Howlers! what Howlers?  
  Up until very recently we were giving the address of the 'new' eoa site.  Not because we felt obliged to, but because it was just so bad we felt you aught to have the chance to view it.  We did not expect it to last long, the others did not, indeed it still greeted you with Merry Christmas well into February!  However they have now  requested we remove it from our site as they did not want us to look as if we were selling their plans??  As we made it quite plain we were not, we could not quite understand that, but always ones to oblige, we have removed all references to their addresses.  Sorry that this means some will never be able to buy the plans, but that is their choice not ours. If they change their minds they have only to ask and we will put it back.

So now, you cannot even find their site to look at it, but these were the howlers that we saw and commented on, we though helpfully, after all if we make a mistake we would love to be told, and we are!!  so we can, and do correct them!!.  Not them it seems. 

It is difficult to believe that even after they have been told about the errors below, they choose not to correct them. I can understand that it might 'Stick in the gullet' a bit to be told by a 'bunch of cowboys' (their vice president's description of us, the owners!), about the glaring errors, but to compound their stupidity by not correcting their own mistakes is quite unforgivable.



Photos Page:

The picture of a Waterwitch is actually a Golden Hind. OOPPs

The picture of a Riptide as actually an Eventide. ( Just sold by a friend of John's!)

The picture of a Senior (top one) is actually a Junior. ( Look at the pic on this site!)

And they boast they sell the plans!! Should they not know the difference?  It is pretty obvious!


The General Sales link, actually links to Membership Page.

The Plans Catalogue link, actually links to General Sales Page.

The Catalogue Order Form Link also links to General Sales Page.

In order to try and catch up with the real owners, they have rigged their page counter to trigger every time you pass back through the home page to look at another page of errors.  Thus running up many 'hits' for just one visit!  Very sneaky. You could have bypassed it by making their so called 'message board' your link or favourite!!  You will note that ours is a 'true' hit counter.  Over 14,000 in  a year. 

In addition the following pictures are John's, taken by him, retained by the eoa editors... Senior 'Pau Amma',  and the photo of the ex treasurer's Eventide 'Jean' (Norman resigned after his atrocious treatment by the president.). See the log of his trip north in our Newsletter.

The picture of Michael Verney's book and also that of the 'Francis Drake' were removed from our site too. They are welcome to show them, but it is courtesy to ask and give an acknowledgement.  What do they know of such things?

The committee list is also wrong, and has been for 18 months.  All these errors have been communicated to them, but they heavily censor their guest pages,  and they  leave the errors in place,  they are wiping the messages off their message board from any one who might be able to help them correct their site!  Is it they will not admit they are errors, or can they not edit yet?

And worst of all:

In the Services section it states that the book, 'Magician of the Swatchways' , was written by Maurice Griffiths, in fact this is a Biography written by Dick Durham. As they actually sell copies of this and have been informed, what does it say about what they are doing and their standards of care?


Isn't it comforting to know though that the eoa is in such safe hands!