trailer design for 26' eventide

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trailer design for 26' eventide

Post by creekside »

I've found a second hand trailer that I'm hoping will fit the 26 footer.It needs some I'm trying to find out where the centre of balance is....given that this boat follows the original lines and cabin layout and she's carrying a 10hp Saab diesel. Also, since I'm trying to figure these things out without the boat being anywhere close by.....I need the total depth of the boat,from keel to cabin top. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Michael
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Re: trailer design for 26' eventide

Post by vince »

If this is a twin axle trailer the centre of the boat should be over the forward axle and if a single axle the centre of the boat would need to be about 2ft in front of the axle. Basically the further forward the better but you dont want half a ton sitting on the back of your car! It is going to be a matter of trial and error as all trailers are different. If it snakes move the weight forward. The photo below shows 24' Eventide on ex caravan chassis. If anything it should have been further forward about 1 foot+ as snaking was occuring at 45mph on nice smooth roads!
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Re: trailer design for 26' eventide

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45 mph! rather you than me with that sort of weight on! I have a 3 axle trailer for our Eventide 26 and with an anti snake stabaliser as well, we will not go faster than 40!

I have had a trailer snake out of control once, a car on a proper transporter at 40 mph, frightened the life out of me, and I had my young son in the car...

Agree with you on positioning, I try to get 100lb min of weight on the tow vehicle hitch

Went to New Scotland Yard Traffic Control and legislation dept to get all the rules on trailers for boats, OK it was 25 years ago, but it was so complex the lads said 'If it looks right it probably is, and you will not get a pull'! good advice I thought, so no Morris Minors towing an Eventide then!

My Eventide 24, when I first got it with it's puny 560lb keel, weighed less than 1.5 tons.

After updating keel to 1020lb and adding all the gear, new motor etc came out to just over 2 tons, (lighter mast too).

Our present Eventide 26 weighs 3.5 ton in full cruising gear. It is worth going to a weigh bridge to check.... On the trailer stripped we can just get inside the legal 3.5 ton with weight of trailer. Tow vehicle has to be a Landrover or similar. We also fit yellow flashing light to top. Not mandatory, but looks proffessional.

On long trip, if you can keep to 2 lane dual carridgeway roads it gives other traffic a chance to pass. On windy country lanes, where 35mph is the max safe speed you have to pull in every now and again to let people pass!

Just one last point, we, after 35 years of towing Eventides, chain the bilge plates to the trailer. Very large shackles and rigging screws, the chain down holes are 13mm holes, high up on the leading and trailing edges of the keels, 10mm shackles and chain etc... The rigging screws tied off after tightening so thay cannot work lose. We also rest the bow on a strong steel post with rubber top, then chain the stem down to the trailer so it will not bounce up and down. We use the bobstay fitting on the stem for this. This makes the boat and trailer as rigid as possible.

We were moving 2 Eventides twice a year, to and from our homes, 40 miles each way, my friend and I, we had 2 trailers, nearly identical, twin axle, both home built. We tried ropes, waste of time, tie down straps were better but damaged the boat. We first used wooden wedges to locate the bilge plates, but the escort car was always swerving to avoid then stopping to retrieve! Now all the supports are either welded or bolted in place, and we chain down, much easier and safer.

We also have extra led bicycle lamps on the white and bright yellow mudguards, front and back. Never had a 'pull' once because it 'looks right'

Hope all this waffle helps.

Proud owner and builder of 'Fiddler's Green'
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