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Some members boats.


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GH 31 'Jonas'




Finally I've got the time, courage and energy to reply to the Welcome-mail that you send me after my registration at the Eventide Owners Group.

 My name is Boudewijn van der Mik, a Golden Hind 31 Owner from the Netherlands. My first name is Willem, but that name is never used.

 About six years ago we bought the "Jonas" from its first owner Mr. van Wanrooij. As it all was done via a Yacht-Broker, we've never met him. Because of age he had to give up sailing, and sold the boat with a complete inventory. We had been looking for a boat for sometime, nothing particular in mind, but my wife had already done some background research about that "Griffiths guy" and his boats. When she got the keys she said, without ever have seen the boat, that this was the one we were going to buy.

 "Jonas" had been neglected for several years and was suffering from severe de-lamination, better known as osmosis. We motored here from Andijk to Harderwijk were she was to be restored to something to be proud of.

The repair of the hull was a Monster-Job. Removing the rotten GRP with a planer and router is hard and dirty labour. About 4-5 millimetres had to be removed. Some places the bulkhead came through!

After the flushing and drying period, which was used for painting and oiling, the hull was rebuilt with layers of GRP and Epoxy. As I built up an allergy for epoxy resin the last jobs had to be done by a hired help, something that drained the remaining budget quickly.

 Two years ago, on the home journey from Alderney the old Volvo broke down. With lots of oil and some spares I managed to get the boat back home and the engine was replaced by a new Volvo DI-30.

 Every year there are improvements being done and the ship is certainly a stayer. We did North sea crossings and I feel save on the boat. With the new gennaker I bought this year proper sailing is possible also at F3 which is a great contribution to the sailing pleasure.


You asked for some pictures; finally I've got some nice ones. One with the new gennaker during the Zeebrugge-Ramsgate crossing, and one on a lazy afternoon at the Ketelmeer. That was shortly after the launch with the repainted topsides.


 Boudewijn van der Mik.

 We have to say that Boudewijn has done a splendid job of restoring this boat! And as she sometimes can be seen in UK waters, we hope to cross wakes one day.

Eventide 26, 'Tanera More'


Letter to the new owner

Hello Ivan and welcome to the Eventiders,

 I see by the information on the form that you are the new owner of 'Tanera More'

 This Eventide 24 was built/launched in 1961 and it one of the earliest sail numbers '154'.  The builder was a R.S. Ross of Northumberland.

 She was owned for many years in North Wales by Mr. Wynne-Eyton of Mold, Flintshire, Wales.  For some reason he also bought another sail number, 2131, but  I did not think he actually built a boat to go with it, rather think he wanted a later sail number, so you might find that on a sail....  He was last known as the owner in 1999.

 Then the boat dropped off the Radar and this is the first time I have heard of her since then.

 I do not know if over the years she has been brought up to date, I sincerely hope that by now someone has dropped the original 560lb keel to check the keel bolts, and added a load of extra weight to it, for the design ballast is now over 1,000lb and she needs it, as she also needs a bowsprit.  You can obtain a CD of all the drawings, past and updated present ones for the princely sum of 5.00, contact me and I will give you address to send to.  Any queries about design modifications do not hesitate to contact me.

I had a similar age Eventide 24 myself, sail no 274. When I bought her she had a full set of old cotton canvas ones and went to windward like a paper bag!  Over the course of my 10 years of ownership,  I  transformed her by adding 500lb of extra ballast, bowsprit, a transom hung rudder and ali mast and modern sails.     Different boat afterwards and I'm pleased to say still sailing well on the east coast!  ('Bluenose').  I went on to build a stretched 26, 'Fiddler's Green', that I launched 20 years ago and she still is doing me proud!

 I was speaking to another prospective owner of another Eventide up in Everson's Yard just this morning,  a 27ft version it was claimed... so you have the makings of a sailing meet there already!




Hello John

Thank you for your mail. Glad to be part of the Eventide clan.

"Tanera More" has had a keel upgrade with extra weight added and now draws 3'2" but no bowsprit as yet! She has had a new 13.5hp Beta diesel fitted 2006 (40hrs), re-wired 2010 and a lot of extras! It is my intension to winter her at Eversons this year to give her a complete re-paint inside and out and personalise her without losing the character. Looks like I will be spending most of my spare time in the yard.

I am not aware of another Eventide at Everson's, however, I know of one owned one and one for sale at Andy Seedhouse yard next door. My friend owns one of them and has recently re-furbished his 24ft to a lovely standard.

Please find attached pics of "Tanera More" as she stands at the moment and will keep you updated as to her progress.
Looking forward to a good year sailing next year and involvement with E.O.G. members.

Best regards



We hope to see Ivan and 'Tanera More' out on the east coast next season.  The other boat spoken about up that way is an Eventide 26,  sail number 193,  called 'Mary Louse', she is for sale at a realistic price apparently, but the decks need attention according to a surveyor who has just looked at her for a potential owner.



Eventide 24 'Otteau'


Hello John,

 Looks like we picked a pretty good week for our holiday on Otteau!

 The couple that you met in Bradwell Richard and Angela sent us some great photos that they took with a 12 x zoom camera. The pictures are great and remind us just how much we like Otteau. We are still keeping an eye out for something special that is a little larger!

 One of the pictures shows me on the foredeck, just after I had hoisted the spinnaker! I still have some more practicing to do on the hoist, particularly in a breeze! This time I pre- sheeted the spinnaker too tightly and left too much tack line out! We got it back under control, but Heidi was not impressed, particularly when she went below to clear up everything that had fallen onto the floor! Some of those pics are attached.


 Nigel Seary

Opps! easy on the crockery Nigel!


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