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We now have all the latest Eventide drawings for building  scanned and saved on CD

 We will send a CD of any design, to enrolled members, at cost, £5.00 UK and £6.50 overseas.

This includes the early drawings, just for reference, not for building from  and the Ferro version!

Also includes the Steel sheets now!!. 

All updated with all the latest amendments.... as agreed between Maurice and the Coordinator, John Williams.


Other Designs

Junior   Senior  Wild Duck  Goosander  Waterwitch  Mouette  3 Tonner   Unidentified  Kylix

  Storm 26  M.G. Designs   Riptide 31   Golden Hind  Lone Gull II's   Barbican and Atlantic Clipper  

 Friends   Tidewater

January 2010. found this advert in a 1963 copy of YM.  Look at the prices!

Note also the 26ft Eventide comes out 3" longer when they made it!  however the Waterline was only 20ft, Not 23ft as today...

 It was a very lightly ballasted boat back then!  The keel would have only been 1,200lb as opposed to the 1,660lb keel in 1972 and the 2000lb we recommend today.



This old article was one I wrote in 1980 for YM when we took over the plans dept. from YM.

March 2016 heard from Angela who's father owned 'Mimulus', that first Eventide, in the 1970's, she sent this picture:-


    Just had to include this picture.  It is lifted from the 'Arrow book of Sailing' by M.G. (Courtesy of Mike Hoban.)   The picture on the left shows a group of three Dutchmen hanging onto the top of an E27's?? mast!   The comments in the book indicate that they hurriedly needed a fourth to prevent the others being hoisted up!  As the photo was taken before 1966, this boat had at best, the 1200lb keel. How many Dutchmen for the later 1660lb keel!  Do we know the boat?
    Fiddler's Green  

Seen here in 2004 off the Isle of Dogs on the EOG London Cruise.

    Fiddler's Green  Off Marconi in the Blackwater.

  Fintra See the newsletter story!     'Fiddler's Green'

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Mr. Norman Garnett, Jean, an E. 24 on launching Day April 2002. Douglas Boatyard R. Ribble.

  'June' on launch day

Owned by Norman Garnett.  See the log of her journey north in the Newsletter.

    Click for more rudder pics



  'Fiddler's Green'

Seen here off Portland Harbour, on our way West.







Owned by Brian Platts and Elizabeth Letzer.


  Interior  of 'Fiddler's Green', the chart table area




    'Avocet'  picture by Steve Bolster, owner of 'Fintra', taken off West Coast of Scotland 2004.  

  'Fiddler's Green', under motor, years ago, when the motor was a Stuart Turner!  Note our 'House Flag'.

Mistress II .  Eddie O'Riodan's Eventide 26.  Sailing Well!  Built by Tony Nelson

  'Mistress II'

Andrew Fox is the new owner of this boat, kept in Burnham on Crouch.

    Interior of 'Fiddler's Green'.





  'Mistress II' 

Andrew the new owner with the main set for the first time, enjoys the feel of his new 'Mistress'


  'Mistress II'

Andrew and Jo at the West Mersea Meet 2004, just take a look at those clouds to tell you what the weather was like!


  'Mistress II' figurehead is John trying to sort out the downhaul on the genoa!  

  'Mistress II' As the motor was being temperamental, we just sailed, and how! A Good breeze and calm sea, entering the R. Crouch. Pic by Doug. Oct 2010, she is up for sale, sadly with rot problems....

  June 2011, Andrew and Jo sold Mistress II earlier this year, she had developed some serious rot in the deck and topsides.  She was sold for a very realistic sum, considering the new 12 hp motor in her.  

  Simon the new owner, who I have met (but am still waiting for the enrolment form from!), has started to expose and remove the damaged ply.

  Though it looks extensive, really most of the ply was not bad, but a better job to be done by removing the lot. I will be popping by every now and again to see how he is getting on and bend his arm into enrolling! (We still give free advice to non members!).  

   You can see here Simon has heeded my advice to join panels halfway between frames with butt joints, a much fairer and stronger  hull is achieved this way.



   September 2012, boat covered and work appears to have stopped, what up Simon?  The boat moved to the back of the yard, never a good sign....  

  Some good work has been done here, September 2012, but boat does not appear to have been touched for a while?  Where are you Simon, come and join us.

Aug 2013. Welcome to you Simon! Just got your form.


  'Hannah B'

Definitely an Eventide, ex, Peter Chaperlin's. Not a Riptide as suggested 'elsewhere'.


  This may not look at first sight Jo be an Eventide, but it is. 'Eventually' She was for sale on the site, we understand she sold on E-Bay for just over 7K.

A little birdy tells us she is still for sale??? 3 years on we believe sold.

The very high cabin sides and the low, raised topsides make her so different.

  Eventide 24 'Blue Dawne' E589   'Blue Dawne' owned by M. Uttley and kept in Fleetwood.

The daughter of the builder is in touch with us and would like to know where the boat is now?  Any ideas? Dec 2004, update.  Thanks to Elizabeth and Brian, we have been able to put Diane in touch with the current owner, Malcolm, we hope they will send in a pic of the happy reunion and a story or two of this boat's fantastic voyages!

February 2015, Malcolm has contacted us to join and send more pictures!


Blue Dawne is a 24ft Eventides built in 1963 in York by a professional coach builder. He took out a marine mortgage of £3000 to build the boat. :

Aquaply marine ply on a Mahogany frame , with Oak dead wood and a lead keel. Sitka spruce mast with S/s fittings.

Registered No. 186606 Sail No. E589

Engine Yanmar 1gm 10.


I have tried to keep her as original as possible, rather like a vintage car , For example, Jib has piston hanks and not roller furling. The mast is original and is in excellent condition. In winter, she is lifted out and covered with a lorry tarpaulin, which I'm sure has helped to preserve her. The ply is in amazing condition considering her age.

In this picture she is approaching Piel Island




    Blue Dawne  I have owned her since 1989, and have sailed over 7000 miles in her. From 1990 to 2000, I made 14 passages to the Isle of Man and often continued on to Ireland, or down to Wales.
    Malcolm has sent in this interior shot, as if to underline the original set up on board, down to  the paraffin lamp!     'Blue Dawne' under sail.

Very original not even a bowsprit!

  This is John Williams' previous boat, now owns Fiddlers Green.   'Bluenose'

John's Previous boat, now moored on the Orwell in Suffolk. Click here for more pics from the time John owned her.


    'Bluenose' snapped by Bob Bertram in Ipswich Dock



  'Pegasus' snapped by Bob Bertam again, Bruce scrubbing the bottom, on the mooring just outside Fox's Marina Ipswich 1992. Bruce tells me she is laid up at his home for the moment. Jan 05

2012, she will be up for sale shortly...




This boat is GRP, though you would not know it at first., thought it was made with panels of GRP instead of Ply!  Now we learn it was one of two made conventionally from a Mould at Leigh on Sea, Essex. Now belongs to our database manager/Historian, John Stevens

   "GALATEA" pic the boy and I were on route to a meet at power station creek opposite the Hamble we are proceeding up the North Channel going NW the wind was SW F4 and she was going like a train. Over the tops of my shoulder you can just make out the point of land just before Cowes. Bit of a bone in the teeth.   'Galatea'

Being lovingly restored to her former glory by Helen and Chris Jamieson.

Just sold, again,  March 2007





was owned by Phil Mayson, now sold to George Widdowson.

See Featured Boat


    'Isis'  Steel Eventide 26 in rice and Coles Yard at Burnham on Crouch.  Local boat seen on moorings for many years, reminds me of one of the first steel Eventides I knew, sailed from Strood on the Medway, same boat?


    'Filandra'     'Filandra'

Chris Walker's widely sailed boat, crewed by enthusiastic family! Recently sold, Oct 06






Was a regular visitor to the Bradwell area.  The owner, John Moore says he will hopefully be back with us this year! We will be at West Mersea John!  Now sold she is in France!






  This is a lovely example of a steel 26ft Eventide 'Avalon' built by Carl Adams in Sweden   'Avalon'

A steel boat from Sweden.



  'Summaro'     'Filandra'
  Owned by David Futers, this boat is called Shamgah. This is Persian for Eventide. It is thought that the original owner worked in Persia, (which is now Iran) and commisioned the boat on his return to the UK. Shamgah was built in 1965   'Shamgah' David Futer's boat.  Sadly she was destroyed in an accident ashore when she was blown from her trailer in the Scottish gales of Jan 05.     'Filandra'



  'Merida'  October 2006, just been sold we understand, wonder who has her now?     'Filandra'



  'Double D'  


    'Tertia of Leigh'

Owned by Ed McKenna and undergoing restoration




  'Tertia of Leigh' Built 1964 Johnson & Jago  Leigh on Sea
Vessel awaiting modifications: New decks,

Saw her in Scilly some years back!

  Cockpit floor not self-draining -
will be soon! Rudder to be transom hung
  Inner roller-reefing stay to be installed. New three blade prop to replace
existing two blade prop.  Coach roof to be raised slightly (like Golden Hind) and extended so as to improve accommodation.



Owned by Malcolm Hay and based at Milford Haven Marina.



Was owned by John Holt and can still be seen in the Morecombe Bay area, with John as crew!





'Dido', seen here at Walton.



'Luke'  In Malta, owned by our Med rep, George Bugeja.



'Sea Willow' Snapped at Maldon


  'Sea Willow'.

  Pretty sure this is 'Sea Willow' again, seen on a different mooring and in a slightly different colour.  

  Sea Willow, May 2012, up for sale we understand, but no advert on our pages?? Sold and the new owner with us!

  'Maliaka' Eventide 26 at Maldon, on a mooring  just off the Hythe. March 2007, the owner John is in touch, welcome!  

  July 2012  'Maliaka' found wrecked on the sea wall at Maldon.  Did she drift, vandalism or what? Will try and find out.
May 2021, spoke to a young chap at Bradwell, working on Duet the sail training boat, says he was convinced to sell it but new owner stripped it and abandoned it.  Sad end.


  Mike Hoban's newly acquired boat.  Now named  'Otteau'  launched in May 2004  An E. 24 just purchased from Portsmouth. Note deeper keel. Sold Oct 06 to Nigel and Heidi, in favour of a GH! they kept her till 2011 when they sold her in  favour of a Barbican! Now owned by member John Holmes

  A closer view of 'Otteau's' keel  

  U/K Eventide for sale on boatsandoutboards.co.uk

  'La Manchot' A really unusual E26 with a modified top, but look at the pic on the right!  

  Yes she has a stern cabin!  Often thought about this for my 24, when space inside was at a premium, but discounted it on the grounds of weight.  This boat has been around for a while, seems to work too!

This boat has just been sold, August 05, who owns her now?



  This message in, June 2011!


I joined the forum a couple of nights ago, having just acquired 'La Manchot', built as you know in '64 by 'Mike' Goodair and Ken Brown.
I live in Pembroke on the Milford Haven and have taken the boat on with my Father as a joint project.





  She's been left unattended on her mooring for 3 years now and is in a bit of a sorry state. There's plenty of work to do, as you'll see from the attached pictures, which I'm sending for you to see the start of the work in progress.  

Watch this space...!


Kind regards,


  'Cameroon' Built by my friend Peter Coates, he  sadly just sold her as his health did not allow him to sail.  We have just heard that Peter  has  sadly passed away, August 04.    

  'Cameroon' Built and owned by my late friend Peter Coates. Gaff rigged she makes quite a sight.  Photo courtesy of his son David.  We have just heard she is now in the Walton Backwaters from our 'Lone Gull II' rep. 

'Cameroon' under new ownership, February 2016. Richard Wells has just joined, good to have Cameroon back in the fold!  She is based in Titchmarsh marina, Walton on Naze.

Summer 2018 'Cameroon' in Titchmarsh Marina

We met up with Richard in September 2018, he is re rigging her as the mast was damaged.

  'Galliard' a 30 ft version, yes 30 ft!  She started as a 26ft version stretched 28ft, but a new transom and 2 extra feet  was added later.  (This pic shows her as a 28 footer.) Tony Sykes  approached us to help sell her.

July 2005,  the boat sold locally at a knock down price to a Mr. Mariner-Clarke.  We  did hope he might  get in touch. 




  However we understand he has her up for sale already.

She was in a very poor state, with  soft timbers in all sorts of places.  A terrific amount of work needed.  We were very surprised to see her for sale a few weeks later for £18k. Alarm bells should be ringing!!

If you are looking at this or any other old wooden boat, a full survey is good insurance. Definitely 'Buyer Beware'!


  July 2007, I saw Galliard ashore at Brightlingsea, has she been sold and are new owners doing the work so sorely needed  

  I do hope so!

  As you can see from these shots there was 'work' going on....  Not so sure I liked it though, a lot of foam gap filler being used.... a good surveyor would rip this sort of repair to bits....

August 09 we hear she is on the internet for sale again at a silly £25k price.  I smell something odd... £3k would be more realistic seeing this!


  The old GRP sheathing being removed. was found to be more trouble than it was worth by many of us, rot can spread like wildfire beneath it, without you knowing... and in Galliard it did.

2010 she was back on the net for £15k, then 12, then 10, then withdrawn.  The seller  just seems to be looking for a mug to come along, or is there something more sinister going on again? If she is destroyed by fire my colleagues in the Essex Police Marine unit will be involved!


  'Sea Pea'.  I believe this is the name of this vessel. Built to 28 ft by Chris Parnham.

2011, we hear from Chris Luke that this is 'Sarane' and both these pictures were taken in the Channel Isles

    'Sea Pea'  Yes it is Chris's boat, he has been in touch.  He has now a larger Steel Spray  replica I believe. See not on left, This is 'Sarane'.  was she ever called 'SeaPea' I wonder. Chris has had her 15 years.
    'Tide of Events'

Note the unusual cabin side window.

