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This is a copy of the drawing Maurice did for Martin Lewis Years ago.  It has appeared elsewhere, but we thought you might like to see it again. Maurice was quite adamant that if the shape was right the Gaff rig could work quite well, for cruising boats. He was aware however of it's limitations.  I remember him saying, with that twinkle in his eye, that they make some very good small lightweight diesels nowadays, don't they!  At the time we were both driving Japanese cars, and I had just fitted a Beta Marine motor, based on a Japanese Kubota.


The rigs shown here could be used on Senior or Eventide, or indeed any small boat.  A good sail maker can help get the areas correct.  One problem that must be considered though is the centre of effort.  It might even mean moving the mast position forward slightly, to offset the extra weather helm it might cause if the centre of effort is moved aft. Some simply added a longer bowsprit of course!   Moving the mast position can cause problems with the design of the mast support and interior. 


Martin Lewis opted for Gunter rig eventually, but Martin Guppy, another Senior man from way back, had some success with his gaff rigged boat, 'Sequin'  We will try and find a pic for you. J.W.