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This page lists owners, builders and sailors of YM designed boats who are willing to give free advice on all aspects of building or modifying all YM designs. We are indebted to them for giving their time and advice free of charge to to help others.

You can also submit a question on any aspect of sailing, building, buying, or indeed, rebuilding any Yachting Monthly design boat. We will endeavour to find a suitable answer for you or point you in the right direction. Click here to submit a question.

Another Steel Advisor needed!  If you have built, or are building one of our designs in steel and would like to assist, please contact the group to be included on this page.

Other Designs. We would like more advisors for the other designs, builders and sailors, please contact us.

Other areas. If you can give local information about your area, why not share it with the group? Give us a call/mail and we will add your details.

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Advisor: Barry Sturrock   (The founding Webmaster, EOG.)

Barry sadly passed away April 19th 2005.

Specialist knowledge Web site design and maintenance.  Barry designed this site. 


More information. Barry was John 's brother in law.  He had an interesting work history. After starting in mechanics in Scotland, he ended up in the in car entertainment industry and the early days of CB.  He became an AA patrol man, then when AA wanted to start a new industry, he  got involved, as a manager, in  at the beginning of AA Vodaphone.  He became the British Standards Officer writing the protocols and procedures that are still used in the cell phone industry today.  As a hobby he built computers, then got involved in Website design, designing many sites for large organisations and celebs, Scope, Cliff Richard etc.


  Nautical skills. He owned a string of small craft, power and sail, one of his  last boats,  an Eventide 24!   Until illness forced him from an active role, he was  a  Chief Petty Officer in the Sea Cadets, with many teaching qualifications.  Many youngsters have benefited from his expertise.  He was more qualified in some respects than John!



Tim Gibson


Specialist Knowledge Web design and maintenance. Waterwitch design
More information I may not of been doing web sites for very long, but with over 25 years in the computer industry it doesn't take me long to work things out. I have been mucking about in boats now for about 15 years and I have had my current boat JoJo for about 5 years.
Contact by tim_kylie at
Home waters Australia - Brisbane
Current boat Waterwitch JoJo
  Currently JoJo is having a major refit in my spare time - not that I have much spare time. Sadly Tim had to sell for family reasons but will still answer queries.




Advisor: John Williams  (Former President, Editor, Sec, Plans eoa, now Web site Coordinator, EOG)
  Specialist knowledge: Eventides, Plans, All Plan Modifications for past 25 years., Sailing, Charging systems, Seagull Outboards.  Ex marine police trainer. DoT Boatmaster Cert, Yachtmaster, full, instructor.
  Local Knowledge: Thames and East Coast Rivers, South coast to Cornwall, To Holland.
  Contact by: Tel: 01621 778859 or E-Mail
  Home Area: River Blackwater, Essex
  Current Boat: Fiddler's Green (27' Eventide)
  More information For a little more about the co-ordinator of this site click here

For s 'Podcast', recorded March 2007 re John and SOS, the EOG, MG and more click here. Podcast #84 Saving Old Seagulls

Advisor: Geoffrey Hyde-Fynn
  Specialist knowledge: Riptide 31 (Former owner) and Mikros (Senior ) Former owner
  Local Knowledge: River Taymar & South West England
  Contact by: e-mail, geoffrey.hyde.fynn at
  Home Area: Was South West UK and France
  Current Boat:  None.

Advisor: Alan Lonton
  Specialist knowledge: Waterwitch.  (building.) Sailing, Professional woodworker
  Local Knowledge: Thames and East Coast
  Contact by: Tel: 0208 595 4964
  Home Area: Canvey Island, Essex
  Current Boat: Bonita (Waterwitch)

Advisor: Douglas Hoadley  ( Former Archivist eoa, now Steering Group EOG.)
  Specialist knowledge: Waterwitch.  (building and Sailing)  The Channel and French canals
  Local Knowledge: Thames and East Coast, south coast to Cornwall,  to Holland, French Canals to Med.
  Contact by: E-mail : dhoadley at
  Home Area: Canvey Island, Essex
  Current Boat: just sold Dougaljo (Waterwitch) now retired from sailing.




Advisor Rachel Moore
  Specialist Knowledge: Steel Construction, Welding, Building her own Riptide in Steel.
  Local Knowledge: North East English coast
  Contact by: E-Mail:  rachel.moore1 at
  Home area: Northumberland
  Current boat: October 2014, just forced to sell 'Simunye' Steel Riptide due to ill health and move to France.



