilge keel in the only mud hole on the beach and the patch was immersed  in the mud...  so it never got repainted.  Even when we got back to Bradwell on the truck after the trip and were popped back into the water I could not do it as once again the strop was covering the patch.

So imagine my surprise when I went to check the area, as a 'control' sample area, expecting a barnacle or two, as it was clean!  Now this does not mean there has been no fouling this year,  as we have boats here with 9 inch grass skirts and barnacles all over.  I strongly suspect the 'Marclear' is simply so strong that adjacent areas are protected.  Have got mine in for next year already!

We have had a couple of new enrolments in the last couple of days, I will be replying to you personally shortly.

So welcome to John Carlise in Belfast with the GH 26 'Rose Bay'  John would dearly like to know anything of the history of his boat.  He is currently replacing the coachroof and replacing the single cylinder Bukh with a twin.  Pictures on the way for the gallery.

Welcome to Christopher White with the great looking GH 31, 'Golden Morn'.  I have seen here in the Essex creeks several times.  She is now to be Newhaven based, though still in the Walton Backwaters at the moment.

I have another picture of 'Golden Morn' to add to the site, I have just added another of 'Estere' to the GH page, our 60th GH member.  Look forward to pictures of 'Rose Bay' shortly.

We have been contacted again by the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall.  They have a library there of boat plans and we are donating a DVD with all  drawings we have collected to them, another way of ensuring these drawings are not lost to the public.  We have already lodged copies with the National Wooden boat building college in Falmouth and the one in Yarmouth.

There are still a few designs that we have not got copies of the drawings that we could pass on to owners, the Golden Hinds of course, though we do have some drawings of the wheelhouse option etc.  Would be great to get drawings of the Atlantic Clipper and later Barbican, as well as some of the very early MG designs.  (Sadly most pre war drawings were lost in a fire, 'Enemy action' as MG would say.).  Some of the other designs by Kenneth Gibbs may still be out there too.  There is an archive of Buchanan drawings at the library and I have added another, a 25ft round bilge boat.  Bought these drawings to 'save' them some years back.

I keep in touch with a lot that happens on the London river, after my years working on it.  Wonder if you know this. The Google Street Mapping car that has no doubt been down your road and photographed your house, (we live at the back of beyond and our little cottage can be seen on Google!).  Well the street car camera has been converted onto a boat and the P.L.A. survey launch, with the camera fitted, has done most of the Thames.  Certainly great for the likes of me who know, or should I say, knew it so well, because I was amazed to see how much had changed again since we last took a trip to St. Kats!  Wonder if other harbour authorities will do the same, a different sort of pilotage aid!

After yesterday out in the fresh air my cold, that had been lurking in the background for a few days has come out to grab me by the throat,  so I am laid up keeping warm for a day or two.  Hope you and your boats are warm and dry.



Wednesday 6th November 2013.

Tomorrow I haul out, will be interesting to see the state of the antifouling after 1,000 sea miles!  I know there is a patch where the antifouling got knocked of when we launched, so will be interested to see what that looks like! 

Had a few mails in, a payment for a CD after another enrolment, so welcome to Alexander in Bakersfield California!  CD of the 3 tonner winging it's way to you.

Had a Mail in from Steve ion France, anyone know the owner of 'Nutmeg of Consolation',  an Eventide 26 spotted on the Canal du midi near him.... Steve is refurbishing the Eventide 'Fintra'.

Had a nice mail in from don Street.  some may recognise the name.  don was the owner of 'Iolaire' for over 50 years and has written some good books on cruising.  He sailed the West Indies and Pacific/Atlantic.  at 83 years of age he is still sailing, as crew on a old wooden racing boat and still winning his races!  He told me that when he goes his son was to bury him at sea conventional style with a canvas bag and the last stitch through his nose to make sure, weighed down with a 50lb lead ingot.  His lad said the lead was too precious, he was going to toss the two Seagull he has carried all round the world in, as ballast!

Had a response to the bit I wrote on the forum, Nigel, who is building an Eventide 24 to move all the gear over from his old aging E 24, (used to be called 'Odden', some may recall her on the Blackwater, now 'Niagle.'

We have booked lunch at Walton the Naze for 29th November.  A carvery.  It has to be booked well in advance, but if you would like to join us you have still a few days to get in and call or mail me  01621 778859 or enquiries@eventides.org.uk

We have had a donation in from foundry Reach brokers in Walton on Naze as we had been advertising one of their boats for them on the for sale pages.  Did not actually sell from there but the buyer said he had seen her on our pages!  nice gesture. We have another that is also on their books and we have viewers this weekend, so could be another small donation.

The nights are certainly drawing in now and the magazines and brochures have already landed on my mat, advertising goodies as ideal Christmas presents!  Time was that you never mentioned the 'C' word till a few weeks before...  commercialism..  I binned the catalogues!

Hope your pride and joy is tucked up safe and warm for the winter as mine is going to be.  A warm dry barn!



Friday 1st November 2013.


We had a gremlin on the site yesterday, may have been something to do with the date????   Anyway our webmaster, saint that he is, has cracked the problem and normal service is resumed.  It was to do with the Vista operating schemes and the updates Microsoft sent out last week.  Seems Java script found a security problem and issued an update, this conflicted with Explorer.  Simple remedy get rid of the Java script.  It worked. 

The problem we found was on the 'builders and restorers' pages, but I have a sneaky feeling this may be a problem on other pages, so if you find a page that will not open, please let me know and Peter will work his magic on that page too.

Barry did realise Java was a problem 10 years back and he removed it from most pages, but there were still a few oval buttons on some pages taking you back to the previous page or home, these were the problem points.

Had an odd request from a member yesterday.  Can I measure the rudder fittings that you have for sale please, may be able to use them to make a self steering device...  Tape will be out later and we hope to find out more about this device!

'Watercraft' magazine have been back and they are going to press with our Senior design updates and some of our pictures!

Had en enquiry for a CD of the 3 Tonner drawings too!

Always something interesting in the mail box every day.




Thursday 31st October 2013.


The wind has now calmed down and so the broomstick riders will have a good night tonight!

We had no problems with St. Jude, the storm, as it was named, but I know some that still have no power 4 days on.  Living out in the sticks as we do we have our own back ups here, but Sodds Law says if you prepare it will never happen, fingers crossed.

Had someone with a dead diesel the other day, bought as an EBay bargain sold as seen....   (You should always see and hear mechanical things working!).  An engineer had a look at the motor and found a hole in it, inside!  The cost of repair...  parts £700,  more than it cost.  Buyer beware!

Just parcelled up a load of parts off the Bits for Sale pages to send to Ian of Everjoy.  quite a few bits selling.  Understand the sails for the E24 are still for sale, they will be a bargain at the price, so the 2 people looking for sails should try contacting the number.  if no joy contact me and I will put you on to an e-mail address of a friend of the seller, he has a shed full of kit to sort through here in Essex, all off this old scrapped Eventide, 'Lilly Belle'.

We have had enquiries re plans from Brazil, but as yet the enquirer has not joined us, a pre requisite for us sending out drawings on CD.

'Watercraft' magazine Editor Pete Greenfield has been in touch again, he is going to do an article on Kenneth Gibbs Senior and the updated stitch and glue hull that Selway-Fisher have produced. apparently it is selling well.  Every one who gets the hull construction drawings then comes to join us and gets a copy of the CD of Senior drawings.  Want to see it  when the first properly engineered Stitch and glue Senior is launched!

We have had several mails from Gary in the States about building an Eventide 24. Gary has left a message on the forum, but till he prompted me he had no responses.  Seems our members are not good at forums...  shame.  Have a look at the entry and the answers, do you agree?

Got to drag myself back to the tax return, rather be sailing!




Monday 28th October 2013.

It is not often, thankfully, that the sea  area 'Thames' has Hurricane F12 in it, but we had that last night!  The Helter -Skelter on the end of Clacton Pier was blown over!  A good landmark lost, as it is in bits on the pier now, hope they can rebuild it!  Trains all cancelled till midday and loads of roads closed in Essex with fallen trees and blown over lorries. Only damage here is a bit of old roofing felt lifted on a shed, no problem!  Pleased that none of the many trees we have planted down the road have suffered...

I will toddle off to the boat later but have had no call from the marina, so guess all is good.  I reduced the windage by removing spray hood, dodgers and sails....  fingers crossed the boat up wind of me was secure! Some owners still use clothes line for mooring ropes!

Hope you have come through with out damage, sadly we have seen some boats ashore on the news, mostly in the West country and south coast.  Hopefully all EOG members are careful and caring owners and will have doubled mooring lines and fenders etc....

Had another two new enrolments in the last week, Welcome to Martin Wyatt in New Zealand with the GH 'Estere'. Hope to get some pictures of this boat, she apparently sailed there from the UK in the 1970's!  Where's the log!

Welcome or should I say welcome back, to ex assoc member the Rev David Jenkins.  David had a WW, named 'Max' back in the 1980's, he is now looking at a MG 25ft Gaffer.  Though the boat is in Maldon, he hopes to sail her in his new cruising ground, Tenerife.  Look forward to changing his enrolment from 'Friend' to 'Full' when and if he acquires that gaffer. 

I think it must be a Bawley...  we will see.  (We have the drawings on CD for this one!)

Just sold a load more bits off the bits for sale page, including one of the charts I bought for my trip this year, the Wash! that is going to be aboard 'Everjoy' next season!

I was out practicing for the forthcoming 'Fiddling Around' crew reunion!  We are all off ten pin bowling in a couple of weeks, just for fun!  Boy are my shoulders stiff today!  I'm rubbish at it, but it is fun!

'Fiddler's Green' is coming out next week to be locked away in her new winter barn.  I can honestly say this has been the best thing ever to keep our boat in good order.  We have, over the years, had several covered storage barns, keeping the boat dry and frost free is a real bonus. Yes it costs,  but not megabucks, but well worth it.

Hope your boats OK and if in the other half of the world and fitting out, lets have those logs after your summer!





Thursday 24th October 2013.

We have had a message from our insurers!

Severe Weather Warning
In view of the severe winds and rain forecast for the south and south west this coming weekend and beyond, Craftinsure would like to pass on some seasonal risk management advice to all customers which may help prevent damage to boats as winter approaches.

•If left afloat, arrange for your boat to be checked regularly and for warps to be adjusted as required, especially where rivers and lakes are expected to flood.
•Don’t rely on automatic bilge pumps as these can become blocked or suffer power failure.
•Check all boat covers are in place and securely fastened.
•Make sure dinghies are securely tied down to the ground if left at sailing clubs or any exposed locations.
•Remove spray dodgers and boom covers from yachts to reduce wind resistance if laid up ashore. Un-step masts if possible.
•Securely tie furling headsails to prevent them unfurling in strong winds.
•Where chocked up ashore, check that supports and securing arrangements are adequate and well placed.
•Remove portable electronics and other expensive or vulnerable items to a secure storage location.
•Ensure trailers are well secured to prevent movement in strong winds.
•If appropriate, move your boat to a more sheltered location where possible.

But most importantly

•If you do become aware that your boat is suffering damage due to the extreme weather, don’t take any action that could put your personal safety (or the safety of others) at risk.


For my part I spent several hours at my boat around HW  this afternoon, the weather was just right to hoist and unroll the genoa, remove  genoa, main and staysail.  I have removed all the halyards from the mast too, taken all the heavy gear off, the Seagull, dinghy, life-raft and boxes of kit.  I filled the moggy van to the roof!  I will be back again tomorrow to take more off, when again the tide is high and it is easier to carry it, or push that trolley, up the brow!  I bet I fill that van 3 times with kit, it is amazing where it all goes!

I am hoping that by Monday and this storm comes in the boat will be empty and  all the wind-age from dodgers and spray hood gone.  the mooring lines have anti-chafe on them so hopefully all will be well and I can go back and haul her out  at the end of the week.

Hope you can make sure yours is safe.



Wednesday 23rd October 2013.

The wind has been howling round the cottage, F7 on the anemometer!  Pleased I made the sensible decision!  Sad though as now it is time to remove the sails and kit and lay up...

Have just added a load of text to all the new pictures on Everjoy's page.  Hope Ian gets all sorted over winter and afloat next year. 

Have just added another GH for sale to our For Sale Pages...

Just added a bit to the restorers pages Victor in Croatia has a problem with an Atlantic clipper's steering, can anyone help?

If you are still afloat, hope you get a weather window. If laying up, make sure those covers are secure!



Monday 21st October 2013.

'To his immortal Memory'


Sadly my tribute to the great man and those who fell with him 208 years ago has been a washout. 

Heavy rain and F6 to 7 winds has meant I put off my annual Trafalgar cruise.  Makes no sense to get cold and wet!   I will still stand in silence to toast him and his sailors tonight though.




Friday 18th October 2013.

Just back from garage with new bottle of Calor gas, one thing I do not want to run out of next week!  I am planning 3 days aboard for Trafalgar, but looking at the forecast I may well get wet!  Winds may be warm southerlies.. (we will see!!), but rain is forecast for most days.  Today is misty and damp and the balmy days of the late summer we enjoyed have long gone.

I and my most of crew on my long trip this year, and a few of the en route supporters will be having a get together shortly.  They all want to know when I am going to complete the circle!  Mmmmm.

Busy few days on the mail again, sent another CD out, to America, a set of WW drawings, so welcome new member Roger Venables of Washington State.

Heard from Mike in South Africa that he and his cousin have bought the second Eventide on Lake Kariba!  Hope to hear more with pictures and a name when the promised enrolment comes in, after he has got to the boat to take all the details.

