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I am planning to set off on the second part of my 'Fiddling Around' trip this summer, 2018.  Postponed due to the problem with  barnacles in my kidneys for the last 2 years, (which I have now at last got sorted).    Above is a link to the first part, of the Fiddling Around  log. Anyone up for a sail in company from the Blackwater, south and west in mid June this year??

When I am away the Stoppress page will be on hold till my return, but the log of the trip will be updated daily! See the link above. 

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These pages will be updated on an almost daily, certainly on a weekly basis, from all the mail and information coming in to us.




EU45 antifouling for Sale.


 I have got the same great deal  on antifouling again, now called EU45, (as it was years back)  identical to the old Marclear, made by the same man... Bill Robinson.  For high strength  navy blue, mid blue, red, black, grey and white  Antifouling.  (Workboat red has become just red!)

For the last 8 years it has been sold to us at 60!! for 2.5 litres, a discount on the normal price.    Add 5.00 carriage on 1 can orders,   Carriage free on orders for 2 or more cans. Ring the free phone number above and quote EOG.  Bill will make a donation to the EOG as a result of owners buying...

Now on the paint is being supplied as 2.5 litres in 3 litre size cans, so it is easier to stir.

For members in Europe cost was 79 Euros, delivered!   2 cans or more.. (except France where carriage is more expensive, French price 84 euros.)

Thinners for wiping down, cleaning up or thinning 10% if it is really cold  9.00  for a litre can.

There is also a primer in 2.5 litre cans, for covering old antifouling that may be flaking, unstable or not copper-based.   29.

Members if you would like it delivered all you have to do is ring the free-phone number to speak to Bill and quote 'Eventide Owners Group' If you are not enroled join first or we will know and you will not get the discount.

You  pay him direct by card, or bank transfer it will come direct to you within 48 hours!   Min 2 cans for carriage free delivery. (You can order only 1 can but there will be a 5.00 contribution to carriage costs.)


For more details contact me on 01621 778859.

Winter  2017/18, I have just a few cans left here in a few colours.   Call me on 01621 778859 to find out what I still have.  I will be accepting payment for these from credit cards on ordering, via my 'SOS' PayPal account.

Contact me via this site  enquiries@eventides.org.uk and I will send details.


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Monday 19th February 2018.

Good wishes to our Database Manager, in hospital today having his foot fixed! After a nasty accident with a car being chased by police, culprit apprehended!  Won't be able to call him 'hopalong' shortly.

Members have seen that the chap with an old set of paper Eventide plans, torn and tattered, is still trying to sell them on EBay.  I am loath to inform him they are not good to build from!  Only the ones we advertise are corrected, tried and tested!!

Since the news of the demise of the old eoa, it is interesting to see the interest in the EOG from the yachting press and other clubs and organisations.  It is as if they were just sitting back waiting for them to fail.  All who have contacted me have said the same, 'what were they thinking of, allowing non owners to run it'.   One club told me they hurriedly altered their constitution in 2003, so that non owners did not have the power to do what the old eoa committee and their hastily elected cronies, did to us!

May have told the tale before, but when news of the nasty AGM leaked out, and none were more alarmed than the CA staff who hosted it and listened to the shenanigans...  We subsequently heard from them  of two clubs that suffered  a similar fate.  One was at Gt. Yarmouth where non owners voted the owners out of their own moorings!  The sailing side of the club were forced to move away, leaving it as a drinking club for locals!

The other was a small but enthusiastic dinghy sailing club, deep in the Fens.  All they had was a port a cabin and a dinghy park and slip.  They allowed immigrant workers from nearby farms to join as social members (thinking their spending would boost the coffers!) and at the next AGM the farm workers closed the sailing side down and now the club is a working mans club!

Funny old world.

We are waiting to see if the eoa do the morally right thing with the regalia they hold, all freely donated to them by individuals for the benefit of owners, some even by me!  Will be a lasting blot  on them if these items do not somehow find their way back to the real owners.

Hoping to be able to add some pages to the builders and restores pages soon, the weather is improving and heard from at least one builder who is itching to get going. (new build!!).

Looking forward to checking in on 'Blackwater Witch', ex 'Dougaljo' soon too. Repairs soon to be started!

