Issue 2 The Eventider's News  February 2004

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Sail Care


This Photo was taken at a popular set of deep water moorings in the River Blackwater, mid summer after a blow.


This is what can so easily happen to a roller headsail if left to it's own devices in a blow.  If that reefing line parts or is not secure the sail unfurls and this is the result.  This is why I put a small security tie round my roller headsail, even in the Marina.  One blustery night is all it needs!

  Takes but seconds to fit, when not on the sail it is wrapped round the pulpit


While on the subject, someone said to me the other day that my spars looked like new.  they are 15 seasons old, but I clean and wax them every year and I make sure the halyards are tied back so they do not drum the anodising away, as well as keep anyone staying aboard overnight, awake.  The lines for tying them back are left rigged to the shrouds and slid down to the guard rails when I am sailing, wound between the guard wires. Not very conspicuous and always to hand!