Peter Harrold of 'Little Gull' tells me 'Classic Boat' is hoping to do an article on his restoration.  Guided him towards a few sketches and drawings that may help with the article.  She is a 'Lone Gull' design.

Victor in Croatia has sent in a splendid picture to add to his pages, the boat all re-sprayed!  Still lots to do but she really looks smart now.

Bob wheeler has sent pictures of 'Celtic Lass' in that I have added to her page on the site. some good pictures of the refurbished interior, by former owners Kenny and Karen. nice work. Bob is sorting sails and rigging and adding electronics...

At long last I have found time to add a few dozen pictures of 'Everjoy' to her page.  Ian has done a sterling job completing the work that Ann and John started and it is so good to see her back afloat.  I first met 'Everjoy' in 1973 in Tollesbury and she was sailed all round the Thames Estuary and to the Netherlands by her builder all those years ago. Having spent years languishing on the hard after being damaged in the yard, I never thought she would sail again, but John and Ann had other ideas and repaired her, before passing her over to the group and we in turn passed her to Ian.  It  took a little while to find the right man to take on the job and how right we were about Ian!

Put a couple of Atlantic Clipper owners in touch regarding the wheelhouse on 'IT' , hope to get some feed back on that and maybe a set of drawings for other owners!  Did you know a wheelhouse was designed for the Golden Hind?  We have the drawings!  If you are interested mail us and we can attach the drawings to a reply!  Sadly the full GH drawings appear to have disappeared.  Like the old eoa committee who thought they were sitting on a gold mine with boat drawings they have been secreted away and it is quite likely they will never see the light of day again. We are so lucky to have been able to get all the Yachting Monthly drawings back, and more!  See the Plans pages.

I have been in contact with the grandson of an Eventide 24 builder regarding the fate of the abandoned boat.  I was hoping to be able to at least salvage some parts for members, and may still be able to, but I have just heard it has been scrapped.  'Bessie', we believe was her name, another one we had never heard of before.  I am hoping the owners who scrapped her have actually saved sails and parts so we may advertise them to members.  Time will tell.

I am in contact with two other people with sails and parts of old Eventides. the boats have been scrapped and in both cases the parts are in store and not instantly available, but I will continue to ask and hopefully the bits will become available as they may well help other owners restoring or re fitting.

And if you are fancying something a little larger, how about this boat found on the EBay Page...

At  45ft long it would mean me changing berths!

All for now, off to provision the ship for our end of season cruise, we will be in the Blackwater and Colne I expect, if you are out there!




Tuesday 15th October 2013.

Just a few days but a decided drop in temperature!

I am looking forward to a last few days afloat, from Trafalgar Day on, then hauling out. Some think we may have a harsh winter..  Hope to be securely locked into a warm barn by then! The new winter storage is envied by many down at the marina! Get to talk to a friendly farmer.  Why is it in the Netherlands there are loads of undercover boat storage sheds, but few here?

Have had an enquiry about Eventide Keels and cabin tops, why are cabin tops so different?  Maurice told me it was immaterial, what shape the cabin tops were, within reason, (No sheds please!), he realised owners and builders would opt to do their own thing, so much so that he did not design a rigid interior. His opinion was so long as the underwater lines were not overly interfered with, ( a 10% lengthening was OK), it mattered little. The later keel modifications and raised topsides were all agreed with Maurice and the proof was in the sailing, 'Fiddler's Green' and many others, built with deeper keels and slightly raised topsides are living proof. Suffice to say I am very proud M.G. chose to use my modified Eventide for the cover of his biography!  One mod not too many are aware of is the wider side decks, not by much , but sufficient to enable easy access to the foredeck!

Great that we have 'evolving' drawings!.

We had an enquiry regarding the wheelhouse on the Atlantic Clipper, sadly there was no drawing for it, (though there is for the G.H. surprisingly).  So if your Clipper has one we would like the measurements...

I am chasing 3 contacts re Eventides that have been or are about to be scrapped. trying to lay our hands on the sails and other parts for others....  Hope to be able to add adverts for these parts for the restorers etc.

I am knocking my head against a brick wall with the new burgees and beginning to lose faith in the sail maker.  Has anyone a contact for Burgees?

One of the jobs on my winter list is to replace the fuel tank. Amazing how many variations on tanks can now be found on the net. Just using the EOG EBay page I have found several affordable options. watch this space!  I need the larger tank for the second half of my circumnavigation!

Off to post Seagull parts, back soon, keep those mails coming in! Great to be the best MG site ever!


Friday 11th October 2013.

The wild and wet, weather has set in for the weekend so no sailing for me for a week!  With 30mm forecast for today and 50knot winds it is time to batten hatches!  I do hope to get out on Trafalgar day, (21st of course), for just a few days with the lads, all local stuff, no epic journeys this time!  If you fancy toasting Nelson with us call 'Fiddler's Green' on Ch 16 if you are nearby!

We have organised an autumn get together with members in Walton on Naze area.  Friday 29th November at 1300 for lunch.  call me on 01621 778859 if you would like to join us.  An excellent buffet lunch.

We have had a couple of enquiries for CD's and another boat added to the For Sale pages. A very well travelled Eventide 24.  With Dave Green at the helm, single-handed he sailed all round the UK!  Refitted and ready to go again if you fancy it!

We have had a photo of another Eventide on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe!  This time a 9.5metre long steel boat. the sender of the details is Mike in South Africa who is looking at buying... so 2 Eventides on a lake in Zimbabwe.  add to that at least 2 that were built there when it was called Rhodesia and taken over land to the coast and away...  One is here in Bradwell Creek!  'Irene', Tony Scrace's boat.  The design does get around!

Golden Hinds do too.  Brian of 'right-E-Oh' tells me his old boat with it's new owners, is waiting in Titchmarsh Marina for a weather window and off to the south coast.  The other G.H. in Walton Backwaters is now also on our pages for sale.  We also have 2 others on our pages.  'Moonlight' and 'Moondancer'. All very nice boats.  were it not for the fact that I built my Eventide and know every bolt and plank, and she has served me so well, I may well be looking closely at these boats.

I am waiting on news of another Eventide, that is very much a 'project' boat.  sadly as we all know so well, 'project' boats need a lot of time and effort as well as finance, and there are not many takers these days...  I hope to go and see this one in the not too distant future.  Could be that it may be another donor boat... I am in contact with three owners of boats that have become this and hope to have some gear to ad to the 'bits for Sale' pages soon.

Talking of which I send a large parcel of chandlery off to a member this week, sold from this page, so if you have items to sell, send us details and we will advertise them for you.

Just adding a selection of nice photos of 'Lone Kittiwake' a beautiful junk rigged version!

Check your covers and mooring lines all.




Tuesday 8th October 2013.

Our website has been recognised as the best place for brokers to now advertise our sort of  boats that they have on their books, and so long as members have not already opted to advertise their boats already with us we will be publishing brokers adverts and hopefully the EOG will receive small donations from these companies when the boat sell as a result.

We have just altered a few adverts and in the next 24 hours will alter and add more.  We have just sold several items from the 'Bit's for Sale' page too.  there are many attractive items advertised here.

I have caught up with the new enrolments, or so I thought, but today we have more!

Welcome to Richard Matthews of Scotland who is the new owner of the  Eventide 26 'Iona of Aln'.  I will be replying officially shortly Richard.

We have had more requests for adverts on the site and another response to items for sale, busy here!

We are looking for items to post for sale, especially sails.  so if you have any that need a new home, contact by mail and send details. 

We have had a very interesting u tube clip in from Australia, 'Angela's new motor' Click the link here to go to it! Thanks to Peter Kirkland for sending it in!  Perfect engine for the Eventide too!

I have been able to give details of trailing weights to 2 owners, one with an Eventide the other with one of those rather lovely GH 26's!

The postbag has been very full this month so far!

Weather nice today for a potter but I am busy, out at the weekend I hope, but a lot cooler by then, so today it's a short run out on the 55 year old Bantam motor bike to get the bike MOT'd (Yes I know it no longer needs one, but an independent pair of eyes is good for both me and the insurance company!).

Talking of insurance I have just renewed a 'CraftInsure' dinghy policy through the link on the website and I have been reminded that I need to have another survey done for 'Fiddler's Green' this winter as the boat is over 20 years old now (25 next year!) so it is a survey every 3 years.  Bet she passes with flying colours again, but good to have a check up.... time to contact Arc surveys, see the links page!



Saturday 5th October 2013.

I have almost caught up with mails and have managed to reply to some new members, will attempt to get time this evening for all the rest.

Welcome then to the following new members:-

Brian Sinclair with the Golden Hind 26 'Proteus' based on the Colne, hope to see more of her.

Robert Wheeler with the Eventide 26 'Celtic Lass' in Poole. He is adding the finishing touches to the former owners restoration and hopes to be sailing soon.

Stephen Dargavel  with a Steel Eventide 26, no name yet, in Lincolnshire.

David Alcock in Australia with the Water witch 'JoJo' this one we know as it belonged to tim who was our webmaster for a while!

Paul Wanstall of Merseyside with the Eventide 24 'Myomy'. We like the name! Sadly Paul has no sail number or other information about the boat, anyone help here?

Douglas Rowe of Essex with the Golden Hind 31 'Moonlight'. this was the boat Mark Urry built for himself when running the boatyard., seen sailing on the Blackwater in a thunderstorm in August last, pics on the gallery, thank heavens for water proof cameras!

Michael Howard of Merseyside, who is hoping to fulfil his ambition of building a Senior! More power to the elbow Michael.

These are the new enrolments that have come in in the past 2 weeks whilst I was away.  You can see we are still getting people join at the rate of 3 a week!

I have made a few changes on the 'For Sale' pages, a couple of price changes and the GH 32 Right E Oh has sold.  worth a look if you are in the market for a good WW or maybe a Riptide to restore??

We are looking to arrange an Essex, midday, get together up in Walton On Naze area at the end of this month, so we can meet up with Brian and Mavis. (They have just sold 'Right E Oh').  More details later.

I have to visit the sail maker next week to chivvy him up on the Burgees.  This is taking forever to sort.  Sadly we lost the local company that made the last batches of burgees for us and ironically the Burnham sail maker, Lonton and Gray, has just moved to their old premises!  However whereas the flag maker did it all in one go, we now have to get the fabric from the sail maker, take it to a printer and get it printed in a set pattern, then taken back to the sail maker to be cut and stitched. All long winded and does not help if the sail maker has to move when we are trying to get the special pattern from them....

Will keep you all posted on the burgee front as many are after them.  I  need a new one too, as mine blew out whilst kept flying for 2 months, in the fierce winds we had on the trip!!

We had a mail this week about a sad Eventide 24 left in a garden for many, many years.  It needs a new home and I hope to get more details then go over and see it, it is not more than 50 miles from me.  Seems it was built in 1969, sailed for some years then rot got in and it was trailed to the owners garden.  Repair work was done but not finished, so sadly the rot may be back in it....  If I believe it can be saved I will be advertising it.  Otherwise I may be breaking it up for it's parts for donations to the groups funds.

I have requests from a couple of members for sails etc and this boat may have some usable ones if she is broken up, but i am also chasing an old mail from an ex owner in Scotland who has some sails, It has just been difficult for them to get at them to sort them out.  could help a few owners out...

Went down to 'Fiddler's Green' yesterday, first chance I have had since we have returned, (I did know she was alright via the local grapevine though). Pleased to say all the batteries topped up, you must have had some sunshine for the solar panel to do it's bit!  however there was an annoying bit of water in the bilge again and we can now trace this back to a leaking cockpit locker drain so this is an urgent job on the winter jobs list!

I organised my new secure barn winter storage again for this year yesterday, so work will be done on her from November on.  still time for a last cruise, my traditional Trafalgar Cruise, 3, 4 or 5 days in and around the Blackwater, Crouch and Colne.  Will publish dates soon, if anyone cares to join us.  (normally me and a couple of mates!).

I am off motor biking tomorrow, there is a big show not far away and my little BSA bantam apparently much admired. (A 1958 Bantam D5 for those in the know!). She looks resplendent all restored with Doug's beautifully made wooden box on the back sign written up with my Seagull logos! 

If you are out sailing it may be a lovely drift.....  F1 forecast.




Wednesday 2nd October 2013.

Sorry for the 2 week pause in updates. We once again were guests at the Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Muktoum's Arabian resort. We count ourselves as the luckiest people out to be taken there to enjoy the warm seas and sunshine of Arabia. The people, the hospitality and the culture is amazing and we have totally recharged our batteries, come back with new Arabian friends and a great tan!

In my absence we have had at least 4 new enrolments, and several updates on boats and projects.  We have had volunteers to help the youth project Eventide restoration in Folkestone and feedback for Victor in croatia with his preparations for the world trip in his Atlantic Clipper.

We have had requests for CD's and mails from the National archive of the maritime museum applauding our site.

I will be back with more on all of this when my feet are firmly back on the ground!  (Though flying first Class is not a chore and certainly no jetlag!). Got to catch up with my seagull customers, then I will be back, good sailing, looks to be good for a while yet, though not the 36 degrees we have been enjoying!




Wednesday 18th September 2013.

The weather is changing gently and days for sailing diminishing, I have just organised my winter barn storage for this winter,  a safe and secure storage  where I hope to be able to repaint the cabintop and decks as planned. I also will be removing the fuel tank to replace it with one twice as large, for the other half of my circumnavigation!

Have you any great plans?  Good to have dreams!