'Moondancer' in Africa is still sailing and Ed believes the damage he sustained was no more than a scratch along the hull maybe.  He is to haul out soon to repair her, but says epoxy is difficult to get hold of in Africa??

'I have cruised 150 miles up the river Gambia and will soon return to the coast. The journey was through beautiful Mangroves, palms and jungle with monkeys, chimps, crocodiles and hippos which was very special.

 My plan is to sail north to Dakar in the next few weeks where I plan to get Moondancer hauled  onto the beach where we can do a proper repair. It looked to me as if it was just the sheathing and not the wood that is damaged but I will sand it back and take a proper look when high and dry with the wood time to dry out  before we cover it.'

More news shortly as it comes in!




Wednesday February 14th 2018.

St. Valentines Day!

Love this corny card cartoon!

Do hope you will be looking after the other love in your life today, as well as checking the covers on your boat!

T'was a year today that my love and I stepped out on a great adventure.  Today, a year on we have trees!  Will be a while before we can harvest enough to build a boat though!  One day someone may, for chances are we will have run out of oil and plastics and will be back to timber boats in 100 years!!

Back with more news as it comes in,



Tuesday 13th February 2018.

So busy has it been for the last week or two I forgot to wish the Eventide Owners Group a happy anniversary!  We formed on the 9th of February 2003, so we are now 15!  In our 16th successful year!

Sadly we have now had it confirmed that the former eoa has folded.  We heard first from Yachting Monthly, then from another owners group and it has now been confirmed.  Sad they did not make it to the 55th anniversary.  We were approached a couple of years back and asked if we would like to BUY their assets!  We declined, as these were donated to the owners and if we paid the old assoc. for them, we had grave doubts as to who would pocket the proceeds.  We did offer for them to join us and share our success, sadly they chose not to  respond.  We said it was only a matter of time.  If the people running a group are not committed enough to actually own the boats, it was just bound to happen.

We are now welcoming our 1650th member, or there abouts, John S. has the exact figures, but Welcome to Mustafa in Turkey who is very interested in having a large steel or Ferro MG built!

We are investigating the Wild Duck that was built at Kesteloo, the 23ft version. You may recall we took photos of one we met in Goes in the Netherlands. Chances are the drawings may be lost, like so many, but it was felt it was worth a try so Eilard the Netherlands rep and Chris the ex rep may get together to see what can be found out...  We will let you know.

With temperatures down to freezing again and snow yet again in the forecast, winter has not let go as yet.

But hope is on the horizon, tomorrow is traditionally the day when the birds start looking for nest sites and we have just found that the first of the 500 woodland daffs are showing their noses in our new spinney.

Roll on spring and summer! Soon be time to roll back those covers and get back aboard.  I am one of the few fortunate ones in the UK,  who has a barn to winter in.  In the Netherlands it is really common practice and that seems to be how they can all be ready to launch early on as they have been beavering away in the warm and dry!

Hope to be ready early!




Monday 12th February 2018.

Had an enquiry in from Turkey today, for a steel Wild Duck??   Of course they were made in steel in the Netherlands, but only by one company who converted the drawings for their own use. We have seen stretched versions of the WD in steel.  Sadly we, nor anyone else, has the drawings for these now.

We heard from the Trident Owners Association today, they are celebrating their 50th anniversary.  They have kept going all these years because they stayed as an 'owners association' and did not water their constitution down to allow non owners to run the group.  Well done them!  Had the old eao done the same they today may have been as successful as the TOA or ourselves....

Weather has been cold enough to freeze the gold fish pond for a few days, makes a change...  But today was bright and sunny so I was off to the boat barn to start loading the kit back aboard...

Had a mail from a member to inform me about 'Shiply', for getting F.G. back from Scotland this season.  Yes I know this website and there is already a link to it on our links page.  but thanks for the thought!  I found last time that you needed about a week to 10 days advance notice to be able to book anything, return loads work up to 3 months in advance sometimes... Cannot afford the marina fees in Scotland waiting for that amount of time! I was lucky last time 5 years back, I waited less than a week, just slotted in beautifully with 'Galt Transports' plans!



Friday 9th February 2018.


In black today, as yesterday my plan to sail the Scottish canals all the way to Edinburgh via the Falkirk Wheel was shot down in flames!  We took the boat to the weighbridge and I quickly realised it was not going to be OK to tow her home to Bradwell from Scotland.  Full story on my preparation page....

