The 'Goosander' 23 was designed in the early 70's by Colin Faggetter following one of his earlier designs a 20 footer, in 1971.   This soon became an addition to the Yachting Monthly range of sponsored designs.  Following the success of the 23, Colin Faggetter; who always rated performance highly in a cruising boat and had hitherto given headroom a secondary place, gave himself the chance to show what he could do with 27 foot. With extra beam and ballast the result is a very comfortable four-berth boat, with 6-foot headroom.

This is a model of Colin's own boat,  a G 27, built also by Colin,  Note it differs from the original plans as it has a retruso stern.  This he has now drawn on to the modified drawings just made available to us.

The hull is of double chine plywood construction, built the right way up in the conventional way, and with the spacing of the frames it is possible to complete (and paint) much of the interior before planking, saving all that climbing in and out. Two adult berths in the saloon and two quarter berths (children's in the 23) are drawn, though as in most owner built craft, the plan, in this respect is but a guide. A variety of engines between 6 and 1O bhp maybe used. The cockpit and the stern locker can be self-draining allowing fuel tanks to be stowed aft.

On a test sail, with the Editor of Yachting Monthly, Des Sleightholme the 27, like the 23 before, proved sure and obedient to her helm and was reported to sail fast and easy, feeling stiff and powerful. The long keel and simple rig make for ease of handling and good performance under sail.

Colin built himself a 27ft version, that he sailed for many years round the East Coast of the UK and across to the continent.  He then set sail for the Med, spending three years cruising as far as Greece and beyond!  On his return to the UK he swallowed the anchor and sold her, she had soft patches in her frames, and though Colin pointed this out and thought it very reparable, thus selling at a suitably reduced price, the new owner sadly  decided to break her up for her parts. 

I think one thing we have all found, that is our boats are always repairable, if you have the energy and the time...

March 2006, Colin has allowed us to pass on his designs at cost.  He has also updated the Goosander 27 to incorporate the changes he made to his own boat. The design now sports a retruso stern!  Sadly September 2010, Colin passed away.

CD containing all the plan sheets of this design saved as 'Pdf' files.  Available 'At Cost' to registered members for 10.00 UK or 20.00 overseas.  Contact us for details of how to get them. 


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Colin has released 8 more designs, that you can see on a separate page, click here to go to them.


The above plans are copyright of the designer.

G23 'Escape', taken in 1984 and owned by John Atkinson - Humberside - Where are you now??

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