Hoping to satisfy a few sailors dreams with the CD's we are sending out!  Have another to send tomorrow, one of Colin Faggetter's to Australia.  Any of Colin's that we send out makes a donation to the RNLI in memory of him, a nice touch!

I have heard from Ian of the Eventide 'Everjoy'.  He is looking forward to next year and a good years sailing!  I will be adding pictures of the finishing off of 'Everjoys' restoration and relaunching to Ian's page shortly.

We sent a CD of Eventide Drawings to the good doctor in Folkestone this week, for his youth project and the restoration of the Eventide 'Ebbtide'.  Great to be able to help out.

To the many people who have asked after the new batch of burgees, they sail maker has made us a 'pattern' that he can cut them to on his laser cutter, we now have to pick that up and take it to the printer to see if they can print to the same pattern, hope so after talking to them. then when printed they will have to go back to the sail maker who is to cut them out and sew them.  all a little long winded and so far it has taken 6 months to get this far, not helped by the fact that the sail maker has had to move to larger premises in the meantime!  We soldier on!  With any luck I should be able come back with definitive prices, in about 3 months.....  maybe....

I am still reaping results from my 'Fiddling Around' trip this year, the other day out of the blue came another picture from a harbour master who snapped us, then looked us up on the net.  Amazing, I will get the pic added to the log!  I have had comments in from all over the world, Eventiders and of course my Seagull customers, as the log is still readable on both sites.

I have three and a half hours of video to work on.  The lad has promised to help me edit it on his apple down to half an hour or so with voiceover and music.  No idea how long it is going to take, but when it is done I will publish a link to it as it will be placed on my SOS website.  I have looked at a lot of clips, some great, some rubbish, hopefully the finished product will be worth looking at and not too long or boring..  One big wave can look just like the next one!

Taking a short break, back in a week or so.


P.S. welcome to Colin in Scotland with 'Lone Kittiwake' a junk rigged 'Lone Gull II'!  Looking forward to the pictures of that one!

And real Stoppress item.. mail from Mounts Bay, Cornwall and Peter says he is watching the Sennen Lifeboat tow in 'Diaol Armor' a 43ft Galapagos design, sailed by a friend of the EOG,  Alex Clarkson.  Apparently the foresail in tatters.

Apparently crew of two on deck and appently OK, but I bet there is a story to be told there!  Alex is the son of the couple who sailed the Waterwitch  'Pilecap' round the world, he was just a lad on board at the time, we understand.  I will publish more when we find out more.






Saturday 14th September 2013.

As the rain is still in the air and the prospective purchasers of Dougaljo have had to postpone their visit, I have spent some time editing the pages.  I have added a lot of photos, several more Eventides have been added plus the large article from Victor in Croatia restoring his Atlantic Clipper. I have started another new page on the Restorers section!  Some good tips in the work he is doing. 

Sent all the official welcomes out to the four recent enrollers.  We are still finding new members every week, go to be doing something right!

Off out to plant a hedge now!  Soil is all nice and wet so just right for the saplings!


P.S. just added more to the Restorers page! Mark has sent in updates on the restoration of Carina.

In addition I have heard more from Croatia and have been able to advise Victor on how to remove the bearing on his shaft, will add that to the pages too.

And we have just had requests for 4 more CDs so will be sending these out shortly, plus one to the good doctor and his youth group restoring the Eventide 'Ebbtide'.

And as I type this another request for more CD's, another 4!

And another boat for sale, an Eventide in Scotland...

Busy here. Well done everyone for keeping the Eventide Owners Group so active!


Friday 13th September 2013.

A post box that mysteriously appeared on a Thames bridge is to be removed.

The box on Sonning Bridge is only accessible by water. It appeared during the night.

Royal Mail said it was not one theirs and would not be collecting post from it.

Local councillor Mike Haines said he thought it was a "bit of fun" but the post box will have to come down.

Sonning Bridge is a listed structure which means it is protected and any alterations must be approved by the council.

Whilst I am aware it is a protected bridge, you have to admire the cheek and ingenuity of the people who pulled this stunt!  This item of news and many others come to us every week, this website gives more info about happenings on the Thames!   http://www.riverthamesnews.com/News1000.html

I am constantly amazed at the power of our website and the numbers that read our pages, as a result of my entry yesterday I am off to show a pair of prospective purchasers over Dougaljo. I have also spoken to Brian of 'Right-E-Oh'  after visitors to our pages found out the long way that she may be sold, Brian confirms this may well be the case, pending survey.  Sure it will pass with flying colours Brian.

Heard from Briony in Scotland with the Steel Eventide Molly Jade.  She was after the overall measurements for transporting and storing in Inverness marina. Pleased to be able to assist. Hope Briony will continue to update us on the boat's progress.

Welcome to new member Nelson Magnusson in Canada with an early Eventide 24. she is unusual in that she is fin keel, the second new Eventide and the second fin keeler in a week!

Welcome also to Paul Hojlund, (that is as near as I can get to spelling his name on my keyboard!) Paul is in Denmark and is joining as a 'Friend' with a Vivacity, I will find out if he is looking to buy or build one of ours...

I had a package arrive in the post today, a beautifully crafted teak grating, a step or platform.  At just a few inches tall , it will enable me and a few others, to stand at the back of my cockpit and see over the sprayhood clearly!  During the trip I spent a lot of time on tiptoe!   I will have to take a little off  the front 2 feet to allow it to sit level over the cockpit drains, and I will leave it to weather, should be just what I need. Will test it shortly!

I repaired my on board shower this week.  On board shower!!!  Well to be honest it is a garden 'Killier spray' pump up spray, but I  replaced the weed killer nozzle with a small camping and caravanning type shower head and valve.  After 25 years the shower head broke, but using our EBay page I have sources and now fitted a new smart shower head with integral on/off valve.

I got a bit of stick from Darian as we have not used the shower on board, (under the tent, in the cockpit), for many years.  but I argued that if we carry it, it has to work or be thrown off.  When you need a shower and none are available, it is perfect.   (One kettle of water and top up with water. Pump and 2 people can get clean!)

Simple and efficient.  In the Netherlands, whilst swimming daily in the Verse Meere, we stored it full of water, in a black plastic bag, left in the sunshine by day, by evening it was ready to use!

Wonder what bit of gear you carry that is only used once a decade!?




Thursday 12th September 2013.

I have, this morning, added an advert for our dear friend Doug's Waterwitch 'Dougaljo'.  As an octogenarian Doug has reluctantly had to admit he is not quite up to sailing now, though as sharp as ever!.  The boat is offered for a very realistic low price, as there are a couple of issues with water getting in that have to be addressed and  that reflects in the price.

You could paint the bottom and launch it, sail her away quite happily as she stands, to a creek or boatyard of your choice and do the remedial work needed next summer, when the glue will set OK.  She is a safe and sound, go anywhere boat. Doug built her with Alan of 'Bonita', the two boats built side by side.  He is very keen to have an enthusiast able to look after her buy her and enjoy what he has enjoyed for the last 20 years. Interested? Go to the 'For Sale'  page.   She is being sold as a 'sailaway' boat, extra gear to be sold separately.

I have heard via the grapevine that the Golden Hind 'Right E Oh' has been sold, or at least I have been contacted by a prospective buyer who thinks he was pipped at the post for her!  hope to hear from Brian and Mavis on that one.

I have reduced the price of the GH 31 'Moondancer' for Roger and Kathy, who have had enough of the weather in the UK and are off to warmer climes again! 

We have had a new member from South Africa, Dr. Richard Daneel has an Eventide 26, 'Phoenix' in South Africa and is looking for a GH to sail longer distances...  Welcome Richard, pictures soon to be added to the Eventide page of the gallery, another unknown boat and she is a fin keel version!

A new 'Associate member' from Montana in the USA, Gary Davis, not sure if Gary is looking at buying or maybe building one of our designs.. will find out more.

Pleased to say I have heard again from Victor in Croatia, he acted on advice I gave him re his Atlantic Clipper's stern tube bearings and Norris's of Isleworth have confirmed my opinion that the outer bearing holder had a grit seal as well as a bearing, Victor is now looking to remove this, as it is worn and replace it.  Great to be able to assist.  Victors article will be added to the site on the Barbican and clipper page soon.

I will be adding a few more item to the 'Bits for Sale' pages shortly, as a result of the pending sale of 'Dougaljo'.

We have had a couple of people have a problem enrolling with us, and maybe the best solution to this has been sent in by Nels Mag, with the Eventide 24 in Canada, who has printed the page off and completed it by hand and mailed it to us!  Well done Nels and welcome to the Eventiders.

I replaced the damaged cabin sole in my focsle the other day, a simple job with the power planer and epoxy.  Easy to do in the garage anyway, not everyone has that luxury and the  temperature outside rapidly falling so time for repairs to boats in creeks running out.. 

Still time for a sail or two before laying up, see you on the river!




Saturday 7th September 2013.

The Forecast for today is F5 and F6.  Apart from the rain yesterday the last week has been lovely, why is it the weather breaks at weekends?

I have had a mail from Victor in Croatia again, he has managed to put all the mails we had to and fro into an article, and I will be placing it on the site over the weekend.  See the Atlantic Clipper pages.  We are still puzzling over the outboard bearing on his prop shaft.  Appears to be some kind of seal..  I had a boat once with an outboard stuffing box as well as an inboard one, it was designed to keep sand and grit out as the boat was used in muddy waters.  Any one got similar experiences with a Barbican or Atlantic clipper?

Still waiting to hear from 3 people again re either tracing or selling their boats.  Info will be posted when I get it.

Varnishing new floor board for the boat today, and the new teak boxes for the hand held radio and the winch handle holder. They do look good! Hope to get down in the week to fit them and take a bumble out on the river...

Had an invite to visit the Coast Guard stand at the Southampton boat show....

I have just spent a little time adding some items to the 'Bits for Sale' pages.  All the charts you will need to sail between Scotland and Harwich, plus the tidal atlases!  Anyone up for it??

I will be sorting a couple more charts out that I used at the Western end of the Caledonian shortly!.  The rest are being saved and updated for the final half of my circumnavigation, next year??

Sent out a copy of the 'Storm' drawings this week to Enrico in Italy and  we have also had another new member.

Welcome to Keith Phillips with the GH  26 'Proteus'. Keith sails from the Colne so we should be crossing wakes at some stage, keep that luff taught Keith, my camera is never far away from the hand!

Take advantage of the sailing days when you can, summers going fast!




Tuesday  3rd September 2013

It would appear this may be the last fling of summer, we have temperatures in the 20's and fair breezes, the river was covered in boats today, a few more days only....

We welcome Dr Scott of Folkestone with the Eventide 24 'Ebbtide'. The good doctor is trying to get youngsters involved locally, by rebuilding and restoring her. Great idea! 

We are about to have a brilliant opportunity present it self to anyone wanting to buy a Waterwitch, at a greatly reduced price, provided they are willing to take on all the work involve in curing the deck and cabintop leaks she has that have sadly caused some rot.  At the same time a lot of the other gear from the boat will also be offered for sale separately.  Keep an eye on the For Sale pages.  Will announce it when I post it.  The whole idea is that the owner wishes the boat to be restored and sailed again, he is not worried about possibility that who ever restores it will eventually sell it on at a profit, just so long as it is sailing again!

I have had to replace a bit of my cabin sole this week, it was only 1/2 inch ply and a little flexible , but I found it had delaminated, so I am having to add a little stiffening to prevent the flexing. I must be putting on weight I guess!

i have found a possible cure for my small fuel tank problem, a new tank fitted beneath the cockpit sole.  I have found that now you can buy purpose made plastic tanks, with fuel gauge etc and all connections, at reasonable cost, so up with the floor this winter and out with the tape measure.!  I can double the 8 gallon tank size easily!

One of the other thoughts we had after the 'Trip' was stowage for a couple of items in the cockpit.  I have cured this by buying a teak winch handle holder, (using our EBay page!)  and by Alan Lonton making me a made to measure, hand held VHF holder in teak, matches perfectly!  Alan really is an excellent craftsman.

We had a mail from Mike Bishop,  interested in locating his old Eventide. Reg. Southampton. Name 'San Anton'. Sold out of Conwy about 1972 ish.  Anyone know it?

Had another enquiry from Nels, and I am waiting to get the name and sail number.

We had another enquiry from Paul burrows, re a Kesteloo Eventide, we are awaiting more details on that one too.

Enough for now, off to do some Seagull work.




Tuesday 27th August 2013..

Well I predicted rain and by golly we got it!  Over 2 inches in 3 hours.  Many parts of Essex were flooded, Maldon and Latchingdon not too fat away and many roads in Essex just south of here totally impassable for hours. So hardly surprising that the fireworks were also cancelled!  We motored away from Bradwell at the height of the Storm, the Musto's doing their job so well, and of course the boat did not mind a wash.  I called the marina on the  (waterproof) handheld as we left, a courtesy call to say our berth would be empty and Stuart said we must be mad!  We were the only ones out there, almost...  a couple of boats were high tailing it into the marina as we left!

Hockley Railway station Essex Saturday!

The fireworks just had to be cancelled, it was torrential, first time they have had to do that in years. We heard from other boats, they had taken shelter elsewhere, so no takers this year!

We puttered across to West Mersea where there was no signs of life in the deluge and crept up one of the creeks.  We stayed there for 3 days!  The wildlife was amazing and we only saw 7 people all weekend, including the oystermen tending their oysters!

 The rarest bird we saw was the spectacular Egyptian goose.  There were an adult pair and 6 goslings, so they have bred here, probably on the RSPB reserve we were anchored next to and probably the first ones to breed outside Norfolk.  When it flies the tops of the wings are black with a broad white stripe down the length.  They walked close past us, flew past us and swum past us, but as soon as a man with a telescope appeared on the horizon, they flew away. Darn twitchers!

