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News Flash!!!!

February 2018, we are saddened to announce the old association has folded.  Saddened because the writing has been on the wall for years. 2 years ago we were approached and offered the assets of the old eoa to buy!  We refused as these were donated to the owners, not to be sold as chattels.  We then wondered who would ultimately benefit from this sale?  After the dishonesty displayed by some of the old committee......

Instead we offered the hand of conciliation and asked that they simply joined us on our terms.  They declined.

The end of the eoa was inevitable given the committee did not have the commitment o actually own one of these designs.  The surprise is that it took so long.




We have, over the first year or so since founding,  received a substantial number of letters/e-mails, on the subject of the Eventide Owner's Group and the reasons for it's formation.  We decided to publish some of the interesting ones.  All communications will remain confidential.  NO letter was edited other than to mask full names and addresses, phone numbers, remove personal comments etc. etc.

We now have a proper FORUM  for members to use, click the link  to  go to it.

If you wish to start a discussion on anything you see on the site pages, please go to the new FORUM   also link on  the home page.  Again we will not edit your comments, unless offensive etc.

  The Letters, or some of them! 

I have had more letters of support in the past four years than in the previous thirty five! Tell you something!  This is just some of those that have come in..

I have now stopped adding more letters,  because since 2006, there were just too many and a lot were getting  embarrassing with praise ..  OK we are pleased we are appreciated and we are doing a great job, thanks to all for your very kind comments.

Now I tend to add snippets to the Stoppress Page and other pages on the site..  The Forum is open to all now as well.

We think the message has  got across now, if the old eoa cannot, or will not see it, sadly it was their problem.  We have proven to be an outstanding 'owners group'.   

It is now nearly 5 years since we started, from the initial 65 members, our ranks have  now swollen tenfold, and are still swelling.  It all takes a lot of my time and the other members of the Steering Group's time, but we believe in what we are doing, and enjoy it.  the proof they say, is in the pudding! 

November 2007

John Williams.

January 2009, nearly 800 members, astounding! 2015 and 1500 and still growing at the rate of 2 or 3 a month at least!



Hi John.

I have some dimensions re old boat, it was raining and as you know we
boaters don't like getting wet. so measurements not exact.

length 24ft   beam 8ft  draught 2ft 8in

mahogany on bent and sawn frames.

Thanks for your time.

all the best Bruce.


Hi John.

I'm glad to see that someone is keeping the Eventides
group going. I am interested in purchasing the steel
and or ply plans for the Waterwitch design. Last time
I checked the old eventide site the price was about 65
pounds. Any ideas on when we can purchase these again?
I'm wondering if it might be possible to work around
the US/UK exchange fee by using a service like Paypal.
Any thoughts?

Also, I saw an ad once for a MG design called the
Noontide. It was a metal design as I recall. I will
attach a jpeg of the ad that I saw. Do you have any
info about this design?

Thanks for your help.
Paul Liebenow



Hi John.
a few photos, I will send them on separate e:mails so that you can open
them one at a time if they are taking time to download

How are things going with the 'OWNERS' organisation?  Indeed what of the 'Owners Association.'  I have all but given up trying to get a copy of the Bulletin out of them.  I have left all their addresses in England but maybe you can let me have a few so that I can be a bit difficult.  Strictly they can return my £10 or send me my Bulletins.  They have the choice!

Hello John ,

I've noticed that I might be able to help potential visitors to the Malta area ! This year "Luke" has taken us to Kelibia , Tunis ( Carthage) and Bizerte in Tunisia , various ports in Sicily and then north along the Italian coast as far as Naples .

There we visited Pompey which was very worthwhile. A more detailed "log" will follow. The main reason for this e-mail is that the present phone number is 00356 21653737, just in case somebody might want to contact me.

I hope you got some good sailing in ,the summer in the U.K. has been pretty good according to weather reports that I've seen.  Here there hasn't been much wind this year.

   Yours      George

Hi John


Thanks for your up date.  I've passed your details to the Riptide enquirer and I have no doubt he will be in touch.  It will be a Jos Lambert.


Geoffrey and Sandra.


Hi John,

Thanks for your message. To answer some of your questions: I am in Ipswich and "Goosander" is currently moored on the quay at Woodbridge. I was hoping to get a little sailing this month but it has not been possible. "Goosander needs some work but at the moment I am just thinking of patching her up for next season so I get a seasons sailing before lifting her out and restoring her thoroughly.

I came across the boat whilst looking around for a bigger boat. I had been looking at traditional gaff rigged craft, which is what I had. However, when I saw "Goosander" there was just something about her. I discovered your site after I had seen her at Andy Seedhouse’s yard at Woodbridge and did a search on the web

Thanks also for the information re: Colins book. I will keep searching.

I will attempt to keep you posted re progress etc and try and get some pics to you.

Thanks again,



My husband has an Eventide 26 for sale.  I wondered whether you advertise through your web site/association and if so how much it might cost. 





Many thanks for your response I will contact you shortly with the details.





My Partner have recently purchased a Waterwitch 'Meldrum' and were interested in joining an owners association of some kind for social events and information etc.  we would be most grateful if you could give us the score between you and the other lot.

Many Thanks

Alex Gee

P.S. do you have events or members any where near Weymouth.



I would like to enquire as to whether you would let me advertise and Eventide I have on my books it belongs to a friend of mine. We are a very small boat brokerage and operate from Burnham on Crouch.

I await to hear from you.

Janet Champion


Dear Janet,

Yes, you are welcome to put the Eventide (and any other boats or bits) on our site. Put the words directly on the site or send the words to me and I will put them on for you. A picture or two would also help - send these directly to me.

If you do sell anything through the site, a small donation would be appreciated as we charge no membership fees.

Best Regards


Ain't "politics" grand stuff?  It sure sounds like the EOA as we knew it is trying hard to become history.  Maybe a bunch of you who live handy should pay up your memberships at the last moment, go to a meeting, and vote it out of existence with all designs and material to be transferred to this new group.  It would be a shame for them to cease to exist and the designs get lost to the public.  Oh well, just keep up the good work.  The tide will turn toward you (us) eventually - it usually does.


Hello David,

Nice to hear from you.

As you can imagine, since the AGM, I have been busier than ever!  We have well over 100 owners registering an interest with us on line, plus an increasing number contacting me by letter and phone. 


It is a sad indictment on those on committee that refused to listen to the membership of the old eoa.  They seem to be in self destruct mode at the moment, inventing new rules and protocols in order to stifle anyone who disagrees, cutting off their memberships, all quite petty and illicit.  You will notice that now all the former advisors have joined us, including the designer, Colin Fagetter.


We do not charge a penny, indeed many have sent little donations that mean the site can be financed for some time to come!


We are doing our best to supply all the help we did before,  it is not too difficult as we all did it before anyway!  All contributions are welcome, photos, logs, ( in one of the Y.M. designs or one by the same designers) always welcome.  I have a small pile of paperwork to sift through here as has the webmaster.  As you will note we are often adding more photos and articles. If you see somewhere we can improve the site, please let us know.


Hope your project comes to fruition,


John Williams.

Eventide Owners Group.



Dear John,

I am very sorry to hear of the troubles within the Eventide Owners' Association.  We always feared something like this happening to our association as the Trident, these days, I consider, to be the type of sailing boat many people start out with before progressing to larger craft as their experience grows.

It was brought to the fore when we realised there were some rather strong minded persons, who having sold their Tridents, still felt they could press their opinions on the constitution of the association on others.  Our rules state that only an owner of a Trident can be a full member and with that goes the right to cast a vote.  Non Trident owners are welcome in the association but as associated members only with no voting rights.  Hopefully there are no loopholes!

It must be most distressing for you after all the years of effort you have put in to something that you obviously enjoyed to have it all spoilt by the selfishness of a few.

You are welcome to keep our newsletter and I will continue to pass subsequent editions on if you are interested.

