a Tidewater named, 'The Cause'.

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a Tidewater named, 'The Cause'.

Postby webmaster » Sun March 5th, 2006, 12:39 pm

You just have to read the latest article on the Newsletter page!
It is about a boat that we have just added to the MG section, a Tidewater named, 'The Cause'. Sadly the owner is also offering her for sale.... see the For Sale pages.

More additions on the For Sale page too.
As well as more pics, some great ones in from our latest registrant, from Holland, with his steel WW. Nice looking boat.

Yesterday we had a registrant, a 'Friend', he just likes what we are doing and supports our stance, he also is another retired police officer! I happen to speak to yet another today, he was appalled at what had happened in the old eoa. He said they had similar problems at his sailing club. the dinghy lads ganged up and voted against the cruiser lads, daft Eh. Especially as the cruiser lads arranged all the racing for the dinghy lads! People can be so strange.

Yet another called about Seagulls, and by chance mentioned Eventides, I explained who I was, he then told me the troubles he had trying to get in touch with anyone from the old eoa who knew anything about Eventides, no one did, nor did they have an Eventide! He was not on line.... Now he has our web address and is off to see a friend who is. He will be back!

Today has been one of the busiest I can recall with mail, e-mail and phone calls. Great! Even got to go and start on the boat!
Shame I was not out in the Estuary sailing with Alan on 'Bonita' though, was a glorious day, Hey Ho,
Y.M. have said they will come back when it's warmer...
Just had a brief text conversation with our Webmaster. He is just up, I'm on my way to bed. Funny old World.

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