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Weatherhelm                                     Gaff Rig

Gluing Wood                                      Rigging and Rigs

Finger Holes                                     Stainless and Keel bolts!

Lead Keels                                       Anodes

Trailers                                          Leaking Chines?

Sea Loo Seal Replacement                      Transom Hung Rudders

Mast Lowering/Raising                          Senior Rig change

Two pot paints                                  Electrics

Reviving a Senior                               Timber for boatbuilding

Laying half tide Moorings                      Internal Lead Ballast

Stern tube borer                               Cleaning Brass-work

New Rudder for an MG Classic            Trim Tabs to prevent stern droop!

Battery switches and alternators               Winter covers 

Seniors, curing leeway!                          Safe Gas installation in a GH

Cascover, the full story!                         Seacock Servicing

Rudder repairs


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