The seals a male and female, entertained us all weekend, quite amusing to see them playing hide and seek, or more probably 'catch me if you can' as the female was always in the lead!  They were endearing as they lay together on the oyster mans raft! Got to be plenty of fish about!

Met other owners and friends this weekend, but no one was about to go off for a sail.  We gently puttered back to base as the wind blew an Easterly 4 and the forecast was for more.

Today of course it is gentle breezes and sunshine, Soddes Law.

We will be out on the river for a month or two more yet, but I do feel the August Bank holiday lived up to it's traditional 'end of season' reputation again!



Friday 23rd August 2013.

Boy, have you seen the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday!  So typical of the August Bank Holiday!  Heavy continuous rain all Saturday and into Sunday then add F4/5 occ. 6 for Sunday!  I wonder if the weather gods wait for me to organise a day afloat before unleashing all the wet stuff!  I can tell you I sometimes think I am a mobile test bed for Musto's!  (And so far they don't leak!)

Today had a request for an advert on the site from member Gerry.  he is the owner of the Lone gull II 'Ivory Gull'.  She is a very unusual MG, one of just a handful.  she is rigged as a Junk Schooner!  Like 'Jua' she does look a picture!  See the For Sale page.

I am still adding pictures etc to the site, another GH going on today!  and another load of pictures and info on the restoration of 'John Humby'.

Well the wind is beginning to get up in anticipation of the weekend and though there is not a cloud in the sky, but the air has a damp feel to it, so what's new!

See you on the river, I will be the one with the umbrella!



Thursday 22nd August 2013.

Welcome to new member Simon bell, he is rebuilding the Eventide 26 'Mistress II' not far from here.  I met Simon when he bought the boat and have kept an eye on progress since.  He seems to be doing the right things, removing any suspect timber plus a bit more and as far as I could se last I looked, not attempting to re-plank the plywood with joint on frames!  Always fails! think he must be reading the site!

I have spent 3 hours today trying to catch up with articles and photos.  I have uploaded about 25 new pictures to the site, amended dozens of pages and added articles to many pages.

We have had so much activity this summer, a lot since I returned, but some outstanding from the time i was sailing, so sorry to those who may have been waiting a while.

Pages that have been amended include:-  Little Gull's page , Elbarco's page, the Eventide page several times!

the Senior page, the Riptide page, the Wild Duck page, the boats for Sale page, the home page, The 3Tonner page, the MG designs page, The GH pages, the Barbican and Atlantic clipper pages, The Lone Gull page and the Newsletter page.   I have added a note to the Burgee page about the next batch of flags too.  I have added a bit to my 'Fiddling around' page.  There have also been small alterations on other pages just to correct spelling or grammatical errors that I found. bet there are going to be more of those!

I have more photos to add to the pages and a couple more articles to shoehorn in, but the fingers are geting tired, so they will have to wait for another day.

Thanks to all the dozens of people who have sent mails in pictures comments and articles.  We literally have half a dozen of these mails a day, plus other enquiries.

This weekend I hope to meet a few members afloat and enjoy the fireworks Saturday evening at the Mersea Regatta.  No meal this year though, they have shut the place down for the night!.  Meeting a couple of people at Bradwell before we sail too.

Though the forecast is for rain on Saturday, I doubt it will effect the fireworks and we will enjoy the sail Sunday and Monday.

The season is rapidly drawing to a close again and I only just think it has started, even though we had nearly a thousand miles under the keel before the end of July!  Hopefully we will have an 'Indian Summer' to round the year off.

See you on the river!



Sunday 18th August 2013.

the gales over this weekend have at last abated and we hope the high pressure building over the UK will last till next weekend, as.. yes it's West Mersea....


Saturday 24th August, West Mersea Meet.  Bank Holiday Weekend. HW time 1520

Spring tides, so we will ground at LW on the 'borrowed' moorings!

Regatta Week, so will be busy!

Once again we will meet at Maurice's old club on the Saturday afternoon for a drink, maybe on the lawn outside, at about 6pm..  Followed by a walk up the road to one of the eating houses! Last year table booked for 18!  HW. Saturday about 1520.  We once again hope to have arranged snug moorings, in the upper Strood channel,  as we have done in previous years courtesy of Tony, one of our members.   Boats on the moorings will  dry water at L.W. this year!   £5.00 a night to RNLI. There will also be the WMYC boatman  on hand or we can use our dinghies as we have in the past...  Call sign YC1 on channel 37 ('Why Sea One') if you need the taxi, but be warned prices have gone up, £3.00 single late night!

There are rooms to let we have heard at the  Victory Pub, 01206 382907 for Saturday and Sunday if needed, this means those who would like to come by road can meet us outside  the WMYC on the Saturday evening, can arrange to come for a sail in company with us on Sunday, maybe a short sail to Maldon and back,  then later  a drink  at the WMYC Sunday evening.  Or Sunday we may if there are no guests, just have a sail in company, maybe up to Maldon in the afternoon, to later drop down to a creek for the night before sailing home Monday.

contact john on 01621 778859.

Will be attempting to book a table  at the Oyster Bar for a meal on the Saturday.     We have to book...  so if you want to come along Saturday night about 7pm or 7.30pm you HAVE to let me know by Tuesday 20th August at the latest....... 01621 778859  Post Script, as it is regatta they are closing and so no meal....

Hope to hear from you.  Call us on VHF. 'Fiddler's Green' we will be somewhere in the vicinity...



Thursday 15th August 2013.

Sorry for the pause, but life has been busy here!  Apart from catching up with my business, I have also had the family round, in the form of my daughter and new man in her life and we have all been out sailing. (Pleased to say Oliver, Oly, liked the boating!).

I have loads of photos to add to the pages, pictures I have taken of members afloat and about 30 photos sent in over the last week or two from members all over the world.

I am about to sort out the August Bank holiday weekend meeting and will be publishing that on here and the Events page.  It is not the Mersea regatta this year, so it should be quieter and easier to get a table in the restaurant. Plan to visit  Mersea Saturday and sail off Sunday in company, maybe to the Pyefleet. 

We have had several new enrolments so welcome to:-

Graham Holloway from Swindon  with the Atlantic Clipper 'Bandolero' in the Med,  to Rob Edmunds of Tiverton with the WW 'Moonshiner' in Devon. To Arthur Harding in Canada contemplating building one of our designs, and to Raymond Cox of Basingstoke with the GH 26 'Kinvara' on the Solent.

I have had more correspondence with Victor in Croatia and he is now looking to find out how to replace a worn outer bearing on his stern tube.  Looking at the photos it looks like a standard bronze tube with threaded on outer bearing, wonder if any other Atlantic Clipper owners can confirm this.  I have figured out that the stuffing box has 6mm or 1/4 graphited rope for the stuffing box and advised on how to replace this.  All the mails back and forth will appear on the hints and tips page soon.  he is now looking to remove a badly worn plate pin and seal up the drop plate.  As he is planning an ocean voyage the last thing he needs is to lose the uphaul and have the plate dangling and rattling about, seems there is a lot of wear.  Have heard similar from others. several have removed plates and one even fitted a bow thruster to assist in marinas!

Tonight the temperature has stayed at 18 degrees as warm moist air sweeps over the country, we have had a few weeks of real summer at last, but expect the rain to set in shortly!  Still time for a few more sails though...  If you are afloat enjoy it while it lasts!

If working ashore hope the glue sets nicely!




Thursday 8th August 2013.

Spent a week afloat last week and best part of this week catching up on work!  I have been able to answer a few Eventide queries but I still have a few outstanding, I promise to get to you as soon as I can.

We have sent out 2 sets of CDs, one for the Goosander to Paul Savage in Norfolk, he is trying to decide what to build I think, as he has already got other designs, either that or he is wallpapering the office with drawings!

A set of Eventide drawings on CD, a copy of the building film and 2000 pictures plus on a CD all went to Bill Lehm.

Still getting comments and feedback re 'fiddling around'!  Had you noticed that as soon as i left Scotland they have had the hottest July on record!  speaking to friends we met up there though there has either been no wind of F6's, so nothing changes there then!

Welcome to a new member  Raymond Cox is the new owner of the GH 26 'Kinvara'. She sails the Solent area. I will be replying officially to you soon Raymond.

We have had more queries from Serbia re the Atlantic Clipper.  I am going to collate all the mails and publish them for others. Victor has decided, quite wisely to remove the drop plate and seal the area.  I took a picture of 'Last Barbican' in a harbour in Yorkshire, Scarborough I believe, she has her drop keel plate removed too.

I have heard from Juli re several boats that were still advertised on the 'for Sale' pages, but sold, I have at last got many of the ex owners to confirm they have sold so I am removing the adverts and placing the pics etc elsewhere on the site, the gallery etc.

Lady of Lockerley has moved up to Scotland with her new owners, hope they get in touch.

Heard from the new owner of 'Borer Bee'. Juli Graf.  Apparently Borer Bee never did get the inboard diesel she was promised some years ago and the defunct Stuart Turner has now been removed, so she is engineless.  Juli wondered about using a Seagull, but the largest Seagull commonly available is not really man enough for a 24ft boat, even if you could keep it in the water with the slight pitching motion in a seaway, so she is looking for a motor.  Juli lives near Galway Ireland and wants to take the boat out of the farmyard in Colerain where she has lain for many years and get her sailing again.  Hopefully Juli will succeed and we will hear more of Borer Bee's adventures.

I have snapped 'Poppy' in the Blackwater last week and will be publishing pics of her and loads of others, when I get a chance.....

I hope to be out sailing Monday 12th with my daughter and family. Hope the weather stays favourable for all.  I will be trying to organise something for the August Bank holiday too. Details to follow.

Good sailing get out there summers going fast!



Thursday 25th July 2013.

I have sent out another CD of Eventide drawings today, to Australia again and have had an enquiry from new member Enrico for a CD of the 'Storm' class drawings.

I have also had enrolments from Steven Eastwood of Margate, with the WildDuck 'Red Sky', this is a boat I have known for years.  Sailed on the Essex coast by Rob Swift, then passed to his son Ed.  She dropped off the radar some years back when sold on EBay I believe and one the owners in the intervening years stripped her of her trimming ballast and left her to rot, she was saved and brought ashore and now Steve is trying to get her saved again, to sail.   Berthed on the Medway now, will be adding pictures to the WD page of the Gallery.

Victor in Serbia has sent in some pictures of his Atlantic Clipper, and I will be adding these and all the questions and answers that went back and forth. May be of use to other Clipper owners... 

Norman Parker has asked us to advertise his Eventide 26, 'Filandra', just waiting for all the info. will be a project boat, but it has a lot of good gear, including a 25hp motor.  Snag is collecting from Scotland....  Mmm I know a firm with an artic!?

We have also been asked to advertise a Golden Hind, 'Bluefin', she is currently sailing the Atlantic to the UK from Guadeloupe.  Hope to hear from him shortly with info for the advert.  He is apparently a professional boat builder from Austria!

Heard also from Alan Lonton with WW 'Bonita'. They were just waiting the delivery of 2 new batteries to replace the originals that had eventually given up on them.   After a long fit out he and his family hope to be afloat after the weekend and I may meet up with them somewhere round the Blackwater next week, as 'Fiddler's Green' is back out afloat for a week, with grandson Brandon as crew, for the first time!

'Dougaljo' has spent some time ashore this year and Doug is cleaning up the keels etc before antifouling and re launching. the other problems he had have been tackled too, including the screw that broke up the top of the mainsail track when I last went out with him!

The Essex crowd will probably all be meeting up in a weeks time, at Kirby le Soken, to celebrate Mavis's birthday, I am too much of a gentleman to say it's her 80th, Ooops!

Last weekend I met up with one of our most senior members, Jack Shenfield,  Jack at the ripe old age of 94 was wandering round the boot sale at a nearby village!  He was looking for another guitar! Must say Jack you look fitter than chaps half your age and your wit is as sharp as ever! Roll on that telegram! Must be the boating, yes he still goes out with Steve his son...

I have accumulated a couple of dozen photos of various boats and when I get time I will set to and add them to the Gallery. Just at the moment have to get on with the day job, loads of Seagull parts going out to the post office!

Which reminds me, must remove that mainsheet horse from the pages as I just parcelled it up and sent it to it's new owner.

All for now.




Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

This mail came in on my personal mail from a member and I passed it to others and it was suggested by John Stevens that it should be passed to members as it is very relevant to most of us! I attach the mail I sent out here.:-

This one has come in from a sailing friend in Australia and though it seems obvious to us who have dealt with people drowning, I realised that most will have only  seen what has been portrayed in films, as the lifeguard explains, and that is not what it looks like at all.

 It is as well in our sport to be aware.  

Pleased Mike sent this on, I had never thought about it till now…

 An important message --


 I hope you find it informative!




Monday 22nd July 2013.

Spent the day on the river today, a lazy run up past Osea Island, anchored for lunch and to watch the world go by. Was great to have the echo sounder read just a metre or two under the keel instead of 200! As the sea breeze started we had a cool motor head into the Easterly F5 on the way home. Now waiting for the rain, hot and sultry, with faint rumbles in the distance!.  Supposed to have a few days of thundery rain to cool us down now, and along with it floods of course, as the ground is like concrete!

I have been liaising with John Stevens today and hope I now have all the loose ends of the mail tied up, but if you have tried to contact us and have not heard, please try again.  Have had 2 owners who have mixed us up with the old assoc, and complained they have been ignored, as no one had responded, fortunately they have now found the real owners group and have struck gold!

