Due to the large number of photographs on the photos pages we have decided to give each boat type it's own page, this should make opening each page much quicker.  Just click on the picture of the type you interested in and you will go to that page.

We totted up of the number of pics on the whole site, Jan 2004, it came to 431,  July 2004 it was well over 500,  now in June 05 there are over 700 on these  pages!  Lets have some more folks! March 2006, 1000 pictures! well done for sending them all in!!!  Dec 08 over 1600 and still coming in!  Great!  Over 2000 in 2012.  2022, over 3000!

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Unidentified! Every so often we receive pictures of boats that may, or may not be, one of our designs. This is where they will live until they can be correctly identified.

    Eventide 24' and 26' - and Bigger!  And now, would you believe, smaller!! (231!!+ boats)

Borer Bee was our 1000th picture!

    Senior  and other Kenneth Gibbs designs (51 and a half! boats)
    Waterwitch  (and Hacathian) (67 boats)
    Wild Duck (with even more pictures from Holland) (13 boats)
    Junior (Including one very rare picture of a rigged Junior, plus another Gibbs dinghy) (5 boats)
    Riptide 31  and Noontide (11 boats)
    Goosander 23 and 27 (inc the original 27!) (8 boats)
    3 Tonner and other Alan H. Buchanan designs, SeaFarer, East Anglian, Yeoman, Wind Elf,  Neptunian, Samson Class, Sea Spray class. Halcyon 23. (32+ boats)
    Mouette (2 boats) We await photos of another found in the USA!
Storm 26 (3 boats) The first 'Storm' is also the 100th boat on the site!
    Golden Hind  (93 + 1 boats)                                                                 
    Barbican and Atlantic Clipper  (33 boats)



  Lone Gull II's (20 boats) the timber and the GRP versions!

  Kylix Class  (11 Boats)
    Tidewater and The Ferro Bluewater. (6 + 1 Boats) Including the original!
    Other M. G. designs -  Athaena, Bawleys, Barcarole, Barrier Reef,  Cockler,  Idle Duck, Maplin Class,  Medusa, Finesse, SeaReach30, Good Hopes, Swin,  Francis Drake, Vulcan,  Solani Class, Tamaris, Tinka,  Roach, Olive Mary,  Wendy May, Levanter, Storm,  Wind Song,  Nyala, Lone Gull I, Rawanah, Kismet, Symphony  Sequence, Gulf Stream, Mandamus  etc. (79 boats)                                              

  Friends of the EOG, including 'Sea Rovers' and the 'Springtide'!


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