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Kylix 29 Mystery

Posted: Sun July 4th, 2010, 11:03 pm
by Killick Greenie
Hi, We have recently retrofitted the Wyckeham Martin furling gear that was on the original order for our boat. When we bought Risga she was fitted with a roller reefing gear and we are wondering if the jib that was connected to the roller reefer may be the right size for the original spec Wykeham Martin furling gear.
We have a small jib which sets really well but I would really like to know if the jib we took off the roller reefing gear was the original N.o.1 jib.
On the drawing on the Kylix home page it looks (to me at least!) that there are two jibs, hence the confusion. The one I'm using at the moment looks to be the size of the one in the original brochure, but it may have been blowing a bit when they took the photo and maybe they had a smaller jib. :? Sorry to sound so inept but I'm fairly new to sailing proper boats. :oops:

Re: Kylix 29 Mystery

Posted: Sat January 15th, 2011, 2:01 pm
by Fiddler's Green
I wonder if I can throw a little light onto this. If it was set on an inner forestay I bet it was a No 1, or a forestaysail.

When I bought my hull years ago I had a letter from MG with it and a set of drawings for the 27 ft Kylix. The reason was the hull builder had ordered some sails and had them to match the Kylix. The main was cut with a hollow leach and no battens for ease of handling, but the luff length increased by 1 ft to compensate, so 1 ft longer mast needed, the same as a Kylix.

On the Kylix drawing it shows a self tacking staysail on a boom. I have fitted a boom and track and the sail sets wonderfully, with just one sheet. My staysail stows on its boom like a mainsail and has it's own cover.

I have used Wykham Martin gear on other boats and know there are several sizes.... I would imagine the smallest would be too small. The only snag I found to the gear was the headsail had to have a wire luff, and had to be really tight or it sagged off to leeward horribly.