Also heard from Chris and Fiona:-

GH 31 Mollymawk now restored.  She was relaunched 18 July 2013 and today on her swinging mooring above Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu. Gin pennant sets well. Yard pictures to follow

 Fiona usually helms, I do the string & kettle 


Look forward to seeing the pictures Chris!

I have been having long conversations with Victor and Olga in Serbia, they have an Atlantic clipper and are trying to sort a few issues, pleased to say I have been able to assist.  They now have the damaged tabernacle off and the leaking stern gland sorted.  A few moments ago another enrolment came in, from them, so welcome to the Eventiders both.  They are fitting out their boat, 'Existence' to sail off round the world!

Also in new member Enrico Portalupi from Italy wanting to build one of our designs and also Norman Parker in Kirkcudbright with the Eventide 'Filandra'.

I will get round to replying personally very soon.

Also heard from member, Juli that 3 boats for sale on our pages are sold, but the sellers have neglected to inform us, so 'Eventually', 'Funky Floater' and 'Susilla' are all apparently no longer available, I will be trying to contact them.

All for now, too hot here past 2200hrs and over 20c outside, come on rain!



Sunday 21st July 2013.

I am catching up, slowly.  I have now printed out all the new enrolments and replied to most of them, a few to go. Many have already been dealt with by the members of the Steering Group, John and Chris, who took the helm whilst I was away.

So welcome John Worthington of Lancashire, once 'King of Piel'! (those who sail the north West will know what that means, he was once the publican on the tiny Piel Island, and tradition has it that having been anointed with a couple of pints he reigns king there!). John has sent a picture of his Senior he used to own and  sail round there and a few stories to go with the picture. will be added to the Senior page....

Welcome to Bill Lehm of Surrey, who is after a CD of drawings. hope we are catching up with that one Bill.

To Martin Williams of North Wales with the Eventide 24 Dora. No sail number as yet, maybe our database manager will turn one up.

To Peter Webster, of Jaywick, Peter owns a motorboat, but has joined as a friend, and rightly so as Peter is our Webmaster!  He thought he was just testing the form!  But no Peter we have joined you up, and great to have you aboard!

To Henry Saunders of West Sussex. Henry's family owned 'Little  Gull' for may years and asked to be put in touch with the current owner Peter, who renovated her. Pleased to say they are in touch to their mutual benefit!

To Kenneth Dyer of Surrey the new proud owner of the GH 31 'Golden Crest', sold from our pages!  She will be moored in Fowey still we believe.

Welcome to Morgan Allen in Australia, who is after a CD as he has the WW 'Tanui' and I think would like to do some work on her. hope to hear from him shortly and send the CD out to him.

Welcome to another Australian, Mark Bachli he would like a CD of Eventide drawings!  no doubt will also be hearing from him shortly.

And again from Australia, John Gayton. John was proposing to build a WW, but has instead opted for the Eventide and is again after a CD.  (Was he reading my 'Fiddling around' log??).

And that may not be the complete list as I think another came in today and I may not have gone back far enough to get all the backdated new members, apologies if I have missed anyone.

Back here in Essex the wonderful heat wave continues, though not quite as warm as a couple of days back. And I still have not managed to get out for a sail!  Darian thinks I should have got it out of my system by now but I want to sail in water less than 50 metres deep for a change, feel that mud under the keels!  Maybe early in the week, I have heard heavy rain and Thunder forecast for midweek!

Not to worry, next weekend I am off again, this time with the grandson, Brandon, for a weeks gentle creek cruising, to give him a taste of sailing a larger boat. He has definitely outgrown the Optimist!

I have also sold a few items of chandlery from the pages, so have been editing there and also dropping prices of boats after requests from owners, so worth taking a look if you were interested in one of the boats....

All for now, John


Thursday 18th July 2013.

Those who have been keeping up with the log of 'Fiddler's Green' and her crew will of course be aware that I called off the trip after about 800 miles and half way round. We had a great adventure and are pleased with our mileage, but it was getting more and more apparent that I was not going to get round in one go, so we opted for a ride home on an artic and will set off again to complete the circumnavigation in a year or two's time.

So my thanks to John Stevens and Chris Sinnett, and Peter our Webmaster for holding the fort whilst I have been away.

Apologise to all who have been waiting the last week or so for replies to mails, I am catching up, slowly.  the steering group members who helped out now can see the volume of mail we get!

I have a heap of new enrolments to answer and more to add to the pages here that were answered y the steering group members, John and Chris.  I have at least one CD to send out too.  Soon I promise.

Of course as soon as I decided to cut the trip short the weather changed and at the moment we are in the grip of a wonderful heat wave, so forgive me if I slide back off to the boat at the weekend!  got to make the most of it!

I have loads of pictures to add and adverts to amend, will be back soon,


Please Note From May 19th 2013 there will be no updates as I will be away sailing.

You can catch up with my log following this link.


Wednesday 15th May 2013.

Another new member today, welcome to Stephen with 'Camelot', moored here in Bradwell. Camelot is unusual as she has been given a specially made gaff rig, not too many rigged this way, but she sails, been al the way to the Mediterranean and back!  Stephen had her hauled out and scrubbed off and I suspect inspected her thoroughly before repainting and dropping back in the water last week.  She will be out for sea trails soon no doubt and as Stephen (and his dad), are both marine engineers, will be looked after.

I have not heard from Emilio in  the Philippines re the Senior CD he wanted so sadly he will either have to wait till I return in August, or try the steering group members who are taking over the mail for me.

As of tonight the enquiries@eventides.org.uk is going to be diverted to the Database Manager and assisted by other members of the Steering Group, led by Chris in the Netherlands, they are going to man the decks for me.

I have spent most of today grappling with technology and have sorted out the on board laptop and it's connection to edit these pages, well just my 'Fiddling Around' log page actually. A far cry from my trip to Cornwall 12 years ago or the Scottish adventure 20 years ago.  Mobile phone technology has come on by leaps and bounds.

I spent some time today copying all the drawings onto DVD to send to members of the Steering Group, so they could burn CD's for members in my absence.  Not till you start collating all the designs do you realise just how many we have accumulated!  Great to be able to keep all these designs available to all and in the public domain!

Not sure I will be editing this page many times again, till I return, so look in at the 'Fiddling Around' page if there is no update, that starts, hopefully, on the evening of the 19th.

John Stevens sent me some great pictures of the snow in Devon today, pleased we are going anticlockwise! Crazy weather.

Hope you are able to get out in the sunshine, good sailing, fair winds and lee-going tides.



Sunday 12th May 2013.

Less than a week to go!

I have just had several enquiries for CD's and welcomed 2 new members Thomas in Florida with an interest in the Eventide, (may want a CD of drawings?) and Emilio in the Philippines who definitely wants a CD of the senior drawings.

Just sent a CD of WW drawings to Greg in Wales who is repairing a rudder, a CD of Senior drawings to Mike in New Zealand, determined to build one. Have a set of Mouette drawings copied to CD for Simon. Sad to say Simon went to our 'Donate' button the day there seems to have been a problem on line somewhere.  all working again Simon so get that donation off to us and I can sort out the CD!

I hope to hear from both the outstanding enquiries by Wednesday to allow me time to sort out the CD's and to then transfer incoming mail to John Stevens and Chris Sinnet!

Talking of John S, I had a call from him today and in the background there was the unmistakeable popping of a tiny Volvo!  He was on his boat.  Hope you got off before the heavens opened!

We spent the day at base, gardening!  Having had a rather nice woven hazel hurdle boundary fence put up, we went shopping yesterday and today planted up a load of shrubs, inside our fence in the new shrubbery, the rain arrived just after I had spent 30 minutes watering them, of course.  We are also replanting the farmers hedge for him,  sadly Dutch Elm did for the Elms in it...  we are replanting from our own home grown native hedging plants, all grown from local seed, raised in our garden tree nursery.  So even if the wood never got planted we are still planting locally!

Watching the weather, as you can imagine,  in readiness to leave next Sunday, it does not look good for the week and indeed the next month!  The long range, approx 30 day forecast, is much as it is now, changeable! Warm and calm one moment wild and wet the next.  Hmmm not what I really need.

Still, walking down the fields half a mile today to visit the Mulberry tree we planted near the spot our kitten, Madinat, was run over, we noticed that the clay soil has cracks reminiscent of the Colorado salt flats, we need that rain!

As Madinat's mulberry is covered in buds, maybe some Mulberries this autumn! Came back and had a good pick of the Rhubarb and some asparagus for dinner too! 

Going away for 3 months has meant I have had to get assistance with the garden, not just for mowing the grass, but for the 1001 other jobs, looking after the goldfish, keeping ditches clear etc. it is amazing what you have to think about, taxing the car, insuring it etc. Fortunately all the vehicles MOT's and tax's run till September, so one less worry, but just shows it is not just fitting out the boat you have to think of!

Hope the weather is kind to you and you get some sailing in, fair winds and lee going tides, and for those still fitting out, power to the elbows!





Wednesday 8th May 2013.

I will only be keeping the Stoppress pages updated for another 10 days then I am off.  from then on I hope to be writing up the 'Fiddling Around' log and will leave a link to it here.

Over the past week we have had  a few enquiries, a donation from The Flint's of Bath for the EOG they bought a CD of the Eventide drawings to help them with 'Merrywake', a question about Waterwitch rudders and a rigging query.

Welcome to Jimi Bonne in Scotland, he has just bought an Eventide 26 from Cardiff and is hoping to sail her to her new home port of Tobermory this summer!

Welcome to Keith Tempest of Tavistock with the Eventide 24 Tamarisk.  this boat was built  at Kings bros and owned by Mr king himself, undergoing a refit at the moment.

Welcome to Mike Brown in N.Z. looking to build a Senior.

Mathew in Norfolk sent in pics of a boat similar to a Mouette and we have had incidentally a request for a CD of drawings of the Mouette from New Zealand.

Peter Harold has sent some pics of 'Little Gull' in to add to those already on the site.

We have heard from the Netherlands that the meeting they had last year will be repeated next year, so bi-annual.

Johan contacted us to say he has moved his GH 'Old Cataract', but the progress was slow.  This may be to do with the growth on the bottom though!

Roy Lewis has sold the Eventide 26 'Camelot' from Bradwell, but she will not be going far as the son of a local marine engineer I know has bought her and he has spoken to me. She is up on the hard being scraped off and inspected.  I thought she was Gunter rig but Roy tells me she is Gaff, sadly I have never seen her under sail.

The extended  WW "Eowyn May" which is in Calstock Boat yard and desperately for sale may be broken up if not sold shortly.  Sadly this sort of tale is becoming increasingly common as boats are left and begin to decay and then run up yard bills.  Not only happening to wooden boats either, seen a few GRP wrecks that will not sail again.. all abandoned by their owners.

The GH32 'Right E Oh', for sale on our pages, has had a price reduction, she is a lovely boat and deserves a caring owner, fitted out to go anywhere....

The brilliant Bank holiday weather, a real plus after such a cold long winter, has produced a flurry of activity locally in our marina and loads of people trying to get out sailing.  We opted out, as we still have gear to load, but will creep out when no one is watching during the week, after the gales have blown through.

Had a nice note from Dave Mann, the skipper of 'Snowdrift', he will watch out for us in Lowestoft on or about the 20th!

good sailing to all,


Thursday 25th April 2013.

Sorry for the long pause, been a little busy!  Fiddler's Green is back afloat.  I have been working all the hours to get her fit to be launched and I am just back from the marina.  Exhausted.  still loads to do, but the mast is up and the pre-bend put in it and all rigging tensioned, boom then fitted and all sails on spars.  New Spray hood and Sail coat fitted too, will be down over the next few days to clean the dirt of shore-side off her, Crew Keith scrubbed the owl poo of the stern deck.  We had a little 'moment' however when the mast lowering gear failed.  a pole bent, so the whole lot taken off the boat to be beefed up and stored ashore.   The marina crane was out of action that is why the mast lowering/raising gear was pressed into use.  we have used it dozens of times with no problem and are at a loss as to why it failed.  will be looked at carefully and maybe even redesigned in a size larger tube....

Over the past week we have sent out a CD of Senior drawings and answered a couple of queries  on rigs.

We have heard from Roger and Kathy with the GH 'Moondancer' for sale, a price reduction to £21,500.

Tony Mitchell with the Senior 'Iona' has moved her to Fareham, we may even see him on our big trip...

We have had one new member, (will be welcoming you officially soon), but welcome here to Mike Milburn in New Zealand, he has a GH 31.  'Mehina'.

We cancelled the get together last night as the regulars were all busy.  This will be the last get together in the Essex area for the Summer, will resume come the autumn.

We are having a get together of our own at Bradwell on the 18th May, when many of the crew for our trip will be bringing gear down to be stowed aboard.  we will be having a meal together about 2000hrs. We set off the next day, weather permitting.


We had this in from East Coast Pilot.  The sketch charts of the Deben and Ore and Alde may be useful to many!

  Click here to view this email in your browser


       East Coast Pilot News ... 24th April 2013



Dear John,

  A short newsletter this time, with a single subject -


New Chartlets for the Deben and Ore Entrances



Last time we lamented the demise of the detailed chartlets of the Deben and Ore river entrances, produced for many years by Chris Woods whose sterling work encouraged many a leisure sailor to venture in from the sea and enjoy the delights of these lovely waterways. The chartlets were essential aids too for the hundreds of boat-owners who keep their boats there.