We have found changes in members attitudes of late.  Us officers, have become concerned as to what people want out of our association as the attendance at rallies has almost totally diminished.  We always thought it was the socialising and chatting of our common interest in the Trident at rallies was what it was all about but the new generation of owners only seem to want socialising through these confounded computers although, I do realise, with such a widespread membership, for a lot of owners it's the only practical means.   When I write to a new owner welcoming them to the association I wonder what I am welcoming them to.  Surely four newsletters a year and a Manual and membership list on joining isn't sufficient to keep the interest going.  (I've posted by snailmail our newsletter with the results of a survey the Commodore set up.  It makes interesting reading.)

Anyway, I wish the Eventide Owners' Group all the very best for the future, I'll look up your website, and many thanks for your letter John.


Chris Tabor.  Hon.Sec. TOA


Currently building Y M Junior sail number 831. Hull and rudder complete mast
and spars still to make. Photographs available to anyone interested.

Hi, Nigel,

Glad to have you on board.


Yes, we would love to have pictures of your Junior in any state of build. If you have looked at the Photos pages you will see we have only one picture of a Junior, and that's about 40 years old.

Best Regards




Hi Barry,

    nice to hear from you guys!.. nothing much to report on the 'progress front'

Its been quite a busy year, after taking early retirement from the local Authority and anticipating a period of leisurely creativity... I allowed myself to be 'encouraged' to take up the post of Caretaker/driver/escort etc with the local Constabulary! this on top of the usual demands of running a croft, and playing silly buggers chasing sheep..age doesn't necessarily bring any more wisdom! Anyway..I still sit in the 'thinking chair' researching a fair bit and what I've been planning this winter, is to drop the keel and replace the s/s bolts, now , on that subject, I'm thinking of purchasing an up to date set of plans! and bring her to current spec as regards keel weight, and any other improvements which have evolved since she was conceived! her sail no is 1251, so I imagine that quite a lot of mod's have come about on the 26'  Is Rodney Leaper still the man? hopefully by next spring I'll be in a position to start sheathing Hull and deck...what's your advise on the material to use.. Glass or another material, such as Dynel,or Xynole...which are synthetic polyesters, give me your view.. enjoying the website.. it seems to have given a much needed focus to Eventide Owners..




John, Thank you for the update.  Of course it is sad to hear what their folly has wrought, but I have bookmarked your organization and will stay in touch, especially if I am fortunate enough to build to a Maurice Griffith's design.  Please forgive me for further imposing on your time, but I was wondering if you could answer another question for me.  I'm also interested in Maurice Griffith's Lone Gull II.  Would you happen to know whom I would write to purchase plans for that boat?



Hello John,

         thanks for your prompt response, as stated in my email to Barry, I'm going to drop the keel and replace the s/s bolts , which John Fieldsend fitted, when I viewed the boat initially,I noted that they were s/s, and his wife, informed me that John had been aware of the problem with electrolysis between cast iron and stainless, and that 'he had them sheathed'... obviously confident that that would be sufficient, but of course there remains the problem of 'cavity corrosion'.. so they have to come out. My reading of the plans suggest that their dimensions don't tie in with the keel dimensions on the boat ,  which are 9' 7'' x 8''  Perhaps John, your experience and knowledge could throw some light on the subject ! I'll give you the dimensions quoted on sheet 8a Mod 466

9' 11'' x  9'' which I read as an extended keel to close the skeg  estimated weight 1650lb

Sheet 8, the plan that John Fieldsend was working from is 9' 7'' x 7'' estimated weight 1200lb

plus 450lb inside ballast ,which equals 1650lb....yet the same plan, at the dimensions inset box states plus or minus 1850lb !

so as you can see the overall length appears correct, but the depth of keel is bugging me! what is the weight of this keel? incidentally John Fieldsend has also brought the fore end of the skeg to virtually butt up against the aft' end of the keel, leaving only a shallow triangle open,  almost like the modification for 'deep sea voyaging' on sheet 8

sorry for this 'brochan' of dimensions John! but I'd really appreciate your time to clarify those points for me, before I commit myself to any alterations.

I must say , I admire Fiddlers Green , I spent a lot of time scrutinizing the images...and I've had her as my 'Background ' for ages... thanks for your time ,no doubt, like the new Californian Gov'.. 'I'll be Back'

                                       cheers  Iain




>Subject: mods for 26

>Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:45:44 +0100


>Hello Iain,


>Barry has passed you mail to me. Glad to hear you are keeping busy!!

>As I wrote all the mods onto the plans of the Eventide, I might be able to help you.... Which parts are you looking at to modify?

>I see you have mentioned the keel, that was modified in 1973 to 1660lb, I added a note to suggest that was a minimum weight. I had 1800lb, which I increased later to 2240lb, with inside lead weights, but my Eventide is 27ft long... In cast iron it was a 10 inch thick casting. The bolts should be mild steel, galvanised, if the keel is iron, bronze or monel if it is lead. Stainless is a no-no underwater.

>The keel was also drawn in as extended to the rudder, with a transom hung rudder being added to the plan. This allowed you to move the aft end of the cockpit back one frame, gaining useful space and freeing the cockpit from the sweeping of the tiller. Great success.

>Bowsprits, plank shape were standard, as was cutter rig, with the option of sloop. The chain plate positions were amended, by me, to suit.

>Rodney's address is on the plans page, of our site, he is still a member of the eoa, and has custody of the plans, however I hear the plans have increased in price, way beyond what we promised originally, when I took on the drawings from Y.M. Then the intention was to make them available at cost price with just a small margin to cover advertising and a free years subs to the eoa. I wonder if they are now trying to offset their loss in subscription revenue with plans...? I doubt they will sell many now.

>If you have any other queries, I might well be able to help.


>John Williams,

>Eventide Owners Group.



Dear Eventiders

                      could you please tell me if Bob Jackson of Brisbane Australia is contactable by email. I have just completed my junior hull and are about to start mast and spars. I would like to contact Bob if possible.


Regards Nigel


Hi John, good talking with you today.

I've done a bit of sailing here and there including a couple of courses and was living around Kingsbridge for a while watching the seagulls.

Ended up parting cash for an unloved 18' GRP Felicity Hurley in Kingsbridge, spent most of the summer renovating it, then sailed it down the coast with the ex missus to Gweek, learing all sorts of things along the way - especially that there's a culture of 'live aboards' and long distance cruisers outside of the 'snotty yachty' brigade. I like this more down to earth helpful practical attitude and was drawn . . . .

Moved the Hurley back up to Plymouth where it's going to be hauled out as it's been sold (to my ex girlfriend!) and I am now looking for something roomier and more steady in the water.

I was pointed in the direction of a very unloved Eventide 24 on the quay, spoke to the owner who may part with it - but it's been full of rainwater. Having got into 'Eventide' mode, I set about the internet and found different condition / size / prices of boats. And also found you and your mast in the field.

I like projects and I do like the idea of putting a unique boat together that will be sturdy, reliable, manageable, comfortable, take me anywhere and allow the whole scene to unfold in whatever way it will in whatever direction it will for as long as it will . .

Have an idea to pass my yachtmaster this winter & maybe sail around the uk next year - leading on to possibities further afield. Just ideas at the moment but one has to dream to be able to get out of bed in the morning.

So, is it a relatively cheap ply Eventide 24 to go around the uk in (bought for the season)? - or an Eventide 26 even. I like the sound of steel (especially having just read "Survive the Savage Sea") and the thought of having a giant Mechano Style scrapyard challenge project on the go.

We'll see.


Hi John,

Great talking with you, there's a helpful air about the eventide boat - maybe because they're home brew diy projects where enthusiasts are just that - enthusiastic!

I bought an old Hurley Felicity 18' GRP in Kingsbridge early this summer, renovated it on the slip and sailed it to Gweek with the ex missus in tow.

