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Welcome to the 5th Edition  of the Newsletter.

We welcome articles, photos, logs, (in one of our designs!) and any other snippets of information you might like to send in.



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The recent Mersea Meet, 2005.                         




The recent West Mersea meet was one of the best weekends , weather wise as well, for a while.         Andrew took the photo above on their way back to Burnham on Monday.   The seals on foulness sands are used to the passing boats and sometimes will pose for the camera!




The fleet at West Mersea was only 3 boats this year,  several others did not make it for one reason or another..  At least Sid is afloat with his Riptide now. Leak cured, but his crew jumped ship on him Friday and as he has yet to rig the sails, he set about sorting 'Ramillies' on the mud at Heybridge instead.  Mike with his Eventide could not make it, nor Andrew with his Swin nor Roger with his Barcarole. Never mind, I have said our thankyou's  to the W.M.Y.C. and we are invited for next year!


  Above is Doug, with his tender, it is late as you can guess, but the water taxi service carries on!  The weather was just right for dinghies in the creek!

  Blue skies and gentle breezes, most of the time, coupled with the warmth of the summer sun, no better time to give the waterline a quick wipe.  Alan used 'copper Coat' on his boat, it just needs a gentle rub down to re activate it..  but then his drying mooring may also be a reason it works so well.  this year the fouling on the East coast has been particularly bad.  'Even my Marclear' needed  a wipe round this year.

  Jo and Andrew taking in the sun and sights on a mooring at West Mersea.  they have been working hard on mistress II, replacing the fuel tank and filling in the holes previously cut in the bilge keels.  the last modification has enabled the boat to sail even better!  There are plans afoot to relocate the chain and the anchor winch, to free the for cabin of a later addition, a chain chute and locker that make it virtually unusable at the moment.

  Andrew and Jo have spent a little time and effort repainting the boat this year, as a result she looks gleaming again.

  Alan and Margaret in the cockpit of Bonita.  Alan has spent a while repainting and varnishing again, it shows.  Where's that dinghy, must get a picture of it.  Alan had built it to hang on the davits.  Epoxy clinker tape and glue seams, with made to measure notches to locate it on the stern.

  Look at that clear blue sky!  Two WW's and an Eventide, a 'friend's' boat 'Silent Annie' just astern.  West Mersea was a good spot to be this August Bank holiday.  Bradwell marina was so booked up with long term visitors, no one could get a berth all weekend.  We  had the best spot!  see you there next year, I have already booked it with W.M.Y.C.