However, we are pleased to be able to tell you that chartlets of the two entrances are once again available online, now drawn by Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson from the most recent Trinity House surveys, as free downloads from the East Coast Pilot website at www.eastcoastpilot.com. Look for the 'Downloads' button on the Home page.


With or without the chartlets, the entrances can be unforgiving places to those who take liberties with weather or height of tide, and if in any doubt about the wisdom of a passage through,  then Harbourmaster John White, who is our 'Honorary Port Pilot' for the area, is usually on hand to give advice should anyone want to ask. For convenience his contact details are shown on the chartlets.    



Following requests to us from a number of key people on the East Coast, these chartlets have been made possible through an agreement between Trinity House and chart agents Imray, and as such they are as 'official' as they can be. Now that the agreement is in place, any further surveys carried out by Trinity House should result in updated chartlets without much delay, and added promptly to the ECP website.


We will of course use this email newsletter service to tell you about any updates at the entrances as we always do for all parts of the area covered by ECP, and also broadcast the information on Twitter - follow @eastcoastpilot.


Just in closing I should like to thank the many people who responded to the request for website and newsletter header photographs. I have been inundated with them!


Kind regards,

Dick Holness

Co-author and webmaster

East Coast Pilot. 


You have received this email because you registered with us to be sent notification of changes and updates to the East Coast Pilot website.


To unsubscribe, use the link below or visit www.eastcoastpilot.com/signup.html





John Burke has sent in some more pics for his page on his 3Tonner, the mast is up!  I will be adding pics shortly John....

That's about it for now, hoping the warm =weather we have had will last, but have already heard it is going to be chilling the next few days, so just pleased to have been able to take advantage of the last 10 days of warmer weather to get afloat, hope you are getting on well with your fit outs.


Friday 19th April 2013.

Most remiss, I have left it over a week before coming back with news...  just goes to show how busy it is here, have hardly had a minute to myself!

Welcome to another 3 new members, James Boultin of Vermont with the Riptide 'Third Witch'.  some readers may recall she was built by jimmy Stanton after he built 2 Waterwitches!   He went on to sail her many thousands of miles. a lovely boat.  We are hoping for up to date pictures to add to those on the Gallery.

Welcome to Peter Dalby of the Isle of Wight.  Peter is interested in building a Senior and I am expecting  a payment for a CD shortly.

And welcome to Keith Tempest of Tavistock with the Eventide Tamarisk.  Keith is struggling to keep paint on his boat at the moment and like all of us hoping for some good dry weather to repaint and repair. He tells me she still has the original Stuart Turner  5 hp!  He is re wiring and bringing her 'up to standard' as he says!. hope to see some nice pics of the shiny paint finish shortly!

We have had a smashing boat in for sale, a Bawley that has been totally rebuilt stored in a dry shed for over 10 years and is ready to launch, this is going to be a head turned that someone is going to snap up. Advert on the for Sale page soon.

Also heard from Hugo with the Bawley 'John Humby'.  she has had her keel off after loads of problems with leaks, the keel bolts were nearly corroded away! Caught in time and a great job getting all back together.  she is sitting happily in the water again and bet there is not a drop of the wet stuff inside!  will be adding a bit to the hints and tips page on this.

We have had a little activity on the forum at last, shame it is not as widely used as it could be.  I referred one user to our hints and tips page re setting up his rig.

Matthew with the 'Good Hope' design in Australia, steel built, has been on and sent in a nice donation for a CD, hope he has all he needs to rig her now!

We have had an enquiry from the owner of Jeopardy, Ian Garforth, who has motored her from West Mersea across the UK by river and canal. Now moored Chepstow!  He wanted to know where all the bits of wire went!  Hopefully now all sorted and we look forward to reading his log, fascinating trip, floods ice and all!

We have had more on the possibility that the G27 may have been copied to build  series of boats in South Africa, the 'Nebe Cape 28' design.  I will add a note to the Goosander page re this, but to the best of my knowledge, knowing and speaking to the late Colin Faggetter, he had not heard of it and no one asked him, so if the design took inspiration from his G27, we think that is all it did.

We have been contacted by a friend of an Eventide owners widow, to try and sell some parts found after the boat was broken up.  'LillyBelle' was a local boat on the River Crouch. Parts will appear on the bits for sale page if they come in before I set off.

A reminder to all I will be away from 19th May and of course this page will not be edited...  however, new enrolments will be answered by 2 members of the Steering Group, John and Chris and I will be writing up and if all goes to plan, publishing a day by day log of my travels.  I will also include my mobile number so if you are in the same area and want to meet up, as several have already suggested, we can have mini EOG meets all round the UK.

Off to put the last coat of antifouling on now!


P.S. Just back from boat, far to cold to apply antifouling and certainly a waste of time even thinking about Epoxy, just 5 degrees again, where did spring go?


Monday 8th April 2013.

Very briefly over the weekend the temperature reached 10 degrees.  It will spur us all into action, I have just 2 weeks till launch day and have not started really!  We need more sunshine, guess what the forecast is.... rain!

Have a couple of new enrolments in over the weekend, will be getting back to you ASAP, one is from an owner of  an MG Good Hope!

Off to polish my prop!

Post Script, welcome to Matthew in Victoria Australia with a steel built Cape of Good hope design, not yet launched!  Looking forward to seeing the photos, not heard of another steel built good Hope.

Welcome also to John in Millbrook Cornwall.  Joined as a friend for now, no boat indicated....

I have just managed to find time to reply to them both.




Thursday 4th April 2013.

And it is still snowing!  After the coldest March for 50 years and the coldest Easter on record fitting out time is still plagued with bad weather. I suspect I am not alone in panicking slightly, I have 21 days to launch!

Sent a CD of Senior drawings to Switzerland this week, suspect they have snow too!

Had an enquiry re some bits advertised on the site, then silence from the enquirer, if you are still out there Chris and cannot get through on e-mail, phone on 01621 778859.

I am staying in the warm for now, updating charts!  see the Trip page.  Hope you are able to get on, but as most I know have their boats outdoors, the chances are they will be waiting for warmer, kinder weather.  At least I am under cover, but in a cold barn, 2 degrees is not the temperature to work in!

Heard from the son of the original owner of Mike Hoban's 'Cirra'. Anthony Burdall.  We have put them in touch, seems he has some interesting paperwork and info from the years of his fathers ownership.... could be a story in there...

Had a mail in from Luke Hawkins who spotted the Senior Wagtail for sale on EBay, owned by a member, wonder why we have not had an advert sent to us for our pages, people do find boats and bits on our pages, worth considering if you are selling. (though have to say it is not a sellers market at the moment....).


Hope it warms up, very soon, for all.



Saturday 23rd March 2013.

The snow is back, 14ft drifts up country, 3 inches in Essex and even here on the Dengie we have a half inch, temperatures struggling to get to 1C and more snow forecast.  The coldest March in 50 years some say, and we are not done with winter yet as the next week is dire too.

Good news is we are still getting enquiries and this week I have parcelled up 6 CD's of boat drawings to send out!  So someone is thinking positive!  Well done Mario in Italy!

Time to batten the hatches for another week...  fitting out time will be short this year.


Wednesday 20th March 2013.

The spring Equinox!

The weather has been dire still and more cold to come, so no one is outside painting or doing the other fitting out tasks that are piling up!  The forecast is for snow again!  I was hoping to at least fit my mast steps, but with the temperature at just 4 degrees and that nasty bug still lingering, I just hope it does warm up soon!  I am nearly there with all the chart corrections!  

For a change it has been quiet on the mail front, just one in regarding used chandlery, but the enquirer has not come back. 

Hope your fitting out gets under way shortly.



Monday 18th March 2013.

The annual meeting went off well at Bradwell yesterday, the accounts agreed and the Steering group re elected.  A couple of hours of gentle banter too.  Nigel and Heidi sailed over in their Barbican to return the Seamanship trophy and I was able to present them with the prize they should have taken away with them last year, a smart grab bag from the sponsors  Craftinsure!

Thinking of insurance? Click here to save yourself some money

 and put a few pence in the EOG! 

After ten years we are stronger than we ever were as the old eoa.  John Stevens is trying to make sense of the hundreds of enrolments and is promising a new database with all members entered, but it will take time.

It was decided to hold fire on a possible charitable donation this year until we have updated the nerve centre of the group, our computer.  After all our membership is spread all over the world and their only contact with us is via the website.  Brian's accounts showed we are in a quite healthy state partly due to the fortunate acquisition of cut price Microsoft programs from a reliable local source.  This had saved the group over £100.  (A local computer company had a small number of programs in damaged boxes that we took advantage of, after all it was the DVD not the box we wanted!).

Thanks went out to Peter the Webmaster for keeping an eye on things and helping with forum and site problems over the year.

Must say I was bushed at the end of the afternoon and went home exhausted, it was the first time I had been out in a week since getting this nasty bug.  A day later I am still not right and poor Darian is now suffering from the same, she had to miss out yesterday..

Now all eyes are on the weather and the calendar as time is rapidly running out for fitting out!  We already have a launch date booked!

See you on the river,


P.S. spent a little time today updating pages on the site, adding the approved minutes and accounts etc, lots of little additions, then I got this in!


When  members were arriving fot ehr meeting yesterday, I was caught with one of the kittens we supplied to the marina bar, 'Pusscat 3' a real fluffy little girl who likes nothing better than being pampered and tickled, and finding the packet of 'Dreamies' in my pocket!  Thanks Nigel, nice pic.



Saturday 16th March 2013.

A year ago we had a mini heat wave, today was cold and grey and managed 5 degrees only, hope it warms up soon as the antifoul needs 10 degrees to be warm enough for application!.  Only just firing on 2 cylinders still after that bug, real nasty, so no outside work for me till I get 100%.  Forgive the hoarse throat tomorrow!

Had a reply from Phil and Sue with the Eventide 'Shoestring'.  Pleased to say Phil, the original builder back in the  1980's, has started restoration work on her and hopes to be back afloat in her this year, more power to the elbow Phil.

Tomorrow the annual Meeting, we will be down at Bradwell from about 1230. We have the dining room reserved for EOG members only.  See you there.  Had one last minute call for a can of antifouling, if you want any ring me 01621 778859.

See you there,



Thursday 14th March 2013.

Just 3 days till our Annual Meeting at Bradwell.  Members,  it's your chance to have a say!

Spent the last 2 days abed with a nasty bug, not much better today, very groggy and finding simple tasks difficult.  (OK I can hear you, 'What's new!).  Do hope I have gained use of fingers and brain by Sunday...  As it is this is taking longer to correct than type!

Sad news from Brian and Mavis, they are both laid up, we really wish them well.

Another new enrolment today with the Eventide 'Shoestring'.  I think I have heard of here before, will consult our Database Oracle... 

Off to have another Lemsip...



Saturday 9th March 2013.

I have been busy catching up on new enrolments today, sending out the official responses!  Had not realised I was so behind!  so the welcomes went out to Graham in Cyprus, wanting to build a Senior or maybe a goosander, To Briony who has rejoined us with Molly-Jade!  To Francesca with her WW 'Shanty Sails' in Cornwall.   To Brian mason in Lincolnshire wanting to build, but not sure quite what as yet..  and to tom Walker in Canada after he sent an update on his details and plans for Tikiti.  Waiting to see the details of the electric propulsion system....

So 5 enrolment forms in just a week!  Nice to see we are still as popular as ever!

Also welcomed a new member to the forum.  hopefully this will see more use....?

Having cleared the backlog of mail I now have to add a few pictures to the pages, to the Gallery.  i have also reduced the price on the GH Lady of Lockerley.  Bargain for someone.  Hopefully the prospective buyer for Camelot will have got in touch with Roy too.

Reminder 1 week to Annual Meeting.

Hope to see as many as can make it to Bradwell....  you chance, as a member, to have a say!

The fog and murk has partially lifted today, off to boat to measure up for mast steps!  Hope you fitting out proceeding to plan..




Thursday 7th March 2013.

Welcome to new new enrolments, Francesca with the WW Shanty Sails in Falmouth and to Briony, really a welcome back, as Briony in Scotland has bought back Molly-Jade, the Steel Eventide 26, bought it for the third time!!  There is a story there.  Hope to add pictures of Shanty Sails and an update on Molly-Jade shortly.

I will be replying officially to these ladies shortly.  I have just returned from a long weekend down in Devon with my daughter, who has walked my little legs off.  I'm told I will be fit after a month with her on board!  will try and catch up on website work....  while I am away this summer the job of answering mails will come down to Chris Sinnett and John Stevens and we are thinking the Stoppress page will really be put on hold till I return.  Any serious amendments will be done via John and Chris and the rest of the Steering Group and by the webmaster, Peter.

I am going to start a log of the trip that will almost replace the Stoppress pages for the time we are away, we hope.

Another reminder that the Annual meeting is coming up.  Any suggestions for the Seamanship trophy?  anyone willing to stand on the Steering group?

I have just amended the advert for Lady of Lockerley on the for sale page of the site, and today have diverted an enquiry re Camelot to the owner... 

I will also be adding a little bit to my Trip page this evening...

Still cold and damp outside, roll on spring, jobs to do.  Sold a few cans of Marclear antifouling this last week or so, £60.00 a 2.5 litre can if anyone interested, call on 01621 778859.




Thursday 28th February 2013.

A small but select group of members enjoyed a splendid meal and long natter at the Grange restaurant last night, just off the A12 at Boreham , sorry you missed it.

