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We now have   the Junior  drawings  scanned and on CD

 and  will send a CD to you, at cost, 5.00 UK and 6.50 overseas.


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  We are indebted to Bob Jackson for this 1969 picture of his Junior taken in Brisbane Australia. At 70 years old he's planning to build another one - good for you Bob!


  Another Junior Sailing Dinghy!!!! 




This boat was advertised in 2004 on E-Bay.  the young chap selling it and the purchaser were in touch.  We hope to have more pics of the boat when it is refurbished.  There are not too many about these days, so we are hoping to see more pics in the near future.


Well here are the pics!  Well worth waiting for.  April 2005 and Scotty has, true to his word, sent these two nice pictures of his Junior, rigged and wet!  Well done!  We hope Scotty is going to send a few more in so we can see a few more details of this rare class.!!  There were never that many about, and this is only the second we have pictures of.  Long may she give pleasure!

April 05, more pics in, thanks Scotty!

hidden in the undergrowth!

Stepping the mast.

It floats, but does that Seagull go?

 Judging by the grin, and the wash, it does!

All in all a nice selection of pics of a Junior.  We wonder how many others are out there...  They were often built as a trial to see if building a boat was a possibility for a prospective owner.  I heard of a few used as row boats only, but the owners went on to build bigger!



 John Stevens snapped this little gem at St. Oysth, Essex.  He thinks it is a Junior with a Senior type cabin on top! A 'Jenior' he calls it!  We are trying to find out more!


No it is not a Junior!  But is is a Kenneth Gibbs design, a 14 ft clinker dinghy Ian Skinner used to own years ago.  Pics courtesy of Ian.

Built at Shepperton on the Thames it was design 142, boat number 49.

Does anyone know what the design was called?

August 2011, we have just learnt of another, same design number hull/sail number 82.

Pics to follow.



Junior 376, for sale on eBay August 11th 2011.

Click here to see the auction.

At the moment the price is under 500.....

Hopefully the new owner will join us now the seller has been informed what he is selling....

You have to admit it is a nice looking dinghy!




These pics came in from Peter Best and they are of another Gibbs design. 'Khali' is believed to be a Teddington One  Design!





Unnamed Junior!

The YM Junior I have acquired is complete, but in a rather sad condition having been stored in a large shed for the last 20 years, collecting rubbish and with swallows nesting above!

The hull has many patch repairs and areas of delamination. Really I should have taken off the plywood and re-skinned with new, but decided to simply patch up with filler, give it a coat of paint and go sailing. I will need to put new deck panels on though. The boat has no name at present and I know very little of its history.

If I find the boat is suitable for what I want I may well build a new hull next winter.

I live near Lough Derg on the river Shannon and that is my main sailing area.

Attached are a couple of photos of the hull in my garage, first after sanding and filling, then in primer, finally in topcoat blue. More to follow as work progresses.

Best regards, Tony.

Added a couple more pictures, of the boat on trailer with decks removed awaiting repair. Note the buoyancy bags, a good idea!