3 Tonner 

3 Tonner





The above pictures from Simon Bishop, along with a few measurements, were what we needed to identify this as a 'Blue Water' design.  the 30ft approx, Ferro version of the 'Tidewater'.  Simon has purchased her from Walton on Naze and had her transported to Brightlingsea, where he is restoring her.  She is a very nice version of a popular design and looks every inch an MG!

We look forward to keeping all updated with her progress. If you can help Simon in any way with her history, or know the whereabouts of her wheel?.....  He would love to hear from you  Tele 07880 817279.

He tells us she has been shot blasted back and left to weather and may have suffered grounding damage, so that will keep him busy with the epoxy for a while!  Or do you patch with Ferro first?  Unknown zone to me, any advisors on Ferro?  will have to speak to the builder of 'Contaro'.... the Eventide 26 built in Ferro.  He has promised us the drawings of his unique boat if we have a use for them....... 

Feb 2005.

Sadly Simon has  offered the boat for sale on E-Bay.   See:-   For Sale  SOLD

We look forward to hearing from the new owner, who is apparently experienced with Ferro.

We have now heard from the new owner, Malcolm Bell who is promising to keep us updated!


Below are the latest pics in from the new owner Malcolm. May 2005.  Interestingly he has a pic of her taken a few years ago.  It looks like the pound at Walton? 



Extract from his latest mails.....

The mast is repaired and we have made “inroads” into to the hull faults. I am encouraged that the hull damage is mostly cosmetic and we should be able to make a sound re pin and epoxy mortar repair once we have a period of settled weather.

 As a general note the sheathing system we will be using is the West Epoxy system with three coats overall. The mortar will be a propriety brand which will be applied professionally. (My plastering skills are strictly kitchen & bathroom stuff)

 I will send more information when we are a bit further along with the job.

On examination the rust staining is just the “top” surface of the reinforcement weeping through the fractures in the finish coat of Ferro. 

The hull has been hammer tested and appears to be not too bad. 

When the epoxy is on the hull will not have access to the air, so hopefully no more rust!

 Best regards


Good luck  Malcolm, we hope to see her back in fine fettle in the future!


August 2005


Dear John, 

Another update for you and the members. 

Well we had to find a hole somewhere and we surely did.

 The Ferro construction allows for a modest bilge below the engine and one frame forward. The remainder of the bilge is in filled with ballast and water tanks etc. 

Whilst investigating a previous repair I took my trusty 2lb lump hammer and bolster to a seemingly “light” section and low and behold struck water, the dreaded steel moth had made its way into the reinforcement spalling the Ferro from the outside.

 You can see in the photos what we had to repair and I am please to say the repair has held extremely well. Well enough to hold rainwater in the bilge allowed in through a poorly fitting cockpit sole cover. 

For those who may be interested the repair material is Portland cement and a light aggregate / sharp sand mix. To this we added a 1:5 ratio of trade PVA plus an accelerator in the mix to speed curing.

 The application method is to mix enough to make a decent size snowball and press the mix into the new reinforcement as speedily as your mixer can provide the muck. Then before the “pressed snowballs have part cured plaster the exterior to give the keel shape.

 Beware of over egging the accelerator or you will melt your plastic buckets with the heat (yes this did happen to us)

 All the repair works have been completed, the mast is fixed and the engine turns over.

 Next job epoxy the hull and antifoul / top coat.

 More news as and when.

 Malcolm Bell


Dear John, 

Just had a look at the web site and realised it has been a while since I mailed with an update on progress with Westwater. 

Since my last mail we filed to get the paint on the hull before the temperature dropped (we need a minimum of 15 Cº) so it was wrap up time and wait for better weather. 

I am pleased to say that the hull repairs have held up well, a bit too well really as the rain is penetrating the cockpit and draining in to the bilges but it’s not leaking out! 

The plan is to get the epoxy sealer and top coat on the hull as soon as the weather is good enough and then launch Westwater and sail. 

