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  Tonyís Top Tip on Sealing Sea Loos!

If you have a ĎRM69í sea toilet this will save you a few bob! ( Also applies to one of the Plastimo loos too.)

Does it leak when you pump it? ( water coming out of the pump up the shaft just below the handle?)

Donít worry it can be done without stripping the whole pump.

The bearing seal is available at car bearing factors, it is 19mm outside diameter 10mm hole and 7mm thick, costs less than £2.50. Donít be fooled into buying the full service kit for over 10 times that!


Unscrew Handle top, lift up, first removing washers. Tie 18" of whipping twine lightly to the base of the thread, then with a small flat screwdriver, gently push the pump shaft down thro the seal, holding on to the twine. When the shaft has disappeared into the pump body, use the screwdriver through the shaft hole to lever out the old seal. Be careful not to damage the plastic body. Withdraw seal from the twine.

Grease the underside of the new seal with waterpump grease, to protect the steel spring in the seal.

Recover the pump shaft, gently pulling up with the twine, holding the shaft, place the new seal and the washers on the shaft then screw on the handle. Gently push the seal into place by pressing down with the handle! Job Done!

Donít forget to tighten that handle though!

Tony Nelson