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These pages are for the  'Newsletter', started in December 2003.  The first edition is below.  Also below are the links to the second edition and now the third edition, 4th edition, 5th etc. !!  (your articles welcomed!)



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In 2012 we realised that the Newsletter was rather superfluous, as all the articles and letters, pictures and tips were appearing generally on the site anyway and this was just creating extra work.  So we decided to use this page now for logs.

As the editing of the site was becoming more of a full time job as our membership steadily increased, John's time was better spent keeping up with the dozens of mail, enquiries and articles coming in that are added to the site weekly.

the best place to find out what is going on is the 'Stoppress' page.  this will often redirect you to other pages that have recently been updated, but will also give you the latest news.

However if there is anyone out there with time to spare who may like the job of collating, editing and publishing the Newsletter again, please take a step forward!



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The Eventider's News  Issue 1   Dec. 2003

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What sorts of boats are covered by the Eventiders?

It may seem obvious, an Eventide is an Eventide, but even they come in all  shapes and sizes!   Well that is not the end of it, not when it comes to the 'Eventiders Owners Group' Web Site.  We like to think we encompass all the Y.M. designs and all of those by the same designers too!

Historically the old eoa was  formed from Eventide owners only, thus the title 'Eventide Owners Association'. It is because the Eventide was the only boat involved when the eoa was formed in 1963.  This suggested that it was only for 'Eventide' owners, something that some still thought applied today, however it's rules were changed and soon it catered  for the Waterwitch and then the 9 other designs  sponsored by Yachting Monthly. This situation existed for many years. 

This site now exists, as do we as a group, to continue giving specific support to owners, builders and restorers of Eventides and all the other Y.M. designs, and indeed boats by the same designers. We hope to build a discussion forum for all these designs, for owners to swap problems and hopefully cures  So this site will be supporting all designs by the designers of the original 10 boats with Y.M. sponsorship.  It will, of course take some time to collate information some of these other designs but we have made a start with Kylix and Foreland Gull,  a 'Lone Gull II design and others.  (They can be viewed on their respective pictures pages).  Golden Hind now has it's own photos page.

These boats were designed by Maurice Griffiths.  Other Y.M. designers have also produced boats not previously seen on our site. This was a great shame as many these excellent designs will be familiar to anyone who owns an Eventide, Waterwitch or Riptide and the lessons we can learn and the hints and tips from their owners will be of great value, we hope to rectify that, with your help.

As a start, has anyone got anything on 'Vashti'?  The owner, Paul, was a member of the old eoa. I signed him up!

So, What do we call ourselves?

When setting up this web site the vexed question of the title came up. Eventiders was chosen (for a start) as it contained the key word that many people look for when searching for information on their boat - even if it happens to a Senior or a Riptide. Why not the "Maurice Griffiths Appreciation" site, as was suggested by some? Well, this would not do justice to the many other designers.

When you sit and think about it, it's very difficult to think of a name that encompasses all the designs and all the designers. Maybe we should leave it as it is as many of us are in the 'Eventide' of our life - only time will tell. We think we have come up with the name we will stick with, 'The Eventide Owners Group'.  We will be registering this name, watch out in the press for announcements.

It has been suggested that we aught to have a burgee?  A Dinosaur was suggested!  (this is what the non owners that took over in the old eoa called us owners!)

How about a design competition all you budding artists out there? 

We have just had our first drawings for a burgee come in, in fact we have had 6!  Thanks Ann. I will scan them and print them here soon.  We might even have a special page.  Ann's drawings take the simple theme of 'Sunset' for Eventide, but she has added various ideas to it...  All will be revealed.  I was looking for a dinosaur to copy, but cannot find the right one yet!  Someone else suggested a black flag!

Last year I flew my old flag, but upside down, with the Eventide Star in the water!  Then I could have turned it the right way later, perhaps, before it sank... Sadly I think it did.  I will not fly it next season, we will have our own!  M.G. had some nice ones on his boats, will have to scan some of his works to get more ideas, we will have a poll when we get a few more in, come on artists!


February 2018, we are saddened to announce the old association has folded.  Saddened because the writing has been on the wall for years. 2 years ago we were approached and offered the assets of the old eoa to buy!  We refused as these were donated to the owners, not to be sold as chattels.  We then wondered who would ultimately benefit from this sale?  After the dishonesty displayed by some of the old committee......

Instead we offered the hand of conciliation and asked that they simply joined us on our terms.  They declined.

The end of the eoa was inevitable given the committee did not have the commitment o actually own one of these designs.  The surprise is that it took so long.