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Welcome to the Eventide Owner's Group Forum.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of boating, THE EVENTIDE OWNER'S GROUP or anything else, related or not, then follow the link below.

Please note that to have user access to the Forum  you must registered on that page.  This is separate to 'Enrolling with us', though that might be a good idea!  (This doesn't mean you need to be a member of this group to participate, however links left to other sites or addresses will be edited out and the person banned if inappropriate matter is posted. )

Please enter details of your interest, boat details etc, to enable us to easily delete the spammers!  your registration is authorised automatically now, within a few hours, so wait a short while before trying the forum for real!

Simply go to the bottom of this page and click the 'Join today' logo, then in the Forum,  click on the  'register'  button at the top of the Forum screen, the one with a 'tick' in it!

When you register as a new member you chose your own username and password, please try and remember it we are not privy to your password! 


No sexually explicit/pornographic topics or anything that would be unsafe for children to see displayed on your screen should they walk into the room.

No advertisements (pop-up or otherwise) for alcohol, gambling, tobacco or pornography.

We will enforce rules against sexually explicit language and profanity.

NB This is a 'Family Safe' site. This web site will not tolerate any any bad language or entries of any inappropriate nature on the Forum.

Any such entries will be removed and the member banned.


Simply Click the logo below to join. Come on it won't bite, if John can get his head round it anyone can!


We have over 875 enrolled with us, we had a lot of members on the old Forum, so far we have only been running a  while and already have a good few, but many more to go!!  If you need help, just ask!



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