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Welcome to the 14th Edition  of the Newsletter.

We welcome articles, photos, logs, (in one of our designs!) and any other snippets of information you might like to send in.


  Summer and we are into the 14th edition!   We have some articles to load up, but any more articles, snippets etc, all welcome!

Spring sailing days....




Spotted on the stern of a MG 30 footer outside Bradwell!  this is one way to fly the flag!  One might  prefer to see it at the masthead or under a spreader, but as the owner was not aboard it was nice to see it flying at all!

Early spring sailing?  No, Fitting out Glasstide.

We had such a cold snap early May this year only those who launched in March and sailed in April, got much good sailing in this Spring!

 Mike Hoban  and I went to assist John Stevens during April and the decent weather, to get his newly acquired GRP Eventide ready for a cross Estuary trip.

There was a lot to do.

Mike and I managed to scrape off the mess on the hull and get antifouling on her, I sorted all the sea cocks and underwater fittings, at the end of a long day we had all the underwater bits done, including the Anodes.


The rudder had been found jammed, but judicial use if a hefty boot started it moving, and loads of WD40 up and down the tube and frequent movement freed it off by the end of the day.


Mike  did sterling work under the boat in the cold, whilst I was in the relative warm inside, by the time I got finished he was on the home straight.  Good job Mike, getting his hand in for the commodious underwater sections of his GH!


Of course we were using the Marclear I use and sell, to see if it works as well in another creek on the Blackwater.


John even got into the act.  We saved a bit for him especially....


One of the main jobs we had on our list was the running of the inboard.  To that end I made up a re-circulating tank. an old 5 gallon plastic water container, with hole cut in side for the exhaust pipe and a 1/2 pipe connected with a brass tank fitting to the base.  The contents can then be directed into the inlet sea cock and the motor run for 20 mins or so before the water needs topping up with cold.  You can also add descaler if needed.  In John's case his little 7hp Volvo needed it, as we found later.

I went back another couple of times, failing every time to get that Volvo going, it fired but even having the injector tested, 100%  I failed to get the pump out and eventually John agreed to get an expert.  In comes Fred.  He had the pump overhauled, it had been 'got at' seriously.  Eventually with a little help from an engineer friend, Simon, Fred got it working.  But now it overheated

I sorted out the rigging, tensioned it all up, but sadly it was too windy to get the genoa on.  John eventually got the sail makers who had made it, it was new, to set it all up.  We had removed halyards and John had washed them, cleaning them up a lot, but they were still grubby.  John managed to buy some new halyard material on the Bay to replace the worst.

Brendan went down to help with the final stages, I had given John some 6mm stainless wire that was still in good order, here Brendan, and the local sail maker are fitting the end fittings to secure it as guard rails.

Here she is with almost all the items we looked at done, antifouled and polished and about to get wet!  She still has a few jobs to be tackled, the fuel tank for instance, never seen anything like it, purpose made tiny tank about 4 gallons fitted neatly into the stern locker, but with no deck filler, just a tank top vent/fill.  Very silly arrangement.  John is to replace the tank with another, mounted slightly higher to gain more tankage, with a proper filler and vent on deck.  Save all the gymnastics with a funnel and long spout!  Inevitably diesel is going to get into the bilge, not good.

We had planned to sail over in Brian West 30ft Cat, with delivery crew aboard, during the early May Bank holiday Weekend, sadly that motor was still playing up and John was not ready, so it did not happen, instead 4 of us were going to go out on the cat for a few days, when the hail stones were cleared off the decks and the wind died down to a 5, we did get a couple of days....

John beavered on with the motor, changing choked and perished water pipes, removing a stuck thermostat, and eventually he had a reliable motor.

We tried again to meet him at the end of May, but again weather and preparations in Kent were not complete, so abandoned it.

It was not till June we managed to do the trip, and that is another page of this Newsletter!









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