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These pages were temporarily suspended. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to go to the old set of pages we withdrew for a while.....

We were awaiting a full apology and reversal of our illicit expulsion.

It never happened.


However we did get an admission that he had lied see 'Libel Admission' at last!

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Nothing has been heard now for 15 months, so all the damning letters and information will be returned to these pages, this time in true chronological order, we will add the other damning information too, how the rules were flouted by this man.... with all the extracts from their minutes, the 'Death Threats' and the abusive letters letters etc.   We truly hope the new officers of the eoa, having now learnt something of the truth about the deceits of  their ex officers, they will accept the olive branch we offer.  Reconciliation may be difficult, but might be better than the alternatives.  We have  invited them to join us, the real owners and friends, but as yet our letters go unanswered. 


Worse still is the rumour that is now spreading. The allegation is that Menamin has obtained nearly all the funds of the old eoa to pay for his personal legal fees. As the action against him was a 'personal' one by me, despite him trying to blame all around him, (the committee of the day refused to admit involvement, most denied it, some in writing to my solicitor).   Of course, had the man admitted his lie when first asked to apologize, he would not have incurred a penny in legal expenses..... If the rumour is correct there will be severe reaction no doubt by the remaining members and quite probably, criminal proceedings.  Why are the RYA so very quiet?   We bet they are awfully embarrassed.

No wonder they are pushing to get owners back into the eoa, they are almost broke and they need your money!

 How low will some stoop?

Still there is an endless tirade of veiled accusations against me and others in our group.  They know they were wrong, yet cannot bring themselves to admit it, so continue these daft attempts at  character assassination.  Everyone sees through their lies and it is just making them look worse, but they cannot seem to help themselves now.  How sad.

John Williams.

February 2018, we are saddened to announce the old association has folded.  Saddened because the writing has been on the wall for years. 2 years ago we were approached and offered the assets of the old eoa to buy!  We refused as these were donated to the owners, not to be sold as chattels.  We then wondered who would ultimately benefit from this sale?  After the dishonesty displayed by some of the old committee......

Instead we offered the hand of conciliation and asked that they simply joined us on our terms.  They declined.

The end of the eoa was inevitable given the committee did not have the commitment o actually own one of these designs.  The surprise is that it took so long.




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