    'Tide of Events'

Owned by

Jelle van der Meulen


    'Tide of Events'

This is another of our Dutch boats.

    'Tide of Events'

Note the Fin Keel.


  'Tide of Events' We were berthed just a few boats away in Middleburg, July 2004.  

  Sadly Jelle the owner was working away at sea, so missed us. note those teak laid decks, very smart!

  'Lidian' Looking in need of a little T.L.C. where is she now?  


  'Lidian' again.  

  This is 'Taaroa'  Later to be named 'Tangaroa' and even later sold as a wreck to Norman Garnett, who used her fittings to assist in the building of 'Jean' Click here to go to more pictures of her in the building!

  'Captain Nancy'  

  'Captain Nancy'  Following a fast Wild Duck! 'Hellebarb' I believe.

  'Contaro' the only Ferro Eventide I know of, any more out there? Contaro was sold in the mid 1990's and here whereabouts is unknown.  Roger the builder would like to know where she is now, can you help? We also have a whole page devoted to her on the builders pages.  

  'Neptune's Neried' Jim and Esther Smith at the Bradwell meet in 1980!

  This is 'Neptunes Neried' in November 2008, she has been totally restored by Iddy and Jenny, but sadly they now have to part with her.  They have made a pretty job of painting her up, outside and in!  

  Very comfortable on board, but needing navigational gear installed o make her fit for the sea again, with new rigging yet to be refitted, there is a bit of work, but at £2,900 ono she is a good buy for someone maybe, see the For Sale pages.

  'Mobri', Brian and Mo West on the Blackwater 1980  

  'Mobri'  Showing the now standard extended keel but still with inboard rudder.

Sadly 2005 we heard she was broken up. She only had rot in her decks, but the person who had her could not cope and wrecked her for her parts, what a shame.  We now have heard she has had a shed built on top and is a houseboat!!!


  'Evenstar' . Owned here by David Cooper. Note the short mast! She is one of the few still retaining Gunter Rig!  

  'Evenstar' Look like she is on the beach at Bembridge!

  'Aries'   Pic by me on the London River when I had to 'work' for a living!  

  'Aries' Seen here on the R. Blackwater, many years ago, when my camera was always loaded with B/W for the old magazine!  How times change.  Now it is electronicalls and digmewhatsits....

  'Aires' captured off Bradwell some years ago  

  'Quartet' E24 no 50, built by a quartet of students at Shoreditch and launched in 1959! sadly she was given away and broken up to provide parts for the Junk rigger E26 'Jean'

  'Magog' Tony Dellaway's Eventide, was berthed in France.  Sadly Sept 2012 we learn she was broken up. The first of many pics, the rest are on a page of their own, click here to see more!  

  'Sea Breeze' Seen here on her mooring at Canvey in Essex. She was sold from the For Sale pages recently.

  E.26 'Emma Jane' She is now in the hands of new owners who have her in Maldon for the moment, May 07, but will be moving her to France later.  

  'Emma Jane'  this pic  Oct 04.  Looks lovely, especially that fancy boot top! Need a 2007 pic to add to the pages. What about it David?

  'Emilne' picture sent in by Reg Lihou, he owned her for 10 years from 1978.  Later in 1989 an owner sank her by running her ashore near Barton on Sea, Chichester.  

  A gaggle of Eventiders, Newtown Creek 1983, in happier days!  Pic by Reg Lihou.  Can you name the boats?
    July 2007, we are pleased to announce that the owners Nick and Laurie have just joined us.  This is 'Red Skye'   She is sail number '2'.  I believe she is the oldest surviving Eventide!  She is the marina in Bellingham WA and was  spotted by another member.  As he said,  'a nearly complete Maurice Griffiths design “Eventide”.  Rare find in the USA as originally published in Yachting Monthly years ago in the UK. Looks like the sails have yet to be bent on and maybe some interior work needs to be completed.  (She was just being re-launched after refit!)


    'Red Skye' Here she is at their home prior to launching!  She has the 1958 gunter rig, but modified by the use of a lightweight windsurfer spar.  Is this the oldest Eventide??   We think so.....
         'Red Skye', 2006, here are a few more pics of the family out enjoying the sailing, note the early sail number, the lowest known to exist, (no 1 'Mimulus' sadly is no more.. ) Also the gunter rig!  Only on the drawings for a few years...

  'Kili' Did Belong to Greg Woods for a while and was  For Sale on our pages.  Was moored Bembridge, Isle of Wight  

  'Kili' Being launched after rebuild.  Belonged to Greg's father in law who lived on the island.  Greg  himself has now moved to  Norfolk, so getting to her involves a long trek!  Looks to be in nice order.  October 2007, she was sold and and the new owner has just signed up with us... awaiting modern pics. but in the meantime....

  Very pleased to hear from the builder of 'Kili' Bill Montague. He has sent in a raft of pictures of 'Kili' and of friends boats

      'Kili' under construction!

Great to show these pics of the simple construction method used with our boats, that has proven to be enduring!

Here are a few pictures of the 24' Eventide "Kili", the name was taken from the Hobbit. It took three years to build and many fun hours building and sailing the vessel.

 It was built in my back garden and at one time I was a member of the Eventide Owners Association. I also made many friends who also had Eventides, John Shirley from East Grinstead and Sidney Geerke. Stories that could tell about those two, fantastic men. John Shirley's boat was called "Moonshiner".

 Thank you for responding so quickly.

 Kind regards

 Bill Montague   




I saw the boat some years later in Brading Haven harbour with the I believe the port side ground away where she had foundered in the harbour there. Also someone had stuck an outboard bracket on the stern. She started out with a Stuart Turner 4hp engine and then we upgraded to a Stuart Turner 8hp which we rescued from a farm. It was a lovely boat, but not one that wives enjoyed. We made numerous crossings across the channel in her. She was a very nice boat to sail.

 I could tell you lots of lovely stories about her and the other boats around her, all Eventides.

 I had many happy hours both building her and sailing her.

 The boat was built in Rustington and moored at Littlehampton on the LSMC moorings.

 I could write a book also about John Shirley and Moonshiner one long summer, I have pictures of Moonshiner as well. I will send you some of those.



  Good old fashioned G cramps holding the ply panel in place  

  Transom boarded up, two layers thick,  this looks like the flat transom option, easier and quicker to build and just as good looking as the curved one. (simpler to fit transom rudders and ladders later too!

  The keel and bilge keels fitted, main keel is the later deeper keel by the looks of it as it was built when the drawings were being updated.  


The young boy is my son, the other children belonged to the neighbours.


The man that bought it from me was a gentleman by the name of David George.


The boat was launched in circa 1975.



  The boat was built in Rustington, Sussex.

Nearing completion, wonder who was the owner of the car?


  Launch day 1975 at Littlehampton. Note she has the standard inboard rudder.



  More views of her at LSMC moorings Littlehampton. 1975  


  Engine trials!  Health and safety today would have 40 fits! Heard from Bill today, June 2021 that the two chaps on deck were to be the new owners, and this was his last trip aboard her. H is coiling lines aft, John Shirley on the helm.


  And she sails!  

   On passage, probably alongside Moonshiner

  View from the cockpit.  

  Now this does not look like Littlehampton!  where are they!?


John Shirley's Moonshiner. We did a lot of modifications to that boat.

 The location is Littlehampton.

 See if you can spot the modifications we did? It originally had an outboard engine, mounted inboard.

 Unfortunately Sid Gerke and John Shirley are no longer with us.

Note transom rudder and gap between rudder and keel filled in, to offset weather helm.



  'Moonshiner' taking to the water for the first time.

  Here Bill Ingles of Arun YC is placing Moonshiner on the mooring for the first time.  


  Moonshiner at AYC

  Arun YC pontoon  

   Arun YC.

  Under sail  

  Could this be on the trip across the channel with Kili?









  This is John Parry's boat built from Tuphnol!  

  She was called 'Nemo' years ago, and was left to fend for herself in Halstow Creek, Kent.

  Here she is awaiting restoration, see the restorers and builders page for more.  

  This is how she will look shortly! 

She was launched and sailed for a year but now sold on, sadly.  The new owner is known to us... boat  for sale again 2011, sadly without the nice new Honda...


  'Folly' Found in Tollesbury undergoing a refit.  

  Shows just how easy a ply boat is to repair.  With a little work you might never know the patch was there. However corners have been cut here and the repairs were never good. Oct 2010 she is awaiting scrapping at Tollesbury, having been abandoned and severely rotten.

  'Folly'  showing her filled in keel to rudder. 

2011. Folly was scrapped but not before I managed to salvage the mast to send to Nottingham with Everjoy!


  'Huff' in Chichester harbour. This is a very large picture but we make no excuse for showing this full size.

  'Huff' (Sail No 1359)  is now afloat and nearing the end of a short refit,  in the hopes of getting some sailing in over the summer.  Here she is in her berth at Dell Quay at the top of Chichester harbour,  with work going on apace on the rigging. 


Think she may well be up for sale again, March 2007?  Yes the new owner has just signed up with us!


  'Huff' I hope to be getting her round to my mooring at Prinstead in Chi Harbour, in the next 10 days or so.    I contacted you earlier in the year when I bought her,   and have since brought her round to Dell Quay from Hayling  - a somewhat damp process, as the engine exhaust water jacket split and all the raw cooling water was pumping into the bilges instead of O/B!  Well awash by the time I got in....   

Another coat of paint,  and she will be off!

  'Tarka'  See the For Sale pages for this one.  

  2016 new member Robert has sent this picture in, she is about to be launched into Wells harbour, Norfolk.

  'Huff' Jon Reed has sent this wonderfully evocative picture in, says it all really!  



  'Gesn' Neil Monk's E24 moored in Botany Bay!  

  Pictured left is the builder of 'Gesn' back in 1964, with his grandson too. The Bimini cover is a clue to the weather!

  'Xercia'  Mr Bull's Steel Eventide 26. Launched in the mid 1990's.  

  'Xercia' She was for sale on the 'For Sale' pages She was ashore in Aldborough, Suffolk.
    'Xercia' September 2022, Gary the new owner has joined us and sent these pics in.     Afloat and being sorted out.
    Sails tried and set!     Next stop Rochford, Essex and her new berth.

  'Islands of Winds' This Eventide has a real history, having been built overseas.  Hopefully the ex owner Andrew or the new owner will send in details soon.  



  'Island of Winds' She was captured on camera at the EOG Southend Air Show Meet!  She cuts a fine bow wave, what is she powered by? The ex owner Andrew has spoken and is contacting the new owner.

2011 the owner is in touch boat for sale, details later...


  This faded photo is of 'Island of Winds' taken with the builder Jim Gross at the helm, after she had been sold to Gordon Butcher in 1973.  Gordon would like to be in touch with the current owner.  So where is she now?

  Unknown Eventide caption says 'CEOL' I believe the owner send this pic to me years ago, I passed it and a few more to the 'others', who 'lost' it.  Please can the owner contact us again. 

 May 05, thanks to Liam  O'Connor, he has seen this boat in Waterford City, she is Steel 28ft and the name is 'Ceol ne Mhara' which in Gaelic means 'The song of the Sea'  we like that.  More later we hope.

October 2016, whilst on holiday in Ireland I happened to step up to the river wall in Waterford and the first boat right in front of me , yes this one!

  I think the boat was being relaunched in Ireland after a major refit. The name was in Gaelic. I am very sorry I do not have your name or details, but as with all my early records, they were passed to Saymore Jones.  Sadly, like the magnificent archive photo albums of yesteryear that the MCNortons lost, they are also gone.   When one looks after some one else's treasures one should be extra careful, wouldn't you be?  I cannot think how they could loose them, I have some pics going back 35 years,! We promise to scan and save, then return any you send if you send a SAE.

  'Line of Light'  

  'Line of Light' Owned by Trevor. His father also had an Eventide, so Trevor kept the tradition up with LOL.

These were taken at the yard at Topsham Devon, although she is now on Lake Balaton in Hungary


  'Line of Light'   Trevor is at the moment having her surveyed and thinks he may have her ply planking stripped and then  re-planked.   I like Trevor's term, She has almost reached her 'Crumble by' date! Some of the ply is showing signs of ageing.

  The great thing about our craft, is they are infinitely re-build-able!  In this case, however, no one stepped forward to do it.

2012, sadly she has gone to that big boatyard in the sky....


  'Jeopardy'   Was owned by Mark Regnier he has just sold her, 01/05. 27th Jan 2005.  have just met the new owner Sid, who is bringing her to his home town, Maldon!  More soon!   We hoped the new owner would be in touch, he is! Mark  passed on our details.  Would love to see just how much better the fin keel version can sail, to windward especially. 




  The galley , basic but functional.

  The cabin interior 'Jeopardy'  

  'Jeopardy' the forepeak

  'Jeopardy' the cockpit  

  'Jeopardy' the heads, spartan but again, functional.  I have seen this sort of loo before, but the make escapes me, are they American?

  Jeopardy on her way from the Blackwater to her new home in Bristol, via the  Thames and canal!

Sadly due to flooding on the Thames she is waiting in Surrey at the moment for better weather. Jan 2013.


  'Serenity' Once owned by Jack Shenfield and his son Steve, founder members of the EOG.  

  'Serenity' She is now in the hands of her new owner, a member, who keeps her at Brightlingsea.  See you out afloat in 2008!  Now, 2010 sold again..

'Chris Hawk' 24'  Strip planked mahogany, the deck is marine ply and the interior is varnished mahogany and ply.

  'Chris Hawk'  For sale on boats and outboards... or is it 'Cris Hawk'?  

  'Serenity' on a mooring at St. Lawrence 2006.

  This is the late Dave Wright with his Eventide 'Odden'  

  This is the boat Phil Sheaf of Bromley boats built, 'Sygud Syr'

  'Avontide' Bob Bertam sent these, the two pics above and six or more below. He was the owner for many years.  


