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For SALE : New EOG Burgees


New burgees  available again ,see Burgee page for details.



For Sale, or rent 

Wrecked Senior on trailer, good for shifting from person to person so you could pretend you were a real 'owner'. Contact eoa for your chance to have it in your backyard and get your name in lights! 

'John, I have a brand new 2" No.8 Bronze, Flat Head screw from an Eventide - does this constitute ownership?'

Sorry Folks, yes it is a joke, this is what the ex owners in the old eoa committee actually resorted to, to stay in charge! Sad Eh! Maybe by placing this here we can shame them into either restoring them or passing them to someone who is willing to!

The real adverts start here!

FOR SALE: Ex British Naval Telescope, 48 inch long fully extended, mounted on Tripod. C. 1916


This is a beautiful British Naval Telescope. Admiralty issue!

48 inch long, brass, leather bound, a top quality telescope, dated between about 1914 and 1920, by the manufacturer's details. 

It is the sort of telescope that was mounted in a bronze socket, on the bridge wings of ships at the Battle of Jutland!  This one has a tripod with a wooden and brass/bronze set of adjustable legs. The woodwork in excellent condition. 

All fittings original.  It even has the original leather strap to keep the legs together in storage. The Leather on the scope is in good condition, treated with saddle soap,  and all the optics have been cleaned and are in good order. It has a huge 3 inch object lens. 

I can identify the boats entering the Blackwater easily from 3 miles away!

Similar scopes, though exceedingly rare, fetched £1000 at auction.

Offered for £950.

Telephone 01621 778859 or 07850 286607  




For SALE : New EOG Burgees

New burgees now available, see Burgee page for details.


Barbican 33 GRP locker lids.

I wonder if any Barbican 33 owners would be interested in new GRP locker lids.

Our 1987 ‘Viking Lady’ had wooden locker lids which leaked badly, they were warped and had hinges.

The vertical part also hinged back against the  horizontal part to improve access but this was also a source of leaks.

We have now made brand new one piece GRP lock lids for port starboard and stern lockers and we are going to cover them with ‘looks like teak’  or Treadmaster.

It was quite job making them. We had to make a template out of MDF and wood from that a GRP mould was made and from the mould the real thing was produced.

If anyone in the group who has a B33 would like a set of locker lids I could put them in touch with the makers of our lids, who would be prepared to make more sets.


Peter Hull & Ray Jackson

Owners of B33 ‘Viking Lady’

peterhull418 at

For Sale: Wooden boom



Wooden boom 9' 11" and 3" x 2".  Would suit boat between 18 and 22 ft long or could be cut down for Senior...

Boom sound. and fitted with roller reefing at gooseneck.

For sale  £15.00. ono 

Location:-  Thaxted, Essex.

 Contact Richard on:-  01376 330220

mail rboyton at


For Sale: Canoe paddle. Hot Tuna



This is rather a specialised item as anyone knowing their paddles will no doubt be able to tell, suffice to say it is an ali and GRP paddle, approx 6'6" long with blades set at 90 degrees on the shaft.

£5.00,   or donation....   collect from Tillingham, Essex.

contact John 01621 778859 or mail on enquiries@eventides


For Sale: stern tube bearing.


For 1 & 1/8th inch diameter prop shaft,  inboard bearing housing and stuffing box.

Used, but bearing can be easily replaced, standard BSP pipe thread for tube.

Donated to Group for sale.


Tele John on 01621 778859 or mail

Collect from Essex, or can post.



For SALE:  Practical Boat Owner magazines.

Every copy of PBO from No 1 to date!

I have a the complete collection of magazines for sale  All except the last couple of years are in PBO folders, with their indexes.

Were used for research into boats and gear for years, now surplus to requirements and taking up valuable space, so offered for sale.

Collect from Tillingham in Essex, will fill the back of an estate car!

Offers around £200.00   (Have sold elsewhere for £400.)

Contact John on  01621 778859

or mail via


SABB G10 inboard for sale, for spares only


I removed the head and the exhaust valve seat was burnt , so sent away for new valve insert, the machinist  sadly cut into the water gallery.

The engine has the Sabb feathering gearbox and 450 mm feathering propeller.

 All was working ok apart from the cylinder head problem.

Motor now ashore in Southampton.

Am looking for best offer around £400.

I also have spare set of propellers  and will also be removing the bronze prop shaft

Please give me a call on :-02380907564

or mail me :- brian.brownsea at


For SALE:- Set of Eventide 24 head sails,  Staysail and jib.

Staysail, Cranfields of Burnham,  in  good condition, some slight marks, hanks, mitre cut.  wire luff.

Luff 18'

Leech 16'

Foot 7'



 Jib, Cranfields of Burnham,  good condition bronze hanks mitre cut, wire luff.

Luff 14' 6"

Leech 12' 10"

Foot 6' 4".


