Golden Hind 31 Bilge Keel Bolt

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Golden Hind 31 Bilge Keel Bolt

Postby rlkrest » Thu April 28th, 2011, 2:42 am

Does anyone have the dimensions for the bilge keel bolts? We need to replace ours and would like to order them before we haul her. Thanks,

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Re: Golden Hind 31 Bilge Keel Bolt

Postby GHM » Thu May 5th, 2011, 11:16 pm

Amazingly I've found an old 31 parts list. I fitted 20 (5 pairs each side) M12 x 140mm galvanised bolts with twin washers (top & bottom). A few points to be aware of though. I always fitted an external hardwood pad between keel and hull about 1/2" thick. I believe Terry fitted a softwood one. If it's not fitted or is significantly thicker, bolt length will be affected. I also fitted a double pad inside the hull. If I remember correctly it comprised of a 12mm ply pad about a foot wide to spread the load, with a hardwood beam about 8" wide by 1" (ish) thick underneath which fitted into the channel form in the hull. On top of this, underneath the nuts, there should be 1/2" galvanized steel square pads for each pair of bolts. Andy Leighfield assured me this was how T.E did it as well. If you have a good look at these points you should be able to decide whether your layout is a similar thickness. Ideally, I would recommend you have a look at one before you buy a set.

Are you actually sure you need to replace them, because I've only heard of people who have taken them out only to discover they were fine? If you do go ahead to do it as per original you should put a turn or two of caulking cotton around the bolt head in the sealant, plus on the bolt shank, to draw it into the hole. If you remove the inner steel square pad you should also bed it back on sealant with a figure of 8 turn of several strands of caulking cotton in it to prevent all of the sealant squeezing out. I always used sikaflex because I have seen it 20+ years on still flexible and watertight. I never used silicon because it will almost certainly become detached within a few years and has been the cause of many leaks and subsequent rot in GH's.

Hope this helps,

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