Fantastic journey of discovery, learning lots about the sea, the boat, cornwall, the weather and boaty folk.

Became drawn into the world of 'live aboards' and long distance cruising and people enthusiastic about what they were doing and the name 'Nick Skeets' came up a lot with one bloke.

Anyhow, the Hurley now in MIllbrook, Plymouth is sold to the ex. and I'm looking for a sturdier more comfortable boat in which to circumnavigate the UK, do the Atlantic Circuit, whatever . . .

My nose was pointed in the direction of a dreary unkept Eventide 24 on the quay and the owner may part with it but it's been full of rainwater so . . .

So a little time on the net threw up a few possibilities including the mast and you.

I may get hold of an Eventide 24 / 26 to cut my teeth on next year whilst building something sturdier in the meanwhile.

Would be great to get hold of this 30' steel hull (if it's in good nick) and build something out of that - maybe put your Eventide 26' mast on it and make it into a Ketch? Please don't shout too loud, or someone may have a go at it first.

I'm onto the owners of the Hull and hopefully they'll get back to me tomorrow . .

Anyway, great talking to you, I expect we'll be in touch again if I venture further down the Eventide Route . . .

Until then, happy dreaming.

Bill Booth




This is indeed great stuff.

But firstly, belated thanks to you for the superb photographs of your cockpit. And "What a Cockpit" ! I found them very appropriate for my task ahead. If ever you are in the Lyme area, it would be good to meet up and I can repay the favour with a pint+. You could also have a quick look at Cobweb (have a sail if the timing is right) and make further recommendations.

I must say that I am very excited by your new project and, as an owner of 15 years, agree wholeheartedly with the principles behind it.

I confirm my wish to be part of the new organisation and please let me know if I can assist you in any way during it's formative stage.

Will send any suitable material that could be of interest - but just a couple for now to introduce our pride and joy

Regards and Best Wishes



Hi John


You are a naughty boy!!! Ha Ha

Keep in touch, like your ideas etc.




----- Original Message -----

From: Eventiders


Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 7:12 PM

Subject: Fw: Club Affiliation

Having been expelled from the eoa last week,  Sob Sob, you have to laugh, it is so silly, they seem hell bent on self destruction.... (Of course it was without the required hearing or any other adherence to any rules, even the raft of new ones McMenamin made up...), I felt it may be time to really show them we mean business.  As you may have noticed, their web site has been down for a couple of months, now the old eoa domain name has been lost to a drugs company in America, catering for those in the Eventide of their lives.......I am not sure how I feel about this, as I helped set it up with Barry.  We knew they were not capable of running it.

Our site is getting more hits every day and more mentions all over the place on the web.  We need to add more articles, logs and pics, if we can get them, we have plenty of space to use....The guest page is being used, just, but not as much as we thought it might, most seem to contact us direct.

We have had a total of over 100 mails and letters of support.  My sister is now trying to make some sense of the names.  We will simply add them to the rest.  I am now getting one or two new contacts a day.  Most if not all are firmly behind our stance.

I thought I would ask the RYA about a joining pack, all we need is to have a small management team, no exalted posts, and all done by e-mail.  We could ask those who mailed in to 'vote' on line, or otherwise support a motion to ensure it was democratic.  I though we could pare the old rules of the old eoa down to the bone to suit.  I will let you know what the RYA say.  We may have to raise some pennies to do this, but we have over £200 in the 'kitty' at the moment, thanks to some of you.

I will also be contacting the Yachting press to let them know, more forcefully, that we exist.  If so many are finding us every day, it must mean there are a lot out there looking for info on our sort of boats, so lets shout it from the rooftops!  I will write to all the old eoa members I know too, offering them the opportunity to join with us if they wish.  Today I parcelled up the first two printouts from the site for two who are not on line and have sent stamps, I hope more will take advantage of this..


Very Best To All,


John ,thanks for the update. You have my support and I would have no objections to paying a membership fee or donation to help things along. Please keep me informed. I try to look at the site at least once a week (which is more than I have been doing to my boat recently) Will try a make it to the Bell soon.


Kind regards



Barry, as promised here are a few pics of the boat I have just bought.
I'm very happy with it and cant wait to get it in the water next spring once
a few jobs are done - bilge keels, upper rudder mount, brightwork, anodes etc

Can you forward them to John Williams - his help was invaluable and he is
truly a font of all knowledge Eventide wise !! I haven't got his e-mail address
to send them direct.

See you soon - I might even make it over to Danbury one evening



I have sent Barry Sturrock some photos of the boat I've just acquired - he
should forward them to you -  as I couldn't find your e-mail address and then
later remembered this site. It took about 5 1/2 minutes to upload them as I don't
have broadband YET (roll on end November)

Thanks again for all you help I'd like to send you something to help fund the
website if that's ok with you.

My next query is how to epoxy bilge keels after galvanising but that can wait
till one evening in Danbury.

Stay well




I  used to be a member of the E.O.A. but no longer. I have a quantity of E.O.A. Bulletins for sale. Have you any means of passing this info on to your members?

Bulletins from 1965 to 1998 ( 57 in total)

Also various newsletters, periodic members lists and rules booklets.

£45 o.n.o. the lot plus P&P




Does anybody know of this Boat? I owned her from about 1974 to 1976/77 and sold her to finance  a kit for a Cobra 850 sloop. She was built about 1964, had full part 1 registration bilge keels  and central shallow long keel sloop rigged with a high doghouse. Used to be painted dark blue hull cream decks and red bottom alloy mast and at that stage had a Stuart Turner inboard engine.

I did my first channel crossing in this boat and have fond memories-- I also spent the best part of two years refitting her  Glass sheathed plywood hull etc.

Sold I think to a chap in Sussex or somewhere along the South coast

Well done on the website  a real joy to go back 30 years!





Dear Mr Williams

Thank you for your recent contact with Claire Piggott regarding affiliation to the RYA.

Unfortunately, as the Eventide Owners Association are currently affiliated to the RYA we will not be able to accept an application from yourselves as the name of your organisation is too similar to the existing Association.

My apologies for any confusion caused and if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Brigette Galvin

Membership & Certification Manager

Option one change name or as suggested, wait till they fail and then consider if it is worth it?




hi i am looking for a second hand spinnaker 300sq foot ish for a pandora 22

if ya can help please reply :)




Hello John, Sorry for the delay in replying but the computer had been down for a while. That boat "Lone Gull" is still at Kelibia in Tunisia. It seems neglected. It might be a worthwhile project to an adventerous type! I've noticed that my telephone number is incorrect in the advisers page. The correct no. is 00356 21653737.

I'm in the process of hauling my boat out of the water. I had installed a fridge but I'm not happy with the other problems it has created, namely power consumption. This year I'm fitting a small wind generator to assist the 20 watt solar panels.

Yours,   George



I am enquiring about the availability and price of plans for the Yachting
Monthly Senior. Could you indicate the cost of posting them surface mail
to Australia. What method of payment do you accept, eg. do you take VISA

Your website mentions study plans for some classes of yachts. Is there a
set for the YMS and what is the cost (including postage to Australia).

Yours in anticipation.



Hi John, are there any south coast eventide owners you know of - I think it
will help when it comes to putting the rigging etc to look at one already done.

If you cant give me their e-mail addresses could you e-mail them with mine
and invite contact.

Do any of them make it up to the Danbury get-togethers.

Found more jobs to do with mine- sea strainer on engine inlet, electrical
bonding, fire extinguishers, bilge pump pick up stariners, 2nd battery etc etc

Talk to you soon





HI John,

Thank for that info, The keels will have to be replaced if I go ahead and buy the boat. It is a good

negotiating point however!

Regards Richard


These are pictures taken from a video of which there are proably 2 you might use. The bot arrived from Woodbridge on a trailer and was loaded and unloaded via an interesting jacking system.