  'Avontide' In France '93  

  'Kandy' In France '93


  'Kandy' and 'Avontide' in France

  'Nyssa' for sale in Jersey, some years ago now....  

  'Avontide' Bob has taken a rather unusual pic of her here!



  The other side of  'Nyssa' seen in Jersey '93  

  'Kandy' in mid channel in a bit of rough water! 1993, pics by Bob Bertram.
    'Kandy'  Photo taken 1989 by Nigel Thomas then owner.  2021 Nigel has just joined us and is after another Eventide!        

  'Kazoo' (Ex Mobri). Seen at an Essex boat yard and recently sold.  We hope the new owner will get in touch. Yes he did, he scrapped her! Dec 05.  Later information leads us to believe she was saved but sadly as a floating garden shed!!  The shame...  

  Later picture of 'Celtic Lass'. She has her own page on the site, Click here to go to it.

  'Isis' A Steel Eventide 26 at Burnham on Crouch. Who owns it? Who built it?  

  'Isis' Ashore at Burnham, will try and catch the owner!

  'Niabyl' with Nigel and Joshua.  This boat was previously known to us as 'Odden' when she sailed from Essex with Dave Wright. She now tackles the fierce tides of the Bristol Channel with Nigel. More pics to follow we hope!  Latest news from Nigel, 2012, the deck and cabin top are in need of serious attention so he is costing having a new boat built to switch the gear to!  

  'Windsong' On her mooring near Heybridge.  Note the most unusual bumkin!  Now the only reason for this must be to allow the backstay to clear the boom, however as we normally shorten the boom to limit weatherhelm and shift the sail area forward, this is slightly odd.  hope the owner comes forward to let us know why it has one, by the way it's the only one I have ever seen on an Eventide!

  E24 'Carina' found on boatsandoutboards  for sale site  

  'Spice Island'  only a thumbnail of this one, where is she now?



  'Evenstar'  Another boat with the same name?  We believe so, they have very different cabin sides.  Photo Bob Bertram.

2011 the owner at the time was John Banks, later  of Lone Gull II Lonestar. Says the picture was in Lulworth in the 1980's


  2011, John sent this fantastic picture of her in, taken by Beken of Cowes no less! Looks like it was a windy day!  so where is she now?

  'Nis'ku' Owned by Donna and Paul Phillips, Sailing on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada.  

  Nis'ku again, sadly she is now up for sale, October 2008,  due to bereavement. See the For Sale page.

  'Eloise' Thanks to Maurice Chapman for this nice pic of his boat in the creeks near Havengore.  If you read the write up in the Newsletter of the London River Cruise you will see reference to her there and to another boat that now appears on the GH page! Would like to know more about that figurehead Maurice!  

  'Emma Jane' This 26' Eventide was owned by Colin Calnan's father and is now sold. She is in Ramsgate at the moment, new owner, David has been in touch, moving her to Essex.

  'Naamah' Pictures by Jon Reed.  If the owner of this boat would like to get in touch with the Eventiders, we can put you in touch with Jon, who has more!  

  'Naamah'  Another great shot by Jon Reed.  Close to her home port of Bembridge?  Get in touch for more!

  'Grayvella'  Peter's Eventide sails from  Wales.   

  'Grayvella' Built in 1963/4 at Hartwells and in  good order!

  'Kandy' A more recent picture by A. Wallace.  

  'Camelot' Roy Lewis's boat under going refurbishing. New bilge keels on



  'Camelot'  Roy Lewis's new rudder waiting to go on the transom  

  'Camelot'  Roy's Eventide again, the wraps still on.. I see him beavering away under the tarps, lots of repairs done.  She was in the Mediterranean for years and suffered from the rain and heat....

  'Camelot' June 2005 very near completion!  


      Roy has been very busy spring 05 and  she was  re-launched late summer 06.!       Lots of attention to detail, new metal work and an extra shoe for the bottom of the bilge keel too!



  August 2012 Camelot is sold. Waiting for new owner Steve to contact us. come on Steve fill in the form, will have to nudge you next I see you in the village!



  Here are a few shot of her as she was when sold.

   Basic but very usable.  

   5' 8" head room too!

   You can see the Cascover sheathing  

  And a nice anchor stowage place too. Latest news, March 2015,  is she was sold and sold again, this time to Ted a Seagull

 customer of John's  more soon.

Sadly 2015 Ted had to sell her due to poor health. so who owns her now?


  Camelot . She sold twice more and eventually has ended up as a novel caravan in a caravan park in Beccles, Suffolk.  The owner Joe says he will keep her sailing gear intact and with a little work she could one day be put back in her real element.        

  'Roving Sailor'  Bill Currie's Eventide 26, fin keel version.  She is based in Sweden!  

  'Roving Sailor'  Bill launched her in 1970, having built her double diagonal.  Here she in on the fork lift.  She weighs in at 3 Ton, with a slightly deeper keel, by 6 inches, for the fin keel version and a modified rudder to match.

  'Roving Sailor' Has a different cabin shape and the hull is deeper aft, to allow for a higher cockpit and thus be self draining. Something I did with F.G. too.  It works!  

  This is the younger members of Bill's family, Louise and Peter, taken in the mid seventies.  They are wet and bedraggled as they have just finished their sailing course, with the finale the capsize drill! 

Bill tells me Peter now is chief engineer on a 50,000 ton chemical carrier, and Louise is production manager at Volvo.  Bet they throw you in after they see this here!


  'Chippawa'  The late Bill Roullier's Eventide, just sold on boatsandoutboards.co.uk The new owner, Mr Battersby, has just joined us and we hope we will see more pics of her being restored, maybe enough for a new feature?  

  This Eventide,  ex 'Vagrant' belongs to 'Debs', she sent in the pic.  The boat is 25ft long and has the motor in the main cabin. Debs is restoring her to be afloat soon, looking good so far!  Recently April 2008, seen for sale?

  'Kinsman' Once owned by my dear late friend John Perrin, whom I sailed in company with on several occasions.  She was built for  Air Vice Marshall Boxer in 1965.  She has a modified cabin top. I seem to remember she had the 1200lb keel and had to be sailed with that in mind. fast in light airs I recall!  

  Kinsman renamed 'Funky floater' 2010, and now owned by a group of four young chaps and sailed from Langstone harbour.

She had been abandoned by a former owner.  She had a chequered history after dear John Perrin had her. 


  John Perrin would be pleased to see young people sailing her, he was a Chief Scout in Essex running the Leigh on Sea unit with lots of sea training for the youngsters!  

  We particularly like the lobsterpot on deck!  Good thinking.  Nick one of the new owners tells us she has had a lump of lead added to the bottom of the keel, that will have increased the ballast!

Nick is keen to join in with a Solent Meet if we can get it organised...  but Sadly she is up for sale again.... and sold but wait he has her back!!!  rescued from the foreshore at Hayling Island Spring 2014.  In 2019 seen for sale for a few pounds...  sad end.


  'Perim'  Undergoing renovation in Hampshire. See the 'builders and restorers' page for more photos and details.        

  'Guapa'  This must be one of the most unusual Eventides to come to light.  I have never heard of her before.  She was built to 22 ft to fit the shed, but then it  really gets odd, she has a centreboard! The only one? Or is there another out there??  

  'Guapa' undergoing repairs, pleased to see a Seagull bracket on the stern. Maurice often spoke to me about centreboards, he reckoned it was only a matter of time before someone fitted one...  And here she is, had one all these years and we never knew...  I wonder how she sails, perhaps David will let us know.

  'Guapa' here she is almost ready to go back to the water.   

  'Guapa' afloat again.  This is off Heswall where she was built, on the Wirral.  Hope for some better quality pics soon. I scanned most of these from printouts.
    Here on the beach.      
      The crew many years ago. You can see the top of the centreboard in this pic, at the frint of the cabin.      
    We heard from them that they sold her many years ago and that sadly she was later wrecked.        
    We thought, in 2023, this was the same boat, but it is not, but yet another 22/23ft Eventide with a centreboard. Seen selling on eBay.     Interestingly this version has a lift off cabin top!
    You can see this one had the centreboard further aft.     Looks very Eventide inside!  Looks very smart.  Sadly the new owner has yet to come forward.  Would love to know more. 
    You can just make out the chrome clips to secure the cabin top, novel idea!     This appears to be the second Eventide built smaller and with a centreboard, but they were not the same...

  U/K Eventide 26 snapped by John Stevens in St. Oysth Creek, Essex.  Could not quite see the stern to read a name..    Is this Ray Dingwall's old  boat?  Was  it 'Urayla'??

No it is 'Polly Peacham'!  The new owner, Keith, has just joined 2011!


  Yet another Eventide that was  advertised on E-Bay.

Thanks to Mike for finding this one.  Last I heard she was in the Bristol area in the 80's.... She is different..


  This is a steel 27ft Eventide, could it be a 'Kesteloo' built in Holland?  sent in by John and Mike!  

  'Sarane'  This Eventide, a fin keel 26ft version, was found by John Stevens on the web.  she is for sale, and we have offered the owner a link to his broker.... believed to be 'Seapea' renamed?

  'Molly Jade' Justin and Briony from Skye have just launched their steel 'Kesteloo'  Eventide after major refit.  They are new to sailing, having had motor boats.  


They tell us that they attacked it with a needle gun to sort the paint,  only to find holes! Justin was able to weld, so repaired her! She has been stripped back and repainted throughout.

They sail the waters around Skye, we look forward to seeing more of her and her adventures as they take their first sailing steps with her!



  'Nikomis' A pic from Peter Phillips of his boat.  A steel Eventide 26.   She was registered in 1963 on the ship register at Rochester.
The cockpit is much improved with decent sized lockers that one can climb in if necessary.  Improved forward visibility.
Access to stern gland back of engine and bilges possible.  No green water comes aboard aft.  Sailing performance improved due to less leeway.  The boat feels more steady in a seaway.  The helm a bit heavier.
The thing that has impressed me about this boat is the quality of the original build. The plate work is as fair as glass and the hull appears to have been zinc coated. The mahogany is of a quality that is unobtainable today and stainless steel screws throughout .

  'Saluki' is the boat in the background, owned by member, John Roxby.  Snapped here in April 05 in Eastbourne.  

  'Saluki' again, motoring off before John Stevens could get to her!



  The three pics on the left are of 'Cosmic Wind' Tony Deal's new acquisition.  we hope to follow her restoration back to sailing condition...

  'Cosmic Wind' on her mooring, Sandwich Kent.     On the hard, Tony tells me she has weather helm, fill the gap in between keel and skeg Tony, that will help!

  October 2016, John Hopthrow sends these pics in, found her in Faversham     Good to see she is still being looked after!

  Tucked up neatly ashore in Faversham.       Fast forward to August 2020 and here she is fully restored and ready to go , now with new member Jeremy and moored in Faversham Creek



  'CrisHawk' Seen on her trailer leaving Pembroke with new owner Liam O'Connor, and now in Ireland. Interesting boat, mizzen, wheel steering large aft lazarette....



  'Otteau'  the three pics, left, were taken of Mike, Liam and Patrick, on their way to the EOG meet at The Air Show. 2005.  Sold to Nigel and Heidi, later, 2011 Now owned by member John Holmes. All former owners now have larger MG boats!



  On the hard in the Queen Anne Battery yacht club, the owner, Adrian Holt was on board. The boat name is NKWAZI and was built in Zimbabwe in 1968. Adrian also said it was 27ft and MG has modified the plans for this stretch and the bow sprit. She sails beautifully balanced at 4.5 knots and is very forgiving.  Paul Usher.

I have attached a photo of my Eventide. It is the stretched 26 foot version. Well its 26 feet long and I presume the builder used the plans. The photo is on the hard while antifouling at Horizon Shores Marina here on Australia's Gold Coast. I bought it about 9 years ago from a Polish engineer who had I think owned it for a few years. I estimate it at about 15 years old.
The history of the boat is that I believe it was built in Bundaberg, Queensland but I have never found a boat builder in Bundaberg who remembers it. The hull was well built but someone changed the cabin to its current form. I presume this was to improve head room . Certainly you can see the difference in quality of the work between the hull and the cabin.
From 1996 to 1999 I lived on the boat in Rockhampton in the Fitzroy River while my wife and children were at University in Brisbane. In this time I covered the area from the Percy Islands to Bustard Head and out to the reef. For those who read cruising books a look at Allan Lucas' Cruising the Coral Coast and Noel Patricks The Capricorn Coast will explain where I travelled.
Currently I am living on the Gold Coast here in Queensland and have the boat on a swing mooring in Paradise Point Boat Harbour. I know the names are strange to the English but we like them.  I've fitted a 20 Hp Mariner outboard and Moreton Bay is the cruising ground. Having seen the Deben and Woodbridge etc while in Ipswich (England) visiting relatives I can see the benefits of the bilge keels there. Here the benefits are the same really, Moreton Bay and the close areas are shallow and hitting sandbanks an occupational hazard. Also sleeping soundly on the hard has a lot to recommend it.
Lawrence Cook




  'Sula Sula' Eventide 24 was up for sale in Fleetwood, owner Ian Fairclough the ex coxswain of Fleetwood lifeboat is retiring from the sea. 

  'Home and Away'

Neville Jones's new acquisition in New Zealand. She has a page in the Builders and Restorers section!




  An unknown Eventide at Woodbridge, snapped by Ian Clarke.  2005.  Anyone know which one it is, looks like an early boat, as the mast is stepped on the deck, but she looks loved and cared for. Owner??

2011 still no further forward with this one.... Got to be known...We think this is 'Osprey'!  New owners Sue has been in touch 2011. We have now, 2012 been able to put the builders family in touch!  Neil has send in some early pics!



  On the left a few pictures sent in by Neil Barber.  He says his father and a friend built her over a 3 year period in the late 60's to early 70's..  Here are pictures from her building and launching  into Poole Harbour.

