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Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Newsletter.

We welcome articles, photos, logs, (in one of our designs!) and any other snippets of information you might like to send in.


      picture of 'Avocet' sailed by Elizabeth and Brian, snapped off the West Coast of Scotland last year.  See the log page for their  log.  We are hoping for more to follow, and all the pictures to go with it.    Just heard from Elizabeth and Brian, they are off north to Avocet again, fitting out time I guess.  Look forward to more from them.


The Group has now had over 265 registrants!  Well over 200 have our boats!  there are a number among the others who are ex owners, but a lot more aspiring to ownership. We hope to hear from as many of you as can spare the time, to fill in the pages on the Newsletters!  So far we have been very fortunate to have so many share their thoughts and words with us, long may it continue!

April 11th, 272nd Registrant! 

April 17th, 275th !  Still they come forward!  More pics on the WW and Junior pages too!

April 19th We are sad to announce that at 2200hrs our webmaster Barry Sturrock quietly passed away, aged 55, in Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford.  For two years he had been fighting Prostate Cancer. for more see the 'News Page'.



20th May 2005.  It is now a month since the sad death of my friend and brother in law Barry.  We have had the funeral and a large number attended and send messages of condolences.  Barry will be remembered in these pages and there will be a separate section devoted to him and his memory in recognition of the work he did to make this organisation possible.  He would be pleased to learn that we are still growing, over 280 registrants now, many new MG and other Y.M. boats coming to light, many old eoa members joining us to agree with our sentiments.  To be fair we have a number of non owners, enthusiasts etc, also joining us, as associate members or 'Friends'  We welcome them!


We have had a whole raft of new photos and articles, and now one of the steering group, John Stevens, has picked up the database that Barry started and worked wonders with it.  Soon it will be up and running and will assist us keeping track of all the members and boats that we are dealing with.  We will also be able to enter the details of every boat we have ever known, so in the future there will always be a method of tracing these designs.  We are taking pains to get this right as I feel this is so important, previous records were not always as accurate as I would have liked....  We intend ours to be different. 





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