You will also see from the pics the start of the barn/boat shed going up. I have now had to anchor the barn to the ground with load binders (used on lorries) 'cos of he winds.

Hopefully will get you some more useful pics soon.

Rgds Paul


Well Said !!




From: Eventiders

To: Barry

Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 10:58 AM

Subject: Apology from Mcmenamin

Hello to you,  Fellow Eventiders.

(this note has gone out to the dozen or so supporters on e-mail, that were at the last AGM or contacted me very early on, as a quick update.)

I thought I would let you know straight away, that after 10 months of stalling and prevarication, that my solicitor informs me he has had an admission of guilt  from Mcmenamin. He has admitted that I did not ever, steal the webspace, and that his letter was wrong. It has taken the preparation of a libel writ and all the expense that entails, to eventually get a result.


As always with this man it is apparently couched in an odd way, he appears to be blaming the rest of the EOA committee for what he wrote. I will see the complete letter in the fullness of time, when the post gets back to normal.  I never pursued the eoa, just him.

The rest of the committee were asked at the AGM if they had knowledge of the libel letter and denied prior knowledge, asked again, by  myself, by letter and then by my solicitor by letter,   not one admitted  any prior knowledge of the letter.   One committee member wrote to my solicitor denying all knowledge and not agreeing with the contents  in anyway.  Subsequently a further three of the committee of the day have confirmed to me that they were neither consulted nor condoned the letter.  I think it fair to assume, as my solicitor has, that he acted alone.

It is suspected that he is now perhaps trying to lay the blame at the door of the eoa committee in order that the bill for his solicitor be met by them!  Do you think that right, if it proves to be the case?  There need not ever have been a bill had he admitted his 'mistake' in the first place!

If it is the case, might there  be more serious questions to answer?  As you know Mc menamin has expelled several members, including myself, without applying the rules that state there must be a hearing, all this in an attempt perhaps to prevent me or others standing at the AGM to speak for the membership. Does his admission of guilt mean my suspension and expulsion are now invalid?  Is it worth trying to regain possession of the EOA?  If so how? Any thoughts? Or is it too late for the EOA?



John Williams



Well done John.  Your perseverance was worthwhile.

Geoffrey and Sandra,




Another thought is the "for sale" and the "guest page" contents might be more user friendly if ordered Last in at the top of the list instead of at the bottom.

Just a thought.


p.s. a great site though  




Hi, Paul,

Funny you should mention it, it's one of items we have been looking at although there may not be much advantage in doing this with the "For Sale" page as you would still need to scroll up or down to see all items still for sale. In due course we will archive older stuff to make the pages much shorter.

Many thanks for your input it is appreciated - keep your comments coming.

Best Regards





Please find second attempt at pics, which have been de interlaced!

The boat (originally named tango two) was transported from Woodbridge by Dave Wolff transport (PBO advert, good service & pleasant chap), using his hoists and bars to get the boat on and off the trailer.

It had been on the hard for several years awaiting attention after it had hit the goins of Felixstowe and was beached before being towed up the Deben to Woodbrige. The hull is solid below the water line but the sides have some serious areas of decay and have been badly patched. This has let the fresh water in to rot the stringers, some frames and localised ply.

I am stripping the ply off the sides and replacing as it will be quicker and far more secure than patching. I will also be replacing the couple of rotten frames and stringers. All joins will be taped with epoxy.

Most of the decking seems OK but will be replaced where required. Some of the deck beams have become delaminated so will be applying epoxy treatment to these and sealing the deck with epoxy and cloth (SP).

The bottom will be having 3 coats of coal tar epoxy, followed by barrier coat and antifowl. The sides, decks and cabin will have several coats 2 part epoxy paint (plus antislip sand where needed). The wooden mast is beautiful (but maybe not practical) so will be restoring with epoxy adhesives and deks olje d1 for easy maintenance until persuaded to upgrade to an Ali mast. 

The Stuart Turner P55ME looks in reasonable condition but is missing the magneto! So will be looking to one of these or a second hand diesel to replace it.

The boat is now in a farmer's yard near Newbury so I have built a mini barn over it, the frame of it is just visible in the some of the pics. It is now all covered and has ratchet straps to anchor it to the floor via 4 ft stakes (that took me a day to knock in) to stop it blowing away in the wind.

I am aiming to get the hull sound and floating again by next season and tackle other big jobs during following years.

Will try and keep a photo diary of progress and pray the weather is kind over the winter.

Any advice from Eventide owners will be gratefully received. The cooker is already fixed up so there is always a cup of tea/coffee available for visitors, although you will have to bring your own sugar and milk.

Rgds Paul




So glad that things could be getting sorted out at last. I trhink it
would be quite right for the
aggrieved members to regain possession of the Assn. and put it in the hands of
the people who care.
Too much hard work has gone into making the Assn what it was, and although I
don't know the current situation, I suspect that it is on a slippery slope
to nowhere.
Kindest Regards David.

No problem John. Please do correct my grammar, syntax and spelling. I am an engineer and have no pretence about my spelling ability, especially when it's late and i have something to say.

I picked up my marine ply from Layland today as I was up there for a business meeting (putting IT in HMP Wymott) so stopped of at CW Berry on the way back to the M6 and put 10 off 8X4 (12m) on the roof of the mondeo estate. It hardly touched the suspension as the total weight was less than that of the family in the car. But I did take it easy on the way back down.

The cost........BSI 1088 WDP stamped etc, £18 plus VAT. It may not be even ply but is more than adequate for my needs with epoxy etc and half the price of equivalent ply I have seen down south.

Oh! The phone number is 07790 492089

I will be removing the bulk of the port side tomorrow after making a template of the side panels.I will probably use the circular saw (now I have re built it after I let my generater put 380 VACs up the wire, which caused the communater and brushes to disintegrate) and hope to start preparing the replacement frame and stringers.

Will keep you posted on progress.

Rgds Paul


Hi John,

I would not say the ply is brilliant and I would be reluctant to present a polished surface for examination. It does flex more than I expected which will make it easy to apply. Overall it is solid and better quality than external ply I have seen although I would not consider myself an expert in these matters. But I do consider this adequate for covering in epoxy as the boats sides. BB/CC possibly.

I started on the port side (after the rugby, phew!) and pealing back the ply has revealed some sound stringers where I thought there would be decayed. The rot box, at the cabin/cockpit bulkhead sheer stringer area is well and truly gone which means new frames, new outer stringer under where the lower rubbing strake goes, new bulkhead and cross beam. So I will be tackling this first before re skinning the sides. I have tried taking measurements but they do differ especially on the frames which are not straight and tumble home above the lower rubbing strake. Unless I can get the proper stringer dimensions and frame templates/dimensions I am going to have to conceed and buy the plans. Can someone advise on this please?

Rgds Paul


Hi Paul,

I will try and sort out my old set of drawings today.  When I find them I will mail you, then perhaps you can call at some stage and I will go over them with you while you are on the phone.  that way I might be able to get all the correct measurements to you.

I have amended the builders page with your details, phone no etc.

Good luck with the rebuild.  I am off to my Sisters tonight, we are burning the old Eventide, photo's later!  I will be picking up the chainplates to advertise them in the site.  If you are interested.....




Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I am interested in the chain plates as I do not have a full set of the originals.

Talk to you soon.

Rgds Paul


Hallo John, thought you might like to follow the adventure
through. Best Wishes, Brian and Elizabeth


 Hi John:  I am getting ready to build a Senior and need some information
which I am sure you will have at your fingertips.  I called Tony Showell,
but he wasn't able to help as he had not actually built his Senior.  So if
you could email me a convenient time to reach you by phone I would
appreciate it.  We are 5 hours behind GMT, which I think is the time you are
on locally.