The next get together will be the Annual Meeting at Bradwell Marina Bar, Sunday 17th March.  St. Patrick's Day and our tenth birthday!    Bar open to us from 12.30  for lunch and drinks  meeting commencing about 2 pm for an hour.  No need to advance book for this one, though it would be nice to know in advance how many we are catering for just for the photo-copying!  normal number 01621 778859.

Welcome to 2 more new members, tom walker in Canada with the Waterwitch 'Tikiti'.  Tom is actually already a member but has sent in a completed form with a few updates on it, Thanks To, always good to get updates of mail addresses and the like.  Tom is about to re engine, will be interesting as the old Volvo MD2 is to be replaced with an electric motor!  Want to hear more about this one!

The other membership form is from Brian in Lincolnshire who is contemplating building.  Not sure what as yet. he will become an 'associate' member or 'friend' for now.

I have been busy updating charts etc and buying kit using that EBay page too...  see The Trip.

This page came in from Brian our fund Manager, apt.. beware counterfeit charts!

RYA - Royal Yachting Association News and Events Information and Advice RYA Shop www.rya.org.uk
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Welcome to the March issue of Cruising News

In this issue:

  Non- approved replacement beacon batteries
RYA warns that non-Cospas-Sarsat approved equipment batteries being sold for EPIRBs could pose a safety risks.
  Counterfeit nautical charts
UKHO advises of the rise in counterfeit Admiralty charts and publications being sold.
  Portuguese requirements on the carriage of safety equipment
Portuguese recognise RYA concerns that application of national safety equipment regulations to foreign flagged vessels is impractical.
  Navitus Bay Wind Park comments to be sent to developer
Views and objections sent to the RYA or any other organisation cannot be fed into the community consultation process.
  Boat Safety Scheme Certificate Makeover
A new central online database system aims to improve safety on the waterways.
  Access to Foulgers Gat
RYA members report that they have been prevented from using the Foulger's Gat channel by London Array wind farm vessels.

If you have any comments, questions or views email us - editor.cruisingnews@rya.org.uk


RYA Boat Maintenance Handbook
RYA Boat Maintenance Handbook

RYA Boat Maintenance Handbook is the ideal maintenance and repair guide that boaters will find indispensable for all routine maintenance jobs on and off the water, both above and below decks, inside and outside the hull.

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All for now,



Tuesday 26th February 2013.

Have just booked a table for the Grange at Boreham, just off the A12.  If you would like to join us ring 01621 778859.

We have had a renewal enrolment from Nigel with the Eventide 'Niarbyl'.  Some may know this boat from years ago as 'Odden' once owned by our late friend Dave Wright.  She is one of the first built sail number 146 and though a tired lady now, she is going to live on. Nigel has a shipwright who is just about to start building a new hull.  All the kit will be transferred to the new hull.  Using modern Ply and epoxy techniques she will be a far cry from the heavy carvel planked original. Nigel is taking advantage of all the updates on the Eventide drawings to build a practical and modern boat.  I will be starting a new page for the project on the Builders and Restores page shortly!

I have updated my trip page today.  too cold and damp for actual work aboard, but like that swan, a lot of hidden action as we glide along!

Had the ex owner of the Vulcan 'Silverhow' on again with more info, Tim if you are reading this we can get no answer from your mail and there may be info you may like.

Had a nice donation in from Ian Wilson the restorer of Jon and Ann's 'Everjoy'.  he has also sent a few photos to add to the Everjoy page.  She was launched as we announced, in October last year, just for long enough to check all worked OK, then laid up ashore for the winter.  A few tweaks and new dodgers and sail covers being made for a launch this Spring, Ian has also offered to meet us as we sail north!

Off to correct a few more charts..



Friday 22nd February 2013.

Where does the time go!  I  have been on the site and added a couple of pictures of the Tidewater 'Brego' and I have been editing/adding to the Trip page of course, though it is freezing cold still preparations are still able to go ahead here.

We have had another new enrolment, welcome to Robert Gefry in the USA asking after a CD of the Senior.  One enquirer has come back and enrolled, Johan from the Netherlands, he has now become the owner of the GH31 he was looking at and has corrected the name for us, 'Old Cataract'.  Must have a meaning...?  Anyway welcome to you too.

Had a couple more customers come back with orders for Marclear, seems it works well at Leigh on Sea too!

The annual meeting looms closer, at Bradwell marina clubhouse/bar, we have  the dining room reserved for us once again.  Meeting from 12.30 on and will get the meeting going about 13.30.  The bar is open for lunches, sandwiches and drinks of course.

End of the month meeting coming up next week, may move to Boreham and the Grange pub/restaurant.  any takers?  phone me on 01621 778859 so I can book a large enough table.

Well it is below freezing outside and the snow is gently falling, just small flurries still, winter has not let go yet..  roll on spring.



Thursday 14th February

Happy Valentines Day....

Had a lovely card today, no not one with hearts and roses, it was actually of the replica Greek Trireme!  It was from Colin Faggetters daughter Susan.  Colin's wife Sheila sadly passed away and the family thank us for keeping Colin's drawings alive and in the public domain and want us to carry on with the agreement we had with Sheila , that we would sell them at the same price as all the others and donate the small profit to the RNLI.  Last year we sold 2 CD's with Colin's drawings on them, so a little early to send a donation, but we do have a running count!

Received an item I bought on the Bay today, a used tiller-pilot.  Described as 'dry and salt free'.  the parcel was dripping inside with water dribbling out the tiller pilot's push rod.  OK you do expect to have some problems with used kit, but to describe as 'dry' when the water must have been pouring out of it as he packed it...  as he refuses to accept returns I have asked for a contribution towards the servicing that local dealer, Mansbrite can do.  Other than that I can get my money back with PayPal.... if I thought I could not repair it myself...   Will report back later.  

Found some yellow fabric, 2 lots getting samples and hopefully burgess will be printed soon!

Off to the cinema now to watch a romantic film! Well it is Valentines...



Tuesday 12th February 2013.

Worked on my boat a bit and in my workshop on my Seagull, now all ready for the year, but darn cold out there! Another sprinkle of snow over the weekend ant threat of more yet, still not as bad as New York last week.... wondering if that storm will dump snow on us in 10 days time!

I have altered the top of this page to include the Marclear advert again. I have the first cans in and the first already sold.  This stuff works well on the Blackwater, as no doubt you know if you have read the bit on the 'What Works' page.

I won a tiller pilot on our EBay page over the weekend, awaiting delivery to check it out.  This was at the request of 2 of my crew for the trip, as they did not want to steer all day for 2 or 3 weeks!  However I lost out on the tidal Atlas I went after... would have been so easy to up the bids, but you have to be canny.  they sell new for £8.50 in Maldon no point in buying a used one for the same money!

I have spoken to the proprietor of 'Visit My Harbour' website. He sells a complete Admiralty folio of charts as raster scans plus a plotter program, for £30!  No brainer, got to be got.  To update my SeaPro lite Plus charts over £100! The SeaClear program comes AIS ready and is simple to use, judging from the demonstrator I have tinkered with.  will be loaded to the boats laptop.

A slight hiccup with the Burgees.  The sample could not be printed...  so back to the drawing board.  We are now looking for a roll of fabric, Golden Yellow, strong wool bunting cloth that my friendly printer can print one side in black and it will leach through.  when the fabric printed we can cut out the flags and the sail maker can run up flags...  So till then sorry, we have run out.

Whilst talking of my printer lady, we have green sweats and polos as crew 'uniform' (The Ninja Green Turtle Crew' as we were christened some years back!  But I will enquire about other  colours, Navy or Red maybe with the EOG logo.  They come in all sizes and if you are willing to pay a one off for  a silk screen to be made, can add your boats name to the sweat as well.  I will get some prices.

No new enrolments in the last few days, but a couple of enquiries, one re the older drawings MG created.  I was able to point the person to the '60 years a yacht designer' book for the design he was interested in. 

All for now, 1 degree outside and snow in the forecast, hope your covers are tight!




Happy Birthday!!!


Saturday 9th February 2013.

A busy week at Eventide HQ!  We have had a few enquiries for CD's and 2 new enrolments. Today the EOG is ten years old!  What a lot has happened in those years and who could have thought how well we would have done?  From the early days when just the 65 ousted members of the old association joined us, we now have over 1,500 members.  Quite astonishing.  A hearty thankyou to all who supported us in our endeavours to reveal the truth and to all who continue to support the site by simply sending in all the wonderful information that we are able to share with all.  Happy Tenth birthday EOG.


Welcome to Mark Osborn with the Bawley 'Carina'.  We saw this boat languishing in Conyer, Kent 4 years ago when we broke out 'Glasstide' from there.  we hoped a good Samaritan would come along, and Mark is just that man.  We have started a page off for 'Carina' on the Builders and restorers pages. hoping to see this great looking boat sailing this summer.

Welcome too to Graeme Stevens who is looking at either an Eventide or something larger, to live on whilst at uni!  Hope he will find the right boat and then enjoy sailing it too! at the moment he sails a Westerly 22.

We have added a load of pics and info to the 'ElBarco' pages. Steve is powering ahead with the construction of his WildDuck.  More power to the elbow Steve!

We have had the son of the first owner of 'Silverhow' contact us, and I have put him in contact with the present owner.  Seems 'Silverhow' was  exhibited at the 1966 boat show at Earls court, where his father bought her.  Many fond memories.  Jon, the son has his own metal boat these days a very nice 30ft Ovni.  Seems metal boats were in the family!

Had the new owner of the Eventide 'Jeopardy', Ian Garforth  contact us, she is being moved from the east coast to Bristol, but due to the floods and bad weather has only got as far as Surrey at the moment, awaiting drier conditions to complete the trip!  It would appear she is being motored there by Thames and canal!  lock closures have stopped progress!  will be an interesting log to read!

And we have had Tony Howarth back on to tell us more about his books.  I have just downloaded the first of these books from Amazon and am reading it on my computer.  If you have a Kindle it may be easier to read in bed!  (not available on paper yet!)

links to

Available as kindle e-book

Buy at Amazon.co.uk

Buy at Amazon.com

Buy at Amazon.de

Buy at Amazon.fr

BOAT, PEOPLE and ME – First Voyage by Anthony Howarth
Volume I in the Boat, People & Me Series
A love story set in an adventure, on a boat. It is the story of two travellers from opposite sides of the world who never, ever, intended to find themselves at sea in a small sailing boat in a more than hurricane strength storm.

Boat is a classic 30 ft Waterwitch designed by the great Maurice Griffiths. People is a long legged, ash-blond with too many teeth, from Hawaii. And Me, I fell in love with the sea when I could only see it from high in the Pennines of home.

A journey of a lifetime that wakes the muse of history. Adventures and mis-adventures past, with causes and effects behind the events, come back to mind, and flow onto the page.

In his BOAT, PEOPLE and ME series of books Anthony Howarth writes a nesting egg of a memoir of a lifetime of adventure. And much is revealed. The story unfolds. And, the adventure goes on.  

"Fantastic! Have just finished reading after neglecting/ being late for everything else I was supposed to be doing this weekend... the sheer jaw-dropping nerve of it." Julienne

The BOAT, PEOPLE and ME Series of books by Anthony Howarth, is, of course, a true life adventure as well as memoir.

Introduction  BOAT,
                            PEOPLE and ME - First Voyage

Boat is pinned over, held, quite literally, in the grip of the wind at about forty-five degrees. Not rocking or oscillating. Held as if in a vibrating but rigid clamp.

The waves appear to be twice the height of our mast. Breaking water curls clear over Boat. The next wave shreds in the wind generator’s blades and drenches the satellite navigation antenna, mounted at the stern. A wave passes way over my head. Then another – it fills the cockpit!

I remember thinking, as I sat in the water, that the sea was remarkably warm for February.

Boat, People and Me - Series

The BOAT, PEOPLE and ME series of eight books, originally written as a continuing series for radio (and soon to be available again in that form) spans a period of almost a quarter of a century in the life of People, and Me.

An extraordinary story of two people, always in love and, as often as not, in trouble. It is, nonetheless an adventure not without humour amidst the suspense and the fear, and sometimes pain that does not always go away.

LINK to look at: www.AnthonyHowarth.com

and not to leave out Twitter @HowarthAnthony

With snow forecast for tomorrow and the jobs piling up for 'The TRIP', I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time for all the jobs, is there anywhere we can buy or borrow hours?  There just do not seem to be enough in the day!

Finally on a high note I can tell you that for the 4th year running the Marclear antifouling I use and also sell, has not increased in price! Now by today's standards that is good news.

All for now.  Keep the mails coming I will try to keep up!  Had Chris Sinnett volunteer to answer enquiries in my absence, bet you can keep him and the Database manager , John, busy!



Tuesday 5th February 2013

A few hectic days here as I had a crew meeting to organise for 'The Trip' .  In between we have had another 2 new members and a few sending in pictures of their projects and promises of more.  More enquiries for CD's too. 

Our financial year ended on the 31st, and I have just totted up the number of CD's sent out during the year, impressive number, over one a fortnight!

Welcome to new members Mark Osborn with the Bawley 'Carina' salvaged from Conyer, now afloat there and the restoration going ahead well.  I will be starting off a new page for Mark on the Restorers page. 

Welcome too to Graeme in Addlestone, Surrey with a Westerly, associate member for now, but interested in moving on to one of our designs.

Johan in the Netherlands has sent in a picture of the GH 31 'Le Passeur' he has found, last we heard belonged to Arno.  Assuming it still does, looks in nice order!

I will be updating lots of pages with all the new pictures shortly. Oh and I have just renewed the domain for another 2 years!

Hoping for a sample new Burgee shortly, we have run out!

