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We now have   the  Goosander drawings  scanned and on CD

 and  will send a CD to you, at cost, 15.00 UK and 16.50 overseas.

We also have all the rest of Colin Faggetter's designs available too,

see the Designs page.

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Goosander 23 and 27.


This write up on the G27 recently found in a 1974 Y.M.



'Goosander', the designers own boat, built as a 28ft version with retrouso stern, expertly built and maintained by the designer.

Goosander - The original "Goosander" 27 designed, built and sailed by Colin Faggetter. 'Goosander' has just been sold! - Sadly the new owner has found that  rot had gone too far and has broken her for her parts. 

Halemaid 3   A 23 ft version. This boat is for sale.  We have since learnt that this boat too is about to be broken up, despite the good work done on her in the recent past, she has been left out with no covers and the weather has done the rest.  She may be still available from the Littlehampton Motor Boat Club, perhaps for very little money if you want to take her away! 



Unknown Goosander 23  Found on web site by John Stevens, I have mailed the owner to get more details....

'Tuka-wyl' G23 in NZ.  Robin the owner is prepared to help others building or finishing Goosanders, his details will be added to the advisors page.

'Tuka-wyl' The sailing looks good, the scenery is N.Z.!

'Tuka-wyl'  The paintwork look gleaming, then I saw he is a professional painting contractor!
        'Sandpiper'  listed as a 28ft version of the 27.  See our For Sale page.

'Merganser' Ashley Butler's Goosander, here sailing off the Cornish Coast.  Ashley now runs a boatbuilding yard at Faversham in Kent!

Traditional Wooden Boats by Butler & Co

Traditional Wooden Boats



'Noctiluca' G23 sailed by Nick Baker and snapped her in Holland in 1992, we were going the other way!  Sadly this boat was vandalised by fire some time after Nick sold her and we are unsure if she even exists now.

'Elver'.  This unusual Goosander 23 is junk rigged. Owner Andrew Hodge has her for sale.

October 2010 she is for sale on our For Sale pages.
  She is on a yard trailer in Scotland.
  Nicely shaped Stern there!
  lots of varnish work to keep the enthusiast busy!!
  The long deep keep makes her a deep water mooing boar, but excellent sailer!
  Think of the hours you could spend varnishing.....
  cosy interior, with Vire inboard.


    A bit of a long shot but I was wondering whether anyone associated with the organisation has any information on the Cape Nebe 28 built in South Africa.  It was a development of the Goosander 27 and was originally built in ply and then GRP. The designer was a chap called Bob Klusendick and they were built by Nebe.

It sounds as if he was inspired to build a bigger version in GRP after building a Goosander. The C28 is has 6 inches more beam, 2 inches more draft and at 4500kg is substantially heavier.  It also has a reworked coach roof but the ancestry is clear

I've owned one for 5 years and I'm trying to piece together as much information as I can.

Many thanks

John Cooper:-  coops.john at

  March 2024, new member Harvey with Goosander 23 'Aeda'.  Looks like the end of Millbrook creek to me, been there!  Sails out of Sutton Harbour nearby.