I am really enjoying the website!  Thanks for all your efforts to keep the
traditions of the EOA afloat!  Hope you had a great sailing season, John.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



I am planning to remove the Stuart Turner from an Eventide 26 and replace with a diesel. I am going to look at a Volvo MD2B in running order this weekend. Am I wasting my time? Is this engine too big? Has anyone else used an MD2B in an Eventide 26? I have seen MD11C's referenced a fair amount.

Rgds Paul


I'm looking at an Eventide in Barry (south wales), built in 1990 of double Iroko on Iroko Frame. Any advice on particularly nasty corners or likely wet holding areas to look for?  The deck is marine ply/canvas, coiuld this be a problem?  Lastly, the mast was tripped of varnish and oiled(2001)..it is looking rather sad, could this be a major problem to sort or would some good old fashioned elbow grease do the job?

Thank you for your time.  If I decide to buy I will immediately join  your group and glean every last bit of info I can from anyone I get in touch with!





Dear Sir

would you know of any examples of this class that are currently for sale

The last time I saw one was a few years ago near Portsmouth.

I am in the process of selling my current yacht, a Twister, because I have moved to a part of the world where a shallow draft craft would make more sense.

What sort of budget should I be looking at?, as I am rather out of date to 3tonner values.

I will look forward to hearing from you.





Dear John,

Hope you and Darian are both well.  Here is our first attempt (very belatedly) of sending you the pictures taken in the packing shed during the alternative EOA August Bank holiday meet.  Please let us know if it is successful - we are very green about this technology.  They look rather dark and our lack of experience means we cannot alter the contrast.  We are sure you can!!

Silent Annie now laid up (on her mooring) for winter.

Good news about the apology from McMenanmin.  Keep us posted with further news.

Take care,

Sally and Tony



Hello John ,

Just finished reading your Thames cruise, most interesting.

I plan to study your mast lowering system further.

Am enclosing the first half of last summers cruise, haven't got round to typing the Naples bit yet!

 Your's       George


John, thank you very much for your reply.  I'm off to have a good look around this weekend.  The owner has a full 2001 survey for me to read.  I've had a good nose around her from the outside and to be honest she looks the part, despite a good seasons sailing this Summer.

I'll let you know all the details next week.

Once again, thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.




Dear Mr Williams

I have ( for the first time ) read the various documents in your tussel with the eoa . I took the view that if a member has been a loyal and worthy servant to the association it would seem quite unfair to strip him/her of the position obtained in an election because they had lost their boat perhaps due to circumstances beyond their control say financial or ill health. I can see that you have a very strong argument regarding the appointment of officers. I own a folkboat and belong to the association I expect the folkboat may go

when the eventide is launched ( spring 2004 )  If I am told to leave the folkboat  association this would be a sadness to me and it would deprive the association of a member and a subscription. I have owned my folkboat for 10 yrs and completed many 1000s miles I feel that experience could be valuable at some future date to the folkboat Association. It may be that 10yrs on from now

Having built my own eventide with much very hard work and sailed to the Artic which is my goal I would not be available to the Eventide association if I sold the boat. I am not too sure about the associate member situation I think that if  I am a member then that is that. I do hope that you can resolve your differences with the EOA and look forward to showing you my boat.


Jack Mclellan

E26 2148


Hello Jack,

Thank you for your comments.  However you seem to be under some misapprehension.  No one has lost their boat through illness, disaster or any other reason.  Nor would I or anyone seek to strip such a person of their post in such circumstances.  ( I feel this nasty little rumour was similar to one started by a member of committee last year and posted on the guest pages of their old site.  All total baloney!)

However half the committee of the eoa, have chosen other boats, and have forced themselves on the membership by getting the votes of other non owners and the support of all their friends and family, to the detriment of the real owners.  That's the reality of what happened at the last 'so called' AGM.

I am wondering by your letter if you thought that I was denying access to anyone who had sold their boat?  Quite the contrary I assure you.  I have always, and will always like to feel that those who have once owned or built one of these fine craft might still have something to contribute years after selling.

What I and many others objected to was being told by those who had chosen with their hearts and wallets, to part with their Y.M. design, in favour of another craft, that they were better placed to lead the eoa!  What rot! We maintain that an owners association should be just that, for owners, and we are quite happy that ex owners can still belong and share their knowledge with us, but please not to assume the mantle of 'leaders' without our boats!  Let them join in the social side as before, share their knowledge as before, but please, lead by example!

This silliness all started when one committee member 'failed' to reveal he had sold his Eventide, (for a full year,) standing as Vice President.  I suggested that he was likely, eventually, to do the right thing and stand down, so we aught to look at a possible replacement.  The President backed that and even wrote a document, 'Roles and Responsibilities' wherein he maintained that it was the duty of one of the 'prime officers' to be seen to be actively owning one of the designs.  No one had any qualms about this, until that is, the President got wind of a takeover of a company he had shares in and seeing he would soon be in a position to buy another, non Y.M. boat, changed his mind, and persuaded the Vice President to stay, so he would have an ally no doubt, in his later bid to stay president for some reason.

I suggested in committee that this was not the wishes of the membership.  I, as Secretary spoke to more members in a week than most on committee ever did. I well knew what the feelings were.  This it appears is the main reason for which I have been expelled!  Speaking with members and disagreeing with the president & co.  So much for democracy and freedom of speech.  As a retired police officer I have been appalled by the action of many of these people.

There have been other glaring irregularities, that I stood up and challenged. There are other revelations yet to come.  The members, when polled agreed whole heartedly with the idea of an owners Association, with associate members.  Quite normal.  Indeed you cannot join the Treasurers assoc, as you do not own a 'Southerly', as he does now, but he is quite welcome in the eoa however.  ( I and others maintain that his role is not one in the public eye and therefore it matters little that he has sold his boat, he will never be the 'Spokesperson' for the eoa, regarding our craft.)

Mc menamin then personally wrote and published the letter with the false accusations against me, for which I have, after 10 months of solicitors letters and finally the issuing of a writ, had an apology.  He lied to you all. I am no liar, cheat or thief!  This is what has spurred me into starting this alternative group.  At first I resisted the pleas from members to do so.

His letter was timed to perfection.  Instead of the legal notice of the AGM, you got his lies.  Members were duped.

The lie was even believed by some, who did not know me,  who attended the AGM  and as a result they voted against me, rather than the proposal.  It was lost by 16 votes to 23.  ( Some of those voting against the members were non boat owning, family, joined at the door, just to vote against the members proposal!)  One of those even became a committee member, a record we imagine!  Those that attended the farce of an AGM will tell you how biased and nasty it was.   Never in the 30 years I have attended and run these meetings had I seen anything like it!  The President did indeed run round tearing up my papers!  He did propose himself for the post of president and the members just laughed at his antics with the brass gavel that he acquired.  He did admit shutting down the website guest pages, and he did close the meeting halfway through any other business, refusing to answer questions from the floor.  Some of the committees behaviour generally was abysmal. The members walked out in disgust!

Even those who voted against the members proposal, later apologised to me and declared they would have nothing further to do with them, or the eoa, they were a disgrace to the memory of Maurice Griffiths! 


What to do now?


We have 140 plus and every week more join us, supporting our argument that an owners assoc should be just that.    For owners and friends, and that as owners they wished to be represented by owners. I fear now it may be too late for the eoa.  Certainly I and many others will never have any further dealings with some of the present committee, they really showed their true colours. 

We have been  told in no uncertain terms, that our boats were old and wooden and without them, 'the GRP other boats' owners, the assoc was bound to die.  What a nerve!  We like our wooden boats and  mine has no sink by date on it.  We are unclear why some chose to side with the non owners, but it was clear that some just wished to have the kudos of being a committee member, without actually lifting a finger to do anything.  Some may never acknowledge the truth if it hit them over the head, they have become so blinkered as to be blinded.  It is amazing how otherwise rational people can be swayed by a clever liar.