We will be using a Jotun product; I will let you know how it goes. 

More photos etc to follow when we progress. 

Best regards 




Hello Malcolm, look what I have just been given!

Click the pic below to open up a sketch of your vessels sail plan and some dimensions!

John, May 2006


October 2006 update.

It has been a while since I have been in touch, sorry for the delay. I am sure the group is waiting with baited breath for the next instalment of the repairs to Westwater (AKA Blue Circle!). 

Well we have at last managed to get the hull faired and painted. The attached photos show the base coats before the colour and antifoul was applied.

 We used Jotun products for the epoxy sealant and the primer / base coat.  Jotun finishing products for the top coat and antifoul, I will keep you informed about the performance of the paint but I can say the epoxy was an easy product to use and the following coats were similar.

 The only problem we had was the heat. The antifoul did not like being applied in an ambient temperature of 25°c and tended to stick on the roller. (When I looked at the data sheet again it is designed for airless spray)

 The colour for the top sides needed so much thinning that the rollers were melted. (Perhaps we got that bit wrong)

 I will send on some photos of the top coat and antifoul finishes as soon as I can get the camera to go.

I want to replace the gas on board with a spirit stove, I don’t think we need and oven. Any ideas where I can get one.?   Try Mailspeed...  They sell spirit stoves...

 So I have also a brand new cooker to sell,  I have attached some photos, it appears to be new and unboxed on board. It has a plate on it labelling it as a Spinflow cooker and hob.   Can advertise it on the 'For Sale' pages please...  Yes Done! 

The yard should be rigging Westwater for me shortly, and replacing all the running rigging. I am surprised that the wire is still bright and good under the linseed oil coating, but I date say the surveyor will want to have it replaced. I think it may be original going by the miles recorded on the log. 

I have been quoted £2800 for a replacement rig in modern materials by Sailspar at Brightlingsea, how does that sound to you for cost?    Probably about right.  F. G.'s mast kit was 1k, 20 years ago!  John

 Best regards, 



January 2007 update


Hello John, 

Happy New Year! 

Please find attached a couple of photos of Westwater in the final paint. 

I though the blue would be a darker shade but it didn’t do what is said on the tin! Maybe a change over winter but it has cured to a very hard finish, perhaps it is better to let it weather. 

I think the “streaks” on the antifoul are solvent wash from the top coat; we had major problems with getting the colour on. 

Apart from some sanding and varnish on the topsides Westwater is now ready to be launched. As I mentioned before the rig is all there and will shortly be raised by the yard. 

After much turning and oiling the engine was started and ran fine. No over heating and little smoke even when cold, it was a great relief as I understand the engine had not been started for about 10 years. 

Even the plastic sea cocks have been brought back in to use after a little lubrication “solvent free” of course. 

I have an original baby Blake toilet to fit, I bought it at a local sale and was stunned when I found out how much they are new, more than I paid for the boat!!! 

I am hoping to rent a mooring in the Walton backwaters where Westwater used to live, and with a bit of luck we will see you on the water later in the year, nothing too shallow though!! 

Best regards 



April 2007 Update

It was going so well then we took the mast off the boat and the sail track fell off, I mean, just fell off! 

The glue which had held when the mast was stored on deck failed during the lifting and general bashing about to remove the mast for dressing. 

We now have the only antique pine mast in the yard and the track is firmly screwed and glued into place. 

The starboard side of the deck is re laid and re caulked with Sika ts plus (the stuff we use to build our tanks) and I have managed to break the top off the sounder sender unit, another little job to be done. 

So much for the ocean wave,   

Best regards, 




May 2007.

We have heard from Malcolm that the mast is up and she has been launched!


These last three pictured were taken on a foggy day in November 2007.  She is in the pond at Walton on Naze, awaiting sale, interested?

We look forward to pics of  her sailing, maybe later next summer we will be  crossing wakes!  The camera will be at the ready!!




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