  Here is Osprey again sailing in the Poole area in the 1970's.  and drying out on her mooring.  

  Still looking good!  Colour scheme changed, now being fitted out for 2013!  Waiting for update pictures from Sue.

  'Gypsy Maiden'  Formerly 'Cevamp', owner Ron at the helm  

  'Gypsy Maiden'   Ron sold this boat and a year or two later realised his mistake, and bought her back.  Happy as Larry again, look at the smile! Sadly 2013 Ron has been forced to sell again.

  'Fram'  Paul Usher's Eventide, she was named 'Tango Two'. She has a page of her own with dozens of pics.

See the builders and restorers section



  'Chris Hawk'  For sale on boats and outboards... or is it 'Cris Hawk'?

  'Celtic Lass'  She has a page on the builders and restorers section click here to go there.

Now up for sale 2013. Sold and new owner Bob has joined us.   2020 and for sale again... On EBay.


  'Celtic Lass'

Under refurbishment, new motor and a clean up all round, see the link left to her own page.


  'Everjoy' or at least that's what she used to be called!  An E. 24 in Tollesbury owners by Anne an John Morgan, founder members, well on it's way to full restoration.  

  'Everjoy'?  again The ballast beefed up hull repaired, fittings replaced, hope to see her afloat in 2006!  sadly no she is back up for sale nearly ready to go.... 2011, she is now in Nottingham and Ian is carrying on the restoration. 2012 launching!!!

She was successfully sailed from the Wash for a couple of seasons.




  Ian, through ill health sadly, had to sell in 2015 and so it was he contacted Michael who had a special interest in her.  Michael took her on.  

  She was transported across the country to where a member of his family had a spare slot in a barn.

  She is gently lowered off the borrowed trailer so painting can be done.

Michael is contemplating building or buying a purpose made boat trailer to later ship her to his home in Nottinghamshire.


  Here is Michael and his wife children with I believe his sister in law  in the cockpit.

The special interest? Michael's parents borrowed Everjoy for their honeymoon! The rest is history!

      March 2017, we have just heard from Michael and Everjoy is now back on the Trent.  We have added photos to the Everjoy Page of the Restorers section, click to go there.   Reserved for new pic of Everjoy sailing with Michael and family!    

  'Quirra' sadly not a good pic, but more promised! Had to put it on the site as it is yet another unknown boat and the 100th on this page!   Paul in Australia is looking at this E24 with a view to purchase.    

  'Vimne' Photo taken in the 1960's.  sail number 189, where is she now?  Last heard of on Essex owned by J. Hodges.  The son of the builder, Dr. Mortimer, would dearly like to find her, can you help?  

  'Vimne' again, Mark, the son of the owner, Ralph, shown here, probably in Maldon about to lay up October 1983. Mark has joined with a GRP Shipmate, as a friend!  Where is Vimne now? 2014.

  Under the Wraps is another Eventide we had never heard of.  Phillip Prince is finishing her off in Australia.  We hope to see more of her in the next lot of pics!  Welcome Phillip!  


    'Borer Bee'  The 1000th picture on these pages and possibly the most famous of them all.  She sailed back to the UK from Singapore in the late 1950's   As a result of her experiences the ballast weight was altered and the scene was set for over 800 plus other Eventides to be built in back gardens all over the world!   Alan the owner lives in Northern Ireland and is well aware he is the keeper of a very special little Eventide!  He has been inspired by the restorers page to refurbish and sort Borer Bee.  We look forward to more pics!  Jan 08, sold again but still sailing N. Ireland, then Scotland.

  'Borer Bee' under sail again August 2008.  Alan has sold her to Philippe, but here he is with the new owner, sailing her off 'Ramore Head'  Portrush.  Ireland.  He has helped Philippe  get her back on the water. Now sold again. August 2013.  

  Read the Log of Borer Bee's trip from Singapore!

  'Joget' This vessel is a 26 ft version and was built in Teak in Singapore!  

  The interior of 'Joget' very traditional.  she was for sale on our For Sale page!

  'Lady Gertrude' Eventide 24.  Dave Green is selling his Eventide after many years and many more miles!  She has sailed all round the UK and across it by way of the canals!  

  Dave Green the indomitable sailor seen left in the top picture sailed Lady Gertrude round the UK.  Dave sold to Andy some years ago and now Andy is selling October 2013, see the For Sale pages. She sold and was renovated so well by Bede, but he eventually sold her again and the new owner Christian has joined us September 2105

  This is 'Seaquence' one of the more unusual Eventide 26's!  When she was built, in Tasmania, she was completed as an almost open boat, with just a small cuddy, named 'Black Swan' she was Red, White and Black. The new owner, Ross James, found her neglected and built his own design cabin, looks fine to us Ross! Now passed on again this time to Phil Adams...  

  2010, 'Seaquence' refitted with backwards swept bilge keels, that reduce weather helm and assist manoeuvrability.  See the article on Weatherhelm on the owners tips page.

    For Tasmania, an icebox replaces the Volvo and an outboard well has been constructed! Good idea!  

  You can clearly see the new bilge keels here!

  Outboard mounted neatly in the well.  


Nellie the Crew!


  The well from underneath!  

  The hull cut and timber strengtheners in place...

'Seaquence' an different sort of Eventide.


  'Tao'.  She is for sale at Preston Marina.  the late owner built her and sailed her, well we think!      'Tao'  A very smart looking boat with a good inventory and sensible price tag.

  'Tao' She was on  the 'For Sale' Pages, now on the archived pages for more details.     'Tao' again!

February 2018 update, she is in Martin Dooley's boatyard, see http://www.characterboats.co.uk/

Martin bought her and is planning to restore her, more later we hope.


  'Ermintrude'  an E 26 in the Lake District!     'Ermintrude'

  'Ermintrude'   Just look at that boat on her trailer!  and the quality of the finish!  This vessel is, we understand for sale, more details soon.    

  July 2008 Jason has just sent in these three pics of 'Ermintrude' undergoing restoration  

  The finish will be good looking at all the preparation!

  Jason recently joined us after buying her.

He bought 'Ermintrude' almost 2 years ago and brought her down from Carnforth just above Lancaster.


More pics of here a bit further down the page, she was called 'Wine Knot'.

  She should be back in next week August 08, I have brought her up to date and last week she was given her boat safety certificate. Most of the work involved manufacturing a new drip tray for under the engine, having the engine overhauled

 (head skim and new valves and seats and de-coking)

  She has a  new fuel tank cutting out large chunks of deck rot (a job you think will never end and wish you'd never started). resealing windows and portholes. and replacing the upholstery and curtains (special thanks to my mother and wife)


In 2013 the owner was hoping to meet up with 'Fiddler's Green' on her round UK trip, but someone clumped 'Ermintrude' and damaged her, hope she is now restored?



  No Name on this vessel found on the web and

advertised for sale at Rye in Kent?  We hope to have details soon, think the last owner was a member....  Oct 07.  Update.  This is 'Sea Witch', was later owned by our Data Base Manager John.


  'SeaWitch' was in Tollesbury under restoration.  She got there by a roundabout route, via Dartmouth!  The trailer  has a different name on it though, yes it's mine!  2010 latest news, she has been passed on free to one Mike Smith for renovation... Sadly within days we see the fittings have been stripped off and she is for sale...  now advertised as just needing a few weekends work.  No, she is rotten, that's why she was given away.  Extensive work needed to salvage her, not a coat of paint.....  Only serious restorers should get involved...  did have a

 decent suit of sails that were passed on for free too...    If you get a boat for free and cannot take the challenge, at least pass it on again for free without trying to make a profit..... No too much to hope for sold for a few bob, without all the gear given away with it to a local guy, here's hoping he can find the time to sort her.

Oct 2010, we here the boat has been sold a couple more times and the new owner has skipped so the yard are going to break her... Nov 2011, scrapped. but not before I bought the new s/s bilge keels, that I sold on to Robert for Celtic Lass! recycling!  Sadly there was a post script to this, they were fastened with mild steel bolts and the resulting electrolysis made the bolts fail! Careful mixing metals.


  'IONA' Another E 26.  sadly in not too good a shape...  The owner is in conversation with one of the group re selling.... More details soon.  

  'Iona'  May 2006. This is as the new owner Tom has taken her over.  He has just registered with us.  We hope to watch her progress after he has

 recovered her to his workshop in Haverfordwest.


  'Iona'  October 2006, Tom has just been in touch as he has moved and now recovered 'Iona' to Haverfordwest, to his workshop.  As ever with a rescued craft, there was a little more to do than he first thought, but then our

 boats are repairable!  He will keep us posted!



Hello John,  My boat was built in Melbourne Australia in 1987 and has a fixed hardwood keel and Oregon frame. I have just slipped her this week and was pleased to find that there were no hidden surprises under the water line.


  Her name is "Curlew" and she is now powered by a 20hp Bukh diesel.  I intend to mainly sail her around Port Phillip and Corio Bays. I will forward details about Maurice Griffiths to my son who is currently living in Colchester with his girlfriend who is working in Essex as they

 will be interested in knowing the designers links with those towns.

 kind regards Mike Rogers, Geelong, Australia.

    'Arabesque'  a steel 27ft eventide from Australia     Several pics of her undergoing her refit
    We look forward to the finished product of Eddie's work    

  U/K Fin Keel Eventide 26 for sale at Hoo in Kent, May 2006.  Info from J. Stevens. under 2K, but lots of work...  


  'Rose of Holcroft' Chris has just launched at Milford.

  'Tania'  Eventide 24.  

   She has the early style cabin top and shape, she was launched in about 1970.

  Neat trim interior.  She was professionally built.  

  Bukh 10 hp single cylinder Diesel inboard in clean condition too!


'Mayna'  Sold we are told, so who owns her now?  It's Tim, he has just joined us! 2008? Sold again 2011...



'Mayna' Seen June 2003 at Heybridge, Essex and recently sold.  Very original keel and skeg, with offset inboard, a Vire I believe.


  'Mayna'  Great to see her back afloat!  Off Heybridge day after Trafalgar 2005.  

  Tim the  owner of 'Mayna' has sent this series of pictures of his boat

  Berthed on the Blackwater and still fitted with an offset Vire inboard, Tim is getting to grips with her under power and sail.  

  'Mayna' is a very original boat in design, with the early cabin shape and keel

  She looks to be in fine fettle now!

Now fitted with Farryman 8hp Diesel!


  Here she is nestled in the mud at Heybridge on the River Blackwater. December 2011, she is now up for sale, see For Sale pages, advert to be added shortly....
    Mayna photographed by Roger Gasper of 'Crossing the Estuary' fame     Pic by Roger Spring 2011.
    Pic by Roger Spring 2011.     Pic by Roger Spring 2011.
    Pic by Roger Spring 2011.     Pic by Roger Spring 2011.

  'Mayna' summer 2011. She was up for sale on our pages, sold!  

  On her mooring at Heybridge.

New owner Martin is a member 2012.  Sadly 2017 she was found to have terminal rot and scrapped.


  'Blue Mist'  A steel Eventide 24 built about 25 years ago and was offered for sale on our  pages.  Now in the hands of the Rev Kev!  

  'Pheonix'  E26, found for sale in S.A.  by Richard,  2015, he is looking for a suitable cruiser.  She has never appeared on our records before, another stray found!

  'Quest'   an Eventide from New Zealand.  


'Quest' a 24ft very early built version but with cabin stepped mast and slightly longer cabin.


  She is double diagonal teak built, in Singapore back in the 1960's. was sailed to NZ!  

  Mike the owner is about to start a restoration.  we have just sent him a CD of the plans to help!


Eventide CD arrived safe n sound, thanks.

Just waiting for some nice fine weather now so I can get out and do some cleaning on the yacht.


As the inboard motor has been removed I am going to install a bracket on the stern so I can run an 8hp outboard for the time being.

I have just bought an alloy fixed bracket that I am going to bolt on the stern. Eventually my plan with this  is to enclose it in teak and incorporate a boarding platform also of teak on the stern. Once I re-power it with the inboard it will also mean I have a permanent bracket there to fix an outboard to if ever I need to.

December 2011 just heard from new owner Tom Driscoll that he has taken on the project from mike and has just asked after a CD of drawings.


  'Boadica' ? Paul from N.Z. has sent these 5 pics in.  He is looking at buying her.  I think she is a late 26ft version.  

  Yes, it is yet  another Eventide from NZ that we have never heard of!  I have asked Paul to see if there is a sail number...



  She has extended raised topsides, transom rudder etc, so has to be a late model. 1400lb keel, nearly up to weight, just a few hundred pounds short.  inside trimming lead will sort that out!







  This Eventide 26 was built in the 1960's by J. Anderson of Portobello, Otago N.Z.  She was last known in the 1980's at Stewart Island,  thanks to Paul Vecovsky for this pic.  

  This U/K Boat, believed an Eventide, was spotted by Bill Fowler in Oulton Broad.  Could it be 'Ruanna'? Anyone know?


for Sale in Kent.  It is 'Cosmic Wind'


  Just had to put these in.  A 21ft version of an Eventide for sale in N.Z. 

Info from John Stevens






  Three pics on the left of a very smart looking 'Gollum' down in Sussex.  Been ashore for a while Luke believes.
    'Kaifas' a 28ft stretched Eventide built and sailed so well by Tony Woodford in the 1970's.  I crewed her in 1976!  Up for sale and prospective new owner has sent this pic in.  Interior as it was in 76!  

  'Ruanna' seen here in the Blackwater some years ago with the previous owner John Stubbs at the helm.  She is now in Norfolk and owned by those intrepid sailors with 'Avocet', the E 24 they also own, Elizabeth and Brian.