As you can see their website has crashed, through rank incompetence, their members are resigning  or refusing to renew their subs, I honestly cannot blame them.  I wanted to take back the EOA, for the members, but the committee, or should I say the president, was determined not to let me back to the next AGM, or have any say in the  working of the Assoc.  I had too much evidence of his misdeeds.  That's why the illegal dismissal.  Others have been so dismissed too!  It seems that anyone who tries to stand up for the truth and do the 'Right Thing' is to be castigated and denounced! The man is acting in a disgraceful way and not helping matters at all.  Some of the committee have been in touch, they have asked him to apologise and resign, he, for some reason, still refuses....

Now it is your Assoc, if you think you really want to save it, perhaps  you should contact every member you know and get them to the next AGM, overturn the committee and return the eoa to it's members, as a true 'Owners Assoc'.  Then we might rejoin or amalgamate with them.  We have carried on doing what we, the owners, have always done, offer advice and practical help, even a sail, to anyone interested.  Our website, started as a direct result of calls from members to reinstate the help it gave, has now been sponsored by enough people to keep it alive for years.  We are getting in logs and articles and are now hosting an on line newsletter. We have  sailing meets and regular monthly shore meetings....   The enthusiasm of the real owners contrasts strongly to that of the non owners, who run the eoa now. 

At the moment we have offered others  the chance to stand with us.  We are on the moral high ground here. We own these boats, we can talk authorively about them, we can even take a guest out for a sail in one, that is more than half the present eoa committee can ever do!  Are you willing to see the eoa disappear?  Or are you prepared to stand with us against the non owners who want to take it away from those who have worked so hard to keep it going?  It now falls to the members of the eoa left to declare their interest, or otherwise!

I do not wish to sound harsh, but the reality of the situation is plain, we have all the representatives and owners with us,  even one of the designers, many, many owners stand with us.  We would love to see the rest of the eoa membership and the few on committee with a conscience take the responsibility and stand up to these bullies and fight back.  Sadly I feel after 40 years, 30 of which I have worked tirelessly for the eoa, all seems lost.  If that is the case we will carry on as an owners and friends group, with no President or other exalted ranks, just honest workers..... 

If no one is prepared to bother, they will just let it die, with it goes the promise we made to Y.M.'s editor Des Sleightholme  and to Maurice, that we would keep the plans alive and available, cheaply, for others.  I hate to think whose mantle piece the Maurice Griffiths trophy and the other silverware will end up on!

I hope this adequately explains the true situation, if you have any other queries I would love to hear them. I do hope your Folkboat association has a space for ex owners and friends of the 'Folkboat', but ask yourself how much credence you would give to your committee, if they all chose to sail Westerlys?

I look forward to seeing your boat, please let us have details, pictures or stories for the benefit of others following in our wake.  This is what we do this for, not for ourselves!




Well! What can I say, Superb Letter.


I am new to sailing and to the politics of the problems within the EOA etc.
I am re-building an eventide that I rescued from sinking. It is mainly build
of Tufnol sheathed in fibreglass. I have completely stripped her out and
rebuilding from the bottom up.  I am keeping a photographic record as I go
along and I am hoping to get her back in the water sometime next year. Like
I said I am new to sailing and to boat building (re-building) but I am
learning as I go along by pestering friends and reading alot. If anyone has
any info about my boat, which is quite unusual, I would be very grateful.
Whoever, built her did not build her as per the plans so I am having to
change things as I go.  However, I am having much enjoyment out of her
already and looking forward to sailing her. If anyone would like any further
info please let me know
Regards to all.



Hello John, 


Re the sale of our boat,

thank for your message we have had a fair bit of interest but no offers yet
so I may take you up on your offer soon




Dear John

Thank you for your information.

Since I heard from you, a number of things have happened.

I did try the website that you mentioned ,but no luck.

However, an acquaintance of mine, overhearing a conversation, where I was discussing the matter, said that he knew of a boat that he believed was a YM 3 tonner. He said that the boat could be for sale .

Well the owner was contacted, and he said that the boat could be for sale.

He confirmed the fact that it was a YM 3 tonner but that it had been modified on deck forward.

I went to see the boat yesterday, and took some photographs.

The owner my be prepared to sell the boat.

It is in need of attention, but I feel that she is reasonably sound. It has been re engined with a small diesel, which would not start easily.

the sails are useable.

He has asked me to make a reasonable offer.

I have done some sums and feel that an offer of between£3 and £5000.

What do you feel would be reasonable bearing in mind that there will be quite a lot of work to do to bring her into commission.

I will look forward to hearing from you.




Dear John,

I took over my 28' eventide (white rose) last winter, replaced some soft bits of ply the rotten wooden mast with an ally one and generally tarted her up a piece, managed to sail her a few times and got a feel of what a lovely boat she is... I am continuing her titivation this winter ready for longer voyages this coming year to the sun!!

The reason I write is because I believe she isn't rigged very well and was hoping you may be able to help with some tried and tested rig set-ups including where the jib sheet cleats go on the decks and the sail dimensions she was designed for.

If you can advise me on any of this I would be very grateful!!

Many Thanks

Paul Pettman



I have admired the design of Mr. Griffiths "Lone Gull ll" since first seeing her lines and reading the description in Eric Hiscock's "Cruising Under Sail", and somewhat more recently in "Wooden Boat #91 (Nov/Dec 89).

I would like to locate drawings, plans or any information available. If you have any suggestions on where I might start I would be very appreciative.

Sincerely Charles



Thanks for getting all those bits together and sending what you could up.
I will quite happily cover whatever postage costs you incur trying to get
the stuff up here. I look at it this way; it's still cheaper than me
getting on a train to Essex!!

Try parcel force if they think they can do the job without breaking them
or loosing them, if not courier them. Either way let me know how much it
is and I will send you another cheque.

Best regards,

guy :)



Dear John

A few years ago we spoke about Tony Syke's "Galliard" - lying rather sadly in the corner of TSL's hard standing.

Talking to Tony the other week, I think he's at the stage where just a little encouragement will persuade him into making her available to a keen restorer.

Stuart Moscrop and I went on board the other day - in many ways, though very neglected, she is still a very sound proposition. She has been built of very fine materials and apart from a little rot in the sidedeck ply and lots of general disarray, I am sure she is recoverable and could be a fine little ship again.

How can we best move forward? I will be seeing Tony tomorrow and will talk to him a little more. Can you give me a bit of a prompt about how we can best make her known to a likely buyer?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes, David




Good work John! thanks,

this has obviously been a bit of a hassle, I am very grateful to you for
aranging to get it all sent up here.

I will put a cheque in the post today.

guy :)



Hi Barry,
saw the pictures of my boat on the site. Just awaiting bilge keels to come
back from galvanising then a bit of weathering before epoxy and bolting on.
Winter engine projects almost complete. Varnishing (or maybe Sikkens Cetol) in the

I plan to keep her the same colour for next year but might paint the upper
hull something different later.

She will be named OTTEAU when relaunched in Spring - with a proper naming
ceremony of course.

Have any Eventide members any advice re this e.g rituals that should be
performed to ward evil evil sea spirits etc ?????

Have a happy and quiet Christmas - hoping to pop up to Danbury end of January
work permitting - see you next year.



Dear John
Thanks for this helpful reply; I have spoken to Tony and he is prepared to
go ahead.
As you know, the boat is on the hard standing; the mast and boom are in the
boatyard, the engine and some of the gear is in Earls Colne and other items
are at home in Orford.
I will ask Tony to prepare an inventory of boat equipment and other
additional items.
Your idea of coming down to take a look at her and maybe a few pics would be
useful - we can then chat about some of the detail.
I feel beholden to Tony to achieve as high a sale figure as possible,
because they need the money - though for the sake of moving her quickly, we
must be realistic.
I look forward to hearing from you. I place my office details below, even
though this email goes from home.
Thank you in anticipation for any help you will be able to offer.
Warm wishes, David



The old site was turned off due to a hidden virus?  what are they like, they
make it sound like you or Barry or someone  deliberately infected them, a
sort of stealth libel ,and legal issues? which they brought upon themselves
or at least he did!  just had a look at it, its not very good is it
,i must say that i like our on line newsletter only found it last night.