Yesterday we had one of our members ask after the CD of Senior drawings, preparing a CD now ready to post!

Heard from another member who told me what the all up weight of his 28ft Eventide was,  his is stretched to 28ft, just slightly longer than mine...

Should have realised then that mine was going to be heavier than I anticipated, his is 5000Kg.

Another mail commented on the fact that the Bawley and the Eventide 24 on EBay have not shifted as yet.  Suspect the prices will have to come down to get a bite...  but then strange thing about selling boats, is you can never tell. 

Recalled the story of a guy I met on the London River back in the 1970's.  He had an old Thames sailing barge, no rig, it was fitted out as a diving boat.  He took her round the coast in the summer and hired her out.  Lived aboard.  He had decided to move on and wrote out an advert for that famous paper that we all used then, the Exchange and Mart.  The advert was supposed to end with an 8k price tag, somehow it was printed with an extra zero.  When I met him a day or two later he was very cross and waiting to put the advert in again.  A day later he was elated, someone had made him an offer close to the 'wrong' price.

Last I heard he ran a diving school in the Maldives.  Funny old world.



Monday 5th February 2018.

Heard from Ed in Africa with the GH Moondancer.  He had suffered some damage to a bilge keel and we have been able to give him some advice.  We are hoping it is not as serious as the damage that sunk the GH at Tollesbury.  It may be just sheathing damage...  He has also sent a nice pic of her .

Moondancer in Africa.

Welcome to two new members.  I will be responding to their enrolments shortly...

Barrie, with a Springtide, in Southampton Water.  This 26ft GRP boat built by Kenneth Evans and 'Partners' has a lot of MG about it, we have included the Springtide owners as 'friends', awaiting the day we can prove MG was that partner!

Welcome too to Bob Shaw, looking to buy a Senior.  Suspect we will soon be changing Bob's membership status from 'Friend' to 'Full' shortly! Bob hails from Wembury in Devon, beautiful area.

George in South Africa sent in another nice pic of his Eventide 'Valerie'.  She is a heavyweight stretched Eventide, coming out at 28ft and 5000Kg  Same size almost as the first GH's.

Pic also added to the Eventide page of the Gallery.

This morning we had snow, just a dusting, but with temperatures just hovering above freezing the forecasters have indicated we may have more tonight.  Hope we do not get a lot as we are planning to roll Fiddler's Green out of her snug secure barn on Thursday and take her to be weighed, can do without a layer of snow on top! Bets on how much she weighs in at??



Friday 2nd February 2018.

A small but select group met at Boreham on Wednesday and enjoyed a jovial evening.  Looking forward to the next get together at the end of this month.

I have been somewhat distracted over the last week with the fate of a group of wooden, classic craft...  The situation with these is so similar to that of our old classic wooden boats,  If they fall into disrepair their value plummets and like out boats they are often scrapped, consigned to the bonfire.  I have been fighting to preserve about a dozen of these grand craft and with the assistance of the internet I am hoping to have found a solution to the problem of their future, time will tell.  What are they?   Gliders!!!

I wish it was as easy with old Eventides...  often we find out too late to be able to get the rescue off the ground...  With the gliders I was involved early....

Maybe one day I may get a short flight in one? would have loved to have done it 30 years ago, but alas no money nor opportunity. Am I too old at 70 to try?

Learnt that our Database Manager had a glider pilots licence for some time! Man of many talents!

Still chilly here but dry, heard snow in the forecast again, but heck it is only early February.

Roll on summer.




Monday 29th January 2018.

The Essex group will be meeting in Boreham on Wednesday, 1900hrs at 'The Grange' for a meal.  If you wish to join us please ring 01621 778859 so we can get a larger table!

We have the grandson staying with us for a few days, strapping 17yr old!  Has been a real asset unloading kit from the boat, see preparation log,  as well as assisting me clear fallen dead elms from the edge of the new wood.  Not our trees, but neighbours, some that should have been cut down 40 odd years ago when they succumbed to 'Dutch Elm' disease.  

We were at the boat again today and loaded another full load into my little Morris minor Van.  Off to te weighbridge next week we hope.

Do you know how much your boat weighs in at?   We have been amazed at the quantity and weight of the kit that is never normally removed.  Recall the weight of an early E24 was supposed to be 30cwt!   (old money!).