Seen for sale on the web by J.S.  She is  located at one  'Andy Seedhouse's yard' in Woodbridge Suffolk.  Anyone know which one it is? Less than £2k but with only a Stuart 4 and very bare inside.  Buyers beware!

Nov 06 News in from Ben, he as just bought her, name was 'Pharaon' Sail no. 1335. Ben needs some sails, and a lot more gear as it all appears to be missing....any going out there?



More pics of 'Pharaon' from Ben.  we can now see she is a sloop rig, but with a bowsprit.  Ben has to refit the interior and is looking for a good chippy! Sadly, we hear, Ben has had to sell her.... says he was sold a pup! I can believe it!


  'Double Dee'   at Preston Marina, now owned by David Worthington who is working on her, dropping the keep and increasing the ballast etc, look forward to seeing pics of her when finished!  

  Fully fitted out and ready to go the advert says, certainly looks a very clean Eventide.

  'Marianne' Pic sent in by ex owner David Scott, who is now searching for another Eventide or similar!  

  'Lady Gertrude' David Green's Eventide 24, seen here in the Blackwater for the MG Centennial meet.  Since been seen for sale, who has her now? Used to sail the North West and Dave brought across country and her down the coast for the event!

  'Daisy' Alan Jones with Jocelyn, sailing in the Blackwater back in the 1990's.  Last heard of in the  west of England?  September 2010, the builder's son has been on where is she now, do you know. Built by Denis McKellar Bond in the early 1980's  contact Ken Bond via kenbond at rya-online.net  

  A pretty standard 26, sailed well!  Sail number 1845 was the first given out by the old plans dept when I took hold of the plans from YM in 1980.

  'Piglet' October 2006 recently sold from Tollesbury, where is the new owner?  The ex owner, Brian is now a 'friend' and his new boat can be seen on the 'Friends' page of the gallery!  Update.  No longer called Piglet, she is in the Walton Backwaters area now, being used as a houseboat??  

  'Piglet', formally 'Forward' with Brian Croucher at the helm.  Bet her name has changed again! Well yes.. a young lad has her, she was back at Tollesbury, but he has not put a name on her, seems he does not want to be recognised...






  'Jacey', Jim Crane on board in the Blackwater, many moons ago, the boat was sold to Leigh on Sea, where is she now?

March 2010, the new owner Dave has been in touch, hope he will be joining us shortly. Boat is at Bedwells yard at Walton on Naze.


  This U/K Eventide 24 was sold on the Isle of Wight in April 2007 at an auction..  we are just waiting for the new owner to get in touch

  'Rose' an Eventide 28?  the new owner just registered with us.  She is certainly different to most!  

  'Rose' again, we like the sunshade!

  'Encore'  from Tasmania. Tony has just bought her. I must say the cabin design is different and not like so many that try to get max headroom. Very nice lines!  

  'Encore' at anchor in Brooks Bay on the Huon river Tasmania.  What a backdrop!

  'Foreign Affair' She was for sale on our pages for just £1,500, but has no engine and there is work to do..  two more pics on right.

We now understand she is to be given away as uneconomic to restore.... Nov 07




  'Tamarisk' soon to be moved from Wales to the north east, Hartlepool, and be renamed 'Dragonfly'.  

  Sadly the new owner did not give us a mailing address, so we cannot get more details yet.

  More pics of 'Tamarisk'  

  More pics of 'Tamarisk'

  September 2011, sadly we have heard that the yard in Wales where she has laid the past couple of years cannot trace the owner, and nor can we, so she is up on EBay for sale.  

  Click here to go the the Auction page, but be quick.. Sept 2011.

  'Figaro'  Eventide 24, just purchased by Chris Rudge.  

  She has been used on the Exeter Canal for a while as a motor boat!  Now moved to Seaton.

  The interior looks smart.  

  Could be very homely!

    The motor was in good order as it was the only means of propulsion.  

  Now Chris is looking for Mast and spars, sails and rigging for a 24....?

For more pics go to Chris's website. http://rudge.me.uk/gallery/eventide


  'Redwing' Afloat in Portsmouth, up for sale, August 2007,  hope the new owner will come forward and join.....  


Interior of 'Redwing'.


  'Jemily' For Sale! See the For Sale pages.  

  Not sure about this one, it is the late John Skelley's boat, 'Pretty Lady' when he was building it, seems to have turned into a houseboat!

  'Pindah'.  Think she is an Eventide, but cannot be sure as yet... Moored in Cornwall in a place I have also moored for a while!  Millbrook.  

  I have labelled this photo chalk and cheese, they could not be more different, each to their own!

  'Borer Bee'  the famous, early Eventide 24.  

  She sailed to the UK from Singapore in 1958/9. 

  'Beti Wynn' Eventide 27, and no bowsprit! Ian has just joined us.  He sails out of Dunbar, Scotland and is the secretary of the Dunbar Sailing club, welcome Ian, she looks great!  Not many of us sport spinnakers!  

  U/K Eventide 24 see for sale on the net, very original.. October 2007,  who owns it now?? Thanks to Neil she is his! 'Vieve'. See more pics below.

  'Trudy'  Peter the owner on board on his mooring in the Blackwater off Mill Beach.  

  'Trudy' Peter has owned Trudy for nearly 30 years now and is loathe to part with her, but has to admit he does not use her as much as he used to..  May be offered for sale shortly at a realistic price.

  'Rose' an Eventide found on the net by John Stevens.  Not the same 'Rose' as we already have on this page.  Quite distinctive with cabin taken out to topsides....  Hopefully the owner will come forward..  

  'Cosmic Wind' new pic from Tony, dated 2006.


'Wine Knot' E 26 964, not called that now as the owner took the name to place on his Golden Hind!  Now called 'Ermintrude'!



'Saoirse'  E 26. was for sale in Cardiff, now purchased and in Oxford for restoration. Has an unusual inboard well for an outboard?


  'Ermintrude' as she is 2010 now owned by Jason Lambert.  

  Ermintrude is sailed on the Humber but this looks like the Driffield canal maybe...


'Cris Hawk' an updated pic from Liam, he says he will set the sails better next time!  They look fair enough, but the fender could do with attention!  The normal retort is 'I like my game well hung sir!'



'Marionette' Member Mike Hill has her reluctantly for sale, see the For Sale pages. May 08



'Aurora' E 24 from Zimbabwe. the owner, Robin has just joined us, April 08.

Sadly he does not have a sail number for her.  She has never appeared on any of my records before, another one found!

Interestingly he has not fitted a bowsprit but kept the rig inboard, yet still a cutter. with the staysail tacked to just aft of the samson post.



'Aurora'  moored,  on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe!


She also sails the African coast apparently.



'The new Dunny Door' says the caption!


  'Aurora'  more pics of the owner and the interior. Robin tells us he also has a Senior!


December 2008, cold and miserable in the UK so Robin sent us this to cheer us up, laughingly I asked where the Hippos were!



Within the hour this one arrived, with Hippos...  then I looked carefully at the background of the first one, don't know how I missed the ruddy Elephants!


  November 2017, Robin has sent a couple of pics of 'Aurora' taken a year or two back sailing off Mozambique.  

  Robin tells us he is planning another cruise there and promises to send the log in..  Looking forward to that!

  This Steel Eventide has been found for sale by Mike and South Africa, she too is on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe!  At 9.5 metres long she is a stretched version!        


'Les Soukelaire des Mers' Demeter from New Zealand sent this pic in, his boat is a 24ft Eventide, built in Kaori timer a native wood of N.Z.  She is moored in Nelson N.Z.




Demeter hails from Belgium and the name means roughly,  poor man of the sea!   He is at present in Belgium He is returning to N.Z. to renovate her.




Does anyone know the wherabouts of the eventide 24, 'Captain Nancy'??  She used to sail out of the river Orwell in Suffolk.  The builder's daughter is interested in tracing her, any info to us or contact her direct at 'charlotte at praewood.wanadoo.co.uk'







'Serenity' briefly under new ownership and now moored at Brightlingsea.  .



On her new mooring at Brightlingsea!



Here is  'Serenity' snapped after the Mundon Meet 2008.



The blurred smiles say it all as they whistle past at speed!



Here is 'Serenity' in Summer of 2008,  replaced the sails!  I will have to look out for tan sails in future!

      Latest news 2010, She has been sold and the owners Phil and Jackie will be seen on the Blackwater soon, with friend Hilary.  Sadly she will be up for sale again shortly, watch out for her on our pages... sold and back in Brightlingsea next year we think... sold again!

  April 2012, sadly she is back up for sale, improved with better motor and new sails but she needs a little TLC to get here back on the water...  



Needs a caring owner please!

Was advertised on the net....



Believe this must be 'Mayna', snapped by owner of 'Serenity', Mundon Weekend.  Mast yet to be stepped, so that's why they were not there!  Note another Eventide visible near the end of the mast to the right!  well done J.S. for spotting that!



U/K Eventide 24 offered for sale on the Auction site July 2008. sadly she has a hole in her bottom where a bilge keel had been punched through in an accident, whilst stored ashore in Norfolk and lashed by a high tide. Hope the new owner, Mat maybe?, will be in touch.



'Therapist' Adrian Cox has just joined us as a 'Friend and has sent this pic of his parents boat to us. Adrian is now looking to go back to an Eventide himself and has also written a little article for the 10th Newsletter.



'Lorelei' This unusual Eventide 26 is Yawl rig, gaff Yawl at that.  Never seen one with this rig before so it will be interesting to find out how she sails. The owner, Peter has her at Mersea, not the east coast one but New Brighton,  near Liverpool.



'Osprey of Dublin' One of the finest looking Eventides for many a year, just emerging from her building shelter.



This Eventide deserves a page of her own, so I have given her a page on the Builders section.



'Ebbtide' photographed at Chatham dock Marina on the Medway, summer 2008 by Brian Neale.  Sadly the owner was not about.  This E 24 looks like one of the pre 1972 plans versions. Without a bowsprit and floating high, so possibly built with 780lb ballast too.

April 2010, the owner has joined! Welcome Nigel.  2013 the new owner Dr. Scott has joined and is promising to use the boat to get youngsters involved in boatbuilding etc. great idea, hope to hear more of the project in the near future.



'Ebbtide'  the owner of this fine looking Eventide has come forward and joined us.  I had an early E24 that looked very much like this, but I added a bowsprit and transom hung rudder, made her much better to sail.



'Bird Alone'.  Searching for a pic after I had a special log in I found not only this but a total of four!



With fin keel and varnished topsides, this Eventide 24 was built and launched on the Norfolk Broads.



Here moored near Repps or Martham, she looks a picture and  must have turned a few heads.



Sailing with the owner at the helm, she was about to embark on an epic voyage.  We were fortunate that one of our members, Stuart, bumped into the crew from that trip, who has shared the log with us. See the Newsletter.



Fabio in Italy has sent these two pic in of an Eventide he is contemplating purchase.  The builder apparently stretched her from 24 to 26, but may not have increased the ballast, more info when we get it.



No name as yet and I have not heard whether or not he had bought her,  sadly I have been unable to track her on the scant info I have at the moment.  Interesting cabin top...



'Vieve' E 24 captured on camera by Richard Barton-Wood, seen alongside the quay at Blakeney, Norfolk.  Feb 09, The new owner Neil has been in touch, work in progress he says.  Looks good to us Neil!



It was Tim Bultitude's boat a few years ago. We like the cockpit tent  and cabin cover.  That will keep the elements off!


  'Vieve' Under new ownership.  William has been in touch April 2016.  He has the keel off, it is the early 500lb one so is about to double the weight to make her sail better, and increase the length of the bilge plates to match. Hope to see progress on our builders and restorers page soon.   Space reserved for the finished restoration!    



Unknown Eventide  on the hard at Del Quay, Chichester about 1994.  Pic by Bob Doe.  Anyone recognise her?



'Quirra' Paul and Lorraine's Eventide in Port Phillip, Melbourne, Australia.




 Under cover to repair beneath the waterline.  Stripped back to bare and restored.





The finished boat.  She is out sailing now, February 2009. Very nice!  Look forward to the sailing pics!



'Auriga' Eventide 24 owned by Glenn in South Africa.  She sails from anchor Creek Marina Vaal Dam.  At the moment being refurbished.  More pics later, welcome  Glenn.



  'Auriga' again showing the tiller fitting aft of the sheltered cockpit.  Could this be the crew who is going to help in the restoration?


  May 2010 and Glenn has sent in these pics of their handy work.  She is about to get her keel wet here.  

  Easy does it down the slip

  Back on her pontoon.  

  You have to say she looks stunning, a credit to you both!


'Compass Rose'  who could fail to like the mermaid!  Pic by Richard Barton-Wood  of  Connie Klars Eventide 24.



Richard says he was lucky to hit great weather and even got an afternoon's sail on the Med! "Compass Rose"  She has an unusual open-plan interior and is berthed in the little harbour at Altea, just north of Benidorm. Connie lives in an idyllic spot high in the mountains behind and does holiday rentals in basic but beautiful wooden chalets, with the possibility of sailing thrown in.






This is a fuzzy shot because it is through glass.  this is a framed photo of 'Caorrun', later called 'Scorpio'.  Eventide 26 No 305. If the ex owner, or owner of this boat steps up we can put him in touch with Dick who has found the photo in a sailing club in Kent.


  Sad remains of an Eventide sent in by Paul Mullins, he chanced across it on a blog somewhere.  she was photographed at Crow point Devon.  Anyone know more?

2012, we learn this was 'Nayika' she was owned by Robin Boyles and wrecked here at Instow some years ago. She had no inboard, the Stuart had been removed and instead there were 2 Seagulls, one for ahead, one for astern???  Not to be recommended obviously!




'Gypsy of Hoo', Peter Miller a new member, has just bought her.  He knew little of her history, but gave me enough for me to trace her.  Formally 'Lyekka'



This is her hull before she was  careened and scraped off, several years of growth!