Many thanks for your help, I will try him and let you know the outcome!




Hello there,


with reference to your request on our guest page, I have chanced on a name and address of a gentleman who I have as the owner of 'Siglan'.  The information is a little old, so he may not be sailing her now, but it is a lead....

Mr. Frank Miskelly,




Might be worth dropping him a line....

Hope you are enjoying the site,





Excellent site. Was a member some years ago, got the plans for Eventide, Senior and YM3 Tonner. Owned a Senior for a while and very nearly bought an Eventide for £1000 at Hickling in Norfolk. Presently own 30 foot Broads Sailing Yacht, but new wife and I are looking to sail again down on the East Coast, River Blackwater. Probably be selling yacht next year and looking for Eventide/Senior. Back to the site, looks very good and photos have got me dreaming again!



Thanks Tony,

I really did not know it could not be accessed by Macs. It's quite
interesting that over some 5 years the site has been in existence (in
various guises) a few people have said they were having trouble with the
buttons. Not one ever said they were using a Mac, still, I'm glad it's
working now. I think I just overreacted to the overwhelming number of
e-mails all at the one time. Anyway, thanks for your input, many other users
will clearly benefit.



----- Original Message -----
From: "Tony Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 4:57 PM
Subject: eventides web site

> Hello Barry,
>                      thank you  for the email. I have had a good look at the site and I must say that it is a huge improvement and works a treat,  due to some hard work on your part I expect. I will certainly be visiting a
lot. Super! Best wishes and sorry for the previous misunderstandings!



Cheers John for the email,
I look forward to seeing this extended Eventide. I still have things to do
to my broads yacht before I can expect to sell her. Its been quite an
experience owning so many old yachts. I am confident replacing carvel
planking, and steaming ribs etc. Like a lot of boating mates we all
seem to be able to tackle these big jobs but tend to rush through those
final stages to get the boats back in the water and sailing!
I wish you all the very best with the new site and will be passing on the
address to friends.

Dear John

Thank you for this news - we had our Christmas dinner onboard this afternoon, sorry to have missed you.

Yes - your sadness at seeing Galliard is shared by me too.

I have spoken to Tony about your offer and comments - he is very happy to follow our lead; I asked him for a picture and inventory - he said he would do it after Christmas.

Do go ahead with your offer to put her on the website - the pics and list can follow.

I will speak to Tony in the next day or two and try and push the further information, meanwhile do go ahead.

Thanks for your excellent help on this John - Tony appreciates it very much.

Warm wishes, David

Hello David,


I came over to Tollesbury today, sorry I missed you.  I did phone ahead, but was told you were busy.

As you suggested, I got aboard Tony's boat and took some photos.  Oh what a sad  and sorry state she is in.  When I think back to the day I photographed Maurice sitting in that cabin.....I did not inspect the construction too far, I did not even take a torch aboard, but did find the main cabintop carlin has gone rotten, all along the cabin top, so suspect the rot will have penetrated quite a way into the structure.  The main hull carlin was soft in places too.  The damage to other parts of the boat seem almost to have been vandalism?  Teak panels snapped off the rear of the cabin etc. It is repairable, at a cost, but this will reflect in the sale price we are likely to achieve. 


We could still ask £3,000, as no doubt the rest of the gear, when refurbished would make it an attractive proposition.  but I have to say it will be more difficult to sell now than a few years ago. We can but try and make the most of her good points!

I took the liberty of removing some dangerously  corroded flares, dated 1976!  They will be disposed of with the Coastguard.  I thought Tony would not mind as they were a real risk, left on board! 

If you would like to just reply to give the go ahead, I will advertise the boat immediatley.  If Tony comes up with a picture we could copy, it would be a great help and could be added to the advertisment.



Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas.

.Hello John,

 "Filandra" is fine on her mooring just below the harbour in Kircudbright and I visit her every week to check all is OK and practice my rowing - its only about 200yds from the 'marina' pontoons but by heck when the tides' running its a good row ! I'm keeping on top of things at present and she is weathering well and am just about to give the engine a good service - filters, oil change etc. With any luck we should get a bit of settled weather soon, I only need a couple of days please, so that I can go for a bumble around the bay and Little Ross island and give the sails an airing and the engine a good run. I keep looking around her every time I am on board and note what I want/need to do and must start doing some of them. I'll keep you posted if i get round to doing something that is actually newsworhty.

All the best for Xmas & New Year

Regards Phil



Hello John.

 Just a few words to wish you all a Happy Christmas. The summer has  come to a close in the Med, as well, it's been quite cold wet and windy recently!

Regards to yourself and family and friends,

yours ,  George and Therese 



Hi John, Bill Booth (Millbrook) here, thanks for the winches.

1. Reference John Skelleys Tat - the Eventide still lies in his deteriorating shed next to mine. I mentioned that you may be interested to Pip (Pats son) Patterson and Debbie but there didn't seem much of an uptake of response at the time. I think they may haved been a bit pre occupied with their pre-2 week christmas holiday. Maybe if you ring the Multihull Centre Services office, they may be available later on after christmas. John also has other hulls and debris scattered all over the place.

2. Some pics attached as requested of mi boat:- it's a 1953 Maurice Griffiths Canoe Stern 27' Mahogany on Oak Bermudian Sloop - turned Cutter. Named 'Coronette' built by Charles Cooper of Conyer Wharf, Kent. She has been owned by a seemingly distinguished lot and cruised Norway, Holland in 1966 and been doing not a lot for the last 11 years + until now hopefully. She may have a sister ship called Trynga.

Hope you have some info on the old girl,

Cheers, Bill


I'm interested in corresponding with anyone who as built a Wild Duck. I would also like to know what the design specs are - I don't believe the "30' LOA" spec on the website.

I'm especially interested in knowing how she sails, how strong she is, whether or not there are any alternative rigs and/or keep arrangements (i.e: bilge keels).

Thanks in advance!


Hi John,

Happy New Year. Here are the photos of going aground at Carteret, France, and pretending that it was for the purpose of scrubbing the bottom just in case anybody was watching!!!!


Hi John,

At last I've been able to get back to you, life seems to have overtaken me somewhat since I originally contacted you!

The Eventide at Barry is called "Tarka", she is on your pages being for sale.  I'm going back again this weekend to have a proper look at her.  Phil is so caring about her.  He quite rightly will only take the cover all the way off if it's dry.  I haven't noticed anything musty about her inside.  She's very clean and tidy.  There is some lift of the deck covering but nothing substantial and a little work in the Spring would make her fine for the Summer.  The only thing that I can see is on Starboard side just back along from the bow is some cracking of the plank seams.  This does not look serious and I assume would take a little time to fix if raked out and filled properly.  The hull is fine apart from that, but would benefit from a good rub down a paint before going back into the water.  The survey from 2001 is as clear as belll.. she's A1!

I'm also off the Milford Haven to have a look at the unusual Eventide at Rudders Boat Yard...Le Machot.  The yard owner says she needs some cosmetic work inside but is otherwise fine.  I'm also going to look at one in Milford Marina, she is advertised on Boatshed.com.  If I have anymore questions I'll make a pain of myself and e-mail you or call you again.

Thanks for your time and Happy New Year,




I have just broken my mast!!!   
My Tidewater was originally rigged as a bermudan cutter and as the mainsail is rather tired I thought I might take the opportunity to re-rig her as a gaff.
  However, I would dearly like to have a plan of the rigging and sail plans. Do you know of any?
   If you can't help could you please point me in the right direction.
    Thankyou, and congratulations on a fantastic website!
      Yours, Tristan



Hi John, You may not remember but we chatted (briefly) about the eventide I was restoring about a year or so ago. Anyway, I did get your letter but didn't reply (to yours or the association) as I was having a very traumatic personal life at the time, with enough problems and upset to fill an eventide! However, all is now sorted and I have just found this site.