I'm still looking for someone to take over for 3 months whilst I am away, just to answer all the mail, even if it is just to say 'welcome and hang on till john gets back'!  Come on don't be shy....



Thursday 31st January 2013

Met up with Eventiders last night for an excellent evening in Maldon, would like to see more members try and join us, maybe you do not want a meal, just a natter and a pint??  Let us know and we will alter the arrangements to see if it suits more members.

The warmer weather has meant more boat work getting done and it is enticing owners out.  We have had a great bit of news about the Bawley 'Carina' she has been saved!  We have a few pics of her as she was on the EBay Advert, and I have a lot better ones to add soon!

We have had a nice donation in from another member, Steve in Spain.  He is building a WildDuck, see his page!

Sent out a burgee to Tony in France yesterday, and visited my sail maker to pick up covers etc and asked about the replacements..  he has lost the burgee!  He knows he has it as he found it last month and put it in a safe place!  Poor chap is on chaos as they are moving premises!  Hope to get him kick started into making a new batch very shortly, they will all be roped and toggled.

Lonton and Gray sail makers have just re-stitched my Jackstay webbing, needs redoing every 5 years for safety!  never been done before and I had it made in 2000!  They have also made me a smart new mainsail cover, this time with winch pockets!  for 22years I have been struggling with the original as the guy forgot the winches...  however 22 years is not a bad innings!  Like Triggers broom, (Only fools and horses!) it has been patched and re-stitched that many times, but washing it every winter and taking care of it has saved replacement till now.

I have also found a use for my old dodgers!  It was recommended for my impending trip.  Use them, suitably cut and squared off, as fender to hull protectors so the topsides do not get damaged....  simple... so I have to unearth them and see if they will fit, then cut off the odd shaped bit where they used to go up the sheer in the deck.!

Have had another boat in to go onto the For Sale page, will add it shortly.  GH 31 Golden Crest!  we had been asking after the owner to come forward!

All for now, back to the day job!



Monday 28th January 2013.

Had an interesting mail in this weekend....

I see you have the GH31 Hindsight listed on your website.

I owned her between about 1987 and 1991. She has a single chine but is registered as a GH 31. She is now in a tidal boatyard on the River Itchen in Southampton, where she has been lying unused for many years. I forget the builder's name, but I don't think it was Erskine. 

I gather that she has now been somewhat altered internally. She was not in good condition when I owned her - I replaced the transom and afterdeck, plus several feet of the stringers going forwards. She is sheathed ply (I think it's Cascover) and if that kind of structure is not well maintained it can trap moisture, as had happened. The original ply was also poor quality. 

As of last week Hindsight was still afloat, but alas I think sometime soon she will fail to lift with the tide. I suspect she would be free to a good home if someone wants a major project. The decks should be OK as I replaced a lot of the deck ply and sheathed them with epoxy/glass. She has a Yanmar 3QM30 diesel which was in good condition when I owned her.

She has had very little use since then. If anyone's interested, I can put them in touch with the boatyard.

 Martin Corrick    martin.corrick at gmail.com

26  Jan 2013

Anyone fancy taking it on?  contact Martin!

We have had more join us, welcome to Michael O'Callaghan in Lincolnshire with plans to build, but not sure what, and from Robert Gerfy in The USA wanting to build a Senior. He is after a CD. Also heard from Mario Ravesi in Italy, interested in building an Eventide 26. Another CD to go out.

Also had a generous donation in from Tony Howarth, with an invite to read a chapter or two of his book. 'Boat, People and Me'.  I will be adding a link or two to his Amazon page on our books page, if you would like to download the 1st book,  for about £3.50!  Can apparently be read on a P.C. as well as a kindle or similar.  will let you know how I get on.

The snow has gone, in a rush here, with temperatures rising above freezing for the first time for a while, and to a dizzy 10 degrees! 

I am still collecting gear for the big trip, today picked up a couple more fan belts! We have a crew meeting Sunday.  Amazing the number of queries to be sorted and I bet more to be raised.  Everything from best long distance buses to lifejacket servicing.

Before that, this Wednesday, a small group of us will be meeting in Maldon, at Izumi the Chinese buffet restaurant!  Come and join us, but call first (01621 778859) so I can make sure we have a large enough table!  Meeting at 1930hours.

The pace of my fitting out is accelerating, hope yours is going to plan!



Tuesday 22nd January 2013.

The mails have been coming in thick and fast over the last week and I have just got round to answering all the backlog!

Welcome to 4 new members!

To Brian Turnbull in Australia interested in an Eventide 24, not sure if he has one or is looking at one, will find out more.  To Jaroslav Sebestik, also in Australia who is wanting to purchase a CD of the Pochard 20 by Colin Faggetter.  Chris Moore in Sutton Coldfield joins us with a Roberts 43ft design, the Mauritius 43.  I am not certain if MG had a connection with this design, so have asked for more info.  and lastly to Anthony Howarth in France, with the Waterwitch 'Teela Brown'.  He has added some fascinating info, he and his wife have sailed her all over for the last 15 years, clocking up 50,000 miles.  He is a prolific author and photographer and for the older generation you may recall the name,   started 'Private Eye'!  I am adding a picture of 'Teela Brown' and there is a link you may like to follow too.    http://www.anthonyhowarth.com/ Fascinating career.  welcome aboard all.

I have also had an enquiry from Austria. Josef is building an Eventide 26 there from our drawings.  He has the frames all made and the keelson laminated up, he is now deciding on the planking.  He was wanting to build her of double diagonal Larch with epoxy, but is concerned the 10mm Larch may split.  I have advised that others have built of thicker with epoxy and sanded to get a 25mm thick and very strong hull.  will be interesting to see how he gets on.  For some reason he prefers this to ply build.

I have added a page or two to the builders and restorers sections and a picture to the WW pages and another to the MG section, with a link to a section on just that new boat, Sequence.

I have also added  more text to the 6 pictures added to the Senior page and of course more to the trip page.

I have had so many mails re my planned trip that it has taken on a life of it's own.  Now I have 4 boats asking to sail legs in company with us. could this be the biggest ever Eventiders meet??

all for now!



Saturday 19th January 2013.

With most of the country covered in snow, the grass is still green here.  Living near the east coast has advantages! OK it has been cold, and the snow has tried, but not for long, but still too cold to want to go back down the barn to work on the boat though.

Spent an hour or two this morning adding a nice GH 31 to our For Sale pages, Moonshiner. 

Also added 32 pictures and associated write up on 2 Eventides, one new to the site. Thanks to Bill Montague, the builder of 'Kili' for the pics and info.

We have had a request for a couple of CD's from a member, Rodney Carey in Oz,  and 2 more enquiries, for our CD's, awaiting an enrolment form from them. One of them is in Oz too!

I have edited the Fiddler's Green trip page again, and will do so as often as I can, along with this page. In response to the page I have heard from another member,  Tom Greenwood with 'Iona'.  He sails the Pembrokeshire coast and has offered me pilotage info and hopefully another sail in company on the trip. He was a member if the local inshore lifeboat crew, so who better for local knowledge! I am really pleased to be getting so many mails from members about the trip.

As it is barely above freezing and snow forecast, going nowhere, so I will be correcting charts today!  Hope you keep yours up to date!

Will be back on the site later, have a new page or two to add to the restorers section!

Looking forward to seeing as many as can make it to the party in march!

Annual Meeting, Bradwell Marina Bar, 1300 Sunday 17th March 2013.

all for now,



Wednesday 16th January 2013.

Busy working on F.G., you can read about it on the link to the page above, click on the map!  We have had a few mails in too!  another member wants to meet up with me on my way round too!

Welcome to Paschall with the Riptide/Noontide that our Rachael built.  Sadly Rachael was not able through infirmity, to finish the wonderful boat she built, (you may recall she was our Steel rep for a long time).  She has left the UK for warmer climes and sold the boat. Paschall tell us he is going to convert her to Junk rig, which properly done will suit her.  (It suited the slightly larger GH 34 Jua well enough!).  We hope Paschall keeps in touch.  Have just sent him a CD of the Riptide/Noontide drawings, thanks for the donation too Pascall.

I must apologise to several members who had sent in adverts last week, I have not been able to edit those pages as the webmaster was working on the site.  I promise to spend some time in the next few days, updating the For Sale pages and adding more items.

I have sent a CD out to Robert for his 3 Tonner and he tell me that 'Brie' has now been safely transported to Wales where he is at college and I will start a page off for him on the restorers section.

I also have to start another page and add details to a third.

We have had a lot of pictures and information about 4 different boats that I must also sit down and update pages with, all great stuff and a big thankyou to all who keep me busy!

Have to sign off now as I have to close and restart the P.C. as it has just done an important update. will be back soon, in the meantime see what else I have been up to on the Boat trip page, click the map!



Tuesday January 8th 2013.

Annual Meeting, Bradwell Marina Bar, 1300 Sunday 17th March 2013.

Also our tenth birthday, so a party atmosphere for St. Patrick's day!

All members welcome, bar open and good food available.

We have plenty to celebrate too!

Contact me on 01621 778859 for more info, or mail us.

I have started off a new page for the cruise I am planning at the moment, see the home page or click here.

Have had two new members in the past few days, Gregory from North Wales somewhere, he has not said, who is hoping to buy the WW Tamaha.  Hoping to hear from Greg that he is the new owner and get more details.

We have also heard from Richard Oliver the owner of a boat designed by and once owned by MG, 'Sequence'. This fine craft has been completely renovated and updated and sails the Solent area. Richard has sent enough information for me to start a new page just for his boat, and it will be linked to pictures on the MG section of the photo gallery.  Will be posted soon.

We have also had pictures of a Senior for the gallery from Alan Stacey and two mails full of information to add to the for sale pages.  Will get all these pics on as soon as I can.  Peter has been doing work on the site over the weekend and I had not been able to get on till today.

We have heard from someone we put in touch with Rachael the builder of the steel Riptide, hope to hear a happy outcome there.

Hoping to get the forum up and running again shortly, we have had to devise a whole new level of simple security to prevent the spammers, hopefully you will be able to join it again shortly.  Thanks to Peter for this.

We have heard from a couple of members that may liaise with fiddler's Green next summer, if the cruise comes off.  We may have the first Loch Ness, Eventide Meet!

All for now,




Friday 4th January 2013.

The warm days are confusing the wildlife here, with temperatures yesterday and today in double figures and dry to boot, it makes a very pleasant change!  just had Lonton and Grays sail makers round to fit a cover on my open boat, hope now it will not fill with snow...  I have an inkling the warm spell will not last!

Welcome to two more new members.  Jim Spiers in Lanarkshire with thoughts of acquiring an Eventide and to Paul Shotton of Southampton with a 27ft Finesse, that was co designed by MG.  Welcome to both of you.  hope to have pictures of Paul's 'bonito' shortly.

The observant will have noticed the last entry.  I have now got an editing program and an uploading program on the boats laptop and have successfully edited this page as a test.  I will shortly make a new page with links from here and the home page it will be a log of the preparations for our trip and will be the place I will write up the log as we sail.  The wonders of modern technology!

The Annual Meeting will be at Bradwell again and hopefully I will be back with a date shortly.  Could be a party, our tenth birthday!

Time to start amending the charts!




Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

Test of remote editing from boat!!!!  I have had fun today finding and downloading/uploading programs onto the boats little computer and configuring them to work so I can  edit whilst afloat.  This is just a test to ensure the system works!

Already had an offer of a sail in company in Scotland and a welcome to visit a harbour in the wash, and we are only 2 days into the new year, looks promising!


Wishing all a very happy New year and hopefully a good sailing season, for a change!

Tuesday 1st January 2013.


The sun in shining and the sky is blue, nice to see people here out walking, we will be joining them shortly.  Too good an opportunity to miss!  After all the rain, lets hope the wettest year on record may be followed by a warm and 'normal' year, with enough rain to stave off drought and not too much wind or other adverse weather, for a change!

John is organising a meeting of prospective crew for his trip, to be held late in the month.  So far have 3 definite and 3 possible's, one maybe...  plus 2 reluctant for the Caledonian Canal across Scotland, they heard how deep Loch Ness is!

Still working on a way of updating a log book page on this site from the boat...  Need an editing system on my laptop that would work.....   Thought of Facebook and Twitter, but apparently you cannot download all a log then to save elsewhere.... unless you know different.   Need a copy of the old Microsoft 'FrontPage'.

The Eventide Owners Group attains it's 10th birthday soon and the Annual Meeting in March (date to be confirmed), sounds like a good time for a party!

Enjoy the day and hope the year brings all members happiness.




2013.  Discount Marclear antifouling For Sale.

  Hope to have prices pegged for 4th year!. Feb 2013.

 I have again been  offered a great deal  on Marclear, for High Strength Work Boat Red Antifouling. 

I am to be able to sell it at £60.00  for 2.5 litres, instead of the R.R.P. of £107.00!  This will include a donation of £2.50 to the EOG for every can!  

Thinners for wiping down, cleaning up or thinning 10% if it is really warm, (wish), £5.50  for a litre can.

There is also a primer in 2.5 litre cans, for covering old antifouling that may be flaking, unstable or not copper-based.  £40.00

Also will have to be picked up from me in Essex, or carriage free if you want to order  4 cans, ( over £200 worth)  to be sent to you up country!   (Get together with a mate!)

For more details contact me on 01621 778859 

 This year again I will be accepting payment from credit cards on ordering

via the  SOS PayPal account.

Contact me via this site  enquiries@eventides.org.uk and I will send details.


Marclear have a web site up and running now, click here,  Marclear  to see the other colours.