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Lone Gull Moulds.

Posted: Tue April 26th, 2011, 6:03 pm
by JamesH
Does anyone know of the lone gull moulds?

This is a mad idea I know! but I may be taking an sabbatical / new career from my unpaid job!
and I will be looking for paid work - LOL in this economic climate! (wife on maternity leave.)
Therefore I thought that would it be possible to mould some Lone gulls for home completion,
I am sure there must be a market for them, in the seventies Westerly Elizabethan Hunter etc all did part finished yachts,
The market for part finished yachts must still be there in this economic down turn?
The lone gull to my mind is the most picturesque of the MG designs not being hard chine and at 24ft is quite handy?

Or how about seniors or Golden hinds?
Where are the moulds for these boats. Were seniors ever moulded - would not be hard to make a senior mould?

RCD you say? yes if sold as a boat, no if sold as hull moulding to be competed by amateur.

Yours James

Re: Lone Gull Moulds.

Posted: Wed April 27th, 2011, 9:32 am
by chris s
I made a mould when I built my Senior in 1991/2.
I last saw it (the mould) in 1995 in Wigan Lancashire., I would think by now that it has been scrapped, there must have been an Eventide mould at some time or another as there are some G.R.P. Eventides about.

Re: Lone Gull Moulds.

Posted: Wed April 27th, 2011, 9:57 pm
by JamesH
How did you make the senior mould?
My thoughts were to use mdf, primer and then release wax.
What was your layup schedule forthe senior? How much resin and CSM etc did you use?
Is there a write up your moulded senior?
I wonder though of the resale value of the senior and eventide being hard chine as compared with a round bilge yacht. or perhaps it is the plywood which reduces the value as the GRP barbicans and Golden hinds seem to keep their value much better than eventides and water witch or perhaps are generally in a better condition being grp?

No news on the lone gull moulds?

Yours James

Re: Lone Gull Moulds.

Posted: Thu May 5th, 2011, 11:36 pm
by GHM

The GH moulds I sold about 6 years ago were recently for sale again. Keith Wood, Newsons Boatyard. But it's worth noting that the previous owner only sold one hull (to me) for home completion in several years, and the current owner, a very respectable boat yard with all the traditional skills, none to my knowledge in 6 years. I did it for 9 years and sold most for home completion but it was HARD and not particularly remunerative, even working 80 hours a week on occasions to make a delivery.

Maybe the RCD rules have changed, but for me the Authorities were in no doubt. To sell even bare hulls, unless made of "traditional" materials, i.e not GRP. So I had to do it and the Trading Standards made sure I did. The penalty for getting it wrong was a hefty fine or even imprisonment! So, unless it's already been done, as with the GH, it will probably cost around £7k -£10K, I suspect, by the time all the experts such as the "Notified Body" and so on have had their cut.

Sorry to be negative. I set out in a similar spirit and I'm glad I did, but with the benefit of hindsight, I wouldn't do it again.

Good luck anyway.


Re: Lone Gull Moulds.

Posted: Sat May 7th, 2011, 3:27 pm
by JamesH
I quite agree RCD is a nightmare.

Even part completed boats including mouldings are subject to relevant certification.

However I see Selway fisher has the stitch and glue panel plans for the Senior, and there is a price differential for EU and other countries, therefore I think it could be that he has or is able to put senior through a RCD!!!

I will email him for more details!

Anyone interested in the senior in GRP?

I could see three different types
1) Original mini cruiser
2) Open dayboat - wayfarer type.
3) Open work/ fishing boat.
How would the hull shape handle these uses / situations?

Could do two different layups?

Notice the weight is 454kg approx - is this true or are they heavier?
Just an idea for a sabbatical

yours James