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Issue Nine, Autumn 2007


Page No 2

Avocet in the Scottish Islands


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Porridge for the helmsman, Brian, (made the Scots way).  Is there a recipe for that?  I cheat with a microwave at home!

Approaching Luing.  West Coast of Scotland, the Inner Hebrides.

Norman piloting us in to his sheltered cove.

Eilean Mhor

Avocet and Jean in the pool, Scarba in the background


Long shot of the anchorage;  Norman lives in the hamlet beyond. Mull across the sound

Avocet at anchor.

The Island of Luing, where Norman now lives.  You can just see the two Eventides in the left hand pool.

This is the only Eventide we spotted on Skye.  So where we wonder is Molly Jade, the Steel Eventide 26 belonging to Justin and Bryony?

Another view of the same Eventide.

Skye Bridge.  Not so romantic as the ferry, but more practical.  (On John and Darian's holiday to the outer Hebrides, they found many of the islands now joined by causeways...)

.....past the Gulf of Coryvreckan.  Here there are tides and whirlpools not to be trifled with!  A read of the Admiralty Pilot is frightening I'm told!

Sailing in 'Jean', a junk rigged Eventide 26 with the cabin sides brought right out to the deck edge an increased in height..  Not sure about the looks, but it works for Norman.

Brian getting to grips with the rig, string every where!  Joy of the junk rig is the lack of heel.  The rig tends to twist and spill wind, rather than impose heeling forces, clever.  Let go of the sheets and you simply have a flag, that does not flog as it has battens...  Clever again.  It is only the down wind performance that suffers, to compensate a larger rig is used, as it can so easily be reefed when heading up wind, simply drop the sail a batten at a time.


Brian getting to grips with Norman.  Over the years John Knew Norman he prove to be a real good sort.!
  As a tail piece,  Brian and Elizabeth were hoping they might be in the Outer Hebrides whilst John and Darian were there, they planned to be in Stornaway, or just a little way south, within sight of the standing stones of Calenais from the 10th of August till they flew back home on the 13th.

John's 60th was on the 'Glorious Twelfth'.  As it happened the weather was bright but very windy, not the sort of weather nor place to be bobbing about in an Eventide 24..  So we never met up.  add to that mobile phone coverage was non exist ant.  We only got the text message from Brian and Elizabeth when we were leaving Stornaway for Glasgow.

 We later learnt they had to leave the boat at Luing and only later still did  Brian sail the boat back from Luing to Lancashire!  Single-handed.  Love to read the log about that trip Brian.

Elizabeth and Brian, edited and added to by John (and Darian).