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Boat trailers

Postby Wooden Boat Fittings » Thu April 27th, 2006, 2:39 pm

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We have had a couple of queries about trailers.

One of the problems trying to tow our boats is knowing the weights of the boats. I have weighed mine and know it's actual weight, boat and trailer 4 ton, trailer half ton thus boat 3.5 tons. It is a stretched E26, to 27 and has extra ballast, 2240lbs.

A standard 24, my old 'Bluenose', weighed in at 1 3/4 ton. Standard 26 Eventides at 3 ton.

Do you know how much yours weighs? Do you know the legal tow weight your vehicle can tow? The 3.5 ton figure seems to come out often. When trying to figure out the legal mess of the con and use regs, even traffic dept came to the conclusoin that if it looked right it probably was. Towing with the Landrover I do nt get a second glance, if I tried it with the Morris Minor I could guarantee a pull, if I could get it to move!

A Senior must be over 1/2 ton, maybe 3/4 ton, anyone got a figure?

I can also tell you you need 4 wheels for stability and hydraulic overrun brakes if trailer made after 1980! I have spring opperated overrun brakes on our beefed up 4 ton trailer, as it was first built in 1979!

I also have 6 wheels to spread the load, see pics on the site!


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I have had further enquires on trailers, so will just add that the article on trailers, is available to view on the EOG website, Members Tips page.

I will of course add to it ,if I get queries that I have not already dealt with, so if you have another question, put it on the advice page and it will get to me.


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I am thinking of buying a YM senior and I have seen a reasonable one with an oldish trailer. I would like to be able to keep it at home and launch and retrieve it from the trailer. At the moment the boat keel has to seat in the narrow trailer beam and this looks tricky unless I crane it on. Does anybody have a reasonable design that will work for a two person launch/retrival from a slipway? Is this feasible?

I have a rover600 to tow with and the trailer has brakes but they seem to have been disconected. Is my car to flimsy for the job?

Any pointers greatly appreciated. Also any comments on the SY senior.



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Hello Cal and welcome.

Your vehicle sounds OK to tow, I towed a friends Senior behind my Nissan Primera. It is a diesel and can't pull the skin off a rice pudding, but it was fine. Weight of Senior must be about 15cwt.

As for getting boat on trailer, easy, make up some docking arms. Have done it for Eventides, 24s and my 27ft version. (do not dunk trailer any more as the bearings have to be really protected and the suspension and brakes all suffer from salt.) Now the crane does it for me.... Still tow boat off for winter store though.

The docking arms were inch steel water pipes socketed into tubes welded to trailer. I bent mine to shape round a large tree! The top was padded with pipe insilation, then I fastened ropes from trailer to the top of each pole ( onto little wire hooks in end of pipe.) so they could be picked up as we sailed in. One pole at front secures bow or two if you want to put your bowsprit in between them!

I painted the water depth on the docking arms, so we could figure out when to approach trailer. Works a treat!

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