Brian Neale


  Specialist knowledge: All aspects of sailing and ownership of Golden Hind.  An engineer by profession.
  Local Knowledge: Walton Backwaters, Thames Estuary,  Dutch, German and Danish waters
  Contact: Embers at  or   01255 679085   Essex.
  Home Area: Walton Backwaters
  Current Boat:  Sold 'Right E Oh'  in 2013, due to ill health, (Golden Hind 32  (Yes 32) timber built. )

  Advisor: Colin Faggetter... Sadly Colin passed away September 2010

Specialist knowledge: Designer and builder of Goosander 23 and 27 also designer of Pochard, Teal, Grebe, Mallard and Fisherman. He was a professional boat builder as well. Colin also  helped with advice on cruising the Mediterranean.
  Local Knowledge: Suffolk area

  Home Area: Suffolk
  Last boat: Goosander (of course)

Advisor: Chris Sinnett (eoa GRP Advisor for many years,  was  EOG Steering group, is still GRP advisor and Forum Administrator) Was owner of GRP Senior 'Heretic'
  Specialist knowledge: Building of the Senior in GRP. Professional GRP laminator. 
  Local Knowledge: Dutch Inland Waterways, NW England, Irish Sea.
  Contact by: E-mail: syncrogolf2 at
  Home Area: Holland
  Current Boat:  





Eilard Jacobs.

Steering Group Member March 2016, Netherlands Rep

  Specialist knowledge: Inland waters and North Sea coast of Netherlands
  Local Knowledge: Dutch Inland Waterways,
  Contact by: E-Mail : eilardja at
  Home Area: Netherlands
Current Boat: MG Vulcan 'Odyssee'





Advisor: Mike Field  Ex owner 'Sanderling' 3 Tonner
  Specialist knowledge: Wooden boat fittings manufacture and sales!
  Local Knowledge: Local Waters Australia!


Contact by:
 E-mail mikefield at


  Home Area: Cannons Creek, Western Port, Victoria
Current Boat:  
  More info Click here for more

  Advisor George Bugeja


Specialist knowledge: Mediterranean, Malta area
  Local Knowledge: Cruising Malta, Kelibia, Tunis, Italy, north to Naples, Sicily,
Contact by: Telephone 00356 21653737 or e-mail:  gtbugeja at
  Home Area: Malta
Current Boat: 'Luke' (Eventide 26)



Bill Fowler


Specialist knowledge: Antigua and the West Indies
  Contact by fowler at
Current boat Just sold vessel on left, 'Xicale', that he designed and built, now seeking a WW or Eventide.


Advisor: Tony Showell Senior Rep.
  Specialist knowledge: Building or sailing wooden Seniors

Local Knowledge: River Blackwater area
  Contact by: Tel:  01621 816074, Essex.
  Home Area: Essex

Current Boat: Was owner of 'Shelduck'  (Senior 401 )  2007, this has now been passed to Tony's  son John, and she will now be seen moored near Woolverstone on the Orwell.  Tony is now sailing a Gull dinghy, called 'Kittiwake' from Maldon,  but more than willing still to answer queries.

The other son David also sails a Senior  'Sandpiper' on the Blackwater from Heybridge and is a supporter.  David's boat on left.






Advisor: Malcolm Jolly  Lone Gull Rep.
  Specialist knowledge: Sailing  history of 'Lone Gull II' design by MG.
  Local knowledge: Sailing East Coast and South Coast UK
  Contact by: Tele: 01255 813144, Essex.
  Home area:  Walton Backwaters
Current Boat: Lone Gull II, 'Foreland Gull'



  Advisor: Robin Smith
  Specialist Knowledge Goosander 23


Local Knowledge New Zealand , top of South Island!
  Contact by robin.smith at
Current boat. Goosander 'Tuka-wyl'




  Advisor: Trevor Powles
  Local  Knowledge  

Douarnenez, Southern Brittany, France

Was Head of Design Technology in a well known West Country School.   Has a pretty decent workshop in France.

Contact by trevor.powles at
  Current boat Eventide 26, details to follow




Advisor: Adrian Cox
  Specialist Knowledge Marine engines, Diesel engines, Patrol, DC electronic installations and diagnostics. General engineering theory and practices. Hydraulics, pneumatics. Welding and fabrication, woodworking - turning (courtesy of my father :0) ) (Owned the Eventide 'Therapist')
  Contact by e-mail adriancox01 at
  Current boat None at present looking for an Eventide 26!



  Need a Surveyor? 

Specialists in our, mainly, timber craft are difficult to find sometimes, so we include this gentleman.  He may be able to help.




  Another Surveyor, Nick Vass is a Senior owner and also a Hurley owner! He works in the South and South West, quite at home surveying our sorts of boats. J.W.

For my survey work I specialise on the boats that most surveyors are not interested in.  i.e. more than ten years old and worth less than £50k!

I enjoy it when the owner is present as I can talk through any problems that I find rather than just sending details to them.


This is particularly useful if they are first time buyers as the purchaser can ask me questions that they would not be comfortable asking the owner (for fear of showing themselves up) and as most brokers want a quick buck and don't spend a lot of time with them.


I do pre-purchase, insurance and condition reports.


I can travel anywhere in south, south east and west England and Wales.  I live near to Southampton but my Hurley is in Brixham, Devon.


I am a member of the YBDSA and IIMS and now a full member of the BMF.  Plus have full PI insurance.

Nick Vass.


Contact us at



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