Winter Volvo MD5A

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Mike Brown
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Winter Volvo MD5A

Postby Mike Brown » Tue June 17th, 2008, 10:12 pm

I now have a volvo MD5A which is out of yacht and I want to lay it up for 12mths or so while I continue yacht refit. I have been advised to flush a water / rustproofing mix through the cooling system to protect it and repeat this every 6 mths or so. They recommend Esso Cutwull 40, Shell Donax C or similar to mix with water. Neither of these are available in New Zealand. Is anyone able to offer advise as to what i should use that is probably available here.
Many thanks

chris s
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Postby chris s » Wed June 18th, 2008, 11:16 am

Spec sheet for Shell Donax C ... onax-c.pdf

or you can

Mix a rustproofing mixture consisting of 15 - 20 litres
(13 Imp.qts. = 16 us qts. - 18 lmp.qts. = 21 US qts.)
fresh water and 2 - 4 litres (1.8 Imp.qts. = 2.0 US qts. - 3.5
lmp.qts. = 5.3 US qts.) rustproofing oil.
NOTE! Water first and then the oil.
Use, e.g., Esso Cutwull 40, Shell Donax C or similar. As an
alternative, a freeze-resistant 30 % glycol mixture can be used.

(taken from page 21 on here)

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