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This page will be a collection of snippets and information, gleaned from owners and friends, newspapers, magazines and scurrilous here-say as well no doubt,  hopefully all factual, as far as can be ascertained, and maybe humorous, we all need a giggle some times!  Have you found a snippet we could add?




Answer the RNLI's SOS call

The RNLI are encouraging people to help their national fundraising day on 25 January.

The day, called SOS Day, gives supporters of the charity a chance to raise funds in a variety of different ways.

As they count down towards SOS Day, the RNLI released preliminary figures for 2007's summer.

Underlining the devastating impact of the inland flooding across parts of the UK over the summer, they report that more than 200 people were rescued by volunteer RNLI crews.

Additionally, around the coasts of the UK and Republic of Ireland, RNLI lifeboats launched more than 3,500 times throughout June, July and August, and RNLI lifeguards helped nearly 8,500 people on beaches during the same period.

Now the charity is calling on members of the public to respond to its own 'SOS call' by getting involved with RNLI SOS day.

Anne Maton, Fundraising Manager at the RNLI, said: "RNLI SOS day is our national fundraising day; it is a fun day with a serious purpose and it is critical to get everyone's support no matter how young or old. At sea, around the coast, on the beach or 50 miles inland, the RNLI provides a vital service for everyone. We rely absolutely on donations and fundraising to provide our 24-hour lifesaving service."

RNLI SOS day encourages people to raise money in any way they can, whether it is organising a quiz night or holding a dress down day at school or work, and by doing so, donating a minimum of 1 each to the RNLI, or 2 in the Republic of Ireland.

The charity provides free SOS day packs full of fundraising ideas to help participants organise their own events.

Free RNLI SOS day fundraising packs are available by logging onto
Tel: 0845 121 4999
If calling from the Republic of Ireland, call: 1800 789 589 or log on to

Motor Boat and Yachting , Motor Boat and Yachting, 20 November 2007

This one is a year old, but still valid.  Watch out for it on the Crouch.

Huge marine wetland starts life
Wallasea Island breach
The sea pours through the defence breach at Wallasea Island

A 300m section of a sea wall has been breached to begin the creation of the UK's largest man-made marine wetland.

Almost 115 hectares has been flooded at Wallasea Island, Essex, to create wetland, mudflats, saline lagoons and seven artificial islands.

The 7.5m government-funded project aims to replace bird habitats lost to development, improve flood defences, and create leisure opportunities.

Excavators were used to breach the sea wall on Tuesday to allow the sea in.

Hundreds of thousands of wetland birds rely entirely on the Essex salt marsh for their food each winter
Biodiversity Minister Barry Gardiner

Mark Dixon, who is managing the Wallasea Wetlands Creation project, said the tide spread across land that was once wheat fields and it began the slow process of creating new salt marsh and mudflats.

He said: "It's eventually going to be a new sea defence, so you're going to have brand new mudflats, brand new salt marshes and they'll absorb the tide's energy.

"You've got a big new sea wall at the back, protecting land and property, and then in front of it a series of lagoons and islands and creeks, which birds and people can enjoy."

Wallasea Island

Biodiversity Minister Barry Gardiner said: "Salt marsh is more rare than rainforest, and is important to people, particularly as a flood and storm defence, and to wildlife.

"Hundreds of thousands of wetland birds rely entirely on the Essex salt marsh for their food each winter.

"Wallasea Wetlands will be a wonderful feeding and roosting habitat for birds like oystercatchers, avocets and little terns, which have been gradually displaced from the area during the last 50 years, as well as creating a haven for other rare wildlife."

It is hoped the wetland will also provide for better fish nurseries.

John Hesp, of Wallasea Farms, said the flooding would help improve the area's flood defences.

He said: "What we're doing here by setting the seawalls back - we call the process managed re-alignment, is that the existing seawalls were in such poor condition, they were simply not sustainable in their present location.

"We've built a new seawall landward and now that we've breached, we've breached at the points where we have the maximum pressure on the estuary.

"So, we've relieved that pressure, enabled the estuary to breathe and we've created more space for water."


BSS Home The Boat Safety Scheme
about guide resources news search contact home


Click on the logo above to go to a printable version of the Boat Safety Scheme leaflets.  Great for builders or restorers to get  the information to build properly.  Thanks to Mike Hoban of 'Cirra' for this link.


Belfield Tide Plotter

The New Belfield Plotter has extra Tidal Stream info on it.  Look forward to seeing how that works! Having used a copy at home and on my laptop on the boat, I really appreciate the instant tidal calculations I can do, no more the complicated secondary ports calculations, it does it for you!  Before I had the laptop on board I would print out the tables from the P.C. at home for where ever I thought I might be.  tended to end up with lots of scrap paper!  With the onboard laptop, which acts as my plotter screen as well,  no more waste paper!


For details please go to: 

Keith Belfield

Belfield Software Ltd

Tel: 0121 777 6756



I was browsing an old copy of PBO today and found this, could not resist it!

I think Mike Petyon would not mind!



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