When I weighed my old Eventide 24 'Bluenose', many moons ago,  she came in at just over 2 tons and  add the trailer nearer 2.75...  Was a bit of a shock at the time as the trailer was only good for 2 tons max!  We rebuilt the trailer with beefier 1.5 tonne units! Total all up weight limit 3 ton.  Well inside trailer limit.

Later we had to add another axle when we converted a similar trailer, built for the fund Managers E24 and later sold to me for use under my E26 and a bit.. (actually 27'3"!).  Having shocked ourselves by weighing the boat and trailer......  We had to beef that trailer up so the suspension could take 4.5 tons, we did it by adding an extra axle, to make 3 and each pair of units was upgraded to 1.5 tonnes  (new money) per axle.

After we launch the boat this spring, we will return to the weighbridge and weigh the trailer, to see exactly how much a modern Eventide 26 weighs in at!

Finally a reminder.. Wednesday, meal night in Essex!




Thursday 25th January 2018.

Mailstore Maldon are having a sale!  15% off till Jan 31st!  Not to be sniffed at! Do take advantage, just add JAN18 in the offer box, when prompted.  If you order more than 75's worth then post is free too!

Mailstore already undercut every internet shop I have ever found, support our local chandlery! Friendly Folk!

I have, see my Preparation log.  Just bought the last bits I was having to buy for my trip!

Talking of Jan 31st....  The Essex area group meal night.  We are going to be in Boreham Essex, just north of Chelmsford.  Call me on 01621 778859 if you would like me to add you to the table reservation!



Tuesday January 23rd 2018.

I spent a happy couple of hours editing the site last night.  We have had that many new pictures of different boats send in or found.  There is a new addition on the Friends page of the Gallery, a 'Springtide', dare you to tell me MG had nothing to do with this one!

A new boat a Barrier Reef, found in Walton by John Hopthrow this winter, just added to the 'Other MG designs' page of the Gallery.  Do not as yet know the owner of this beauty.

Also added to this page a Thames Bawley 'Kittiwake' found for sale on EBay, though oddly advertised as a 'Thomas' Bawley!  We have been in touch with the seller!  She deserves a new caring owner.

Loads of pictures of the Riptide 'Mystique' added to the Riptide page.

I managed to lay out, measure and mark the new anchor chain, the skinflints sent it short by half a metre!. Not going back though and now all marked every 5 metres. Another job ticked off the list on my 'Preparation' page.

Hoping to get my boat to a nearby public weighbridge shortly, be interesting to see how much the boat and trailer weighs in at!  Read the preparation page to see why I am bothering!

With temperatures suddenly in double figures one could be excused for thinking we are over the coldest bit, but it is just a blip, so keep those covers on for a bit yet!



Saturday 20th January 2018.

Cold wet and 'orrid here!  Sleet and rain with occasional snow flakes, just 3 degrees...  Still I did get to my boat yesterday to check the barn still had a roof after the last blow and bring a few bits home. See my 'preparation log'.  Planning is getting serious now!

Took a run down the road to look over the river the other day , no one out there and white tops as far as the eye could see. Not inviting!  Heard from one of our members,  Bede, that he had a sail round the Isle of Wight last weekend, cold and a little breezy at times but on a well found 33ft boat, a good trip. Think Bede is made of 'strong' stuff!  Looking at it out there I think I will wait till it warms up!

Only two months till our next Annual meeting, 25th March. Hope it will be a little warmer by then so as many members as possible can turn out. Good to get feedback from the membership.  We hope we are doing what you would like us to but without your input we are just guessing.

Bede told me about an App and a chart pack available through www.visitmyharbour.com Worth having a look.

If you get an android tablet and the charts and app you can carry the lot in the cockpit (in a waterproof case) or wherever, with AIS on it as well, very clever.  Sadly does not work on an iphone or I may be tempted, for less than 35.00!!

Hope your winter work is progressing well and your boats are safe, roll on the season!



Sunday 14th January 2018.

We have had a succession of grey winter days here, and today is another. Certainly not conducive to work outside!  (Not that my nurse will let me out into the cold yet, after the bug I had!!). So I have been downloading chart corrections for the 20 odd charts I have here as part of my folio for the second part of my round England, Wales and part of Scotland, hopefully taking in a visit to Ireland along the way!  Some have Three A4 pages of corrections, that will keep me busy though the next month or so!