Now she is painted up and cared for again and Peter hopes to meet with other Eventide Owners Group sailors.


  'Merrywake'. Eventide 26 for sale August 14 in Bath, will the new owner please come forward.  We believe this one have been built by Johnson and Jago of Southend.


'Angela'  an Eventide 26 that has been owned by Peter Kirkland on Australia for 30 years!  Send in the logs Peter!



Cosy interior Peter!  Peter is another new member, Welcome!

2013 Peter has sent in a link to a u-tube film. http://youtu.be/zw0KEG-EiIg




'Poppy' the Steel Eventide 26 now owned by Bill.  She has never appeared in any previous records, another one to add to the lists!


  Bill has had her shipped overland to Maldon in Essex.


Poppy has a standard sort of interior, not a lot to give away her construction.




But externally the steel construction can be seen. hope to catch her sailing on the Blackwater later this year.



'Molly Jade' The boat restoration is fully photographed on the Summer 2009 Newsletter.


  To go to see her page Click here!


UK E 26 picture by Nigel of Otteau.  We know where this boat berths, Tollesbury Saltings and think it may been the ex John B.  No....

Spoke to the owner it was 'Piglet', ex 'Forward'



An Eventide 24 snapped by Nigel and Heidi, at Woodbridge on their Essex Rivers cruise 2009. 2011, we now know this is 'Tanera More', welcome Ivan and Emma!



'Glasstide' The only Eventide I know of that was built in GRP, years ago we were told she was laid up on Formica sheet and cut as if they were ply sheets! But this has proved wrong.  John Stevens out Database Manager has bought her and inspection and history reveals she was one of kind  build upside down in airex and GRP coated, the airex was later removed and the hull laid up inside with GRP and  foam stiffeners. Built in Leigh on Sea Essex.




Pics by Nigel taken on his Essex and Suffolk rivers cruise 2009.



John hopes to have Glasstide ready for the trip back to Essex in spring 2010.


Summer 2010 and she is back in Essex and we have been contacted by the son of the builder as well!

  The story of her fitting out and trip back to the Essex shores is related in the Summer 2010 Newsletter.

See the restoration page  click here.



'Otteau' the Gleaming Eventide 24 painted so lovingly by Nigel and Heidi! It was they that took the pics above.  Nigel and Heidi have, 2011 sold to John Holmes, who sails on the Blackwater so she will still be local!



Here she is with John aboard, leaving Tollesbury, bound for her new mooring off Marconi Yacht Club!


  Compare this to many of the others on the page.  A houseboat! Shed on a reclaimed Eventide 24 hull, think it may be 'Kazoo', formerly 'Mobri', that we thought broken up.  Spotted up Arlesford creek by Richard of 'Serenity'.  



  'Xercia' snapped in August 14 by Nigel of the Steering group. The owner, Richard, is a member and is going to be advertising her on the site shortly.  

  'Xercia' at Brightlingsea, she has just been bought by John who has joined us, October 2015.. Planing to over winter on the Colne then sail to Leigh on sea next year, where she will be berthed.

  'Gambor' An Eventide 27, stretched in the building! ashore in Cardiff where Paschall was trying to renovate her.  

  'Gambor' was  up for sale due to lack of time available, now sold and Mike is carrying on the work!

  'April May'    Ex 'Gambor', afloat again November 2011 in Cardiff. Mike is sorting rigging now!  

'Arona' Motors?

  Mike has a query with his, will not prime, any one an answer?

  'Ebbtide'. Eventide 24, very tidy was seen in Chatham a year or two back, the new owner has just joined us. April 09. sold again in 2013 and now being refurbished. New owner has joined us, a Dr. in Folkestone who is using the boat as the focus of a youth group!  

  No name, found in a garden of house in Scotland, the new owner of the house, Kerr, has joined us and is hoping to complete the project!

  Unknown Eventide in Hartlepool. An early E24 in very nice looking condition. Anyone know her, she appears to be yet another that we do not know about, Just how many were built we wonder!  Estimates of 500 have had to be updated, now more like 800!  

  She is up for sale on the net Oct 2010 for less than £4k and that includes the trailer! Professionally built in marine plywood by King Bros of Darlington in 1964.

  Could this be the same Eventide, seen here on the Net  April 2012, advertised for sale in Hartlepool, 'Endeavour'. Thanks to John Hopthrow for spotting this one, will the owner please step forward and take a bow!  

  'Sans Elan' she is supposed to be an Eventide 24, but never seen one with this shape upperworks.  Was for sale on the bay in August 2014 for a lot of money, still for sale some time later....

  Spotted summer 2010 in Poole harbour.

Pics by John Hopthrow.


  Another view of the mystery Eventide, any one a name or owner for this one, do not appear to have her on these pages already.

  Another previously unknown Eventide, or we think it is  

  Do you know this boat, Poole Harbour again.


  Marionette, Eventide 26, very close to the beach at Rustington, with owner, Alan is  was only a metre of water at the time! Alan sails out of Littlehampton.  Tacking to avoid ending on the beach!  Alan's friend took the pic, he says there  

  'Osprey', undergoing refit in Suffolk, new member Susan. We believe the boat to be approx 1973 build with latest ballast and cabin shape. Keel off at the moment for checking!  well done good to hear others check keel bolts!

  Rather dark pic of the E 26  'Polly Peacham'.  Reverend Keith sails her out of St.Oysth, we look forward to seeing a better pic of her when we cross wakes  

   Keith sent this pic in of 'Polly P' after he had a fuel pipe problem and ran aground in the creek on the way back to the mooring. Being an Eventide she took it in her stride and floated off the next tide. Fuel pipe replaced !

  A better pic of Polly Peacham on her mooring at St. Osyth.        

  This U/K 'Eventide'? was spotted on a mooring at St. Servan, just round the corner from St. Malo, by  ex Eventide owner  Woods  

  Some may note the odd rig, 2 sets of spreaders??  Is she actually an Eventide or maybe something larger???

  'Tanera More', this Eventide has been know to us for many years but remained illusive. she has recently changed hands and is now being totally restored to a very high standard by new owner Ivan Harper  

   Trying sails and the first coat of primer...

  Here in primer  

   the first coats of topcoat on

  Finished hull  

   showing her in all her finery!

  Really nice name board too  

  the cockpit all refurbished!

  and the interior.  

Make no excuses for showing all these, she is a credit to you Ivan!


   Sadly this does happen.  An Eventide found wrecked on the foreshore in Maldon by Nigel and Heidi, sailing past in their Barbican.  Anyone know which one it is? The rotten decks tell the story, fresh water  damage.       Mystery solved, a close examination then comparison to other boats shows us it is Maliaka. Trying to find out more.
Found by chance she was sold but the new owner just stripped the gear and abandoned her. last I saw she was being cut up by live a boards,  for firewood!

  Eventide 24 'Tiddly Pooh'! Ashore  in Cornwall.  She appears to have a deeper main keel and no bilge keels for some reason.  

  A pair of bilge plates would complete the picture.  Her keel is not deep enough to call her a fin keel version.

  James bought her Summer 2011 and though the hull is sound there is a lot of work to do on deck  

  Could this be the reason for the name!   A rather expensive posh Baby Blake loo!

  Eventide 26 'Ermintrude' Jason re-launches September 2011. Really approve of the emergency standby motor!  

  Nice restoration job Jason.

  Jason has rather natty mast lowering gear, including a robust support with rollers incorporated, clever  

  That's when you know it was all worthwhile.

  'Buccaneer' found for sale on the bay September 2011.  Used to know one of the owners and another left a message on the auctions site...  

Buccaneer for Sale.




Hello, lovely to see Buccaneer again after so long, I owned this yacht from May 1986 till spring 1991. Sailed her on the Medway and along the coast to Rye where I sold her. She is a fantastic yacht, very strongly built.


    I was on her during the 1987 hurricane and used her to save 3 larger plastic boats. If I could I would buy her back like a shot but I now have a farm in Spain and have hung up my sea boots. Good luck and best wishes Rob Davies.  


Buccaneer instantly recognisable by the figurehead!


  This is the Eventide 26 'Joget', September 2011 found on a brokerage site in Hampshire  

  She looks to be in fair condition and is carvel built!

  Hopefully she will find a good home and the new owner will contact us.

October 2011, we are pleased to say the Gosport college have taker her on and intend to restore her and the Steering Group have sent them a free CD of drawings!

      From the cabin top shape she looks to be post 1973 build.

  This Eventide was found at Ironbridge and advertised on the net as a canal boat!

Hope she finds a good owner and a rig!


  I always knew there must be a link between my Seagull outboards and my love of the Eventide!


From a very early 1960 advert, there is the link!


  Tom of 'Iona' restoration, sent this one in, found ashore at Hesketh Bank Boatyard on the Ribble, another we have no records of, they do keep coming out of the woodwork!

Who owns her we wonder, could this have been one of the Eventides we saw there when we went to witness the launching of 'Jean'?


  This is The Eventide 'Oman'. The owner, John, has just joined us.  She is based in Greece and from our records we have been able to give John a builder and launch date ands even a sail number!

  This is the Eventide 24 'Iona' she is based in the Netherlands and the owner, Veronica has just contacted us, Oct 2011.  hope to see more pictures soon.        


    Sadly this Eventide 24, Sail number 336, has had it.  She is parked halfway up a mountain in Spain.  Sailed to Spain 7 years ago by Charlie Blundell, who sadly is back in the UK now and not in the best of health. Another reached it's 'crumble by' date.

  Eventide 26 in the Netherlands.

'Parami'  (from  Buddhism) and means  'perfection'.




Snow on deck.  Berthed in one of the 'box' moorings found in the Netherlands.


  Recognise the marina?  

  Looks like Wolphaarstdijk to me, I know the lady harbourmaster through a Belgian friend! She kept her boat there.

 Looks like a cared for Eventide, hope the owner signs up.


  'Parami' under sail in the Netherlands.

  'Perami' new owner Paul Savelsberg of
The Netherlands, has just joined us, September 2015,  and tells us the name is from the Buddhist, meaning' From the Heart'., not perfection! Paul has made a donation for the DVD of the drawings and hopes to alter the interior to make her more usable.

Hope to see updated pictures of her soon!

  Space reserved for the pics of her sailing!    



  April 2016, Paul has sent in new pictures, showing his refit.  

  The paint job is gleaming!

  Attention to detail here, nice deck paint!  

  Great shine in that varnish too.

  Note the brass rubbing bands, 'Scotchmen' they ar3 called here, 'to take the rub'. nice touch.  

  Like tie cover over the cooker, makes more usable surfaces.

  The solid timber of the change in the sheer strengthened...   Reserved for one of her under sail!    

    September 2018. Paul has sent in pictures of the damage he found.  

  The rot has galloped through the raised topsides, so all has to come off.

  Repairs underway!  

  Paul has made a very good looking job.

  Perami lives to sail for many more years. Observant viewers will have noticed she is one of the rarer fin keel models.  

  Looking resplendent! Hope the sailing season in 2019 is as good as this year to enjoy her Paul.
    2019 Perami sails and is cared for!     Well done Paul she is a credit to you.

  'Genifa' Eventide 26 owned by Rob Oosterbaan.  Rob is in Tipperare, Ireland.  

  'Genifa' Awaiting more info on this one.  Rob and his father have bought a CD to help them rebuild it or maybe build a steel hull, to transfer the gear onto.

  November 2012 and Rob has been busy!

Genifa is being rebuilt!

He now has found the sail number too, YM E 635.  I will leave room for the next pictures!  keep it up Rob, looking very smart.




  Three pics to the left are of an U/K Eventide 24 for sale in Prestwick, Scotland Jan 12.

Hopefully the new owner will come forward. Note keel modification and bowsprit...



'Karali' Eventide 26 now belonging to Malcolm Symonds.  Her name may be familiar to thousands, as she belonged for so many years to the late Doug Bullock who wrote the Yachting Monthly column for the North West.  Still based up on the Dee.

      Box on left reserved for the picture of 'Karali' when she is repainted!


April 2016, just heard she will be on our for Sale pages shortly, at a very low price...





Three pics to left, 'Mary Louise' Eventide 26 in Suffolk. New member Steve Clayton is looking for information on her, so far we have been able to give him the year of the drawings approx and the sail number, anyone know any more about her?


  Seen on the net in May 2012, think this may be Nairbyl.  she was for sale but owner Nigel has decided to keep her, maybe build a new hull and transfer the gear...  

  'Merrywake' An early boat used to sail the East Coast 30 years back. Built by Eric and Betty Ludford.  Now under new ownership, Daren and Helen I understand are beavering away down in the west country bringing her back to sailing condition. Helen says she is now an expert sander! They were after a CD of drawings and hope to be working on her this year, more pictures please! Jan 2015, sold.


 Pytheas   It is a design of Ben Bouma, the man who made the plans of the Wild Duck for steel building.  His son Pieter is sailing it now from Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen in the north of the Netherlands near the Waddenzee.

All the best, Benne Holwerda, Groningen (WildDuck owner!)



  Pytheas  is every inch the Steel Eventide from the same drawings we inherited from Yachting Monthly in 1980 and had altered and updated to the Steel Eventide.

  You can see the lowered foredeck, rather like the larger Vulcan. On the later version we organised we did away with that.

Like the traditional Dutch gaff rig!

      Mr Ben Bouma's name was also on the drawings for the steel version of the Waterwitch, so a lot of people must be grateful to him for donating his conversions

Eventide El Lobo by Mitch Law

This whole article about the building of Lobo and some of her adventures can be seen on: http://www.mitchlaw.info/dad_story9.html

I was also sent a CD of the 8mm cine film taken on her trip from the North West down to the Scillies, in the early 1960's. No radios nor other fancy devices.  The Scillies I am pleased to say has not changed that much in all these years!