Regarding the problems - I am a becoming member of Harley Davidson Diva Legion and strangely enough ALL the members have Harley Davidsons. My friend is a member of the MR2 owners club, and they too ALL drive MR2's. Seems to me then that an Eventide owners Association should ALL have eventides. If not, then it would appear to be a misrepresentation of fact. A better name could be "eventide, other boat and no boat at all association"

I wish you luck with your cause and hope that you do form some sort of owners club, where people who actually own, or are restoring, or even thinking of buying can talk to like minded folk, and not a bunch of hypocritical half-wits.

Kind regards



MG designed TINKA and SIXPENCE, two nearly identical boats and I am looking for plans for one or the other of them.

I have TEWK, built in 1909 by Bundock Brothers and featured on YM cover around 1934 I believe.  Currently, we sail Long Island Sound, but we sailed her into the Med (Sardegna) in '97.



TINKA and SIXPENCE are nearly identical.  They are not double ended.  In "Dream Ships" there are line drawings.  In fact, the attached are from another website that someone directed me to.

I have also attached a photo of TEWK, which I believe you will appreciate.

Enjoy - and thanks for the reply.


Tamerisk has been a 2 year project with my partner Jean who makes the best
bacon butties in North Wales!!! She is due for completion (the boat that
is!) this summer.


The attached is a comparison of the two.  As I understand it, these are the only two built to this specification.  Of course, in your organization, you may well know of more.

I would like to find plans for one of them though.


Life is neither a spectator sport, nor a dress rehearsal.


Keel Bolts on eventide 24 1963. Nuts sheared off, bolts down to 1/8" diam near the top. How do I get the bolts out of the keel - rusted solid! Thanks in anticipation

firstly happy new year, my reason for contacting you is could you offer any

advice i am planning to build a 16 ft dingy for cruising the plans show stitch and tape ply construction .

does this require marine ply or is wbp ok bearing in mind it will be sheathed with epoxy glass tape.

best regards

Alan    (plymouth)


Hi Alan,

Alan Lonton's assessment of wpb and marine ply.  As far as I can see is if you are going to cover the hull etc with resin and fibre glass cloth , either would do, wpb would obviously be much cheaper.

I once read an article in the PBO of two small dinghies made out of hardboard which were very well fully covered in paint and they sailed about for a long time. Anyway wish you luck and let us know how you get on.


G'day sir/madam,


Please correct me if I am wrong, but are plans for the Senior and Wild Duck available only through the Eventide Owners Association?  If this is not the case I shall be somewhat happy, going on the troubles that seem to have occurred recently! 




           I have not forgotten that I had intended to send you some pics
of the history of my Eventide and any more I can dig out! Hopefully I will
do this soon and send them with comments. Been to the web site lots and it
is super, just what a serious bunch of fans needs! Once again I have to
start to think about the usual maintenance on the boat for next summer,why
do I own a wooden boat I keep asking myself? Magog was built to a very very
high standard in the 60's and the hull is superb (d/d mag on oak),but
topsides are ply and have always been a prob with maintenance. Redecked it
10 years ago and looks like I am going to have to do some of it again this
year. I am thinking that I would like to convert to a bowsprit rig (I already
have a cutter rig with no bowsprit) , do you have any ideas on that? At
least where I live we have one serious boatyard which does good work on
either plastic or wood and I normally do most of the work anyway. Talk
again soon Best wishes Tony


G’day john, thanks for prompt reply, still waiting to hear from the eoa. I’ll wait to see what the prices are now and what they offer with plans, Cheers Gavin.


Thanks for your message, thought you might like to see our pride and joy! Cheers Shona and Martin


Hi, John, Thanks for mail and conversations.

Is it ok if I just attach the detail sheets for Privateer & Kayann?


Stephen Bush


I have recently upgraded the engine on my eventide 24 to a Yanmar 1GM 10. The new propellor is an 11"x 9 . I am getting problems with cavitation at higher revs and would like to know what pitch propellor would be best.

Reply sent, add extra inch to pitch, but dependant on revs of motor, ongoing. Have computer tables can do,



Good work both of you, just registered and now waiting for my password,  chris



I was very surprised to see a mention of my boat on the web site, thanks I appreciate it.

I read that you have a regular meet at the Bell PH in Danbury on the last Wednesday of the month. Would it be possible if I could come along to your next get together.  I would be grateful if you would allow me to bring my photo's along and to generally pick your brains.

As you know, I have no experience whatsoever in boat building and I get all my info from books and talking to experts.

I know it sounds incredulous but my boat is built from what I believe is tuphnol and I will bring a piece along for confirmation from the experts.

The Web Site is excellent please keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future



Next Meet end Feb…. JW.



I have been reading the new site with great interest and found it very
informative. I am currently in negotiation for a 1965 Golden Hind -
'PESCARUS' at present lying at Wells in Norfolk so I feel a bond beginning
to developed with  these designs!

Over the last few months I have travelled widely in my search for the right
boat and have looked at many Waterwitches and so can offer some additional
information for your photo pages;-

The boat in the Telegraph cutting has to be 'MELDRUM' recently sold at Ridge
Wharf Wareham, definitely built by Hartwell's in 1963/4. She is still in
good condition and I was disappointed that someone else got a bid in before
me. There are still pictures of her on the web even though she is sold.

JOMTIEM was for sale at Dickies yard in Bangor but is now recently sold. She
is of steel construction and was very wet inside when I saw her, mainly
condensation I think.

MINTAKA has just been sold in Totnes, a high price but absolutely
beautifully restored by her last owner.

The ' Unknown ' boat is 'KITANI' also in Totnes about 100 yds. from Mintaka.
Sadly she is not in the same condition. Although out of the water she has
suffered from rain water ingress and needs rescuing quickly before she
starts to deteriorate further. Unfortunately her present owner has health
problems and cannot give her the attention she needs.

I must appear to be a really sad case although I claim extenuating
cicumstances, my memory is lousy and after three boats in one day I cannot
remember what was where so I kept a notebook and took lots of photos.......
I suppose that really does make me a sad case, almost an anorak!

I hope that the above ramble may contain something of interest, Good luck
with the website in the future,




Dear John and Barry

I have found your site interesting and hope it goes on to become a regular point of contact. I realise that you have been very upset by the stupidity of all concerned in your battle with the committee of the E.O.A. but I think it would be helpful to all if the sting in your narrative is tempered with a degree of conciliation. I began my own very loose association of boat builders with a couple of friends, my advantage being a couple of acres of land with 300mts of riverbank. The ethos is that if you have little or no money come to us to build your dream. To date we have had everything from a 140 foot Luxmotor to a speedboat a ww2 air sea rescue craft in restoration to any number of narrowboats and sailing yachts ( we have 9 foot draft to the Humber ) and of course my own eventide 2148. We have avoided a committee like the plague but do everything by consultation we have only one rule " Do not  upset anyone else" I tell you this as your constitution appears to be following a similar line to our own. Financially we are secure as nobody is paid for efforts towards the site and all money paid as mooring contributions is used only for the site.

I will have to sign off now Mandy has dinner ready NOW!!!

Best Regards


P.S. We are now 16 years into the yard so much for the doom merchants.


Thanks Jack, you will have noticed we have removed many comments from the main pages and are now concentrating on looking ahead. The reasons can still be found in the intro and what went wrong pages however. It is difficult not to be cross with those that lie and cheat for their own ends. We as a group, are now busier than ever answering owners queries and as such have won many new friends. Thank you for joining us and we hope your Eventide progresses swiftly. John