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Welcome to the 16th Edition  of the Newsletter.

We welcome articles, photos, logs, (in one of our designs!) and any other snippets of information you might like to send in.


  Summer is over, what there was of it  and we are into the 16th edition!   We have some articles to load up, but if you have any more articles, snippets etc, all are welcome!



Fitting out with Fiddler's Green

Stored away from the ravages of last years snow and ice, it was to be an early launch for Fiddlers Green this year.  however other things contrived to get in the way, not least the fact that the weather was too darn cold to paint 2 pot poly till March!
Helped by long time friend and oft crew Phil, we rubbed down all the deck and the outside of the cockpit and repainted, took 2 coats to get it right.  but even then I was not too happy, as it was obvious that it was a shade lighter than the hull colour....  As you can see from this picture.
Turned out the hull had been repainted some years ago with a pale colour cream and I was not happy with it as it did not match the cabin sides, so repainted with the correct colour, International 'Fighting Lady Yellow'.  Sadly I had used all that paint up but found the older can of 'Ivory' and purchased more of that! So another can of the Yellow for next year!
The only slight draw back to my winter storage is I have to share it.

This is one of the occasional residents.  A Little owl. there is also another larger owl that leaves me some interesting owl pellets on the foredeck!

Owl droppings scrubbed away brother in law Keith turns up to do the annual 3 mile trip from barn to marina.  A lot easier than the 40 mile trip to his farm we used to do! The towing and all the preparations are carried out  without hardly a word needing to be said, Keith and I and normally Phil, have it off to a fine art and can see what needs doing and simply set to.  It is like a well rehearsed act.
And we are off, past the friendly farmers fields and off to Bradwell. The warm days of March and April allowed all the paint to go off nicely.
At Bradwell with the assistance of Dave and Ian, we shunt the boat and trailer  into a suitable place for the cradle to pick us up and set to to raise the mast.  Again it all goes like clockwork.  Sad thing the weather then had one week then took a turn for the worse.

Cancelled summer trips.

Sadly the weather was so foul the air show was a wash out, but we set to and used what ever days we had to sort the trailer out and tow a wrecked Eventide, 'Folly' from Tollesbury to Halstead.   We then dragged her off the trailer, literally, into a field where she was later to be burnt.  The mast and the bit of gear that was left, was off loaded and a week later another Eventide appeared.  This time I had 'Everjoy on the trailer again, with the assistance of Keith and several jacks!  Fun and games....  We transferred all the gear from Folly and made her ready for a trip to Nottingham.

A week later she was  neatly installed in Ian Wilson's garden and work on her began again.


We took the trailer back to Halstead where I had designed a support system for a Wild Duck to be transported on her.  Off to Kent next and a crane dropped the Wild Duck on top.  That together with a load of junk was shifted to my garden and after a lot of problems off loaded onto part of my veg patch.  Where she now lies abandoned, sadly as the owner decided to do a runner after me agreeing to help him.  It was 'Tarka', and belonged to our ex webmaster.  Sadly he was taken 'ill' and has disappeared.  The mess will get cleared up.

We stay aboard in gales!

Our summer holiday break came and went with F6's and 7's , horizontal rain as well.  We sat on the boat, became a fixture at the Marian bar and cancelled the cat sitter, going home every evening to pick up the post and feed the cats.  What a washout!

Snatched days sailing!


We did manage to get young Horatio aboard for a day.  We had a gentle putter and sail for a few hours up and down the Blackwater, he was overjoyed.  Darian was a typical worried grandparent, but clipped on he was fine.  New forward lookout!
OK not terribly nice weather, no blue skies, but if you look closely you can see the deck looks nicely painted!


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