Buying a boat was completely out of the question, even a small one was outside my income bracket, so after some research, I sent off for the plans of an “Eventide” issued by the Yachting Monthly, and designed by Maurice Griffith. She was a bilge keeler (ie two small keels enabling the boat to dry out upright) and well within the capacity of the amateur to build. The plans arrived and I got stuck in immediately, ordering the various types of timber, including the half inch marine plywood. Having removed a rather ramshackle wooden garage I laid the foundations in my back garden.

The building was relatively easy but very time consuming. Many a time I worked all night, had breakfast and then set to on the construction. The framework was first assembled followed by the half inch skin, fastened with gunmetal screws and glue. For ease of building, the hull was built upside down, but before turning it over it was glass fibred up to the water line.
building the Eventide

I designed and fitted out the inside and installed a ten horse power motor. The whole operation took me about two years, but at the end of it I had what, at the time, was my dream boat; strongly built and perfectly sea worthy.

I had a friend who ran a small transport business and he solved the tricky question of how to move and transport the boat to her launching site at Weston Point docks. He sent a crane and a lorry to the house, lifted the boat from her building site, loaded her on to the lorry and transported her to the docks, all for ten pounds which he gave to the driver!

Everything went smoothly, watched by a large crowd.
launching the Eventide

I lay alongside for a couple of days storing and generally getting the boat, now named “El Lobo” (The Wolf), ready for sea - an exciting period. Soon I found myself proceeding down the Ship Canal to Eastham where I lay overnight before moving into the sea lock. I will never forget the lock gates opening and seeing the River Mersey, the way to the sea, in front of me. Accompanied by a couple of friends, one of whom was building the same class of boat, we enjoyed an easy passage in perfect weather to Rhyl in North Wales, where I had a mooring.
From there I cruised to “far away” places like the Isle of Man and later to the Scilly Isles, coming home via Ireland - a wonderful trip.
But things did not always work out as planned! On one occasion (unfortunately on my wife’s first introduction to passage making) we set out from Rhyl on a day out in superb weather. Approaching the Great Orme Head, the wind started to increase from the east and by late afternoon had reached near gale force. It was low water at Rhyl so heading back there was out of the question. The Menai Straits looked very uninviting with that wind direction so I decided to head for the River Mersey, an area I was familiar with. By now the wind had risen to gale force and my wife and three children huddled down below were naturally wondering what was going on. I, of course, was soaked to the skin, cold and hungry and my aim was to battle up the river to a mooring off Tranmere. But a better solution came into view in the shape of a ship heading for the bar light. We were crossing ahead of her, not very far off, so I signalled her with the ensign, and mercifully she rounded up and I flopped alongside her lee side, and explained my predicament to the Pilot, who suggested that I put my family aboard. The idea was for me to stay alongside long enough to reef down, whereupon I could ride out the gale, but the Captain, an elderly German, insisted that I should also come aboard as the weather was too bad, and the boat would be towed astern. Not one to argue, and welcoming the break, I agreed and after seeing the boat safely made fast with my strongest mooring line and being towed astern, I joined my family and enjoyed a good meal. There were spare cabins aboard and my wife and I thankfully turned in after seeing the family settled down. Next morning we awoke to find the ship anchored in the River Mersey on a fine, flat calm Summer’s morning. So after breakfast I decided to take my boat to a mooring at Tranmere and then the really good news was given to me; the ship was bound for Irlam, up the Manchester Ship Canal and would drop my wife and family off at Latchford Locks, some three miles from our home.
I thought this would be the end of the saga but the papers got hold of the story and a totally distorted picture was painted, stating that “we were lost in Liverpool Bay”, which was far from the truth. I later rang the paper to complain about the report but they said they were simply reporting what they had been told about the incident!

Not long afterwards, I joined the North West Venturers Yacht Club, based at Gallows Point in the Menai Straits on Anglesey. I was fortunate enough to get permission to lay my own mooring there and duly moved the boat from Rhyl.

It was from there that I enjoyed many cruises round Anglesey, across to the Isle of Man and Ireland.

Go to his site to read more!    http://www.mitchlaw.info/dad_story9.html


'Susilla', Eventide 26, well known on the East Coast 25 years ago, not up for sale on our For Sale page. 2012.

Failed to sell on EBay, August 2012, sad looking Eventide 26 in Lancashire.  Anyone know which one it is?

E 24 'Shantyman'. Owner Julie has just joined us, Sept 2012.  boat based in Southampton area. Another boat we had not seen before!

Eventide 24 1156 'Four Bells'.

Sadly she was lost some years ago from her mooring in Scotland.

She was constructed in Fife for the Bell family, thus the name!

Note no guard rails and simple rig, this Eventide did not get upgraded over the years, but was much loved and enjoyed!

The daughter of the late owner, Morven Macauley, has sent these pictures in, taken about 1982 sailing in the Firth of Forth of course, see the bridge!

'Four Bells'.  Happy crew under motor, thanks for these Morven.

'Molly-Jade' Steel Eventide 26 sailed in Scotland and owned by Briony, who in a former life owned her twice before!  3rd time lucky Briony!

 In Scotland with Briony at the Helm.



Morag Morgan.

A very pretty well equipped Eventide 26. Owner Barry and  Morag have been together for 31 years and she has served him well in all weather conditions.

Professionally built in 1975, Certificate of British Registry 1976 No 366846. The hull being 12mm marine ply, glass cloth and epoxy sheathed (when built) to rubbing strake encapsulating long lead keel.

Many Stainless Steel fittings including tabernacle, rudder, cleats and window trims.


The engine is a Yanmar 2GM20 twin cylinder 16hp diesel fitted 1994

The hull paintwork was stripped back and recoated with epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat in September 2010. She now requires some work to parts of the deck and coachroof , something I will  accomplish in a fairly short time.

To view more pictures go to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/YM-26ft-Eventide-Morag-Morgan/191335274269548 and play the movie. 


Steel Eventide 26 'Poppy'  snapped off Osea Island summer 2013.

And here back on her mooring at Maldon.

'Jemima' found, sadly looking as if it she needs urgent work to save her or she will be lost.

'Flying Tiger IV' found for sale on the net August 2013.  Looks a little sad, but may be reclaimable.

 The general condition does not look good, but like all our wooden boats they can be  repaired, if you can afford the time and expense. hope someone steps up to the challenge.

As promised, some photos of a revitalised 'Cosmic Wind' on the mooring at Oare Creek.

All the best,



Been a long time since I have seen 'Cosmic Wind', many years ago she was sailed out of Hullbridge by a chap called Paul, a fellow police officer!  Good to see her back in the water and looking very smart!

Eventide 24 no 213, owned by Nelson in Canada. no name at the moment, but a fin keel!


 Nelson has had a problem with the mast and rigging, trying to match up wires halyards and the mast.  We hope we have been able to assist.



Another fin keeler, a 26ft version in South Africa 'Phoenix'

 Afloat at her club in South Africa you would of course have no idea of the keel configuration!

'Phoenix' the navigation area

 Looking forward.

And an artistic one!   Note inboard genoa and yet a bowsprit and outer stay as well.... Maybe the fin keel means they weather helm is little! Richard is looking for a Golden Hind at the moment. September 2013.

This clipping from a 1970's Y.M. is of 'Eider Duck' an E 24. thanks to Warren for sending this in.

John Hopthrow found this Eventide for sale on EBay. she is in Dorset, but never reached her reserve so suspect we will see her again.

Another from the Bay and John Hopthrow's eagle eye.  This 26 did sell, for a quite low figure, suspect there is a lot to do, but at least she floats and has a mast, proud new owner please step forward. listed as a ketch by someone in Portsmouth, you would think they would know about boats there

Trying hard to identify this boat, but not winning, looks a little like 'forward, that became Piglet and later had no name.  the exaggerated slope on the forward part of the cabin is similar.  Last hear of at Walton on Naze and painted red....  maybe.

Eventide called Solveig???

 If you know where she is can you let us or this gent know?

n_w_brown at hotmail.co.uk

Another from Warren, found on the net. Eventide 24 'Tao'.  She was sailed out of Preston years ago and sold on our site a few years back, where is she now??

Eventide 24 'Jamahari'. Built in Germany in 1960's and sailed back to the UK in 1962.   We indebted to Peter Kemsley, who crewed the boat for his Squadron Leader for this photo and for the log of the trip, soon to be seen on the Newsletter and logs page. Peter went on to build a 1.12th scale model, which he still has.  this boat is one of the few with the gunter rig option, that was dropped in later versions.

Sail number YM E 440. where is she now???


'Tamar Eve' This Eventide 26 was a long time in the building, from the early 1960's till early 1990's.  The builder and owner Mr Osmond was in the Royal Navy and built when he could.  Sadly he passed away in 1995 and never sailed her, only motored round Plymouth area.

We have been approached by his daughter Jane to ask 'Where is she now?'

Jane would be pleased to hear, 01634 378478.

Last heard of for sail in  about 2013 on Ancaster boat sales site.  I remember meeting the builder at a meeting in Portchester years ago. He even supplied a sketch of the interior for the old magazine.  Apparently she was moored beneath the windows of their house in Plymouth, could that be where she is in the photo?

Sadly we have no information at all on this boat,  another found!?

Steel Eventide 26 'Sandance'

Built over 10 years and launched in 2004 approx. 

 On her mooring in North Wales
Very smart steel version Ray Royds built this boat and after 10 years sailing he is swallowing the anchor, 2014 so she is on the For Sale page. sold May 2014... New owner is renovating and updating and has joined of course!
Eventide 24 'Titti' Owned by new member Antonio in Italy.  Antonio has just donated for a CD of drawings as the paper ones he built her from have worn out!

yes, the boat name is  TITTI

 TITTI has been built in my 8 feet high garage, that's why, perhaps, the "Panettone di Milano" cabin top.

Last year I sweetened it connecting with the cockpit seats, like it should be.

Inner layout consists of gimballing cooker with drawers and a bunk to starboard side; a separate WC with a BB belonged to an old motor yacht,



A bunk with feet under v berth to port.

many regards



'Liverbird', ex ShuaySing an Eventide 24 built overseas and sailed or shipped back to the  UK in the 1960's, one of many built by British forces overseas.  Owned by Bill on the south coast for years she was donated away to someone I knew at work, but sadly he simply did her up a bit and sold her, never sailed her. She was subsequently sailed and enjoyed  by David and Barbara Phillips for some years before being donated to a Liverpool youth charity.  Hence the name change.  (Was to be called Spirit of Liverpool, but an expensive round the world racer 'took' the name!). In these pictures the lads  are sailing her on the Mersey.  May 2014 and she has been donated on through our pages to Colin Jones as there was too much work for the charity to take on.  hope to hear from Colin shortly with a work progress report.
'Liverbird' afloat in Liverpool before 'sale'.


Not looking too bad really, but in dire need of TLC!

'Liverbird' when she arrived in fleetwood


The rot exposed, or some of it!

Ply cut to fit cabin sides, lots more to do yet!


We sailed 'Liverbird' up in June it was amazing the Mersey was a bit choppy but once I got into the open sea it was fantastic I really enjoyed the trip it was a bit tricky going into Fleetwood though, going dark  and I believed it was a tricky passage.

I was right so I called the coastguard and he towed me in. well I have now got 'Liverbird' where I want her.

Colin Jones

Bill Whitehead of the trust with some of his crew!  As he says, brings tears to his eye! Space reserved for the spruced up pics!
Eventide 26 'Talland'  Seen for sale by the crew of FG in Wells next the Sea, on their round UK trip last year, now owned by  member Steve Ward and spotted in Blakeney 2014 by another member, Tim.  We have eyes everywhere! October 2017,, Steve the  owner of Talland, has sent this recent photo in. She is up for sale and he is looking for a larger boat to sail off over the horizon!
'Merrywake' for sale on the Bay, August 2014.  we believe this boat may have been built in Southend by Johnson and Jago.  Will the new (or the last) owner please step forward!
Rather nice Eventide 24 for sale on the Bay August 2014, can anyone make out her name? Squinting hard I think I can make out 'Shantyman'???  Another that has never come to light before!


Yes I think this is 'Shantyman' and we have just had a new enrolment from  Peter Hales the new owner? Or is it the seller?? August 2014.
'Camelot', Eventide 26. sold again now owned by Jason. Seen here at North Fambridge, but destined for the Humber area. Oct 14 Jason has just joined us. End of November 2014 and sadly Jason has to sell, he is moving to Yorkshire and cannot take her with him, so selling for a knock down £800!  Go to the For Sale page to see more. Sold and sold again, we do not know who has her at the moment September 2015. Sold yet again to a man in the North Essex area who sold it again February 2016, where is she now? Last we heard she had been bought by a caravan park owner and offered as a quirky overnight stay boat-a-van!!!  Hope he has not cut a hole in the side for access!



'Celtic Lass' owned now By Bob Wheeler, his other half and faithful sea dog can be seen here.  for more  pics the boat has her own page, on the builders and restorers section.

This sad looking Eventide was spotted in  Pensarn by Peter Harrold last year.

Does anyone know her, is she still there?  We do not recognise her....  but bet someone will tell me she is already on the pages..  There are so many on the pages now....

Yes we have an owner, John is restoring her, Nov. 2020, a Steel Kesteloo! Awaiting his enrolment.

'Realta' Eventide 24 found and bought in Belfast.  She is sail number 1206 and still has her original Stuart Turner inboard! Hope to hear more from owner John, who has just joined us. 'Paubi Lou' Found by Malcolm in Fleetwood, a fin keel Eventide.  Hope to trace the owner spring 2016.
Realta  October 2022, found languishing in a scrap yard, Newcastle, Co Dublin.  Needing a new home desperately.    
Marionette, Eventide 26, sold on EBay, July 2015, for over a grand, needs attention but as she is afloat and rigged...  seen here in the picture in Ipswich. where is she now? Eventide 24 'Commander Jones', owned by new member Gervas and moored in Norfolk.