I have updated the 'Preparation Log' pages as well, I have been busy on our EBay page again!. Scroll to the bottom to get the latest.  This morning I downloaded the directions for navigating and  obtaining licences etc. for the Forth and Clyde Canal!  More reading material.

Had a request in from a new member, welcome to Tom, with a Golden Hind in Wales.  He would like to get in touch with other GH owners. Contact us to be put in touch.    He has GH 63 a sheathed ply version from 1968. Formerly known as 'Blyth Andora' now renamed 'Catrin Glyndwr'  Any relation to the other 'MG', the Welsh one I wonder??

GH 63.

Michael with 'Mystique' was in touch last week and has sent a load of interior shots of his boat, interesting decor!  Also a couple of pics of her without the junk rig as a motor cruiser.  Looks good.


I will be adding the pics to the Gallery later.

Hope the armchair sailing is going well, I have worked my way along most of the  south coast already this week!



Sunday 7th January 2018.

Popped into the marina bar last night for a meal, we were the only ones there!  Arranged our Annual Meeting date.  25th March at 1400, bar meal beforehand, 1230.  We have the exclusive use of the marina bar dining area, lets fill it!

Storm Eleanor wreaked a little damage here last week, several very old dead elm trees came down near our boundary falling in among our newly planted trees, but thankfully missing them all, though a few bits of fence suffered. The dead elms were 'Cornish lock elms' a variety planted widely in the area as hedging, not the enormous English elms!  At just 15ft tall and no more than 5 inches diameter, they are easily removed! Firewood!!

(I am protecting a few elms of this variety in our hedge.  By keeping them trimmed back the elm beetle cannot get access and therefore not spread the virus that decimated the other native elms here...)

The boat barn unscathed thankfully, hope your boat ok.

We had an interesting enquiry from France yesterday, asking about our drawings and seemingly wanting to use some of our drawings to experiment on re stability curves?  Interesting.

I had the stability curve and the rating for my Eventide worked out by my surveyor 27 years or so ago, was an interesting exercise.  Proved that MG knew what he was about, my Eventide is supposedly suitable for offshore use, what a surprise!

Keeping warm here, as I am still recovering from a nasty bug that left me squeaking like Pinky and Perky, so chilly outside, wind chill temperature  is minus 2! 




Tuesday January 2nd 2018.

Happy New year to all our readers!

Start the year with  the news that at least one other boat is to join 'Fiddler's Green' next summer, at least to see us as far as the Swin!  'Wedjit'! Do hope we can kindle a bit of interest with others to get them to sail further. 

We are hoping to spend 2 months approx sailing the 800 miles or so up to Troon,  to complete the second half of our trip.  When we get back to Scotland we then have a few options, sail on, through the Clyde and Forth eastwards to Edinburgh, then south, or trail back with our own trailer or piggy back home on an artic.  Others, if they join,  may decide to peel off and go further north, to Skye and the outer Hebrides maybe. Perhaps retracing our route through the Crinan and the Caledonian canals... 

We met others last time who loved it so much in Scotland's waters they arranged moorings up there and went back the next summer!  I really can see why!

Heard from John Hopthrow, he has found a MG Barrier Reef in Walton, in lovely order too.  Pics to be added to the gallery. Hope to find out more about her....

Do we know this one by a different name maybe??

Not the boat I thought it may be, Crystal Voyager, different number of wheelhouse windows!

The Eric Manners mention in December has brought a couple more comments. The late Gerry Loveridge's family, Wendie and Sally have sent more info, they knew Eric!  And Chris in the Netherlands has turned up more, he designed big cats and tri's too!  Also a story of shipwreck I am going to bend his am to write up!  (in an Eric Manners cat!)...  I will be passing all on to the enquirer.  So good the network of Eventiders stretches so far.

Had a nice note in from Peter North's daughter Val, after we sent a card.  Peter sadly has severe memory problems and cannot remember a thing, a nautical card every now and again is the least I can do for all the assistance he gave me 40 years back!

This greeting to members  has come in from Silvano in Italy!

So the first  entry for 2018 ends.

Hoping it is a good, happy and healthy year for all of us.