The lot £20.00

Collect from Tillingham or can send courier for £10.00

Contact John on  01621 778859

For Sale:-  Eventide 24 mainsail and  roller reefing genoa..

A Very lightly used, white Eventide 24 mainsail and genoa by Dart sails, main  in bag with 4 battens. Very good condition . New 2009, both only on boat, almost unused, for 3 years max, boat laid up...

Luff 23' 10"

Leech 25' 10"

foot 10' 9"


Cat not included!


Photos and details of Genoa to follow... White, cut for roller reefing with blue sacrificial strips.

Sell for £295 the pair!


Also  Staysail, Cranfields, VG. slight stain near top.. S/S hanks, wire luff rope.




Luff 18' 6"

Leech 15' 10"

Foot 8' 8"

Sell for £30.00


Collect from Tillingham or can send courier for £10.00

Contact John on  01621 778859

For Sale: Ali mast boom spreaders and rigging

A local boatyard had  for sale the complete set of spars for a 24ft Eventide sloop rig. July 2017...

They are to be put on EBay for sale but we have first chance..  It is 20th July and  I suspect we will only have a week or so to jump in.

They are situated in Maldon Essex.

He wants £200 and this is an excellent price for this rig!  So anyone with a sad wooden mast contact me quickly for details.  This is a chance not to be missed!

John on 01621 778859 or  mail :-


Was there still there April 2018!



For Sale. Golden Hind 31 Furling Genoa


Offshore Headsail in HOOD PREMIUM woven Dacron 5.8G, Cross-Cut design and Chestnut 3 step stitching. Leech line with clam cleat in concealed pocket, footling exiting at tack. webbing reinforced Clew ring. Reef calibration markers on Furling Headsails, and sheet lead indicators. UV protective panel applied on Leech and Foot. All in a robust sail bag.

 When new this sail cost £1080 (original invoice available) in 2011. Since that date it has been used for 90 hours sailing across 27days. Maximum wind strength in that time Force 4. (Log book available). It was last used in 2013, and has been cleaned and dry stored since. It is in excellent condition for such little use.  The was bought to replace on earlier identical sail which served me for 17 years until being sold with the boat. It is still in service today. This is a top quality sail, that will give years of service

 Any enquiries or inspection welcome to appreciate this sail. Located Lancashire.  £300

 Contact;  pwightman at  

 Paul Wightman

Former Golden Hind 31 owner


For Sale:-  There follows  a list of items, for sale in Essex, for collection  from Eric,  a local contact who has retired from sailing.  In just a couple of days several items have gone off the list!

Contact Eric on 01621 778008.

Bickerton folding bike with carry bag. Needs a good clean, probably needs new  tubes and front wheel bearings adjusted, but otherwise all there. £60.00

Ankerlina 1" webbing kedge warp on s/s reel with fittings to secure and fairlead.  Idea for stern anchoring as in Scandinavia, suit boat up to 34ft.  £60.00

Folding GRP and wood effect cockpit table, with attachment fittings £150.00 Was fitted to a Dutch built boat attaches to wheel pedestal.

Youths lifejacket, grubby but OK £5.00


Liferaft and s/s carrier, liferaft new 2010, never serviced but never been on a boat either, spent all it's life in a dry storage, £100.

 2 x large inflatable fenders made for transiting French canals, strap[ alongside lengthways, approx 4ft long  £50.00

2 x hull protectors for use with fenders, £5.00

New Phoenix 111 Electric air pump £20.00

Man Overboard lamp £2.00

Emergency VHF in storage tube. £20.00

2 Used freshwater pumps £3.00

New boxed Jabsco WC pump £10.00 and matching used sea loo £10.00

Portaloo, used, but clean, only used onboard during canal trip some years back £10.00

Folding Ali and plastic boarding ladder £10.00

Dutch gas cylinder. Ideal if you are off to the Netherlands! Takes the Dutch connector of course... Full.  £5.00

Also 1 x Calor 10lb bottle, £5.00 empty

2 x manual gas Crewsaver Crewfit lifejackets, grubby but ok.  £10 each

Youths lifejacket grubby but ok £5.00

3 x 20 litre red plastic diesel cans  £10.00

1 x metal 20 litre Jerry can for diesel £10.00

1 x green plastic 5 litre petrol can £1.00

2 x black 10 litre diesel cans £5.00

1 x steel 5 litre can £1.00

New ensign pole £5.00


Oilskins....  check for sizes.. Large or X Large. ?

Selection of used gear. needs cleaning but ok.

Musto lightweight jacket and trousers, £25.00

Splashdown Jacket and trousers £50.00

Musto Heavy weather  jacket and trousers £50.00


All prices open to a little haggling!

Speak to Eric in Tillingham  on 01621 778008.




For SALE : EOG Burgees

New burgees now available, see Burgee page for details.


You can see a sample of the sorts of items selling here by clicking here...

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