He has spent some time restoring her and is now out sailing her. Updating some of the kit too, especially the tiny anchor!  7kg is just a bit too small, a 12 would be far better.

Eventide 24 Sail number 178. 'Emilyne' picture taken 26 August 1967! River Blackwater.

Ex 'CHELONE'. Builder Mr Meeklah carved a dolphin into the end of the teak tiller.  Stuart the son of the builder, would like to know where she is now? Last we heard was 2005 in the Christchurch/Poole area.

Winter Wind, a steel Eventide 28ft version, on Lough Corrib Galway Ireland. Hoping the owner, Michael will be joining us shortly.
An unknown Eventide 26 sold in July 2016 from Emsworth Hampshire She appears to be floating OK but has no rig?  Anyone know which boat this is and who is the new owner.  We think it is 'Kinsman'.  After being owned by a great friend, it had a rather chequered life in Wales....
August 2016 and we have had an enquiry in regarding this boat, an Eventide 26 that was built by his grandfather.


He entered a post on the forum, some of which I repeat here.

I hope someone out there can help me. My grandfather built and almost completed an Eventide about 20 years ago.

Just before completing the boat he had to move house, which also meant couldn’t keep/finish his Eventide. He gave it away to a man he knew at the time.

My grandfather and I would love to know what happened to her in the end. Unfortunately I only have a few details but if anyone has any information I would be very glad to hear from you!

Birth place: Eccles, Manchester
Builder: Harold (Harry) Grange
Given to a man from Monton, Manchester in 1998.
Proposed (but unconfirmed name): Hobgoblin II

If anyone knows what became of the boat, or knows an Alan from Monkton who had the boat can they call me on:-  07525778384.




 As far as I can work out these pictures from the late 1080s show the upturned hull being removed from the garden, turned and returned to the garden.

As she was donated only 18 years ago, she should still be about??

'Jester' An Eventide in Australia described as 29ft long?!  She does look longer than a standard 26...  Owner Gregg in Queensland, Oz.
'Evenstar' An Eventide snapped in March 2017 by the roving camera of John Hopthrow. At Faversham Kent.  Wonder if she is on our books....
'Maid of Danta'

Seen here sailing in Irish waters, prior to hauling out for restoration

New Member Des  Has her in Carlingford Lough area.
'Maid of Danta' showing damaged area of topside planking removed ready for repair. 'Maid of Danta' March 2017 the repairs in full swing, hope to see her afloat for the 2017 season..

Due to poorly repaired damage, we replaced the Fwd. starboard side with 2 sheets of 9mm plywood.


      The sides above the waterline are definitely 3/8" PLANKS (ie not plywood) both inner and outer. The outer planks are laid horizontally and are 6.25" to 7" wide. The inner planks are 5" wide and are laid diagonally at approx 60 degrees to the vertical. See attached photos.


The underwater hull does not appear to need any significant repairs so I cannot be certain but it also appears to be 3/8" diagonal planks, both  inside and outside, as the photos indicate.

 The outer underwater planks are laid horizontally (lengthwise) and are 6" wide in the center section and reducing to 3" at the bow and stern. The inside floor planks are 5" wide and are laid diagonally at approx 60 degrees to the keel.

Other than rainwater ingress through the cabin and leakage along some of the side bilge keels, there is no sign of water ingress into the hull.

 There are internal keel supports for all three keels.

Contrary to my previous e-mail there is ballast installed below the wooden keel. This was not visible due to the build up of anti-fouling and growth. The size is approx 8 ft X 5" wide and 6" deep. (By my reckoning that makes it the first 560lb keel!  It needs doubling in weight!! John.)
'Valerie' an Eventide that stretched to 28ft in the building!


Built in South Africa by T.W. Anderson in 1973 she is ply with an Ali mast etc. and displaces 5000kg. 



Now owned by George and sailed from Port Owen Marina, St. Helena Bay, West Cape.

She has conventional ballast and bilge keels.

She is yet another Eventide that has never appeared on our records..  how many more are there out there, suspecting the numbers of Eventides built to be in excess of 1,000 now.

Compilation of photos from George of his 'Valerie'.


Some nice touches here, the rear platform and ladder, the seat on the stern rail and I especially  like the seat on the pulpit so you can watch the dolphins play!

More pics from George of 'Valerie' Crew looks happy!
I knew that pulpit seat would be a popular one  Neat cockpit.
Looks all blue sea and sky!  Valerie has seats for and aft!
February 2018.

Yet another nice pic of Valerie from George!

We have asked George where the extra 2 ft has been added, as it is not apparent.  Do not think it is the bowsprit!  That is even more extra!

 A Seagull customer of mine Dave, sent a copy of this painting of the Eventide  'Lily C', that he sailed many years ago, painting by a friend. This one spotted by Bede whilst sailing Southampton way, a pre 1972 E26 by the profile, is it yours?
This is 'Serenity'  an Eventide 24 based in North Devon.  Sitting neatly on the hard on her keel and bilge plates. The owner Robert, has just joined us.  Nov 2018.  Some confusion at first, as we have two Eventides of the same name, but as it turns out different lengths! We also have a Golden Hind with that name too! Very smart ship Robert. Looks very 1960's!
Unknown Eventide.

Not even sure where this picture came from.  anyone recognise her? Could be 'Osprey'

Another more recent pic of Serenity, Robert wondering what she should be valued at, priceless I'd say!
'Evenstar' smart looking eventide 24, guessing post 1972 by the cabin shape. Evenstar sails from Faversham and belongs to new member Tom.
Nausicaa, New member Marco  has sent these pics in. From Rimini, Italy (November 2019) Nausicaa was laid up for some time and Marco is determined to restore her.
An early sail number, puts her at about 1960-63 With her early keel configuration and weight, we have suggested the keel bolts be withdrawn and 500lb of extra ballast be fitted!  She could also do with the rudder being relocated on the transom and the space between skeg and keel in-filled!
The extent of the renovation can be seen from a few of these pictures! Serious work being undertaken!
The stem The bilges cleaned and painted.
cabin top replaced. And glassed and epoxy coated!
Raised topsides repaired and the other side
Repaired cockpit area. Glassed and coated foredeck.

Eventide 26 'Goldcrest'.  Sail No: 1439


'Goldcrest' as she was 8 years back

'Goldcrest' has been laid up ashore for 8 years.

Built by a semi-professional as a traditional easily manageable family cruising yacht from 1978 and launched 1982. Hull, deck and frames constructed from marine ply sourced from Robbins, fastened with Cascophen and stainless steel screws. A greenheart and cast lead keel with steel bilge keels for taking the ground.


She  is the standard cutter rigged with a bow sprit, a vanished, laminated curved Iroko stern, Iroko cockpit and coach roof which is the extended version to improve her appearance and increase head room below. The rubbing strake is also Iroko.

The stem is iroko laminated and varnished.

Decks are all finished in grey Tread Master.

Mast, boom and bow sprit are all solid varnished Douglas Fir.

She has cruised the East Coast of Ireland, West Coast of Scotland, Irish Sea and North Wales.

Just sold and the new owner Graham has joined us, October 2020.

GoldcrestSadly September 2022, Graham is forced to sell her...

See out For Sale page.
Goldcrest. With Treadmaster on deck.
Goldcrest   Treadmast in the cockpit too. Goldcrest the Galley.
'Gil Gilad'  Terry's Eventide 24 seen here in Woodrolfe Creek Tollesbury , tying to ascertain when...  John, the website coordinator's mooring is just visible as a yellow blob by Terry's elbow! 'Gil Gilad' again in Woodrolfe Creek, Tollesbury, heading up towards the marina.  This boat was sadly vandalised and later broken up...

Eventide 26  “TRANONA”

Built in 1963 by Hartwells in Plymouth, 'Tranona' was the first commercially boat built to the definitive plans for the 26. Commissioned by a doctor in Salcombe she was built out of the very best materials available at the time with the hull Cascover sheathed by the makers (now Wessex Resins). This means that she has survived in excellent structural condition. 


She had a complete rewire recently with a custom control panel, split charging system and instruments. All sail controls lead to the cockpit and a set of Lewmar bronze winches fitted.
The interior has the usual 4 berths, galley with Taylors 030 cooker, toilet with Lavac and holding tank and a Victory paraffin heater on the forward bulkhead. In 2010 I started another refit ready for my retirement and replaced the Yanmar with a new Nanni 14 and a feathering propeller. A 4mm teak veneer deck has been laid. The hull was blasted and the Cascover sheathing re-fared with epoxy following advice from Wessex Resins. The topsides have been repainted in the same Toplac 105 blue and the underwater is in primer ready for antifouling.

Tranona comes with a vast amount of gear, some of it new. Complete suit of sails. Main and genoa by Kemps (checked and serviced). New Kemp custom made stackpack and lightly used spinnaker. Original hank on foresails and storm jib are still serviceable!

A really really good, sound Eventide this is the one to have!  2020 sold for less than the cost of the new engine.

No apologies for all these photos of Tranona!  Stewart the long time owner is well known to John as Stewart was the marketing director of British Seagull for some years!  Later he was spotted at boat shows selling that excellent rope cutter device, 'The Stripper'. Got one on F.G.!! I find it odd that this is the first time she appears on these pages of the gallery, after she was on the 'For Sale' page and sold. About time she featured here!

I hope the new owner who sailed it away from the south coast last autumn to Wales, will soon get in touch.
A few more photos from Stewart, from the 1960's and '70's.  The lock scene in a French canal. And alongside the wall in Lyme Regis
Stewart with Edward Atkinson of Borer Bee fame! Stewart with Edward and Bill Fitzgerald sailing in Bantry Bay
Benedicta Fitzgerald helming 'Tranona' Andy steering in the French Canals.
Andy with his mum on Tranona, French Canals. Tranona in the late 1960's, note the collapsible Prout tender so popular then!
Eventide 24 'Andiamo'  Where is she now??
Rob has just joined us, March 21, to try and trace this boat his father Harold Elles built in the 1960's. The photo is of her at Hoylake, the Wirral about 1970.

Here are two photos of E705 under construction in Hoylake on the Wirral in the 1960s. My Dad served in Sicily in the war and liked Italy very much - hence the name 'Andiamo' - which means 'let's go!' 

  'Bellapais', with owner Maurice Maurice at the Helm of 'Bellapais' back in 1970's. Daughter trying to trace the boat, last heard of at Arlesford Creek off the Colne. 
'Harvest Moon', owned by Commander Bob and for sale on our pages May 2022. Have to say though this looks a lovely craft and may be in d=good order, she is in a bit of a time warp, with galvanised rigging and very simple gear.
That Galley takes me back to my first boat! Note 1970 Seafarer echo sounder?
'Helen May' Eventide 24 for sale on our pages May 2022.  She is ashore at Rochester Kent.  the more astute amongst you will maybe have noticed she is a rare fin keeler.    
Pegasus  as she was when dragged out of the RAF hangerer where she had been laid up for years....
 'Pegasus', was sailed for years by our friends Viv and Bruce.  Sadly they swallowed the anchor years ago and sold her, but the new owner abandoned her and left her to rot in a field. Bruce recovered her and put her in dry store, for years.
 Along comes Nigel who took on the challenge via us at the EOG.  Sadly the rain had started rot and the stem and most of the timber at the bow was rotten, all removed now and new laminated stem in place, she will sail again soon! Well saved Nigel
Avocet This plucky Eventide 24 has sailed all round the Scottish west coast by former owners Brian and Elizabeth. Was sold and had a little misadventure before being bought by Adam.  October 2022 he has just joined us.
Avocet is still based in Fleetwood Adam is hoping to have her ready for 2023.
Borer Bee  Graham the man who has salvaged her from Northern Ireland and is to restore her and sail her in her retirement in the Lake District,  has sent in these pics so we can see the extent of the work entailed! Much of her is sound, fortunately.  Built double diagonal with local timbers from Singapore.
That mast looks as it it has seen better days though!  Prop, great, but there is not motor! 
Definitely going to have to be repaired! Inboard rudder  in need of some TLC!
Transom, with outboard bracket, that was how she was powered! Skeg seems to be held together with steel straps??
Flaky paint.. strip back and start again job! Another view of the skeg and rudder...
An interesting addition to the bilge plates!  suspect the keel was increased in depth and weight, as originally she sailed from Singapore with just a 560lb keel.  That was one of the things the Commander recommend that MG change, and he did! Heel bearing, bet that is worn!
The prop again.  Sadly as it is a left hander doubt it will match any more modern motor that Graham fits!   We look forward to seeing how Graham progresses with the restoration.  He says he wants to change as little as possible...  Good luck Graham.
'Sula'  A Very different Eventide,  converted into  a pure motor boat and used for years on the French Canals.  'Sula' Sold from  our pages October 2022 
Eventide 24 'Yvonne'   ready to transport to the water..

I expect this is a bit of a long shot but I was wondering if any of your members would know if my Father's YM Eventide 24 is still in existence? My father built the boat at our home in Tuckton Bournemouth and launched it on the River Stour in about 1970 I have a scan of the boat which I have attached. The boat was named after his deceased sister Yvonne.
  This is the launching party.

But where is she how?? 

We moved from Bournemouth to Woodbury Salterton in Devon in 1974 and my father then sold the boat to someone I believe in Torquay/Paignton way who subsequently renamed the boat from Yvonne to Ursula. That is the last I ever saw or heard of her and I was wondering if anyone knows of her whereabouts or if she has long since rotted away or been scrapped. I have attached another image of the boat during its construction which I would guess was late 60's.


At her mooring, where is that, looks like a very small rise and fall of tide by the mooring arrangements.   Sorry I cannot offer anymore information but I was only a mere 2 years old when the boat was built. I do however remember sailing on her on the River Stour a handful of times.     Mark Bathard